Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of prostatitis

For several centuries, medical professionals have been treating various diseases with homeopathy. The components that make up these drugs act on the disease quickly, side effects are rare.

Treatment of prostatitis with homeopathy has proven to be effective. Despite the positive feedback from patients suffering from prostatitis, it is undesirable to select them on your own. The doctor will select the drug taking into account the age, weight and severity of the disease

homeopathic therapy

Homeopathy is an alternative method of treating a disease, the meaning of which is to induce processes that are similar in symptoms to the disease. It is easier to understand the term itself with the help of the folk proverb “they knock out a wedge with a wedge.”

Prostatitis can occur in acute and chronic form. Homeopathic medicines prescribed on time will speed up recovery. A number of unpleasant symptoms of prostate adenoma may disappear after the first dose.

Benefits of homeopathic remedies for prostatitis:

  1. Useful substances fight the disease.
  2. Minimum allergic reactions.
  3. The duration of application does not affect its effectiveness.
  4. Can be used for prevention.

Especially often urologists – homeopaths prescribe drugs to men suffering from chronic prostatitis. This is due to the fact that unpleasant symptoms may appear in the patient periodically. By drinking a complex of plant-based tablets, the patient minimizes the risks of deterioration in well-being. Homeopathy prevents inflammatory processes in the body, prevents infections from developing.

Basic therapies

The most effective include:

  1. Sabal – gamma cord of the well- known company Heel effectively eliminates pain during a visit to the toilet and solves problems with potency.
  2. Prostamol Uno. Removes excess fluid, preventing the formation of edema. It treats inflammation of the prostate gland, improves metabolic processes in the inflamed organ.
  3. Vitaprost prevents the formation of blood clots, improves blood microcirculation, saturating the cells with microelements and oxygen.
  4. Gentos is usually prescribed for prostatic hyperplasia.
  5. Edas Ursitab is used to normalize the intimate area, reduces inflammation and eliminates pain in the perineum.

These medicines are best taken after a face-to-face conversation with doctors. Based on the results obtained, treatment can be selected. The best option would be to consult a homeopath and a urologist. Together they will be able to choose the most effective treatment that speeds up recovery.

Choice of homeopathic treatment

The positive aspects of this method include:

  1. Complex impact.
  2. plant composition.
  3. Suitable for everyone.
  4. May shrink cysts in the prostate.

True, there are also negative sides:

  1. Visiting a homeopathic doctor is an expensive pleasure.
  2. If physiotherapy is prescribed during treatment, then homeopathic remedies should not be taken.
  3. Cannot be combined with acupuncture.
  4. The course of admission is long, and in the end it can result in a round sum.

Components of homeopathic remedies

According to doctors, homeopathy cannot be the only remedy for the treatment of prostate adenoma. Phytopreparations should be used with caution. For the treatment of prostatitis, complex homeopathic preparations are used, with the main components:

  1. Bryony. Stops attacks of pain during physical activity.
  2. Belladonna . A plant capable of producing poison. Reduces the frequency of urging to the toilet with prostatitis.
  3. Bee venom. Bee venom helps to reduce burning sensation in the pelvis.
  4. Aloe. It is usually prescribed if the patient, in addition to prostatitis, has diseases of the colon.
  5. Thuya. Thuja is designed to reduce pain when emptying the bladder.

It is impossible to list all the plants that are in the arsenal of a homeopathic doctor. The list is constantly growing and updated, based on laboratory research.

How to use homeopathic medicines

The doctor prepares the medicine, taking into account the characteristics of the patient’s health. Minimum doses diluted in liquids should be taken. The course of treatment is usually quite long and can take several months. You need to use the drugs strictly according to the instructions, do not skip taking the pills. Skipping pills will reduce the effect.

Homeopathy as monotherapy for the prostate

Treating hyperplasia with homeopathy alone is a dubious matter. It is worth considering that the conservative method of treating prostate adenoma includes several conditions at once:

  1. Taking medications.
  2. Wellness in general.
  3. Reducing excess weight.
  4. Strengthening immunity.
  5. Performing exercises.
  6. Passage of physiotherapy.

If you do not follow the instructions of the urologist and rely only on homeopathic remedies, you can get complications. Phytopreparations relieve the symptoms of the disease. It is better to take them at the initial stage of the disease, or for the prevention of chronic prostatitis. The duration of admission is usually at least a month.

Many men choose homeopathic remedies as a prevention of exacerbation of the disease and take drugs periodically. The effectiveness of homeopathy for prostatitis has been confirmed by many patients. The plant base of suppositories, drops or tablets has a beneficial effect on the lesion, eliminates inflammation, improves blood flow and restores the sexual function of a man.

Men with chronic prostatitis choose homeopathic remedies for long-term use. They are not addictive, do not have a detrimental effect on the liver.

Final conclusions

Official medicine does not consider this technique a panacea in the treatment of prostatitis. The advantage of the method is that, together with the traditional treatment regimen, you can quickly get rid of discomfort. The preparations are noted for strengthening properties, including the restoration of microcirculation in organs and tissues, increased immunity and restoration of sexual dysfunction. The treatment of prostatitis is a laborious process, success is 80% dependent on the patient. The main way to treat prostatitis is taking medications prescribed by a urologist. It is possible and even necessary to take homeopathic medicines, but in combination and do not forget to lead a healthy lifestyle and give up bad habits. Competently following the prescriptions of doctors, you can forget about problems with the prostate gland for a long time.

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