25 places where it is forbidden to have sex, but really want to

I hate traditional sex! Well, I don’t like to moan quietly in the crib. Sinful, I repent, but not complaining. The most powerful subspace covered me when my boyfriend and I were fucking (you didn’t hear it, that’s what we did) in forbidden places. The risk of being caught in the midst of intercourse exposes the nerves, pushes extraneous thoughts into the background and forces you to focus on the sensations that arise during stimulation.

If you want to diversify your intimate life, then you will need to perfectly master the techniques of quick sex, choose the right posture, discard false modesty and learn to plunge into desire with your head. However, the efforts made will pay off handsomely. Believe me, your relationship will reach a qualitatively different level, your partners will have a second wind, life will sparkle with a bright fireworks of colors. Would you like to try something like that? Do you want to get not only an orgasm, but also a powerful adrenaline rush? Sex in the wrong places is the best way to catch a star from the sky. After reading this article, you will understand that you can make love not only in bed.  


1. In the parking lot

Cars have always been a favorite location for spicy sex. Firstly, it is quite possible to hide from prying eyes behind tinted windows, which preserves the illusion of intimacy. Secondly, it is necessary to show remarkable ingenuity in order to choose the right pose in a cramped, closed cabin. Third, you are not limited to the marital bed. In the parking lot, the line between public and private space is blurred, you can be detected by a security guard or a neighbor who stopped by to park the car in its rightful place. The daredevils risk having passionate sex during the day, and the shy ones choose the dark cover of the night for their amorous pleasures.

2. In the fitting room

We all know how much men hate shopping. Don’t feed the girls with bread, let them run around the boutiques and try on a hundred dresses in half an hour. It’s time to change the negative attitude of the second half to shopping. Just the thought of a sensual blowjob in the fitting room will make your boyfriend feel tight in his pants. By the way, such an experience is included in the top five in the rating of the most frequent sexual fantasies of the strong half of humanity. 

3. In a public toilet

The restroom is hardly the ideal place for a first date, but on rare occasions it is possible to play a lot in a public toilet cubicle . Choose a decent nightclub, drink a couple of cocktails for courage and retire with your loved one in the midst of the evening. What is the threat to the couple if they catch her? In the best case, they will be asked to leave the institution, and in the worst case, they will call the police and impose an administrative fine.

4. In the hospital

At the mention of sex in a medical institution, the phrase “from a sore head to a healthy one” is involuntarily recalled. In ordinary situations, patients in clinics and hospitals are not up to voluptuous pleasures, but we do not consider them. There are several options when coitus within the walls of the hospital becomes possible. First, you work as a doctor and have access to office space. Second, you are lying in the VIP room in splendid isolation. Third, the neighbors went for lengthy procedures.

5. Sailing

On the territory of many cities of our vast Motherland, there are reservoirs, on the banks of which you can rent a boat. Just imagine the quiet roar of the waves, blue skies. A light breeze and hot kisses caress your bare skin. The risk of being caught red-handed is high enough, plus the adrenaline added to the need to maintain balance to keep the boat from flipping over from violent frictions .

6. In front of an open window

Exhibitionists, rejoice! The time has come to set your demons free. Curtain windows, remove flower pots from window sills and flaunt your charms and your crazy love. I don’t give a damn about bystanders, to hell with public opinion, appreciate every moment of life and do whatever comes into your head.

7. In the office

Perhaps every representative of office plankton had a similar fantasy. However, not everyone dares to put the idea into practice. And you know, in vain! Meeting rooms, clean toilets, private offices and mop closets are made for sex. Close your eyes. Here you are at your desk, your spouse sweeping the quarterly report and stationery to the floor with a single gesture. He puts you on your back, lifts your skirt high, pulls off your panties, unbuttons his fly and …

8. At the cinema

The idea of ​​the Lumiere brothers took root and became an integral part of modern society. Cinemas serve as a springboard for dating, meeting friends, and a place to soothe mental anguish. A fairly large number of people dream of having sex in the back rows, without being distracted from contemplating an interesting video sequence. To make your fantasies come true, I recommend choosing small cinemas and buying tickets for the last show on a weekday.

9. At someone else’s wedding

A groom, a bride, a bunch of guests in chic outfits, an overly talkative master of ceremonies, you can describe the wedding ceremony endlessly. If you have been married for a long time or are not going to take such a crucial step in any way, these circumstances will not prevent you from fooling around at someone else’s celebration. Climb under a draped table or hide in a secluded corner of the banquet hall and enjoy the company of your significant other.

10. On the balcony

Another great place for public sex. While making love on a balcony or loggia, you face much less dangers than during intercourse on a windowsill with an open window. The railings reliably prevent the risk of a painful, if not fatal, fall from a height. A flurry of positive emotions will overwhelm both participants in the action, and your groans will echo through the quarter and give your neighbors a topic for conversation for several months in advance.

11. Under the bed

Well, why not! The vast majority of the world’s population tried on the bed. Even if there is not a single place left in the apartment, wherever the couple in love have visited, only a few will climb under the bed. Sweep away dust and dirt and catch up. It will be dark, it will be cramped, but this will only bring your union together , or at least you will laugh until your stomach cramps.

12. In the church

I think it smelled of sin! Don’t be fancy or bother about godliness . Heaven and hell were invented by people, the fact of their existence has not been proven, so it’s worth the risk. Catholic cathedrals have special confession booths. In Orthodox churches, novices can be paid so that they “don’t pay attention” to the strange behavior of the parishioners. And in Protestant and Baptist churches, you can always stay after services and sit comfortably on the benches.

13. On the roof

A date with a view of the city lights. Checkered plaid spread on the roof of a skyscraper, pink champagne sparkling in glasses, fruit in a wicker basket. Warm and a little drunken look of a loved one. All of this sounds like a description of the plot of a romantic film. Your hands will touch, you will come close to each other, your lips will merge together and you will slowly make love all night long.

14. On the train

The sound of the wheels involuntarily forces the frictions to be matched with the measured “ chuchuh , chuchuh ”. Modest people buy all the seats in the compartment or order tickets to SV, and the daredevils do not disdain reserved seats. In the first case, the couple may not worry, relax and get enough of road sex. The second option requires extreme people to be careful, because it is damn hard to reach the climax and not be thrown out at the nearest station. I recommend limiting yourself to petting in a reserved seat carriage . 

15. In the snow

“Ice and fire” – this is how my friend described sex in the snow. I’ll tell her story, and you yourself decide whether to repeat such an experiment. She and her husband celebrated the New Year in the sauna, steamed, enjoyed each other’s company. After about 2 hours of celebration, it took them into their heads to jump into a snowdrift. Two flushed red bodies rushed headlong out of the steam room and broke through the crust with laughter. Hot hugs, passionate kisses did not let the lovers freeze. The sex was quick, but memorable for a lifetime.

16. Under the waterfall

A lot of couples practiced in the shower, but only a few under the waterfall. Making love in nature makes us look like animals, it awakens base instincts, pushes us to reveal our animal essence. It is not necessary to go to Australia for intercourse in streams of beneficial moisture, for example, in Crimea, next to the Dzhurla waterfall (a popular tourist attraction), there is Soter’s gully , along which a small river flows. The location is replete with secluded spots with natural baths and small waterfalls . However, keep in mind that the temperature in mountain rivers will make even hardened lovers shiver.

17. In the old castle

Although this is not written in historical romance novels, I will say with confidence that princesses and princes also had sex, otherwise they had heirs. Today, the lion’s share of castles is used as a tourist attraction. Excursions are conducted through the spacious halls, secret passages and dark dungeons. Get away from the guide, hide behind a pillar and play a depraved maid of honor and a lustful page. Matching suits can be rented to complete the picture.

18. At the cemetery

Gloomy ? – I do not think so. There is a kind of romance in death. You will not disturb the souls of the dead and, certainly, do not offend the deceased with your presence. For a Gothic coitus, the best scenery would be a Catholic cemetery, teeming with crypts and overgrown areas. Be sure to coordinate your plans with the calendar so that the planned date of the sexual experiment does not coincide with Memorial Day. Do you want to stretch nerve cells to the limit? – Go to the cemetery at night. As practice shows, caretakers treat their duties carelessly, but at night the caretaker is not the one to be afraid of.

19. In a taxi

As the saying goes: “Chef, I pay two counters!” The date dragged on until late at night, you wandered into an unfamiliar part of the city, the minibuses and the metro haven’t been running for a long time? – It is quite logical to catch a taxi. After some time, an unprepossessing car slows down in front of you, a tired driver is driving, it turns out to be a good half hour drive to the house. Hormones hit your bloodstream and you can’t stop. The shirt is unbuttoned, the dress is pulled up, and the hands are rummaging in inappropriate places. The chauffeur blushes, glances furtively in the mirror, but does not make remarks and does not kick out of the vehicle. Excited? – Call a taxi.

20. At the stadium

Sex is a sport and what a sport! It combines cardio training , strength training and indescribable satisfaction after every quality set. Stop by the local stadium in the middle of the day to avoid morning and evening runners. Plastic seats are great for intimate activities, sit back and forward to meet the records. But the artificial grass cuts painfully into the skin and rubs terribly, so if you decide to exercise on the football field, take a soft blanket with you.

21. On a motorcycle

There are several options for realizing intimacy on a motorcycle. One assumes that the iron horse will be in the stall, the girl will lean her chest on a leather seat, and the guy will sit in the back. Brutal , hot and smells like gasoline. The second option is not sex in the traditional sense of the word and is suitable exclusively for the crazy contingent. The point is that stimulation occurs while driving. The boyfriend controls the technique while the partner masturbates his cock. Guys, this is dangerous for life and health!

22. In a museum or exhibition

Contemporary art is incomprehensible, original and extravagant. The message of the author is inaccessible to the mind of ordinary people. Having sex in the middle of a showroom is bold and unprecedented. But you are artists, you see. I can assure you that such a performance will delight the bored audience. The further development of events is twofold, either you will no longer be allowed into the gallery until the end of your days, or you will be inundated with offers of patronage support for the “project” and invitations to make a tour of cities and towns.

23. By cable car

It was in the second year of the institute, it was a sunny April day, the weather was happy, and my heart sang with love. We walked in the park, saw the cable car and decided to take a ride. Further it is not necessary to continue, you perfectly understood what the trip turned out to be. The cramped cockpit, slowly floating at an impressive height above the ground, invites proximity. I want to bite my lips into the lips of a loved one, rip off his clothes, wrap his arms around his neck, pull him to himself and not let go. The main thing is to have time to finish before the end of the route.

24. On the beach

A bit hackneyed location, because in all romantic films there are scenes on the seashore. However, despite its proliferation and abundance of clichés, sex on the beach continues to find fans. The sound of the waves soothes, colorful landscapes enhance the impression of closeness, the partner’s eyes hypnotize. The only “but” is sand. He crawls everywhere like a golden snake, painfully cuts the body and creaks on his teeth. My advice to you is to make love on a mat!

25. In the gateway

In adolescence, when hormones tore off the roof, and parents were almost always present at home, they had to comprehend the mysteries of adult life in forbidden places. This situation is familiar to many. We began to forget what it is like to run into a deserted alley and frantically try to unbutton his lover’s jeans while he fumbles under his blouse and eagerly kisses your lips. Transform for a moment into reckless teenagers, shake the old days, feel an explosion of positive emotions and an insane intensity of passions.

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