Is it possible to break a penis and how to treat it at the same time

Male genitals are vulnerable to various types of mechanical stress. Improperly selected underwear can chafe the skin of the penis, and mechanical impact can lead to severe pain. Can a member break ? What can provoke such an injury? What to do if the genital organ is damaged? Similar questions arise because there is no bone in the phallus. This leads to the common misconception that a phallus fracture is impossible.  

Can manhood break down?

In medical practice, such cases occur. Men encounter such trauma quite rarely, but it is very painful and leads to the most sad consequences. Such “breakage” is damage, which is accompanied by ruptures of the urethra, albuginea, cavernous bodies.

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The problem is not heard because of the delicacy and dependence on the parameters of the penis. The more it is in an erect state, the higher the risks. This does not mean that a person of average dignity cannot break the penis. Unfortunately, under certain circumstances, this can happen and you need to know how to recognize the problem in a timely manner, what you need to do. 

Signs of a broken penis

Getting a delicate injury follows a similar pattern. First, a rupture occurs in the urethra, and then the protein membrane of the cavernous and cavernous bodies. They do not have to be extensive, but even a small injury is enough to cause sometimes unbearable pain. The result is often a deformity of the penis.

How not to break a member?

An extensive hemorrhage occurs in the genital organ. Severe edema and hematoma appear, visible to the naked eye. The phallus takes on a dark blue or purple hue. Often, it is not individual areas that change color, but absolutely all male dignity, including the testicles.

Typical symptoms allow you to quickly recognize a fracture:

  • painful sensations (some men experience shock);
  • the genital organ ceases to erect, acquiring an unusual softness and lethargy;
  • bruising on the surface of the phallus;
  • a crunchy sound that indicates the presence of tears in tissue structures;
  • noticeable deformation of the penis;
  • urethral discharge mixed with blood.

The hematoma is not always localized only on the genital organ, but spreads to the thighs, groin area, lower abdomen. Often it becomes impossible for the victim to even defecate on his own. Often it is even difficult for a man to get up on his own due to the extreme stress experienced by the entire body.

Such an injury is quite dangerous and threatens the development of many serious complications. The fracture cannot be ignored. Qualified help and hospitalization are required. Just sitting out at home and going to the clinic after a while is not the best option. 

Fracture reasons

You can get injured with a direct blow to the groin area, so protection is worn when engaging in contact sports. It breaks and bursts under strong physical influences, but protects the genitals.

X-ray of the damaged member

You can break your dignity with excessive experiments in love pleasures, as well as having sex in the car and other places not intended for these purposes. To summarize, the greatest risk occurs when:

  • strong mechanical impact on the groin area from the outside;
  • road traffic accident;
  • a sharp change in body position during sleep, when the member is excited;
  • blow to the erect / erect phallus;
  • excessive compression of the organ, which can occur both during coitus and an attempt to “pacify” it;
  • bending during hard intercourse, when the penis unsuccessfully “comes in”, resting on the pubic or femur, as well as the perineum.

Being aware of how you can break a penis, you should always be extremely careful. Such an injury can put an end to sex life forever. You should not try too extreme poses if only the classics have been practiced before.

Broken member, what to do?

Penis fracture treatment

To minimize the risk of complete loss of erectile function, action must be taken immediately. At home, the partner should apply a tight bandage and make a cold compress, but it is better to apply ice, call an ambulance. If available, the patient is referred to the surgical or urological department.

The specialist conducts an emergency examination, since the injury is severe. With a slight fracture, surgery may not be required, but restorative therapy is required. It is aimed at preventing erectile dysfunction and allows you to regain confidence, the loss of which can be psychological in nature.

Surgery must be performed by a qualified professional. If there is a choice of a surgeon, you must definitely use it. This increases the chances of maintaining not only erectile function, but also length, which is also incredibly important. Penis surgery is done in different ways. It all depends on the nature of the injury:

  1. If a dislocation is detected, reduction is performed, sutures are applied to the damaged ligaments with fixation of the corpora cavernosa.
  2. When a fracture is confirmed, the hematoma is opened with the removal of blood clots, and the existing wound is drained.
  3. Often, the frenulum may burst, which will require frenuloplasty. The skin is removed from the scrotum, pubic bone, or abdomen.
  4. Less commonly, but the urethra is damaged. In such a situation, a catheter (epicystostomy) is placed. The device allows urine to be removed, since the patient himself cannot do this, and also to completely cure the canal, uranoplasty is done.

The degree of damage does not always allow to save the phallus or an advanced case, if the man did not immediately seek qualified help. In such cases, a complete member is removed. The amputated organ is placed in sterile tissue, sealed in a bag and container with water. Transplantation of a new phallus should be done as soon as possible.

Medication-assisted therapy (conservative) precedes surgery. It is designed to stabilize the state. When the fracture is accompanied by other injuries, fluid therapy is often prescribed. Antibiotics are prescribed if there are open wounds.

Broken member problem

Postponing the operation due to concomitant and obstructing problems often requires the use of cystostomy, a course of anti-inflammatory drugs, cold compresses, concomitant therapy, and applying pressure bandages. This helps to prevent deterioration of the situation and tissue necrosis.

How long does it take to recover?

The rehabilitation period after a genital fracture is long. The problem lies in the high sensitivity of the phallus to any influences. If you do not wait the necessary time, you can break the penis again, and this will most likely lead to complete impotence.

Another important point is the psychological aspect. Against the background of the experience, a fear of a repetition of what has happened, a test of a similar pain syndrome may develop. Especially such help is needed for men who have survived amputation of the penis with re-implantation. Returning to a normal sex life after a negative experience in bed is difficult.

Recovery takes about 1-1.5 months. Everything is individual and depends on the severity of the fracture. Psychologically, a man may not immediately be ready for full-fledged intimacy. In such a situation, the other half will help, supporting morally.

When can you return to a full sex life?

Of course, you cannot have sex immediately after surgery. Some men who are in long-term relationships and have found support in the person of a faithful friend want to get back into action as quickly as possible. In no case should this be done. It takes time for rehabilitation.

The entire recovery period should be observed by the attending physician. He must give permission for intimacy. At first, it is necessary to refrain from postures that are different from the classic ones. You should feel free to ask a specialist what you can and cannot. Violation of the recommendations can lead to repeated problems in the future.

Possible consequences

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Pain can not be tolerated. It always indicates the presence of injury. The male genital organ is quite fragile, and the absence of bone does not mean that it cannot break. Failure to seek medical help can lead to curvature of the penis and the need to consult a surgeon for a right. The worst case scenario assumes complete impotence.

If there are open wounds, infection enters the body through them. This leads to abscess and the development of associated health problems, not just male strength. In an advanced case, a penile prosthesis may be required. This operation is performed when a man becomes effectively impotent and cannot have a normal sex life.

Prompt help gives favorable forecasts. There is a minimal chance that a man will become impotent. It is due to the nature of the injury. In any case, specialists will do everything necessary and even offer options that allow you to continue to lead a full sexual life (falloprosthetics).

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