Meditation and masturbation – is there a difference?

Increasingly, a modern person is advised to stay alone with himself, to switch to body sensations in order to temporarily “turn off” the brain. But not everyone succeeds in meditating, they lack concentration. Or maybe it is worth replacing this complex procedure with masturbation? What are the similarities between meditation and masturbation, is it really possible to replace one with another ? Spiritual practitioners would disagree with this comparison. And if meditation is a person, it is not just a way to “turn off thoughts”, then it is really worth choosing the right technique and spending a lot of time on it. But many modern people decide on such practices in order to just take a little break from the mind, from the endless noise in the head . And then both techniques are worth trying. 


What are the similarities?

Meditation is focusing on something. Very often on sensations in the body or some kind of process, for example, on breathing. The person observes the inhalation and exhalation, disconnecting from the outside world. At the same time, he relaxes, feels lightness after the process.

Through meditation, you can learn to better interact with your body . It allows you to observe the body, its needs. Shifting attention to the body helps control appetite, relieve fatigue and tension. If the process of meditation lasted for a long time, at least 30 minutes, then calmness comes after it . Experiences seem to recede, and decisions can be made easily and naturally. 


But masturbation has a similar effect. In the process, attention from the outside world is completely switched to bodily sensations. Immersion in excitement stops thoughts. And then comes relaxation and ease.

When is replacement appropriate?

Sex with yourself is a unique process of exploring sensuality. This is the best way to discover erogenous zones, new sensations. But it is not always the same as meditation. If it is an act of simply shedding voltage, it will not work. For many, masturbation is something quick and not too important. It takes no more than 10 minutes, and the goal is orgasm, not the process. It is important to peak quickly and move on. These actions are not meditation. For orgasm to help “turn off the head”, you need to approach it differently. Everything should flow smoothly and unhurriedly. It is important to devote at least 30 minutes, and preferably more, to this process. 

How to turn masturbation into meditation?

Immersion in oneself should be smooth, so it is better not to use exciting things. For example, do not watch porn in the process. Desire should arise from touch, fantasies are appropriate, but better without them.

  • You need a special atmosphere. Nobody should bother, it is advisable to remove annoying sounds. But the music will come in handy. The process should begin with light stroking of the skin. Not necessarily in erogenous places. And it’s important to feel every movement. 
  • Attention is transferred to sensations. You need to watch how the hands feel when they caress the body, how the cells respond when they are touched. Maximum focus on sensation is meditation. At the same time, movement occurs, so it is not boring to follow these overflows. 
  • It is necessary to transfer attention to the body if thoughts arise, no matter what they touch. And do it all the time. In the first experiments, there will be many thoughts, but with frequent practice, their number decreases.
  • Orgasm in progress is not the main goal. It is possible, sometimes there is more than one. But it is lived very deeply, as there is an observation of the body, of the reactions. If it’s not there, it’s okay. 
  • The use of sex toys is permissible , they caress the body in a different way, and this is interesting. But light vibrations are appropriate, which do not powerfully stimulate, forcing the body to cum, but gently massage, causing unique sensations inside.

The goal of such activities is relaxation on several levels: body and emotional. After the procedure, it is better to lie down and rest.

How to determine that everything really turned out right? At the end, a feeling of lightness and carelessness. Suddenly there is no need to run somewhere, to hurry. Thoughts for some time seem not very important, and waves of pleasure are pouring through the body, not strong, but tangible.

Have you ever experienced something like this during your sexual experiences? Let us know in the comments!

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