How to quickly raise a member

Adequate sex is less and less common from 35 years of age for a man. Failures and problems start suddenly, reduce sexual activity, bring stress and apathy into life.

There are many reasons for the phenomenon, it is important to immediately consult an andrologist or sex therapist. The doctor will tell you how to quickly raise a man’s penis and what to do as a preventive measure.

How to quickly raise

Note that erection problems in men begin from a certain age. By the age of 50, potency begins to gradually decrease. Do not delay going to the doctor! This is not an indicator of weakness or failure, but a necessity. At the initial stage, it is easier to identify the cause of the dysfunction and determine the therapy. To quickly raise the penis in adulthood, the urologist will prescribe one of the treatment options:

  • medicinal;
  • exercises;
  • massages.

Remember, early detection of dysfunctions allows you to maximize the effect of the selected type of therapy.

Preparations for the rapid improvement of potency

So, the question arose of how to raise a member if a date is on the nose. Doctors offer a lot of drugs that have a positive effect on the strength of potency. Such drugs in pharmacies are classified as PDE-5 inhibitors.

The drugs work by blocking the enzyme. The acceleration of blood flow to the groin area begins and the moment of erection will not be long in coming. The drugs differ in the active substance:

  • vardenafil is part of Levitra;
  • yohimbine belongs to the alkaloids involved in metabolism and increasing sexual function;
  • cantharidin quickly affects potency.

Here is a list with brief characteristics of drugs. Thanks to them, many men successfully prolong sexual marathons:

  1. Viagra is a popular treatment for dysfunction. The main substance that affects male libido is sildenafil.
  2. Cialis is an alternative to the previous drug. Acts in a milder form and faster.
  3. Papaverine in the form of injections copes with the tasks.
  4. Alprostadil is also used in injections. The agent is gently injected into the penis. Without experience, on your own, it is not worth carrying out a procedure of this type.
  5. Biomanix is ​​a drug that has a stimulating effect on the penis.
  6. Stimarekt is produced by a domestic company and is considered a new generation drug. Its composition is completely natural.
  7. Inforte, like Viagra, is an effective remedy in the fight against dysfunction.

Before buying a medicine, you need to consult a doctor to identify contraindications.

Vitamins and minerals

Excitement does not always come on time and from a certain age it becomes more difficult to maintain the mood. Often the cause may be vitamin deficiency. The action of minerals, vitamin complexes improves the functioning of internal organs. With an imbalance, peeling of the skin begins, hair loss, and a decrease in erection.

For example, few adults know that male adolescents from the age of 14 require 1 mg of retinol daily. This element significantly slows down the aging process, participates in the formation of hormones. Retinol is contained in the liver (piglet, cow), butter and sour cream.

Pharmacy preparations are effective:

  • Duovit;
  • Biomax;
  • Man’s formula.

What do vitamins affect in the patient’s body? It: 

  1. E is an element, the deficiency of which leads to a stop in the production of semen, a decrease in the genitals, and sexual activity.
  2. Thiamine reduces the state of fatigue, restores the nervous system. Contained in buckwheat and sprouted wheat, potatoes and herbs, eggs and seeds.
  3. B2 (riboflavin) is suitable for obese people. It is involved in the conversion of carbohydrates / fats into energy and has a positive effect on the genitourinary system. Found in foods – fish or eggs, meat and cheese, spinach and mushrooms.
  4. Nicotinic acid will increase blood flow to the groin area. This means that the problem with stagnation and low erection has been resolved.
  5. B3 is found in foods that should be added to the diet every day – grains and liver, chicken and peanuts, peaches and almonds.
  6. B5 is an element that is responsible for hormonal balance. Pantothenic acid affects the functioning of the nervous system. This vitamin is included in many foods.
  7. Element B6 is required for the acuity of sensations at the moment of orgasm. It also relieves fatigue well. There is a lot of it in the usual products – beans and walnuts, liver and garlic, bell peppers and chicken.
  8. Folic acid will strengthen the masculine position at the time of sex. It affects feelings of pleasure and sex drive. The element comes with a diet consisting of poultry and veal liver, broccoli and orange juice, with seeds.
  9. B12 is a vitamin found in animal proteins. It increases sexual arousal and sperm count.
  10.                    Known even to children, ascorbic acid gives energy and enhances immunity, significantly improves erection and rejuvenates.

Remember that over 90% of element C is destroyed during cooking.

  1.                    D is needed to stimulate blood flow and develop muscle mass. It comes with egg yolk and cottage cheese, milk and butter, mushrooms and cheese.
  2.                    E is one of the main elements responsible for a sexy marathon. It can increase sexual activity and sex hormone levels. Provides increased blood flow to the groin. The vitamin is present in nuts, buckwheat, beans, peas, eggs.

Trace elements

Trace minerals in the form of minerals also play a significant role in men’s health.

  1. Zinc can improve sperm quality and hormones. Participates in the development of element E and the work of the prostate. Present in seafood, chocolate, nuts, dairy products, fish, corn.
  2. Selenium actively works to improve the condition of the spermatic cord. Plays an important role in the production of testosterone, increases the level of potency. It is necessary to include the liver of birds, eggs, pistachios, rice in the diet.
  3. Those who dream of offspring should introduce magnesium, chromium and manganese into their diet. These elements affect the activity of the sperm and their endurance. Minerals are found in wheat bran and pumpkin seeds, nuts and beans.

It is impossible to determine the lack of one of the elements on your own. Therefore, it is worth making an appointment for a consultation and diagnosis.

How to increase potency quickly at home?

An erection is the most important aspect of a man’s life. Therefore, in case of problems with female society, the guy begins to experience stress and apathy. In alternative therapy, it is recommended to use herbal recipes. It can be:

  • infusions;
  • herbal teas;
  • decoctions.

Their regular use affects the restoration of blood circulation and the removal of inflammatory processes. Use the following herbs to improve circulation:

  • nettle;
  • ginseng;
  • thyme;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • hemp seed.

The choice of sexual position also plays a significant role in sexual activity. Choose those positions in which the man is supposed to be upright.

To increase the pressure in the male organ, take care of a massage. It is carried out on the feet. The activation of the points will make the member elastic, increase its performance. This can be achieved by constantly walking barefoot on grass and stones, on sand and earth.

Physical activity and increased potency

For an intimate act to end without interruption, think about sports. Of course, you shouldn’t sign up for a gym and pump up mountains of muscles. It is supposed to perform a small set of exercises – exercises. This will improve your health and tone.

Doctors strongly advise to introduce rules into your life:

  • daily gymnastics;
  • evening yoga classes;
  • minutes of meditation;
  • intimate muscle training;
  • walking;
  • run;
  • jumping rope;
  • gymnastics;
  • swimming;
  • tennis.

They choose the direction of studies, based on the state of health.

Why are there problems?

Faced the fact that the body periodically fails and is less and less solid? This means that the time has come to go to the medical office in search of the reasons for this condition.

Doctors divide the basics of pathologies into 2 categories:

  • Physiology
  1. Improper nutrition;
  2. Work;
  3. Alcoholism;
  4. Passion for tobacco and cigarettes;
  5. Addiction.
  • Psychological basis
  1. Apathy.
  2. Depression.
  3. Stress.
  4. Problems in life.
  5. Family conflicts.
  6. Personal complexes.
  7. Sexual dissatisfaction.

It is important to identify the cause in time and eliminate its toxic effect on the body.

Nutrition, exercise – the key to men’s health

Surprisingly, many guys are unaware that diet and food quality have a major impact on potency. Therefore, doctors from the first admission require you to stop:

  • eat fast food (hamburgers, fries, croquettes, etc.);
  • short snacks.

It is strongly advised to include in the diet:

  • meat;
  • bananas;
  • nuts;
  • fatty fish;
  • seafood;
  • eggs;
  • spinach;
  • porridge;
  • tomatoes;
  • sour milk;
  • greens.

Sport is the basis of life. Therefore, young people are taught to exercise. It enhances blood flow, removes congestion. Do the minimum amount of exercise every day. It will be enough 10-20 minutes a day.

Exercise to quickly improve potency

Sex therapists and urologists are constantly talking about the benefits of sports. What is required to be done to solve problems with potency?

Lesson number 1

Sit comfortably on a stool. Legs apart to shoulder width. Hands bend at the elbows, go down. At the moment of movement, strain your groin muscles as much as possible and relax.

Lesson number 2

Stretch up, legs apart shoulder-width apart. The knees are slightly bent, and the arms are fixed to the waist. The pelvis moves back and forth. Slightly harsh and abrupt. The exercise should be carried out loosely without clothes.

How to lift a member that has fallen during intercourse

Was there an embarrassment during the act? Try the following variations:

  • Change in posture – the guy should only be on top.
  • Ring – sold in special stores, you can replace the silicone product with manual labor.
  • The influence of the partner on erogenous points. This requires complete mutual understanding.
  • Change your attitude towards your partner. Often the feeling of disgust, lack of emotion and love leads to disruptions during sex.

The drug method of rapidly increasing potency

From the first days of losing the usual level of potency, a man experiences discomfort. Medicines to increase erection do not cure, but only help symptomatically:

  • Viagra;
  • Zidena;
  • Levitra;
  • Cialis.

The principle of the effectiveness of these and similar agents is based on increasing the blood supply to the groin.

Opinion of doctors

Faced with erectile dysfunction for the first time, men try to cope with it on their own by reading reviews, tips and appointments on the forums. However, a visit to a doctor should not be postponed and risked health in the hope of turning the tide. The doctor will determine the cause of the weakness and prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

Diagnostic measures are prescribed in order to:

  • confirmation / denial of genital infections;
  • revealing testosterone levels;
  • semen analysis;
  • identification of FSH;
  • taking tests for vitamins and minerals;
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland;
  • cardiogram.

Do not make self-prescribing medications!


Stretching out a visit to a doctor, postponing an appointment for weeks, you harm your health. Slight manifestations of failures in male power without identifying the cause and treatment will turn into complete impotence.

Untreated inflammation will have a harmful effect on the entire body and will become chronic. Small psychological complexes of adolescents will take on the scale of phobias. The best friend and helper in the question: how to quickly and carefully raise a fallen fighter – a doctor.

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