5 ailments that can be treated with sex

Much has been said about the benefits of sex, but scientists do not cease to find more and more evidence that making love can be not only for pleasure, but for the benefit of the body. Once again, they presented data on what diseases can be cured by intimacy. Now, do not rush straight to the pharmacy for medicines, but arrange a romantic evening with your beloved, in particular, if you have the following ailments.

1. Colds

Do not be afraid to catch a cold or flu: there will be an extra reason to be given bed pleasures more often! Scientists have found that people who regularly have sex have 30% higher levels of immunoglobulin than those who pay less attention to intimacy. It is this substance that is responsible for the ability of the human body to resist viral infections.

2. Migraine 

Experiencing headache attacks? Try to relieve your condition by retiring with your loved one in the bedroom. Research shows that sex can significantly reduce pain in the shortest possible time and without medication. Don’t poison your body with pills – make love! This is the very case when you can combine the useful with the pleasant.

3. Kidney stones

Scientists in Ankara have concluded that intimacy with regularity three to four times a week promotes painless removal of kidney stones. The only condition is that sex should be of high quality and sensual, so that your partners experience orgasms.

4. Sleep disorders

People with insomnia should try sex instead of sleeping pills. As a rule, after bed battles, both partners plunge into a deep, sound sleep, since in the process of intimacy, endorphins are released into the blood, which are responsible for pleasant emotions and a state of happiness. In addition, after sex, the pressure decreases and the whole body is completely relaxed.

5. Heart attack

Previously, doctors recommended “running” from heart attacks and strokes, but now they insist that sex is the best way to prevent heart disease. Physical proximity trains the heart muscle, normalizes blood circulation and generally keeps the body in good shape.
Of course, hardly any of the doctors will write you on a prescription form such a spicy medicine as sex, but you yourself can “take” it without a prescription and restrictions. Do not forget that on top of that, a full and regular sex life is guaranteed to save you from depression and obesity. Be beautiful, healthy and happy!

event_note April 30, 2021

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