How many sex toys do you need to be happy?

How many sex toys should you have in your family bedroom? What devices must a couple have in order for sex to be entertaining? Enough of three sex toys or more? There are several items that allow you to change the sensation, return the desire. What exactly is worth taking to the bedroom?

There are thousands of different sexual devices: from vibrators to BDSM attributes. And each family has its own preferences. It depends on them the number of necessary items. Sometimes three or four things are enough, and sometimes even a few dozen are few.

What items should have in the bedroom?

In the collection of sex toys of any pair there should be items for spending time together, for masturbation of each of the partners, intimate cosmetics and sexy lingerie. All this can be found in our store at an excellent cost, there are more than 15,000 goods in stock and delivery is carried out throughout the country.

Erotic lingerie will help you feel sexy and seduce your loved one. It helps in a matter of moments to tune in the right way. Lubricants will make sex comfortable any day of the month, protect your skin from injuries and allow you to get new emotions. And masturbation items help to relax in solitude, distract from everyday life and better know your needs. 

Intimate cosmetics

Quality sex is not possible without good lubrication. A lubricant is necessary for anal oral and vaginal sex. They buy it not only when there are problems and there is not enough lubrication of their own, but simply to improve gliding and get new sensations. The collection definitely needs a universal lubricant for any type of sex. It is worth turning on an exciting lubricant, it will give new sensations. And of course, we recommend trying a delicious lubricant for oral caresses , to turn what is happening into an exciting adventure. In addition to lubrication, it is worth buying massage oil , gel for caring for intimate places, a cleaner for cleaning sex toys.  


The collection of any pair must have a vibrator . This is a universal sex toy that is suitable for petting different parts of the body. They can be stimulated by a woman and a man. In this case, it will be appropriate to use them during foreplay or directly during sex to enhance sensations. The vibrator for couples is designed to improve familiar postures. It complements intimacy, allows you to experience new emotions in familiar positions. A wave stimulator will be useful for a woman; he will definitely give her an orgasm. And it will turn out to be applied independently or together with a partner. Of course, for a man it is useless, but the girl will be happy with such an object. A vibrating egg or other remote-controlled model will allow you to make love even when surrounded by other people. One has only to place the object in the body and give the control panel to the partner in order to experience the sexual desire in a completely different way.   

Useful accessories

Not all people are ready to decide on BDSM experiments, this often causes doubts and fear. But some attributes will not be superfluous in any bedroom. For example, a mask for the eyes , it allows you to temporarily switch attention from visual images to touc

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