5 safe sex mistakes

The effectiveness of rubber contraceptives is estimated at almost 100%, but this figure will tend to zero if you do not follow the rules of their use. Are you sure you know how to put on condoms correctly and on time? Put yourself to the test and read the findings of an interesting study by American scientists. It turns out that there are some of the most common secure sex mistakes that almost everyone makes.

1. Formal use

Some couples use condoms only formally. They prefer to put them on after penetration, when the moment of ejaculation is approaching. After the climax, the condom is removed and unprotected contact occurs again. This practice is unsafe, because in addition to the risk of unwanted pregnancy, contraceptives also protect us from genital infections. Formal use will in no way save you from infection.

2. Rules of operation

Studies have shown that more than 70% of people are not in the habit of checking the expiration date and integrity of condoms before using them. And this is extremely important, as is the material from which the contraceptive is made, as well as the size. Mistakes are allowed in the very process of use. The most common mistake is to put on a condom inside out, not let the air out of the special tip, and scratch the product with your nails or sharp jewelry on your hands.

3. Anal and oral sex

For some reason, contraceptives are usually used only in the case of vaginal sex. But doctors say that even with oral and anal sex, there is a high probability of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Viruses enter the human body through micro-scratches and micro-cracks resulting from friction. To protect yourself, use special latex wipes and thin gloves for cunnilingus , deep petting and anilingus – now these products are freely available in pharmacies and intimate goods stores.

4. Hand hygiene

If you practice Fingering (penetration with hands), do not forget to take care of basic protection against infections. In this case, there are two options: latex gloves and thorough hand washing. Do not be too lazy to carry out a hygienic procedure before having sex , and then “give free rein” to your hands.

5. Safety precautions for blowjob

It turns out that blowjob is a very dangerous practice if you are not careful. There are even known fatal cases when the airways were blocked or the larynx was damaged. That is why it is important to hold on to the condom if it is done orally so that the latex product does not remain in the trochee.
Among other mistakes of protected sex, identified during the study, was the use of two contraceptives at once and the use of them after they are dropped on the floor. All of this is harmful, unsafe and not recommended, therefore, be more attentive to your health and enjoy your sex life without unnecessary risks.

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