How and for what diseases to use the device Vitafon

Physiotherapy procedures are one of the most important components of any medical process. Today, such therapy can be carried out at home: it is enough to purchase a special device.

One of such “home assistants” is Vitafon , a vibroacoustic device that helps restore microvibration deficiency in the tissues of the human body.

It is effective in many diseases, as it helps to improve the flow of blood and lymph, restores the conductivity of nerve fibers, etc.

What is the principle of operation of the device, and how does it treat various ailments?

Types of models and their equipment

Each Vitafon device consists of an electronic control unit and a special transducer. The latter is equipped directly with a vibraphone or an infrared emitter, and some models include both types of transducer.

The device has several operating modes that regulate the strength of vibration, its amplitude and pulse frequency modulation.

Today there are five types of devices.

  • Vitafon . The very first model that gained popularity due to its low price and ease of operation. It has two vibraphones, the radius of each is 10 cm;
  • Vitafon T. A newer model equipped with a timer: at the end of the procedure, the device turns off automatically. Otherwise, it is completely similar to the first model;
  • Vitafon IR. The model includes a vibraphone and an infrared emitter, which have a combined effect on the affected area of the body. Equipment with an infrared emitter allows the device to anesthetize the affected part of the body, eliminate inflammation, promote healing and restoration of tissue structure, relieve swelling, improve blood circulation.

Vitafon IR is most effective in infectious and inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract, chronic liver diseases, lymphostasis of the legs, angiopathy of the lower extremities caused by diabetes mellitus.

  • Vitafon – 2. The model already includes two double devices: one classic infrared emitter and a special mattress equipped with eight vibraphones. This configuration is reflected in the price of the device – quite high compared to other models. But various additions allow him to combine all the features present in other models separately. In addition to standard features, this model normalizes the metabolic processes of the body, and also helps to increase local immunity. This model perfectly treats intervertebral hernias, pathologies of the hip joints, prostatic hyperplasia, serious and large injuries, complex fractures, bedsores;
  • Vitafon 5. Includes the most complete set, allowing for one procedure to cover up to six areas of the body. And if the device is purchased together with a special mattress, then their number increases to 20.

This model has the following advantages:

  • can work in nine different modes;
  • includes battery;
  • the last operating mode (memory) is switched on automatically.

The model has proven itself well in the treatment of diseases such as heart failure, osteochondrosis, pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, diseases of cartilage and articular joints.

How is the treatment carried out?

The Vitafon device creates an external vibration, which eliminates the lack of natural microvibration of the human body itself, due to which many diseases are treated and prevented.

During the operation of the device, vibration penetrates into tissue cells, accelerating the entry of nutrients into them, which helps to restore a healthy metabolic process, enhances the body’s immune responses, and accelerates cell regeneration.

The operation of the device allows you to create such a vibroacoustic action, in which the deficiency of natural microvibration completely disappears.

Different modes of operation create the amplitude, power and vibration frequencies that are necessary for each specific patient, while the effect is provided in such a way as not to damage healthy cells of the body.

This property makes it possible to use Vitafon even for the treatment of wounds and fractures. When working with the device, you need to remember that each tissue of the body has its own vibration deficit. Thus, muscle cells are less likely to suffer from a deficiency, since they are provided with movement. But the cells of the internal organs are experiencing a very serious deficiency of it.

Therapeutic effect of phonation

According to the instructions for using the device, phonation provides the following effects on the body:

  • stabilizes pressure, preventing its jumps in patients suffering from hypertension;
  • normalizes blood and lymph flow;
  • removes excess fluid from the body, eliminating swelling;
  • increases the supply of nutrients to the cells of internal organs;
  • promotes the removal of toxins and harmful substances from the body;
  • restores cells of bone and cartilage tissue, which ensures the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • accelerates the healing of wounds and fractures;
  • improves liver function in patients suffering from chronic hepatitis;
  • helps to increase male strength;
  • restores the menstrual cycle;
  • reduces sensitivity to allergens;
  • improves the functioning of the prostate in the presence of hyperplasia;
  • helps to strengthen the body’s defenses.

This is just a small list of positive effects that Vitafon has on the body . But despite its benefits for the body, the device has certain contraindications, so its use must be agreed with the attending physician.

How to use the device correctly?

Vitafon model is very simple, since all the nuances of use are described in the instructions for use, which also includes schematic drawings and pictures that facilitate its use: just plug the device into the network and apply the vibraphone to the affected area, as indicated in the picture in the annotation to device.

If you have any questions about the operation of the device, you can contact your doctor or the hotline of the company that produces these devices.

Before purchasing and starting treatment with Vitafon , the patient must receive medical advice from narrow specialists and undergo the necessary examinations.

Before starting therapy, the instructions are carefully studied, especially the section “contraindications” and “rules of use”. The abstract describes in detail the features of treatment with the device for each disease: the recommended regimens, the duration of the procedure are indicated.

These recommendations must be strictly followed, it is strictly forbidden to deviate from them.

The best time for therapy sessions is morning or evening. This is the time when metabolic processes are still or already slowed down, so the lack of microvibration is most acutely felt.

In case of serious pathologies, therapy sessions can be carried out up to 12 times a day, but it must be remembered that the maximum time for one treatment procedure is 60 minutes.

During treatment, the patient must take a horizontal position, and cover the part of the body where the vibraphone will be installed with a single-layer paper napkin, fix it on top with a cuff or elastic bandage. After the end of the session, you should cover yourself with a warm blanket and lie down for at least one hour.

Main indications for use

The device is used for diseases:

  • Musculoskeletal system: herniated discs, various types of curvature of the spine, osteochondrosis, arthritis, gout, heel spur;
  • Cardiovascular system: arterial hypertension, varicose hemorrhoidal veins, cardiac arrhythmias, varicose veins of the lower extremities;
  • The reproductive system of men: prostatic hyperplasia, inflammation of the prostate, infertility (except for those caused by anomalies in the structure or development of the organs of the reproductive system), impotence;
  • Female reproductive system: infertility, menstrual disorders, mastitis, lactostasis ;
  • Organs of the upper respiratory tract: rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis;
  • Digestive system: dysbacteriosis, intestinal colic, constipation;
  • Urinary system: renal colic, kidney failure, pyelonephritis, cystitis;
  • Organs of vision: changes in visual acuity, glaucoma.

Also, the device is indicated for use in all types of injuries, toothache and dental ailments, complications of endocrinological diseases (diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism), chronic hepatitis.

Contraindications for use

There are a number of cases where the use of the device is prohibited. Thus, vibroacoustic or infrared effects on the body are prohibited for women bearing a baby, since there is no accurate data on the effect of microvibration on the cells of the developing fetus.

Do not use the device in acute infectious diseases, the presence of tumors of a malignant or benign nature (with the exception of prostate adenoma), at high temperatures.

Do not use Vitafon on the gallbladder area, and also generally refuse vibration physiotherapy treatment if stones are present in it.

Contraindications include severe vascular atherosclerosis, thrombosis or thrombophlebitis, since microvibration can cause blood clots to break off. Such exposure is strictly prohibited if the patient has a pacemaker implanted in the internal organs. Do not install on the liver or heart area.

Features of the Vitafon device

The vibroacoustic device is used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases of internal organs. How does he manage to do this?

The main reason for the development of any pathologies is slow metabolic processes. That is, the body does not have enough energy and resources for the independent complete removal of toxins, toxic substances, their dead components, harmful microorganisms from the cells.

These substances slow down the development of new cells, as well as their regenerative processes.

The second factor is mechanical external damage, in which large volumes of tissues are damaged, a significant number of cells, and the body simply does not have time to quickly restore them.

Due to the phonation effect , the processes that continue to destroy healthy cells first slow down, and then completely stop, and the regeneration processes are launched at full strength.

Any disease causes an increase in pressure in the tissues of the body, a violation of the integrity and functioning of blood vessels, nerve fibers, as a result, a pain syndrome appears.

When the natural microvibration is slowed down, the intercellular space is filled with free liquid, swelling is formed, which further disrupts the blood supply to the affected area or organ.

The use of painkillers relieves pain, but does not eliminate its cause – swelling. The disease continues to develop, progress, affecting an increasing number of healthy cells.

During phonation , the microvibration deficiency disappears, the free fluid is removed from the body, which allows the cells to begin to recover. The result of such work of the apparatus is a decrease, and then the complete disappearance of painful sensations, which allows you to cancel the intake of certain pharmaceuticals, and therefore reduce the burden on the liver, kidneys, and organs of the digestive system.

When Vitafon acts on the affected area, the effect of microvibration is also felt by organs and tissues located nearby, which ensures the prevention of the development of their pathologies.

It must be remembered that it is impossible to stop physiotherapy after the disappearance of the pain syndrome: you should undergo a full course of treatment, and if necessary, repeat it, even if there are no repeated unpleasant sensations.

Today Vitafon is the leader among vibroacoustic devices. There is no analogue of the device. You can buy the device in pharmacies, on the official website of the manufacturer, as well as in specialized stores selling medical equipment.

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