Foreplay: The Foreplay Technique for Men and Women

Foreplay is not just a part of sex that allows you to get aroused faster and get more pleasure, it is a special ritual that shows the importance of partners for each other and fills intimacy with new facets of passion and tenderness.

The pleasure of tactile sensations can be compared in strength with the sexual act itself. If these two integral parts of quality sex are correctly combined, both partners will receive not only unforgettable physical satisfaction, but will also become closer emotionally.

Why is prelude needed?

In accordance with the statistics of sexologists, sexual intercourse lasts an average of 2 minutes 20 seconds. The average duration of sex with foreplay is 4 minutes. These data show that the prelude takes just over a minute and a half. For a strong half of humanity, 2–3 minutes of additional stimulation of erogenous zones is enough to not only get excited, but also achieve a full erection before coitus.

With the fair sex, the situation is different: in women, arousal does not grow as rapidly as in men, so most of them need more time to prepare for intimacy. During foreplay, physiological changes occur to make sexual intercourse more comfortable for both partners.

Prelude promotes the production of the hormone dopamine, which tunes in to an intimate wave and relieves anxiety. Increasing arousal stimulates the secretion of natural lubrication in women and changes the shape of the vagina, making it narrower.

Thanks to this process, the stimulation of the penis during intercourse is more intense, which allows a man to get more pleasure.

There is an increase in blood flow to the erogenous zones, resulting in an enlarged clitoris and hardening of the nipples. In the stronger sex during the prelude, the level of excitation increases significantly, which is felt not only in the genitals, but throughout the body. There is a contraction of the scrotum and relaxation of the muscles.

Receptors become more sensitive to touch. The need for foreplay should be assessed not only from the physiological side, but also from the emotional side. The desire to give pleasure to each other brings partners together, makes their connection stronger and adds an element of romance to the usual sex.

How long should the prelude last?

As already mentioned, a man needs less time to be aroused than a woman. The duration of the excitation cycle in the stronger sex is approximately 3 minutes. This process can be divided into the following steps:

  • The emergence of thoughts about sexual contact;
    · Erection; · Ejaculation; · Weakening of the penis; · Decline in erection.

The female arousal cycle lasts about 13 minutes. It turns out that the approximate difference between the cycles of a man and a woman is 10 minutes. The body of the fair sex is designed so that it takes about 7 minutes to moisturize the vagina and enlarge the clitoris.

If sexual intercourse begins before a woman is physiologically ready for it, the chance that she will remain satisfied after sex is very small.

Based on the calculations of American sexologists, the duration of foreplay should be 5 times longer than the sexual intercourse itself. In their opinion, foreplay should be given at least 15 minutes. This statement is not an immutable rule, the violation of which will inevitably lead to sexual dissatisfaction.

In practice, partners should independently choose the duration of foreplay that suits them best, taking into account the degree of arousal, individual preferences and each other’s temperament.

The lion’s share of disappointments in the sexual sphere appears as a result of absence or lack. Prelude is especially necessary for young girls under 30 and men over 40. Older women are more experienced and know better how to excite their body faster.

The strong sex under forty, for the most part, is able to get excited only from the sight of the naked body of a partner, and some even have enough of their own imagination. In adulthood, in order to get aroused, additional stimulation is usually needed.

How to excite a woman?

The correct foreplay technique is one of the main conditions for achieving orgasm in the fair sex. Common mistakes men make during foreplay are:

  • Short duration of the prelude;
    Haste (when the partner seeks to quickly complete the “mandatory program” and go directly to coitus); Sharpness and roughness of movements (too intense stimulation of the clitoris, careless handling of nipples, etc.); when a monotonous long prelude instead of increasing excitement causes a gradual cooling of the partner).

The ideal prelude is a concept for each individual. However, even passionate, sensual women require pre-stimulation for even greater arousal. At the same time, the movements of a man should be gentle, smooth and light.

To prepare your partner well for sexual intercourse, you should not rush. The effort you put in will definitely pay off.

Despite the fact that the preferences of each woman in the matter of caresses are individual, there are certain rules that will help to please your partner even before the start of sexual intercourse.

Their implementation can begin from the moment when both partners remained in bed in their underwear.

Rule 1

You need to start the foreplay with light strokes of the arms, shoulders , neck. Many women get very turned on by finger combing their hair. Stroking should accompany kisses on the lips and neck. Most of the fair sex will appreciate the tickling of the earlobe with the tongue. Then you should slowly lower yourself to the partner’s feet and do a light foot massage, combined with finger kisses.

Rule 2

Having finished with the caresses of the feet, you need to return to the face, décolleté area and, slowly, take off the bra. Unbuttoning this item of clothing should be accompanied by stroking the back. Now that the chest is exposed, you can begin to stimulate it. Do not rush, immediately moving on to the nipples. A greater effect will be given by the gradual movement of the lips from the outside of the chest to the inside. After a slight tightening of the process, you can move on to the nipples.

Rule 3

The next step will be a smooth descent to the abdomen and kisses on the inside of the thighs (without touching the intimate places).

Rule 4

Now you can take off your panties. This should be done slowly: first, lower them a little, caress the pubic area, then remove them completely.

Rule 5

When a woman is completely naked, you can start caressing intimate areas. The main condition is to move from outside to inside. Next, you need to look at the reaction of the partner. It is not recommended to stop the foreplay before such a strong arousal sets in, in which she will make it clear with her whole appearance that she can’t stand it anymore (the reaction depends on the woman’s temperament).

Foreplay for a man

Despite the widespread belief that only a woman needs foreplay, the use of caresses for the stronger sex also significantly improves the quality of intimacy. According to sexologists, every man secretly expects additional caresses from his partner.

It is not necessary to accompany each sexual intercourse with such stimulation if there are no problems with arousal and erection. However, the periodic use of foreplay will pleasantly diversify sex and add passion to it.

Stage 1

Massage is a wonderful relaxing and exciting procedure that allows you to discover many previously unknown erogenous zones on the body of your beloved man and relieve fatigue after a working day. You should start with a massage of the back, shoulders . Great erogenous potential carry the palms and feet.

From the feet, you can smoothly rise to the buttocks and inner thighs.

Stage 2

For a greater stimulating effect, lips should be added to the effect of the hands. Touching various parts of the body with bare breasts will give a wonderful effect, especially if it is accompanied by kisses. After warming up, you can lower your tongue just below the navel. The lower abdomen is one of the strongest erogenous zones on a man’s body.

Stage 3

The next stage of foreplay is the stimulation of the male genital organs. The most common mistake women make when doing this is either too soft pressure on the genitals, or too rough. In order for stimulation to bring pleasure to a partner, you need to adjust the pressure force, adhering to the golden mean.

When exposed to the testicles, you should be especially careful, as their compression can cause severe pain. Pleasant sensations for a man will be brought by soft stroking of the scrotum, as well as a massage of the perineum, which is located immediately behind the testicles.

Foreplay can bring a lot of pleasure not only to a woman, but also to a man. The only difference is that for the fair sex, its presence, the correct technique and sufficient duration for arousal are the conditions necessary to achieve orgasm.

The stronger sex, as a rule, is able to get excited without additional stimulation, but foreplay helps him discover new facets of pleasure and diversify his sex life.

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