How to delay an orgasm for a man? Effective Exercises and Training Rules

Masturbation is not only a pleasure process. With its help, you can learn to control the duration of sexual intercourse. Simple exercises help to delay or approximate the moment of ejaculation and orgasm in a pair.

How to train during masturbation

If the process of self-satisfaction does not take place “in a quick way” somewhere in the soul, if there is time for it, then you can do the training in the process. And it is regular actions that will help to train endurance , which is useful in pair sex. In order for the exercises to give results, they must be carried out regularly. At the same time giving it time. Of course, the pleasure in the process will still remain, but it will take a few minutes to control what is happening, to focus on the sensations. The ability to restrain oneself during sex, switch attention and reduce arousal is very useful. But to learn this with a woman is more difficult than being alone with yourself. Even if it fails for the first time, no one will know about it.  

Effective Slowing Methods

There are many ways to postpone ejaculation. And every man chooses the best for himself. But it’s important to test them all. It is with a masturbator that this is easiest to do. But it is important to understand that you need to try several times, and not one, to form your opinion.

What techniques are worth trying during masturbation?

  • Change in speed. Closer to the final, the speed increases, but it is worth slowing it down to get the opposite effect. It is important to find a moment when to do this so that it is not too late. And it’s training that will allow you to find this time. 
  • Stop. A full stop is also effective. At this time, partners usually change their pose. Only 10-15 seconds are enough to distract and postpone the moment of the final. 
  • Breath adjustment. With excitement, palpitations and breathing increase. And if you slow down one of the processes, the sensations will become weaker. You can control exactly the breath. 
  • Retraction of the scrotum. If you pull the testicles down a bit, the sex process speeds up. To do this, they are wrapped around the base and pulled slightly to the ground. The effect is instant. But it is important not to pull too hard so that there is no pain and a complete “fall” of the penis. 
  • Head squeezing. In the area of ​​connection of the trunk and the head is a very sensual area. It is necessary to put pressure on him, and the excitement will decrease. It will not disappear at all, but will become smaller. But it is important to calculate the strength of the impact. 
  • Point in the perineum. If you click on the area between the scrotum and anus before orgasm, sex lasts a few seconds longer. All of these techniques work. But it is important to correctly calculate the start time, to understand when it is already possible to act, and when early. It is necessary to clearly understand the force of pressure, and this is also determined only empirically. Therefore, to develop each technique, you need to masturbate several times to understand how this is implemented in a particular person. 

How to improve your workout results

Hand masturbation does not fully mimic sexual intercourse. Therefore, training is performed with a masturbator. It gives other sensations, they are partly similar to sex with another person. Which model is better to choose?

  • Rotik. Helps to try oral sex with loneliness. Often allows you to adjust the pressure inside, so that there is a feeling of suction. 
  • Ass. Very narrow passage, maximally massaging the penis. Imitation of anal sex. 
  • Vagin. The texture inside the masturbator resembles a female bosom. Delicate, but ribbed and very pleasant to touch. 
  • Model with an unusual relief. With her, the process is not like sex, everything is completely different, this is interesting.

For training, models without a motor are used. However, they can be small and large. The form does not matter, you can even experiment and learn stamina with a sex doll 

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