First sex – it’s the hardest

You have already thought about him more than once – about your first sex. It is not yet possible to imagine it in all details, but one thing is clear: it will be scary and healthy at the same time and will be remembered for a lifetime. I’ll tell you a little secret: many women recall their first sexual experience (contact) as something unintelligible and unpleasant. Even if it happened because of a big and beautiful love. But this is not at all a reason to be afraid of your first time even more than you are already afraid of it! This is just a reason to think that the issue of the beginning of sexual activity should be approached very seriously and judiciously – even if your head is spinning with first love, and life is beautiful and amazing as never before. 
As the hints and actions of young people become more frank, girls are increasingly asking themselves the difficult question – “Start or wait?”. To decide, you must first honestly admit to yourself whether you want it and whether you can do it.   

I want?
No, this is not exactly the “I want you” that the heroes of films and books pronounce with burning eyes. Young girls sensuality is not yet developed. Doctors say that the girl’s body allows you to feel all the delights of sex from only 18 years old. In practice , sensuality develops for weeks, months, long years. As a rule, at the very beginning of sexual activity we can talk only about easy sex drive – pleasant sensations with kisses and hugs and the desire to move in this direction further. In our case, “I want” is, rather, an emotional desire, a state of psychological readiness to begin a new stage in my female life. But the raging hormones of a beloved, curiosity and girlfriends, who said goodbye to virginity, are in no way a good reason for starting YOUR sex life. I will? Unfortunately, often ardent gentlemen begin to blackmail: they say, prove that you love, there will be no sex – it’s all over between us. It seems easier to give up than to part, because you are in love. But believe me: by allowing yourself to be manipulated, you will very quickly become disappointed in both your act and the person to whom it was dedicated. Events do not develop in the best way even when a girl voluntarily decides to part with her virginity and presents it exclusively as a sacrifice, although the young man does not insist on anything. Usually this does not lead to the strengthening of relations, but to constant reproaches: they say, I gave you the dearest, and you … Remember: if a girl decides to begin sexual activity, she must do it FOR MYSELF and bear responsibility for him herself. Even if you love and love, and your friend is a person whom you can rely on in all respects, the desire to enter into intimate relationships does not come right away. If there is even the slightest hesitation, it is better to wait. You will see that the time will come, and there will be no trace of them. Have you noticed that we are not talking about a specific age? This is because the question “When can I start sex life?” the answer in numbers is simply incorrect. I can? Since it is physiologically possible to lose hymen at any age, the question of possibilities is considered from a different point of view. In order for the beginning of a sexual life to develop successfully, you must know a lot: how women and men are arranged; how to protect yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases; What are the methods of so-called emergency contraception , etc. Think, you can come to the pharmacy and with a straight face look to buy drugs and medicines “for adults”? And will you have enough money for this? Is there a place where you can meet peacefully? Can you, without hesitation, come to the doctor or “decipher” in front of your mother if you have health problems? Even if a partner vows to help in everything, keep in mind and get used to: in this matter it is better to rely only on yourself. Literally, with the first intimate contact, constant concern enters into life: will menstruation come , will a partner bring any infection … Is there too much responsibility for what you have so far – hand in hand – do not feel any special need? Matter of technology And now – closer to the matter and to the body. Take on board a few “technical” points that will help make the beginning of sexual activity more comfortable. * For young inexperienced people, for starters, it is better to engage in petting (everything except sexual intercourse is possible). It brings together, teaches you to get bodily pleasure and makes the transition to sexual intercourse natural. * When depriving virginity is not as painful as many girls imagine. But even these sensations can be reduced. The most easily defloration takes place in a pose when a girl lies on her back, bending her legs in her knees and pressing them to her chest. Under the buttocks, it is good to put a pillow or roller. * If own lubrication is not enough, you need to use a lubricant. * Painful sensations arise due to the narrowness of the entrance to the vagina and muscle tension. To reduce them, you need to try to relax as much as possible and allow your boyfriend to stretch the entrance with his fingers first. * Due to discomfort, the girl instinctively wants to push away her partner, but at a crucial moment it is better, on the contrary, to lean forward and accelerate the rupture of the hymen. * If it is decided to have sexual intercourse, affection should be aimed more at achieving psychological comfort than sexual arousal. A rush of blood to the genitals can increase bleeding and soreness. * A symbolic amount of blood is lost, or it may not be at all. Nevertheless, access to water and hygiene products should be provided.   
* After the first contact you need to wait a few days to heal small wounds and tears. At this time, the girl needs, in addition to washing, to be lubricated with glycerin. If there is no tingling, burning , then everything has healed. However, at first it’s better not to be too zealous. * If after a series of diligent attempts nothing succeeds, you should temporarily leave them, and the girl should consult a gynecologist. * The first act requires protection, like everyone else. Even if you take pills, it is advisable to use a condom to protect your microflora. * Do not make a complaint to a friend about the lack of magical sensations. In most cases, they only come with time. * Do not draw conclusions – neither about your own sensuality, nor about the male abilities of your lover, or about sex in general. 


What to be – that cannot be avoided. Someday, the key in the lock will turn, and the door to a new world will open in front of you. The more you know, the sincere you want to get there, the more confident and joyful your first steps will be. And if you immediately stumble somewhere or even get bumps, this is not a reason to be scared and upset: the road will be overpowered by the walking one. 

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