20 foods you shouldn’t eat before sex

Whatever foods you eat – don’t overeat! This is the basic rule for the following points. Don’t spoil romantic moments. By the way, this also applies to drinking too much water or alcohol.

Let’s move on to a list of foods that should not be consumed before sex.

1. Sweet pastries

A romantic breakfast in bed can end with intimacy. So do not serve your loved one such popular breakfast treats as bagels, croissants, pretzels or eclairs. You don’t want to eat forever, do you? Try to consume a minimum of carbohydrates. Many people have problems digesting wheat products. Better to eat a slice of dark bread toast. 

2. Fatty meat

Fatty meat can cause heartburn and gastrointestinal upset. Instead, you can have an omelet or fish snack.

3. Coffee

This drink can increase anxiety and nervousness. If you want to relax and bond with your partner, then you don’t need to. In addition, after coffee, an unpleasant odor appears from the mouth, which will spoil the taste of the kiss.

4. Cabbage

White, colored, broccoli and so on. Once in the intestines, cabbage causes fermentation, especially if consumed raw. Baked and boiled vegetables are better absorbed. If these foods cause you to build up gas in your intestines, consider replacing them with salad greens. By the way, a light vegetable salad is a great dish for a romantic dinner. 

5. Soy

Experts believe that heavy consumption of soy foods and beverages can lead to hormonal imbalances. Optimal production of the appropriate hormones is one of the foundations of pleasant sex.

6. French fries

This product suppresses healthy sex drive. Instead, replace it with baked potatoes. The potato itself is digestible well, but because of its frying in oil, you will feel a heaviness in the stomach. There is no time for love games.

7. Nachos

Have a date at a Mexican restaurant? This dish is usually served with beans, meat, cheese and other equally significant foods. Eat regular corn chips instead. Although many believe that hot spices inflame desire, they often cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract. So take it easy with the gas stations.

8. Pizza

It is made from wheat and is filled with foods that are equally gas-generating. Pizza causes bloating in some people. If you can’t resist the temptation, treat yourself to a small piece – no more. It is also worth considering the choice of ingredients. For example, grilled sausages should be preferred to baked salmon.

9. Garlic and onion dishes

This is the case when the name itself speaks of why you should not eat such foods before romantic intimacy. You can not only fill your stomach with unnecessary weight, but also get a bad smell all day. Oddly enough, garlic was used as a sexual stimulant in many ancient cultures. This is one of the weirdest aphrodisiacs! 

10. Hummus

This chickpea puree snack is gaining in popularity. Hummus is high in fat and more. You will have to stop using it before having sex. In addition, chickpeas ( nagut , chickpeas) are legumes, which means that after eating them there is a risk of gas formation. Better replace it with light yogurt.

11. Hot dogs and burgers

This and the rest of the fast food should not be consumed before sex. They reduce sex drive. We don’t want to ruin the night of love, do we?

12. Beer

Some drinks should also be discarded. Beer produces strong gassing. If you don’t want to ruin your date, drink wine. In moderation, of course.

13. Vodka with soda and gin and tonic

These drinks contain soda, which will inevitably cause gas formation. Drink martini or liquor instead. Again, don’t get carried away.

14. Dishes sprinkled with creamy sauce

Heavy cream sauces contain a lot of fat, which takes a long time to digest. Use a lighter sauce instead.

15. Over-salted or overcooked food

Oh, even from the name of the item it becomes difficult. That’s too much. Choose lighter foods and meals. An abundance of salt in food will make you thirsty, you will have to be distracted from the process and run away for water.

16. Energy drinks

Some people believe that using energy drinks will help make sex more vibrant and fun. But do not forget that this drink can reduce libido in males. Besides, energy drinks are often carbonated – another disadvantage.

17. Canned food

Firstly, such food will not be useful for the overall health of the body, and secondly, it perfectly provokes bloating.

18. Liquorice

Until recently, we heard about licorice sweets only in foreign films. Now they increasingly began to appear on the shelves. The unusual taste of licorice has been enjoyed by many (pardon the pun). However, you should not get carried away with such sweets before sex, since licorice (licorice) contains glycyrrhizic acid, which suppresses testosterone production.

19. Mint

Sure, good breath is a good thing, but you shouldn’t use mint for this purpose. It lowers libido and also provokes belching. So don’t chew gum before a date. By the way, mint tea is an exception.

20. Sugar-free ice cream

Aside from the obvious problem of eating lactose (for people with intolerances or allergies), sugar-free dairy desserts may contain artificial sweeteners that can cause gaseous or laxative effects. You can use low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt instead.
To make intimacy as pleasant as possible, all the details must be taken into account, including the choice of products. Heed our advice, because the right choice of food and drinks will guarantee you an unforgettable sex!

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