Health and beauty benefits of sex: 6 indisputable facts

Someone has sex more often, someone less often, but in the life of every person he is present, and not only for the purpose of procreation. Sex, first of all, brings great pleasure and benefit to our body. The latter fact has been repeatedly proven by researchers and doctors. Intimacy, like any physical activity, strengthens our heart, normalizes blood pressure and reduces pain. But the benefits of sex don’t stop there.

Prevention of acne

Acne is the result of hormonal imbalance. Regular sex can help combat this unpleasant phenomenon. A rich sex life brings your hormones in order, which in turn has a positive effect on the skin: it becomes more youthful, beautiful and elastic, thanks to the saturation with oxygen and the elimination of toxins.

A slim body

Researchers have shown that sex, like exercising, helps keep the body in top physical shape. American cardiologists equate intimacy with jogging. Indulging in love pleasures, and overcoming kilometers on a treadmill, you lose the same number of calories – from 85 to 250! Therefore, regular sex guarantees you strong back muscles, thighs and a generally toned figure. 

Youthful look

In Scotland, a very interesting study was conducted: through a one-way mirror, people were asked to determine the age of the participants in the experiment by eye. It turned out that those who had sex at least 4 times a week looked 12 years younger than their peers! Scientists explain this fact by the influence of hormones – estrogen and testosterone.

Stress tolerance

Hormones – oxytocin and endorphin – are responsible for good mood, feelings of contentment and happiness. Having sex at least once every two weeks can increase your ability to withstand stress, manage negative emotions, panic attacks, and fight anxiety. Moreover, it is not necessary to achieve orgasm in order to become more calm and balanced. But most of all hormones, of course, are released during an enchanting climax.

Deep sleep

Have you noticed how after good sex you can sleep soundly and calmly? It’s all about prolactin, which is released during orgasm. This hormone promotes light-hearted sleep, so try sex in the evening instead of sleeping pills. Just do not overdo it with an active rhythm and movement, otherwise it will be difficult to calm down after overexcitation .


Scientists argue that there is a link between healthy immunity and a person’s sex life. To keep yourself safe from viruses and infections, have sex at least once a week. According to another study, the immune system of people who have regular sex life is 30% stronger than those who do not attach importance to sex. During the flu and cold season, such people will be more protected from illness without vaccinations and medications.
Thanks to the analgesic effect of endorphins on our body, we can safely recommend sex as a pain reliever for migraines, PMS and muscle pain. For women, it is the best anti-aging remedy, which produces sparkle in the eyes and an inner glow. Do not neglect intimacy – it will strengthen your relationship with your partner and make you both younger, more beautiful, and healthier.

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