How Taoist Practices Benefit Men

Eastern practices, like everything connected with this amazing and mysterious side of the world, are usually associated by Europeans with youth, longevity and beauty.

Another confirmation of this opinion is Taoist practices for men, which help to strengthen general and sexual health, prolong life and gain a second youth.

According to some representatives of the stronger sex, the Taoist exercises not only helped to strengthen their masculine strength and make the seed full, but restored the abilities lost with age.

Secrets of the mysterious East

Taoist medicine includes all many aspects, but most of them are designed to prolong life, preserve and strengthen health. Due to its regularity and smoothness, Taoist exercises do not injure the muscles and joints of a man, which allows even older people to perform them.

With age, organs wear out, muscles lose their elasticity, bones and joints – strength. Chronic or age-related ailments that are present in every patient over 50 years old do not add to health. Therefore, Taoist techniques were developed taking into account age-related changes, which makes them absolutely safe for people of any age.

Doing classes does not require a special place or specific time. If desired, this can be done outdoors on a fine day or at home in rainy and cold weather. It is great if the company in the classroom will be a close friend with whom you can share your success in your studies and personal life. With regular exercise, the results will appear very quickly.

 The most famous example proving the effectiveness of Taoist practices is a man who was diagnosed with impotence at the age of 70. After just two months of doing the exercises, not only did his sexual power return to him, but many ailments that are considered to be chronic and incurable disappeared.

The Taoist exercises were developed by the Chinese Bian Zhizhong, a follower of the Huashan Tao school. Today the age of this man has crossed the seventy-year milestone, but he is still young and active.

The secret of his longevity and success in intimate relationships lies in the complex that he developed over forty years ago. Today these practices are called “10 Golden Exercises” and have become available to everyone thanks to the person who described them in detail in his works.

This was done by L. Bing, who released a series of collections about the secrets of love and oriental practices that help to strengthen your sexual talent and improve your health. Anyone can independently check the effectiveness of these classes.

The first golden exercise – “Deer”

According to Taoism, a man’s health depends on how great his inner male energy is. When performing the exercise “Deer” for men, this energy is accumulated, and you need to direct it in the right direction. The movement is performed by compressing the muscles that make up the pelvic corset, that is, the pubic-coccygeal.

The most important pelvic muscle is located between the anus and the scrotum. It can be detected quite easily – it is enough to hold back the stream of urine while urinating. The tense part of the body is the desired muscle.

Although the lesson consists in training the muscles of the groin zone, it must begin with the activation of the work of the departments located in the head. Such Taoist massage for men is very important because it helps to improve the functioning of the nervous system – the main accumulator of internal energy. 

First, you need to press with your middle fingers on a point located in the cavity of the base of the skull. The massage is carried out in a circular motion, the total number of pressing is 49 times.

During the massage, it is important to breathe correctly: inhalation is carried out through the nose, while the tongue touches the upper gums, exhalation is carried out through the oral cavity, while the tongue goes down to the lower gums. After the “warm-up” you can start the lesson itself.

It is necessary to strain the pubic-coccygeal muscle as much as possible, doing it sharply. Compression is carried out with a deep breath, which lasts at least 15 seconds. After inhaling, you need to hold your breath, counting to ten, then on the count from one to five you need to relax and exhale. Such training will allow sexual energy to pass through the entire spinal cord and go directly to the brain.

The movement is performed in a standing position on the floor, the head is straight, the back is straight. Four fingers should be hugging the thumb, and you also need to squeeze very tightly. You can completely relax only after a full exhalation. The lesson is held daily in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed. Consists of 21 repetitions.

“Restorative source”

Taoist exercises are also aimed at improving metabolic processes in the body, that is, they help to better absorb nutrients and quickly remove toxins and elements that poison the body. 

Regular exercises will help not only to improve the health of internal organs and systems, but also teach them to “feel” them, to recognize signals about pathological processes in them. Thanks to this, a man (or a woman, if the fairer sex also wants to keep company with her companion) will be able to improve the functioning of the circulatory system, which will have a positive effect on the condition of all organs.

The “regenerating source” is the foundation of Taoist practices. If done correctly and regularly, this movement will help get rid of:

  • pain in joints and ridge;
  • painful periods in women;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • excess weight.

Such training can increase the overall vitality of the male and female body and significantly improve the functioning of the reproductive system. Men who performed it noted a surge of energy, an improvement in the quality of seminal fluid, an increase in potency and an improvement in erection even in old age. The “regenerating source” must be performed twice a day for at least three minutes.

Correct lesson technique:

  1. The movement is performed while standing, legs are shoulder-width apart, arms are freely lowered down. The body is as relaxed as possible, the gaze is directed straight. It is important to drive away all thoughts from yourself, especially negative ones;
  2. This is followed by a deep breath through the nasal cavity, while the shoulders are straightened, and the heels are torn off the floor – you need to stand on your toes and stretch your head up. In this case, breathing is performed by the abdomen, not the chest, and the abdomen is pulled towards the back;
  3. The exhalation is carried out slowly, the chest must be completely free of air. The body must first be lowered to a full foot, and then squat down, bending the lower limbs at the knees. There are 16 such exercises;
  4. After the last approach, you should not breathe for one minute, then relax and breathe calmly;
  5. The second part of the training is vibration with the limbs. Starting position – slightly bent legs, upper limbs are relaxed and hang like lashes along the body. Now you should shake each part of the body, as with vibration, while the male genitals sway slightly, and the fairer sex should slightly open the entrance to the vagina, spreading their legs to the sides;
  6. Shaking is carried out for at least 60 seconds, while there must be at least four of them.

Regular training will very quickly help you feel the result, give you activity and fill your life with new colors.

“Eight Diagrams”

This lesson affects the acupuncture points of the human body, in which the maximum amount of vital energy accumulates. By stimulating them, you can make this energy move and fill other parts of the body with it.

The diagram is performed with hands, which improves the work of the shoulder and cervical spine.

Pay attention to the “Eight Diagrams” should be those patients who suffer from:

  • increased blood density and thrombophlebitis;
  • headaches and dizziness;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • pathologies of the cardiovascular system (pleurisy, myocardial infarction, ischemia).

IMPORTANT!!! This lesson affects the patient’s vestibular apparatus, improving his coordination and increasing the body’s endurance.

Starting position – as in the previous lesson. As soon as it was possible to relax the body and brain, the arms should be raised to the shoulders, mentally imagining that there is something round and large in them. The knees are bent, the left arm begins to rise very smoothly and is fixed in the position above the head. The wrist of the second hand, on the contrary, goes down to the knees. From the outside it looks like a ballet step.

Next, you need to rotate the body of the torso by 45 degrees, while the pelvis and legs remain motionless. The left lower limb is bent at the knee to 90 degrees and lifted off the floor, the right one remains in a bent state.

Now you need to move your right hand, drawing an octagon in the air, while the whole hand works, and the circle should be very large: the upper corner of the diagram should be above your head. From this point on, the second hand should also describe the diagram, and the body should slowly unfold.

The exercise is performed alternately in both directions, with two hands outlining an imaginary figure eight in the air, but from opposite sides. The position of the legs is also important: when performing a movement to the right side and lifting, the right leg rises and falls, when performing a movement to the left, the actions are performed in the same way. 

This is how the figure eight describes both legs and arms. Stop when performing is allowed after 16 movements have been made: 8 on each side of the body. Although the movement is slow, the approach should not take more than one minute.

“Flight of the Roc”

Taoist exercises often resemble the movements of an animal or bird, which is due to their name. The following exercise will help improve coordination and get rid of extra pounds, for which women are very fond of it.

All human actions in this case are similar to the movement of the wings of a bird during flight. The main task of the patient performing the exercise is to describe in the air with his hand a figure resembling an infinity sign (inverted along the figure eight).

To do this, you need to take the original standing position, bending your knees and lowering your arms along the body. The stomach is pulled in, the shoulders are straightened. The arms are raised to chest level as if there was a ball in them.

With this imaginary ball, you need to describe the eight, first to the right, lowering it down and lifting it up at the far point. Then the arms return to the chest parallel to it, and the body turns to the left, also lowering the “ball” down, lifting it up at the far point and returning to the chest.

 When the side of the movement changes, the hand at the top also changes: if the movement is performed to the right, the right hand is at the top, and vice versa.

The “flight” is performed 16 times, eight in each direction. The execution time also takes one minute. Free refills.

“The turtle retracts its head”

Exercise “turtle” is very popular among people who are overweight and diabetes, formed against this background. It also strengthens the nervous system and is considered useful in its diseases. It is simple to make it, it is enough to imagine how this amazing animal hides in its house, feeling the danger.

The starting position is standard: standing, chest straightened, butt pulled up, stomach pulled in, knees bent, arms along the body. The palms of the hands look to the floor, the limbs rise to the level of the chest (both at once), while the elbows also need to be slightly bent. Next, you need to act like this:

  1. One of the limbs (left) descends in a circle to the stomach, while the palm slowly turns up and stops under the right, as if in the hands of a ball or a round vessel;
  2. The body weight is transferred to the right leg, the body tilts slightly forward and turns in the opposite direction. The knee of the left leg is bent, a half-step is made so that the right leg is straight, extended to the left;
  3. Hands slowly rise up, as soon as they are at the top point (above the head), the palms that previously looked at the person are extended parallel to the ground;
  4. The body leans forward and downward until the performer is in the pose of a rider on a horse, palms practically touching the ground;
  5. At the level of the outstretched leg, the arms again rise to the stomach and chest, while the palms again turn to the body.

In this movement, the shoulder joints and the cervical spine are actively working, which has a positive effect on their health. After completing the “turtle” four times to the right, you need to slowly turn around, transfer the weight to the other leg and repeat the exercise four more times in the other direction. At the end, you should stand up straight and relax.

“Soaring White Crane”

Exercise “crane” helps to strengthen the cervical spine and eliminate diseases that occur in this part of the body. 

The movement begins with a warm-up. You need to stand in the starting position, fold your hands into the lock at the level of the abdomen. The head, along with the neck, is slowly pulled forward and, finding itself at the far point (when it is no longer possible to stretch further), it begins to sink down until the chin touches the neck. From this moment, the head rises to a level position. In this case, the shoulder section also works, but the body itself remains motionless.

After completing the movement four times, you can start the exercise itself. The starting pose is the same. The movement begins with lowering the chin and pressing it firmly against the neck.

As soon as this moment has come, you need to stretch the chin and neck forward as a bird does, wanting to drink water from the source. Having reached the extreme point, you need to raise your head up as much as possible and straighten your back. Keep your mouth tightly closed at all times! Four such activities are also required.

The next part of the workout is familiar to every person from childhood – these are standard head rotations in a circle. But they need to be done very slowly, tightly compressed lips, while the hands are on the belt.

The movement is first performed to the right, the head turns and leans towards the shoulder, but does not touch it, then it describes a circle forward and to the left. You need to linger over the second shoulder for 10 seconds, then return to the original position. The next lesson is carried out in the opposite direction. The set includes 8 movements, 4 in each direction.

Now you can start performing movements with the upper limbs. Having removed them from the hips, you need to rest your thumbs on the waist and roll your palms outward. Hands from the abdomen, palms up, go to the chest, then to the head.

At the top, the hands turn in opposite directions (the backs are adjacent to each other) and descend parallel to the shoulders. Now you need to throw your torso back a little and carry out eight movements with your hands, resembling a flap of wings, the palms look up when performing the flaps.

Completing the crane complex should be such an exercise. The arms are raised above the head, parallel to the shoulders, the palms are turned towards each other, the head is straight. The limbs go down and relax.

Now you need to twist: first, the chin drops to the neck, pressing tightly against it, then the head drops to the chest, also snuggling tightly. Now the back starts to work – you need to bend so that the chest touches the knees. At the same time, the head and hands relax, touch the floor.

You need to stay in this position for 5-10 seconds. This is followed by a slow unwinding in the same order: lower back, shoulders, neck, head, arms rise. These are the basic movements of the complex that are easy to perform for men of any age and different physical fitness.

Benefits of Taoist Exercise

Eastern practices include a huge number of exercises: they are collected in books and manuals on oriental medicine, are released in the form of video lessons, they can be practiced independently in groups practicing such activities. What are the advantages of Taoist exercise over any other exercise?

All movements performed in this complex are simple, similar to the behavior of known animals, and therefore do not require much effort when repeating them. This allows absolutely everyone to perform them.

Regular exercises affect the general health of the patient, and by choosing several exercises aimed at combating this or that ailment, you can very quickly achieve results that no modern doctor can guarantee.

In Taoist medicine there are classes that improve the functioning of the organs of vision, heart and blood vessels, the spine and its parts, organs of the small pelvis, etc. Which one to choose, and how many exercises to perform daily – each patient decides independently.

But without exception, all men and women note a surge of vitality and energy, as well as new sensations received from sexual life.

The internal energy that unfolds during exercise activates the work of the nervous and circulatory systems, which improves the nutrition of the pelvic organs, and also contributes to better communication of the brain and reproductive system with the help of nerve impulses.

Strengthening, this energy pours out into multiple orgasms for both sexes, which brings brightness to the usual intimate relationships. And the return of a healthy sex life to older people brings a lot of joy and self-confidence, which also affects overall well-being.

Eastern practices, including Taoist ones, are based on three principles. First, take your time! It implies a measured course of life, the absence of haste, which does not allow you to enjoy every minute you live. 

In our hurry, we miss many important points that may never be repeated. The second principle is the absence of excessive emotionality throughout life.

It is necessary to spend emotions (and, accordingly, nerve cells) carefully and evenly, so as not to “splash” prematurely the internal energy, which is so necessary in the declining years.

The third rule is to do exercises that will give you longevity and health. Daily small physical activity aimed at accumulating internal energy and opening up internal sources of energy helps to fight many diseases that shorten the human life.

By following these simple rules, you can remain a healthy and active person for many years.

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