At what age does sperm appear?

The time of puberty is a period during which the activity of the endocrine glands increases, that is, the secretion of hormones increases, which, in turn, accelerate the growth rate of the whole organism.

Puberty begins in boys around the age of nine or ten and lasts until the age of seventeen. This is a very important period in the life of men, it is accompanied by changes not only in the body, but also in the psyche and emotions. Young men are very interested in how old boys have sperm, whether it is possible to speed up or, conversely, slow down this process and why it happens. In this article you will find answers to all your questions.

What to expect from transitional age?

As mentioned earlier, the transitional age in boys and girls is accompanied by changes in the physiology of the body, it begins on average at nine years old and ends with puberty.

At what age a teenager has sperm, it directly depends on how many years the transitional age began. Thus, some boys cum earlier and some later.

The transitional age is characterized by resistance to the outside world, misunderstanding on the part of relatives and friends, self-doubt and dissatisfaction with oneself. At this moment, it is very important to talk with a teenager, support him, help him to self-determine.

What is puberty?

The transitional age is inextricably linked with maturation, which is a combination of internal and external metamorphoses. Metamorphoses inside the body are that future men begin to produce sperm.

External changes consist in an increase in the size of the genital organs, the appearance of hair growth in the inguinal region. The sweat and sebaceous glands of the face are rebuilt, as a result, blackheads, pimples, acne and other imperfections develop on the face. Boys form a figure, voice timbre, character.

Relationships with the opposite sex during puberty

During adolescence, for both girls and boys, relationships with the opposite sex are of particular importance – for teenagers it is very important what the opposite sex thinks about them.

This is largely due to a surge of hormones, as well as the metamorphoses of the body and preparation for the implementation of the main function of a person: the continuation of the human race. At what age boys have sperm and at what age they can begin to have sex, depends largely on individual characteristics. Namely: from heredity, diet, the amount of physical activity performed.

According to scientific studies, at about thirteen or fourteen years old, boys already have a full-fledged sperm. The first sperm appears on average at nine years old, with the onset of puberty, but it bears little resemblance to a full-fledged one.

At first, sperm can be released uncontrollably when the teenager’s body is relaxed, for example, at night. Thus, sperm can be released about five times a month.

No need to worry, this is normal. However, you need to see a doctor if sperm is released uncontrollably not only at night, but also during the day, and the discharge itself is abundant and frequent.

How can parents help children during puberty?

First of all, the main task of parents is to teach the child to take care of himself, to observe the rules of personal hygiene and hygiene in clothes. What does clothing hygiene include?

It is necessary to explain to the child why it is very important to dress according to the weather, not too cold, but not too warm; why it is very important to choose the right underwear, it should not constrain the genitals, be comfortable and be made from natural fabrics. It is also important to develop in a teenager the habit of proper nutrition. No matter how old your son is, explain to him that nutrition is very important for men.

Fast food on the go, foods with preservatives, carbonated drinks and alcohol have a negative impact on the state of the whole body, and especially on the genitals of men. Also, these harmful products stimulate the formation of acne and blackheads.

It is necessary to talk with the child, tell him about all the changes in the male body, about puberty and explain to him at what age sperm appears, what it is.

In general, the family should have an atmosphere of calm, friendship, mutual understanding and love for each other. Only under this condition the child will be able to trust his parents and listen to their opinion.

In the case when, during a conversation with their son, parents are embarrassed, they cannot explain the information in full, it is better to give the teenager literature so that he can familiarize himself with it and draw conclusions.

And remember that you cannot demand from a child what you do not do yourself. If you talk about the dangers of fast food and the benefits of proper nutrition, holding a hamburger in your hand, there will be no result. The best way to raise children is to be an example to them.

Psychology of young men

Today we have repeatedly said that changes occur not only at the physiological level, but also at the emotional level. The character of young men, their opinions and life principles are changing.

Most often, in adolescence, adolescents become shy, conceited, modest, shy. Even a barely noticeable small pimple on the face can make them depressed, depressed mood for the whole day and self-hatred.

At this time, young men are very easy to offend and hurt, hurt their feelings. Moreover, you can just inadvertently, without hesitation, throw a phrase, and the teenager himself will screw it up to a personal insult.

Also at this time, mood changes very often, this is due to the action of hormones, since their production increases several times. A young man can feel free, independent, self-confident, and literally ten minutes later he is again overcome by despondency, he does not want to see anyone, he wants to be close to his parents.

The first sexual desires and sexual fantasies begin to appear. Young men have idols, objects of adoration, first lovers. As a rule, these are unattainable persons: TV stars, models, actresses and singers.

Then they are replaced by sympathy for the girls around the teenager: classmates, neighbors, childhood friends. But the teenager is still shy about expressing his feelings openly.

Another feeling that most teenagers experience during adolescence is the desire for freedom and independence from their parents. Girls and boys want to make their own decisions, and these decisions start from the choice of porridge for breakfast and end with the choice of a future profession and a higher educational institution.

Young men and women want everyone around to play only by their rules, follow their orders and agree with them in everything. Therefore, among teenagers there are a lot of quarrels, conflicts, showdowns and simulated dramas.

It is important for teenagers to fight, to resist, to resist something, to defend their interests. But sociological surveys have shown that in fact, most adolescents at such moments want their parents to be stricter and explain to them how to and not to do, what is good and acceptable, and what will only lead to negative consequences.

Therefore, you should not agree on everything and always with your teenage child. Also, you should not refuse him all the time. After each refusal or consent, explain your decision, justify it. If you intelligibly and clearly explain to your child your point of view on a particular issue, he will listen to you and the next time, if there are controversial issues, he will immediately come to you for advice.

Also during adolescence and puberty, it is important to explain to young girls and boys the moral values and norms of behavior in society.

How to treat peers, friends, the opposite sex. How can you attract the attention of a person you like, how to communicate and behave. All this will help your child avoid mistakes, which will save him from emotional distress and possible resentment, suffering, and give him confidence. After all, no matter how old a man is, he will always be for you a small child that needs to be taken care of and supported.

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