Everything about sperm – everything is not ugly: how to learn not to feel disgust from sperm

Inexperienced women in a blowjob are most afraid of sperm. Girls are calm about licking and sucking, but the prospect of ejaculating in the mouth introduces them into a state of shock. Please note that men are wildly offended when the chosen one, immediately after oral sex, begins to clean their mouths with almost bleach. Let’s tackle the problem of disgust once and for all.

1. The imitation game

Fortunately, men are not very attentive during orgasm, and you should definitely take advantage of this. If it is completely disgusting to swallow, then use your acting talent. At the final stage of the blowjob, clasp the head of the penis with your palm, let the guy finish in your mouth, and when he reaches for the penis, you will spit into your fists imperceptibly.

2. Brainstorming

Get used to the appearance of the ejaculate, because all fears lie in the head. To overcome the moral barrier, devote 10-15 minutes of porn videos daily. To get started, just look at the headshot scenes and then move on to the more serious videos. I recommend in the last place to get acquainted with the categories “Eating sperm” or “Volley from all guns” (this is when several partners finish on one girl).

3. Be honest

Talk to your beloved man, explain the situation as gently as possible. Forget the phrases: “I absolutely do not want”, “she is disgusting”, “phew, what are you” and so on, and so on. Tell him that you will only try on condition that he supports you and will not “drive horses.”

4. Forewarned is forearmed

Collaboration is essential in intimacy. Ask your partner to loudly notify you of the approaching “white wave”, so the seminal flow will not come as a surprise to you, and you will be able to adjust the position of your head to minimize the gag reflex.

5. Training

The main danger lies not so much in the semen itself as in the laryngeal tongue. It is his irritation that leads to involuntary contractions of the throat and esophagus. When foreign substances get on the tongue, an irresistible desire arises to run to the toilet and pour out your “rich inner world” on the bottom of the toilet bowl. Adopt a set of exercises of famous porn actresses. Swallow peeled bananas, stick a few fingers deep into your mouth, and use a vibrator. Functional training will reduce your sensitivity.

We are what we eat

75% of women from swallowing are stopped by the unpleasant taste of semen and only 25% came across sweet men. This characteristic of ejaculate is influenced by many factors. Some of them are outside the zone of our influence, for example, the ecological situation and the political situation in the country (and here we are not kidding!), While others are quite realistic to cope with. Here are seven food recommendations for changing the chemical composition and, as a result, the taste of the seed.

1. Fruit paradise

Certain types of fruit have been shown to give semen a sweetish flavor. Add ripe pineapples, aromatic melons, juicy peaches and green kiwis to your loved one’s diet. Let your chosen one avoid apples and citrus fruits, because their sourness is transmitted to the ejaculate.

2. Dosage of fermented milk products

Yoghurts, kefir and fermented baked milk are incredibly useful for the functioning of the male reproductive organs, but an excessive amount of fermented milk products affects the smell of semen. The optimal daily allowance is no more than 1 glass.

3. More greenery

Add parsley, dill and celery to all dishes. These products have a positive effect on the taste of semen. But from asparagus beans and all types of cabbage should be flatly discarded. The components included in their composition make the sperm heterogeneous (lumps appear), viscous and unpleasant smelling.

4. Sea, sea!

Algae, oysters and mussels contain many trace elements (iodine, iron, magnesium). Just 200 g a day before oral sex will help to qualitatively change the taste of the seed. Another advantage of seafood is to increase libido.

5. Say “No” to bad habits

The abuse of alcohol, drugs, caffeine and tobacco negatively affects all tissues and body fluids, and semen is no exception.

6. Switching to vegetarianism

In the process of digestion of protein food of animal origin, a large number of by-products are formed, the main part of which is excreted through the liver, kidneys and sweat glands, the remainder accumulates in the semen. Excessive red meat consumption by your partner will negate all your lovemaking cravings.

7. Fast food is evil

Canned food, shawarma and hot dogs are not only deposited at the waist of your loved one, but also smoothly flow into the testes. The preservatives and carcinogens from these products kill the sperm, which then literally start to rot in the semen. Subsequently, problems with potency and inability to conceive will be added to the unpleasant taste of semen.

Often women are involved in nutrition issues in families, so it will not be difficult for you to adjust the menu of your loved one. Just a week of the right diet will help overcome your disgust.

Practical advice

Did you know that semen is the source of all essential vitamins and also contains the hormone of happiness? By giving a blowjob to your boyfriend during vitamin deficiency, you will completely forget about your bad mood, brittle nails and dull hair. But enough lyrical digressions and cognitive facts, let’s rush to attack our fears.

1. The morning of the evening is wiser

Have you ever wondered why all tests are taken exactly in the first hours after waking up? This tendency is explained by the fact that during sleep the body was cleared of foreign substances. At rest, we minimally interact with the environment, and do not accumulate harmful inclusions inside ourselves. Sperm in the morning is pleasantly different from the evening.

2. Deceiving the taste buds

Bitterness is perfectly handled by a clever trick. At the climax, point the barrel of the gun under your tongue, wait a little while the saliva dilutes the semen, and then swallow quickly. Taste papillae that perceive bitterness are located on the far side of the tongue. Thanks to this technique, you will not have time to feel anything.

3. Deep throat

This point quite logically follows from the previous one. If you hold the penis deep in your throat during ejaculation, the jet will pass through the esophagus directly into the stomach. It is very important to hold your breath, otherwise you will choke and start coughing. The most unpleasant thing is when the semen flies out through the nostrils, then all the upper respiratory tract burns with a hellish flame.

4. Add toppings

To associate a blowjob with delicious ice cream, pour warm chocolate, whipped cream, condensed milk or honey on the barrel. Nice products familiar from childhood will dilute the specific taste of semen and, plus, will remove the psychological barrier.

5. Visit a sex shop

Adult stores are filled with an abundance of lubricants and creams for oral sex. There are flavors, flavor modifiers and specialty sprays for the thrill-seekers on the market to heighten the sensitivity of the skin. After using special cosmetics, the penis will become sweet like candy.

6. Arctic breathing

Try sucking on menthol lozenges or chewing peppermint gum before stimulating. So you will kill two birds with one stone – you will not feel an unpleasant taste and will give your partner an unforgettable sensation thanks to a slight refreshing chill.

7. Rinse

The easiest way to get rid of the nasty aftertaste is banal rinsing the mouth with clean water.

Even the most persistent disgust can be overcome if desired. The main thing is to confidently go towards the intended goal and remember that all efforts will certainly pay off with a torus. The boyfriend will appreciate your dedication and give reciprocal oral sex.

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