Intracavernous injection technique – ED treatment with penile injection

In conditions of poor ecology and a tense rhythm of life, men lose self-confidence against the background of a decrease in potency. Deterioration of erection is caused by stress, fatigue, inadequate sleep and rest. There are several ways to regain your former strength and ability to satisfy a sexual partner. One of them is intracavernous injections. 

 What is and for what?

Intracavernous injection – an injection that is injected into the area of ​​the spongy body of the penis to detect an erection. In many cases, the procedure is diagnostic. She assists in checking the type of erectile disorder. Very rarely, a doctor can offer it as a medicinal product, to establish an erection with intimacy.

Vasoactive drugs that are injected into the corpus cavernosum dilate blood vessels. Normalization of blood flow leads to filling of the corpora cavernosa and the external manifestation of erection. 

In what cases are they used, indications, preparation

The administration of the drug is prescribed in two cases: 

  1. Diagnostics to identify the type of erectile dysfunction. The quality of the erection manifested after the administration of the drug makes it possible to establish the exact origin of vascular impotence. The test is necessary in order to detect neurogenic ED from vascular ED.
  2. An intracavernous injection performed by a man on his own guarantees an erection and full intimacy.

In the first case, the examination method replaces the previously ineffective oral version using sildenafil or its analogues. 

How is the execution

The procedure is simple. On the positive side, it does not imply special training.   

The required dosage of the medicinal name is drawn into a sterile syringe. Experts recommend using the needle as thin as possible to avoid painful sensations. The penis is retracted to the side, the intended injection site is treated with a disinfecting solution. The injection is injected at a 90 degree right angle. The doctor must know the injection technique : the active substance is injected intracavernously, as accurately as possible. The procedure is performed without trauma to the saphenous veins of the penis.    

How to give an injection correctly?

The patient will be able to carry out the procedure on his own if he receives professional advice and is trained in the procedure. The main thing is to carry it out correctly and not harm your body. The injection has the following stages:

  1. Preparation of the syringe. A prerequisite is sterility, the syringe must be new, opened by a doctor or with his own hand. The needle is inserted into an ampoule with the drug. Capture the individual dosage prescribed by the physician Do not touch the tip of the needle as this may compromise sterility.  
  2. Prepare the injection site. Taking in the penis, move it to the side. Disinfect the injection site with a disinfecting solution.
  3. Injection into the corpora cavernosa . With your free hand, you need to take a prepared syringe and inject the medicine at the base of the penis. In this case, the needle is guided at a right angle of 90 degrees.  

When injected, the man should not feel pain. It is better to entrust the procedure to a specialist, since there is a risk of touching the blood vessels located under the skin.

Drugs used

Medicines used to increase potency are divided into several groups. 

The most common cause of impotence is a hormone deficiency. An injection with a hormone in the composition is aimed at replenishing the missing component. If the injection has a non-hormonal composition, then it is aimed at expanding blood vessels and improving the circulation of blood through the veins. 

In medicine, not so long ago, injections appeared that do not contain a hormone, but at the same time increase the level of testosterone in the male body. Injections of medications are aimed at starting an erection.

Hormonal group. Medicines of this pharmacological group are prescribed by a doctor in case of impotence resulting from insufficient testosterone production. The use of drugs is combined with the intake of oral tablets, gel and patch. The group of dosage forms is divided into three subgroups depending on the time of action in the body:

  • means of short-term exposure. Injections with testosterone propinate, the duration of the effect of which is noted in an interval of up to three days. The injection is made in the buttock, there is a break of 2-3 days;  
  • average period of action. Due to the presence of esters in the composition, the drug spreads rather quickly in the blood. They work for 3-4 weeks. Then, to enhance the effect, repeated administration is required;
  • extended-release drugs. These pharmacological agents maintain the required male hormone dosage for 10-14 weeks. The hormone appears in the blood gradually, aimed at ensuring an erection during sexual arousal. During the use of the funds of this subgroup, hormonal changes do not occur, the mood remains stable and does not change to negative.

The systematic release of male sex hormones into the body causes a large number of side reactions. Such as:

  • the appearance of acne;
  • migraine;
  • hemorrhage in the system of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • cancerous growths in the prostate;
  • depression, depression and other manifestations.

Non-hormonal group. Medicines of this type are used in men whose erection occurs when exposed to the erogenous zones. When using the drug, tension in smooth muscle tissues is relieved, while signals move along the nerve endings. The action lasts for an hour. It is permissible to carry out procedures no more than twice a week.

Papaverine action

A dosage form produced in several versions: rectal suppositories, oral tablets and injection solution. With impotence, the use of a solution is necessary.

The drug is a group of antispasmodics that have an effect on human organs and vascular smooth muscles. Under the influence of papaverine, muscle relaxation and expansion occurs.

When you take the medication, your blood pressure is lowered. Alcohol and smoking are completely excluded during treatment. Failure to comply with these requirements reduces the positive effect.

At the time of intracavernous injection, blood flows to the head of the penis, which causes a natural erection process . The use of the drug is the most frequent, since the action from it is noticeably faster. In 70% of cases of potency disorders, the effect of the drug and the restoration of erectile function are noticeable.   

Alprostadil against impotence

Alprostadil (Caverject) – prostaglandin E 1. Smooth muscle threads relax during the use of the drug. The accumulation of calcium inside cells decreases. Medicines injected with this solution normalize microcirculation and support the erection process. Does not affect reproductive function and ejaculation.

To set the required dosage, under the supervision of a specialist, the dose of the drug is increased . Based on this, a personal dose is selected. 

Also used: edex, vasoprostan. 

Interpretation of results

When assessing the results of the diagnostics performed, doctors use the Yunem scale:

  • E0 – complete absence of arousal;
  • E1 – minor shifts are noted;
  • E2 – medium excitement;
  • E3 – complete enlargement of the head of the penis;
  • E4 – the hardness needed for an intimate relationship is revealed;
  • E5 – full hardness.

The first three degrees indicate that the reason lies in the vessels. The remaining stages imply the normal state of the vessels, the reason in this case is neurogenic disorders.


The technique of introducing the drug into the cave body of the penis has its own complications: 

  1. Possible blood flow at the puncture site.
  2. Hemorrhage under the skin at the site.
  3. Changing the size of the penis downward with abuse of the procedure.
  4. The state of erection for more than 4 hours after the administration of the drug. In this case, you need to immediately contact a specialist.
  5. Hypotension and tachycardia.


The procedure is prohibited to be repeated until two days after the first injection. In addition, there are a number of contraindications: 

  1. Pathology in the form of Peyronie’s disease, which causes pain during erection.
  2. Disease of the corpus cavernosum, which occurred earlier.
  3. Low blood iron.
  4. Pathology of the heart and blood vessels.
  5. Drunk.

the effect

The effect after intracavernous injection is noticeable after 5-10 minutes. The effect lasts up to one and a half hours, sometimes a longer period is noted. You can learn the technique of using the method yourself.

When applying this method, numerous studies have been carried out aimed at studying safety, reliability and psychological action. Scientists have been conducting tests for 4 years. More than 17 thousand men took part. On average, this was the age group 54 years old (22 – 70 years old). 

The origins of erectile dysfunction varied. 58 people performed the procedure at home. All participants in the experiment left positive feedback on the procedure and noted its high efficiency.  

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any drug effect, this technique has its positive and negative aspects. The advantage is that the technique does not require additional measures after the administration of the drug. After it, rehabilitation is not required. 


  1. A small number of negative manifestations and side effects that are permanent.
  2. High performance indicators, proven by a large number of those who have experienced the impact on themselves.
  3. Low chance of pain during erection.
  4. Convenient and easy use of technology.
  5. A small number of contraindications.

Disadvantages of the procedure:

  1. Psychological barriers during conduction, and sometimes soreness at the puncture site.
  2. Risk of hemorrhage in the area to be pierced.
  3. Impossibility of use with a number of contraindications and aggravation of a number of pathologies.

The main prohibition on the use of the technique is the presence of hereditary hemoglobinopathy (sickle cell anemia), accompanied by priapism – pain during erection. 

The method of intracavernous injections is recognized as the most effective among the methods of conservative therapy for impotence. Injections help with any etiology of the disease of sexual impotence.

It does not matter what caused these reasons, psychological or physiological malfunctions in the body. The disadvantage of this technique is that it is a temporary elimination of the problem for a short-term restoration of potency, does not cure the cause.  

Introcavernous administration of drugs is done in clinics in the direction of the attending physician. If you went to the hospital under the compulsory medical insurance policy, the procedure will be carried out free of charge. In private clinics , such manipulations are also possible, the price of the procedure must be found out directly at the clinic, as a rule, it does not exceed 2,000 rubles.  

Undoubtedly, the return of the ability to satisfy the partner and regain the former self-esteem for a man is extremely important. All methods are good for this. Remember that this is a temporary measure that does not get rid of the disease forever and does not give you the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. Get a doctor’s advice after a complete examination and make your choice.

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