Mutual masturbation. Implementation Rules

Mutual masturbation is present in many pairs. This is a way to diversify sex life, survive periods of sexual inhibitions and a method to better know your loved one. This practice allows you to experience something unusual, memorable. But there are rules for the implementation of mutual caresses, which are better not to ignore.

What is mutual masturbation?

Mutual masturbation is called the caress of the genitals of a partner without penetration. Stimulation occurs with hands or additional objects. The process can only cause excitement, but can lead to orgasm.

Why mutual? Because partners caress each other. And there are two most popular scenarios:

  • Simultaneous petting. In this case, all participants in the process enjoy. Everyone pays time to a partner, searches for his sensual zones and enjoys himself. 
  • Alternating effects. At first, pleasure is reached by one, and then by another partner. This helps to completely immerse yourself in the sensations without being distracted. 

Previously, mutual masturbation was often used by teens. Today, they often choose oral or anal sex, and established couples, on the contrary, are looking for something unusual. And mutual masturbation allows you to complement family sex with new facets.

Rules for mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation can be part of regular sex. But then she proceed to the usual contacts. But it can be done as a separate experiment. And realize in an unusual place. But no matter how this happens, it is better to implement it according to the rules:

  • Volunteering All participants should be willing to do so. It is not necessary to agree in advance, this can happen spontaneously. But it is important to avoid any kind of coercion. 
  • Hygiene. Ideally, before any caresses, take a shower or use sanitary napkins. This is not a requirement, but everyone enjoys erotic games with someone who smells good. And this is important, even if masturbation will occur through clothing. 
  • Monitoring the response of a partner. It is important to carefully monitor what you like and what not in the process. And repeat the best movements again, and exclude others. It’s like playing a musical instrument, but with complex settings. 
  • Tips This is an unusual practice, so you need to guide your loved one so that everything happens very sensually. It should be shown or directed with your hand to get more pleasant sensations. 

It is important to understand that masturbation alone and mutual experience are very different things. They are difficult to compare. It’s much easier to enjoy yourself, but you have to adapt as a couple. But then there is passion, mutual attraction.

How to improve mutual masturbation

Weasels with only hands during mutual masturbation will quickly get bored. Such an experience is curious, but it is often not interesting to practice it. To make this practice fascinating, you need to add accessories for arousal and stimulation.

Sex toys help to improve any masturbation, add variety and give a lot of sensations. And there are hundreds of products that are perfect for this practice.

  • Masturbators. Designed to stimulate men. They have a different texture inside and perfectly massage the penis. And when such a toy is in the hands of another person, it is very unusual and interesting. 
  • Vibrators. The vibrations are pleasing to both men and women. It is believed that the vibrator is designed specifically for ladies. But this is not so. Touching the nipples and perineum will be interesting to everyone. For caresses without immersion, mini vibrators, vibration bullets are ideal. And exclusively for women it is worth using vacuum stimulants. 
  • Massagers. Universal intimate goods. The massager can apply in sex and in life. It will help to recover and stretch muscles after training. It looks harmless, but gives a lot of pleasant emotions. 
  • BDSM attributes. Handcuffs, nipple clamps, lashes only complement masturbation. But they are relevant for those who love dominated games. It is worth looking at the whole assortment to understand what may come in handy. 
  • Grease. Genital stimulation is always nicer with a good lubricant. It improves gliding, protects the skin from injuries. And you can choose massage oil to make the process even more fun. 

With the help of sex toys, you can come up with hundreds of ways to stimulate without penetration. This will allow you to have fun in any period of life, using mutual masturbation.

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