10 infallible tips to get better in bed

Many people have had both positive and negative sexual experiences. And all because it is very difficult to meet the tastes and expectations of another person. The hottest orgasms are the result of trust and interaction between partners. Often, inexperience or complexes give rise to fears in bed, which are very difficult, but possible to get rid of. For those who want to become the number 1 seducer and lover for their significant other, experts will always find a new batch of tips to help fulfill any sexual fantasies. You will need ingredients such as: enthusiasm for the business, a sense of humor and desire       

 have sex in every corner of the house to highlight your charisma and rekindle your partner’s sexual fervor. Most importantly, you need to figure out what your man likes and let him know that you love him. To this end, we have selected for you 10 infallible tips that will help you improve your skills in bed!

1. Tell him how much you want him

Stop beating around the bush. Let him know how much he turns you on and your sex life will improve noticeably that day. No one wants to have sex with someone who they think is doing it out of commitment. If you suddenly thought that your man was thinking about this, look at him with desire, and let him know that he is driving you crazy.

Those who say that it is a man who should always take the first step do not know what they are talking about. Try telling your partner how much you want him sometime and take control of the situation. You will see his reaction to your initiative. The light in your eyes is the best signal for your partner. Tell me how to caress you. And believe me, the more you like a certain action, the more he will do it.

2. Be ready to experiment

Do you know what is one of the main reasons why men say that a woman is not good in bed? This is all because of her complexes when it comes to experimenting in the bedroom.

We are not saying that you should do what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. Rather, we mean your openness. Show him that you are not afraid to experiment and that you are not going to judge him for what he wants, and then he will definitely not judge you! It is very important to create relationships based on respect and trust.

Any healthy sex life requires talking with your partner about your fantasies and a willingness to explore new things. When he suggests something you haven’t tried yet, don’t say no immediately, think about it … you might find it funny yourself! For example, one of the biggest wrangles in this regard is anal sex. If you consistently turn down your partner’s offer, think twice before answering no next time. You will most likely enjoy this activity much more than you expect. 

3. No sex alone

Even in bed, sex isn’t everything. He may be your main goal at this moment, but even so, you can look at the situation from a different angle, the broadest one.

Run your hand through his hair as he does exactly what you need to do, squeeze your buttocks passionately in a fit of passion. You yourself will get a lot of pleasure ! Try all sorts of techniques for warming up and foreplay, do not immediately “rush into the pool with your head.” If you get warm enough and aroused enough, you can enjoy the experience doubly.

The key to pleasure in bed is the ability to enjoy the small details, to dissolve in the moment and appreciate every second. Pay attention to your whole body, listen to it, do not speed up the transition from one stage to another, and you will have an unforgettable experience. The environment is also very important. For example, try using incense or scented candles, and play a suitable soundtrack. 

4. Don’t be selfish

The worst quality in sex is selfishness. Avoid it! Don’t let your partner do all the work, just like don’t let them expect you to do it. This case concerns the two of you!

You must always remember that you are two people involved, and it would be at least unfair to let one take care of everything. This can hurt your partner, who decides that you only care about your pleasure. Remember, no matter how great the temptation might be, giving is just as important as receiving! If you both get involved in the process, enjoy yourself and bring pleasure to your significant other, amazing orgasms await you. This does not mean that from time to time you will not be able to innovate and take the initiative into your own hands, but just the opposite . 


5. Believe in yourself

This may seem like a secondary task, but in fact it is extremely important. Always be confident in yourself. Men love it! Even if you don’t really understand how to behave in bed, take it with a sense of humor. You don’t need to exude uncertainty, but rather make him think you know what to do. Trust me, a confident girl is something super sexy. And remember, you can only get to know yourself and your partner better through trial and error. Don’t be afraid to look ridiculous and silly, but rather take what is happening as an exciting new experience. 


6. Learn to accept criticism

Taking criticism is a skill that will come in handy in any life situation … and even in bed! It is very difficult to accept criticism without getting angry and sulking, it requires effort and work on yourself. No one likes to be told that he is doing something wrong, but sometimes this is the best scenario. Better to change in time than to know that everything had to be done differently when it’s too late! Take a philosophical approach to criticism in your address, no one is perfect. And remember to be honest with your partner: if he does something that you don’t like, feel free to tell him about it. Trust is the foundation of every vibrant sexual relationship. 


7. Treat sex with humor

Having a sense of humor and the ability to laugh will help even if you find yourself in a naughty sexual situation. Moreover, this quality is a fundamental advantage, and the sooner you accept it, the better: chances are that at some point something strange will happen, and you will take it with humor. During sex, there are situations where one of the partners may bump his head or inadvertently bite his tongue, or maybe a strange noise is heard … yes, a thousand different things can happen! In any case, sooner or later something strange happens to everyone, and grieving over this will not help anyone. Best of all, learn to laugh at contingencies. If your man sees that you can relate to sex with humor, he will look at you with completely different eyes. Another reason to have a sense of humor is that laughter tightens the right intimate muscles. Therefore, we advise you to consider this advice at your leisure. 


8. Make him feel special

You need to make your partner feel special. Polls have shown that it is much more enjoyable to have sex with a person for whom you have strong feelings, and he reciprocates.

Obviously, this rule applies to everyone, but most of us really think that a relationship with someone who cares about you takes sex to a new, higher level.

You two may have had multiple partners before, but let him know that no one is more special than him. It is he who is the one who you like the most and suits in bed. 

9. Share your emotions

If you are buying furniture and need to assemble it, reading the instructions beforehand is the best solution (at least most people do), and the same goes for sex! To have a good relationship, most of us would need a little guidance. Tell him what you like best.

Don’t wait for him to find out for himself, as it can take months. Guide it during intercourse. Your joy and pleasure will excite your partner even more. Don’t be greedy for emotion. No one better than you is able to understand what you would like most now. Don’t be ashamed to give your partner some good advice and a couple of clear directions.

10. Let go of yourself

If for any reason you hold back during sex and then blame yourself for it, let go of the situation. Stop thinking all the time about what you are doing: about your facial expression, hair style, imperfections that appear in moments of pleasure. It is likely that otherwise, both orgasms may suffer.

Don’t be afraid to make weird grimaces or scream if that’s something that comes from you and reveals your essence. Stop worrying about neighbors and worrying about trifles! Forget about inhibitions. The moment you let go of the situation, both of you will begin to enjoy sex more.

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