10 positions in sex if he has problems with erection

“This will never happen to me” – this thought is almost always false. Everyone has had a situation when, for no particular reason, a powerful erection does not come. And that’s okay! So stop worrying, don’t blame yourself or your partner, and just think of another way to have fun. You can try these 10 positions to help you enjoy your love game! But, remember that these positions do not replace medical advice: if erection problems recur, then your partner should see a doctor to rule out physical causes. 


1. Scissor fingers

Many girls will confirm that it is far from a hard penis that decides in achieving an orgasm. Not every lover is able to cum from frictions or without clitoral stimulation, but a good cunnilingus is able to lift very, very many to heaven. Sit on the edge of the bed, lean back and spread your legs, and let your lover sit in front of you. The man begins to gently caress your clitoris and all the folds, increasing the pace. Let him try to place two fingers on either side of the clitoris – and begin to imitate the movement of scissors, while his tongue does not stop movement for a second. 

2. Horse for Cooney

A higher level for the Cooney Master is to provide his own face. If your partner agrees to everything, then do not lose your opportunity to ascend to heaven and saddle him! This position guarantees super immersion in your inner world for your partner and a lot of control for you. Move your hips back and forth, up and down, as if sitting on his tongue. But, being on the waves of excitement, do not forget about your lover and do not lead sex fun to suffocation. To avoid any trouble, have him put his hands on your buttocks and lift you off his face when you cross the line.

3. Face to face

If nerves or anxiety are factors in his erection problems, tell him that vaginal sex is not all that human nature has rewarded. Try masturbating while looking at each other. Start first and tease him as you please. You can invite him into the shower, and bending sexually, start stroking yourself under the streams of water and move on to more daring actions. After a damp warm-up, you can move to the sofa – waiting for the continuation will only inflame your senses. Sit down opposite each other and continue masturbating until the very end. 

4. Legs up

An interesting position for the moment when you are already well aroused – if, for example, you have played with yourself, but have not finished yet. Sit on the man’s lap, throw your legs over his shoulders and lean back so that your head hangs down to the ground. Let him caress your clitoris with his fingers and tease you with his penis – no matter how hard it is. If his penis becomes hard enough, then he can enter in the same position and start soft thrusts.

5. Morning rise 

Take advantage of your man’s morning erection and his higher testosterone levels. Stick to simple positions, because the more you vary the positions, the more chances of failure. The lateral position is ideal for this purpose: the back-to-back position protects both from morning breathing, plus it will help ensure tighter contact, giving the partner additional opportunities for intense frictions . Leaning more forward, you can additionally caress your man’s testicles.

6. Pointer dog

If an erection comes and goes, try the doggy- style position with your legs wide apart. If he loses his erection, there are several options: he can pull his penis out to fondle himself and continue, or he can move inside, but with a lubricated finger pressed against the bottom of his penis for greater width. If an erection does not come at all, then let him focus on your pleasure: caresses the clitoris and makes movements back and forth with the fingers of one or both hands.

7. Squat and squeeze

You can also use some accessories , such as a cock ring. Have the man put the ring on the base of his penis. The ideal choice would be a model with vibration, then pleasure awaits your partner. The ring can be kept on the penis for no more than 30 minutes. The man lies on his back, and his mistress is on top of him, in front or behind, and presses with tender areas to the vibrating ring.  

8. Close contact

The most successful positions for a weak erection are sitting positions. In this variant, the risk of suddenly terminating contact is minimal, since both the man is sitting and the woman is sitting and there is nowhere closer. Try the so-called “soft insertion” in this position – this is when the soft penis is inserted into the vagina using your fingers. From subsequent movements and contact with the walls of the vagina, your lover’s boyfriend can noticeably cheer up. And of course, don’t forget to stimulate the clitoris: have your partner caress you while you slowly rotate your hips and squeeze him from the inside.

9. Her naughty hands

If a man does not have an erection due to psychological reasons, and everything is in order with his health, then you should pay close attention to him. You can relax your partner with a light body massage, and then move on to caressing his penis. Do not make sudden movements, caress him slowly, gently remember the testicles, and again return to the penis. Perhaps, if a man wants to, you can go to oral sex. Most importantly, do not be stubborn or expecting miracles from your lover – just try to please him.

10. His playful hands

Also, a man can pamper you. For example, snuggle up to you from behind, placing your penis between the buttocks. Let her caress your pussy and press her whole body against you. It is possible that such closeness to your “back door” will excite him so much that all thoughts of problems will leave him and you both will be covered with a wave of passion. And if not, then he will be able to satisfy you for sure!
Sex can have different forms , and it does not always come down to only one kind. These positions can be tried not only if there are some problems with erection, but also as experiments for a change. The main thing to remember is that you can be a hero-lover without an erection – as long as you have fingers, tongue and strong desire!  

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