Can I get coronavirus during sex?

Spring 2020 There is panic in the world as the kronavirus virus spreads. Everyone is encouraged to stay at home. But what to do in isolation? Is it possible to have sex or is it dangerous and leads to infection? It’s time to figure it out.

How is coronavirus transmitted?

It is important to understand that this is a new virus, all its properties are not fully understood. No one can guarantee 100% that it does not enter the body through the skin. But with a 90% probability, it can be argued that infection occurs when the virus enters the human mucosa.

The virus is transmitted through secretions – saliva, nasal discharge. When sneezing or coughing, it spreads to several meters. At the same time, particles of secretions settle on the surrounding objects, where two more days remain viable.

But even if you touch the handrail, in which a sick person was coughing, infection will not occur. You need to touch your eyes or nose so that the virus enters the body.

Is coronavirus transmitted through sex?

There are no studies claiming that the virus is present in the semen or lubricant of a woman. Similar data were not submitted by scientists. But he certainly is in saliva. Therefore, kisses can lead to infection.

There is a virus in the blood. And through it, he easily penetrates the body. If partners have wounds on the body, this increases the chance of infection.

The main thing is that coronavirus may not manifest itself for 2 weeks. At the same time, the person feels normal, there are no signs of the disease. But at the same time he is a peddler of the disease. And that is why it is important to limit yourself from contact with other people in order to reduce the likelihood of infection.

Can I have sex with a regular partner?

Sex is not prohibited under quarantine; it helps brighten up everyday life. But you should only give in to it only with those people with whom you are locked in the same room. A husband or wife, a loved one with whom you live together – this is the perfect solution. Sharing in the same area makes the virus exchange very likely, the chances of infection during sex do not increase.

If you live separately with a sexual partner, then it is better to limit contacts for a while and enjoy masturbation or using virtual sex toys.

Remote pleasure

Quarantine or isolation is not a reason to refuse orgasms. And even if a person is locked indoors alone, he will be able to enjoy. For this, they create sex toys. Ordinary vibrators, anal stimulators, masturbators will help relieve stress alone.

And toys for virtual sex will allow you to play with a partner at a distance. These devices are controlled from a smartphone, and you can transfer speed switching to anyone on the planet. Of course, this will require the Internet, but for many this is not a problem. Some sex toys synchronize with each other. And the movements of one gadget are transferred to another. This is also an interesting experience at a distance, it gives unusual sensations, and they are not inferior to ordinary sex.  

Coronavirus is a temporary problem. A vaccine will surely be found to help contain the threat. But while the problem still exists, remember that sex improves mood, helps the production of hormones of pleasure, and therefore strengthens the immune system.

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