7 positions for quick sex on vacation

The first rule of beach and resort sex in general is to be invisible, manage quickly. It is only in films that sweet couples make love to madness on a deserted beach during the day, where there is not a soul for kilometers around. In reality, during the day, somewhere in a resort near the water, you can be attached to each other except in the locker room, until the queue has changed its mind. At night, the beach is more deserted, but here and there you can hear a guitar, drunken laughter and other couples. If you still managed to find a secluded place, according to the law of meanness, some pensioner with a dog will definitely come there. Therefore, sex really should be fast, which does not negate its quality. We have collected for you the best positions that will give you a lightning-fast and vivid orgasm. 

1. Docking in the field

The ideal position is not just for getting a quick orgasm, but also easy to do on the beach, in the forest, in the mountains and in general anywhere on vacation. For its implementation, you do not need anything, not even a rug, you can also barely undress, just lower your pants. In the case of annoying tourists on the horizon, you quickly get up and straighten your clothes – and no one will understand what you were doing there before (or understand, but cannot prove it). Plus for the lady – stretching is worked out with a bang, no worse than yoga. But if you doubt your abilities, you can run into a wall or stone. The point of the pose is to embody the same doggy style, only in a standing position. A wall or other support will also allow you not to lose balance from the powerful thrusts of a lover. While standing, raise your pelvis as comfortably as possible, and the guy from behind jumps into you, constantly increasing the pace. If you are the type of person who does not warm up quickly, you need to ask your partner to caress the clitoris with one hand – for additional stimulation. 

2. Pole dancer

Another “standing” position, when you don’t even need a bench for the embodiment of your sexual games. The only thing is, if the partner does not go in for sports with the fanaticism of a bodybuilder, and you are clearly not a ballerina in terms of parameters, it is better if he has the opportunity to lean on something or take an emphasis with his back. The good thing about the pose is that it provides excellent stimulation of the G-spot, although for this you can buy toys that will cope with the task quickly and efficiently. To embody the “dancer” you and your partner are facing each other. Then the man hugs and thereby supports you. Such a close hug, by the way, will give the sex incredible intimacy, despite the speed. You have to lift your leg and, as it were, grab the guy with it, and he will provide you with support, holding on to the waist and hips. Next, just enjoy sex and gradually pick up your pace.  

3. Game on the throne

Sex in the field is not only about quick intercourse standing somewhere in the bushes. Gourmets of sexual games do not give up oral sex, no matter where they are – on the beach, in the mountains or in the park alley. Moreover, it may well be that it is essential for you to experience an orgasm in nature, without resorting to the partner’s penis – only to his tongue and hands. In this case, the best cunnilingus poses generally come in handy. The beauty of this position is that it is equally suitable for both men and women. The main thing here is to find, so to speak, the “throne”. Any folding chair, bench, stone is suitable as it. If you have already tried all the poses in the car, just open the door, sit down so that you turn towards the exit. Next, you need to spread your legs wider and rest your hands on the back of the support. It is believed that it is in this position that it is easiest and fastest to get an orgasm through oral play. Plus, if you make love in the car, even a small number of people on the beach won’t expose you.  

4. View from below

Naturally, if your partner has pleased you on the throne, you will want to repay him with reciprocal courtesy. A blowjob with skillful lips (pardon the pun) is good in any position, but if you can’t call yourself completely a pro, then you need to resort to the proven classics, which generally have established themselves as a quick technique. Considering that with the help of hands and mouth you can very quickly bring a man to orgasm, all sex gurus advise not to neglect blowjobs at any convenient time, and especially on vacation.

The pose is that the partner should be standing, and you kneel down in front of him, stroking your hips and legs. Then slowly begin to caress his penis with your tongue and lips, not forgetting to stroke the skin. Accelerate your pace gradually. By the way, most men admit that for them in such a position it is not the technique itself that is important, but the presentation, that is, your behavior. Do not choke and take strange positions on your knees. Instead, glance up and down at the man languidly and submissively. Instincts will take their toll, and the guy will finish quickly. If you are not at all confident in yourself, then alternate caress with your lips with intense hand movements. 

5. Hot stools

This position is versatile and simple, it is ideal for quickly reaching orgasm for both men and women. It is also good because it is suitable even for those guys who cannot boast of chic penis sizes. Due to the position of the bodies and close docking, maximum penetration is achieved. In addition, the position makes it easy to stimulate the partner’s clitoris. The pose can be done almost anywhere, from your own bedroom to the beach. It is important that the partner is located as conveniently as possible for him, because the main emphasis here is on the man. He must feel stability, otherwise he will get tired very quickly and lose his fuse. You have to sit on top of him, back to face. In addition to the forward movements from the man, you should slide your pelvis closer and further from the lover, increasing the pace. Arch your back, snuggle closer to him – a quick orgasm is provided. If you don’t undress too much, you won’t immediately understand from the outside what you are doing there. 


6. Steps to orgasm

The pose is, in fact, a variation on the previous position, only it will work for you if there are stairs in the visible area. This can be your hotel, boarding house, descent to the river or the sea. The important thing here is the transition of heights and a comfortable lower for a partner. The steps themselves are not very comfortable, so it is advisable to take care of a towel or bedspread in advance. Plus, taking this precautionary step will save you from unsanitary conditions.

The partner sits on the step, you sit on top of him, back to face. The plus is that you can hold onto and lean against the railing. By raising the man’s legs and pelvis, you have a comfortable angle perfect for even more penetration. Further, everything depends on you and on the frequency of movements. The harder you work your pelvis and legs, the faster you will reach orgasm. The pose is risky, because if you block someone’s path, it will be obvious what you are doing. But she’s definitely worth it.

7. Scheduled lunch

As in war, food should be taken on vacation. If you are renting a house somewhere, then you shouldn’t even think about “yes” or “no “. Of course yes. Spend some time with each other during your lunch break. By the way, this position can also be embodied somewhere on the railings or on the embankment. You need to sit higher, spread your legs, letting in a man, and then clasp them as tightly as possible behind his back. All that remains is to have fun, because the pose is also good by the fact that practically nothing depends on the girl here – the lover is working. Take everything from the rest, including hot sex. Let the place and time not become a hindrance for you, especially when you know the theoretical part very well and can experiment with poses for a quick orgasm. 

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