10 casual sex rules that will make life easier

Summer is a time that encourages us to experiment. While a friend cuts off her bangs, you suddenly find yourself: a) in a bar; b) in a mini-skirt; c) in the arms of a sultry stranger. Events are developing faster than the series “Sex and the City”, and you, alas, are not Samantha and your sexual experiments were limited to taking off your lover’s socks in life. Still, the modern Cinderella of our century must have violent, unexpected and casual sex. If you are ripe, if you want thrills, if you only need one night, then read our rules on how to avoid any problems with a casual partner.

1. Exhale and stop.

Even at the stage of flirtatious signs of attention and flirting, we advise you to go to a quiet place for a minute and exhale. Good advice not only in shopping – perhaps the acquaintance provoked a wow- effect and you were clouded with a veil of eyes. A couple of breaths allow you to sensibly assess the situation and understand: do you need it? At home, the cat is not fed, and you, as an evil, did not have sexy panties at all. But if the game is worth the candle, and you don’t feel like you are slipping a pig on yourself, come back and continue. The main indicator: if the phrase “they don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” pops up in my head – go wherever you look.

2. Protection and more protection

We will not talk about how important it is to take care of contraception – in our age you need to be in a bunker to ignore it. Unless we advise you to immediately curtail all aggressive actions if a new acquaintance says for the third time that he does not like condoms and in general he is cramped in them. Different interests are normal, for example, you do not like sexually transmitted diseases. It is much more important to think about protection from a person, because maniacs and thieves can be very charming at first glance. You will hardly be able to inquire about your future lover, but listen to female intuition – she helped out many young ladies who just feel the catch and that’s it. Before entering a man’s apartment, it would be nice to send an SMS with an address to his faithful friend.

3. Have a drink

If you don’t change men like gloves, then you should drink your favorite alcoholic cocktail. Perhaps the advice is harmful, but useful specifically for the situation. First, relax. Secondly, you will be more relaxed. Thirdly, a creative and even philosophical approach to the situation will appear. Here, of course, it is important not to overdo it. Otherwise, instead of playing sex games, you will run straight from the doorway to the toilet, and there will be only one desire – to be put to bed. Do I need to say that the man treats? It’s kind of like the unspoken etiquette of one night stand. 

4. Agree only to someone else’s territory

Here, of course, many can argue, they say, houses and walls help. But nevertheless, your home is your fortress, your outlet and your personal life, where a stranger cannot go. Meeting on foreign territory, you have more freedom of choice. If something goes wrong, you can just leave. If you want to try all the delights of sex on vacation, then again, go to his room. It is advisable to think about the little things in advance, of course, it would be good to offer a towel, a condom and lubricant to a man, but not all of them are teachable. So if you want to try some toys, then take them with you.  

5. Don’t stay overnight

It is only in romantic comedies that a joint morning after casual sex is cute and lamp-like, perhaps even developing into a wonderful romance. Of course, if a man is polite, he will make you coffee and offer you a shower. But night magic evaporates in the daylight, you will be puzzled to think what you found in this balding macho, and believe me, your flowing mascara and dented appearance will cause him the same thoughts. Awkwardness, oppressive silence and attempts to pretend that everything goes well in the kit. If you really like the guy, leave your number, but only if he himself asks. Ideally, if the meeting takes place at all in neutral territory, which is very easy to organize in the summer.  

6. Respect him

A man is also a man, even if you really want to forget about it. And sharing your bed for at least one night only increases the need to show respect for him and behave appropriately. Do not dump your problems on him, do not whine about what kind of guys are goats, do not try to pretend that you are a girl of easy virtue and do not put your new partner in anything at all, do not make fun of him in bed. Do not think only of yourself, especially if your casual lover, despite the fact that you see each other for the first and last time, is trying to please you. 

7. Avoid bystanders

Needless to say, what rumors will spread at your work or in the company, if you will now and then flicker with unfamiliar men in well-known places? In addition, passion can cover with a hurricane that you and your boyfriend decide to have sex somewhere in a park or on a public beach. According to the law of meanness, your grandmother’s friends, bosses and former class teachers will immediately climb out of the bushes. Sex is sex, but think about safety. 

8. Don’t be shy

Honestly, there is nothing more stupid to boldly agree to have sex with a stranger, and then humbly ask you to turn off the light and lie under a log under it. Here it is, your wonderful chance to make all your most coveted sexual fantasies come true, because in fact, it doesn’t matter what your boyfriend thinks – tomorrow he will become a past story. Any poses, toys, oral experiments – if only it was pleasant for two.

9. Do not intrude

After sex, as we said, it’s time to go home, but offering to take a selfie, rush into the kitchen to cook breakfast for him and offer to repeat it tonight is not worth it. If you are a dreamer and see casual sex as only a variant of the opportunity to find your prince, you better not start it at all. Most likely, your boyfriend looks at things more sensibly and already wants you to leave him as soon as possible, remaining a pleasant memory. 

10. Don’t Reflect

You got yours, you were pleased, you do not need to engage in self-criticism and the girls’ favorite toy – self-digging after casual sex. You are an adult, it makes no sense to judge yourself for a time well spent. Moreover, you cannot do this in the process. Surrender to your senses and just have fun. Knowing the simple rules of casual sex and listening to the banal arguments of reason, you can make your life easier and at the same time get a very spicy, erotic adventure. The choice is yours! 

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