Electrical stimulation in sex

Hearing that, you certainly vividly imagine the gloomy room of the most daring sado BDSM fantasies (or from a very adult movie). There is a huge bed in the room, an unfortunate prisoner writhes on the bed, who is powerfully beaten with electric current. Admit it, you see something like that? So – forget it. In fact, this is not at all the case. Not even close. Although it cannot be denied that these games are in the arsenal of BDSM lovers.

Expanding sexual boundaries 

But as the concept of “50 shades” once went to the people, went to the bedrooms of quite ordinary couples, and in general it was accepted with a bang, so electrostimulation is finally slowly going beyond themed rooms, expanding the sexual boundaries of people who want to know all types sexual pleasures.

When we hear about electrical stimulation, they vividly imagine wires, sockets and current from the city network

This topic has been around for many, many years, and it’s even strange why it is almost not popular with us (but very well known in the USA and Europe). In our country, they just don’t know what it is. And if they hear the word ” electro “, and even next to the word “sex”, then they vividly imagine wires, sockets and current from the city network, twist in bewilderment at the temple and close this topic forever. And in vain. And not even because there are no frightening two hundred and twenty volts there and cannot be … But what is there? Oh, here you have to explain almost on the fingers … 


Myostimulation of erogenous zones

Here, for sure everyone has seen the devices from the teleshops, designed “for weight loss” or for “pumping up muscles.” When stickers with wires are attached to the body, and fitness girls and pumped up boys smile at the camera, showing how quickly and beautifully biceps are built up and hips are reduced. The big question is whether it is possible to lose weight in this way, but the main thing that you need to know: electrical stimulation (aka myostimulation) is something similar. That is, firstly, it is safe, and, secondly, it is not scary at all. 


Once someone decided to try electronic impulses not on the biceps, but on the erogenous zones. And … remained delighted

It’s just that once someone thought of trying the sensations from such impulses not on the biceps and stomachs, but on the erogenous zones. And … I was delighted. So myostimulation has become a type of sexual pleasure. Yes, it’s pleasure. Even if somewhat unusual and unusual.

Limitations of electrical impulses

Yes, there are limitations. Pregnant women and those who have any heart problems should not indulge in electrical impulses . But for people who are healthy, sexually inquisitive and all those who have long become boring with ordinary sex toys, myostimulation can greatly expand the range of sensations. 

You will feel something like a specific tickling or even hot shiver spreading through your body

It is difficult to describe exactly how it feels, perhaps one should try and just try, but most closely it can be described as “rhythmic pulsation with tingling sensation”, something like a specific tickling or even hot shivering spreading through the body.
And the trick is that when this tingling sensation falls on the nerve endings of erogenous points, then you can catch just unreal sensations. In short, this is a completely new kind of sexual high, and it will never be obtained with a regular sex toy.

Electrosexual suitcases

The most famous brand that is practiced specifically on toys with impulses is Mystim . These are the guys from Germany who were the first to produce special “ electrosexual suitcases” for connoisseurs of hot spices in sex.
Tension Lover and Pure Vibes are their most famous basic muscle stimulation kits, they run on 9V batteries (yes, not 220, and no plugs!), And they already have everything you need to get started: small power sources with a control panel and sticky electrodes that are applied to erogenous zones. And Cluster Buster , which, in addition to the standard “buns”, has a remote control.     


And then, having a base, you can not limit yourself in anything. When there are just few stickers, the suitcases can be replenished as fantasy allows. 

  • Vaginal myophalluses and 
  • universal stimulants, 
  • impulse anal plugs made of metal or silicone and 
  • prostate massagers , 
  • special lasso and 
  • electric cock rings, 
  • nipple clamps and 
  • even urethral stimulators giving electrical pleasure in the most difficult to reach places 

– All this is in Maistim .

And especially beautiful – and this proves that myostimulation still went beyond themed salons! – a whole series of vibrators, which, in addition to the standard set of functions, have myostimulation. They look basically the same as ordinary vibrators for girls. With only one difference: with them you can not only find out what a specific thrill from “tickling” by weak current discharges is, but also train your vaginal muscles. And by the way, these vibrators do not need any suitcases. You just take it and taste it. 

Assortment of other brands

Looking at the success of Maistim , other manufacturers began to develop this theme.

The Baile brand has released a small line of affordable muscle stimulants for sexual entertainment. The Dutch Shots Media have several interesting toys that do not require connection to the bases – they have these:  


  • vibrator with electric pulse function , 
  • unusual prostate massager , 
  • butt plug, which ” tickles ” everything inside, 
  • and even a special ring on the penis, which may well show what a fantastically sharp orgasm can be.

And finally, the American brand Pipedream , very famous among connoisseurs of sexual pleasures, has released a fairly large collection of cool toys that contain myostimulation. Moreover, these things are created specifically for those who are far from BDSM, but adding something unusual to sex would not mind. This is generally a special “trick” of the Pipedream approach . So if you “just try” – then you are right here!  

A set with an excellent name “Shock Therapy” was invented especially for those who are just interested. Besides the name, there is nothing wrong with it. This is a pair of special foreplay gloves plus a remote controller that sends pulses. And hands in gloves impulse can do it all: try to touch the nipples to see how they tremble, and shrink from the intense pleasure (or feel, if you test a single), down below, even lower, more … I Paypdrim there is electric nipple clamps . The same case, when not yet sex, but still electro , – and by the way, a very funny thing. The options are a little more complicated (but all the more interesting!) – panties, male or female. For those who want to go down to the very bottom of the rabbit hole and find out what miracles happen there. But the most extraordinary thing is, perhaps, a spanker with myostimulation . That’s exactly what you can surprise! Just one battery – and an ordinary slap will turn into a completely unforgettable sensation, into a slight tremor, into hundreds of small bright sparks running through the body, into a groan of very sharp and very unusual pleasure that cannot be held back. One battery. So instead of a thousand words, just try this. 

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