5 unexpected erogenous zones

Every person has areas of increased sensitivity on the body, which we call erogenous. Caressing and kissing, stroking and nibbling these places lead us to sexual excitement and give special pleasure. In addition to the standard zones, you can discover completely unexpected places, the touch of which will be especially sensitive and pleasant.


Before a passionate night, give your partner a head massage, using your fingertips on the nerve endings that literally cover this part of the body. These manipulations allow a person to relax and become aroused , due to the flow of blood to the genitals.


Partners often underestimate this erogenous zone, and in vain! Your earlobe can be incredibly sensitive, so don’t be too lazy to pay extra attention to this part of your body. Try to start the foreplay with a whisper in your beloved’s ear: tell him about your dirty thoughts, indecent desires and feelings, wake up a volcano of passions in him by licking a lobe or kissing your partner behind the ear. You will be surprised how effective and sexy it is.


The abdominal muscles are connected to the muscles of the pelvis, so by caressing the navel and lower part of the press, you can increase the degree of arousal to the limit. High-quality caresses of this erogenous zone can make an orgasm especially rich and bright.


For some people, the armpits are a particularly sensitive area, so use this during foreplay. It is not necessary to tickle your partner – light touches in this area of ​​the body with your tongue, lips or fingers are enough. Moreover, on a subconscious level, such caresses increase the degree of lovers’ trust, as they allow them to feel the natural scent of a loved one and experience an indescribable desire and pleasure from this at the level of animal instincts.


A huge area for finding sensitive spots is the legs. Do not limit yourself to caressing only the inner side of the thigh – go down and listen to the feelings and reactions of your partner. Perhaps he will shiver with pleasure from the massage of his feet or toes, or maybe he will be delighted with the effect on the ankles. Do not be surprised – all bodies are arranged differently and the sensory zones are also different for everyone.
The most important erogenous zone can be called the human brain, because this is where excitement, passion and feelings for a partner originate. Sometimes the mere thought of intimacy is enough to experience the highest degree of bliss, especially if a person is dear to you and attracts not only as a sexual partner. That is why you should not underestimate erotic correspondence, intimate conversations on the phone and other options for love foreplay, the quality of which also determines the quality of the subsequent orgasm. Study each other’s bodies and do not give your loved ones as many moments of pleasure as possible.

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