Myths about sex that turned out to be reality

There are many legends about sex, many different stories are told, thousands of tips and recommendations have been written. Part of the information is true, but some advice and opinions are similar to superstition. You do not need to believe everything or refuse an opinion right away, because there are ideas and recommendations that are really better to follow. We discovered 5 myths about sex that turned out to be reality.

1. Freaks are born in the union of relatives

This statement cannot be called deceptive. The probability of having a sick child in a marriage is higher for brothers and sisters than for people with different blood. Just genetic damage can be present in both partners, and it will definitely be in the baby. In alliance with other people, a violation may be less likely to occur . It is recommended to refuse sex with close relatives, for example, cousins, uncles and aunts, nephews to the third knee. But the second cousin is no longer considered forbidden to create alliances. 

2. Beauty and alcohol related

There is a statement: “there are no ugly women, there is little vodka” – and it is true. In a state of intoxication, a person is inclined to not notice the flaws and to evaluate the person’s appearance higher. And that woman who seemed very attractive in the bar might turn out to be a ugly girl in the morning.

This was checked not only by resting people, but also by scientists. The experiments were conducted in France. Men were poured a drink and offered to evaluate the appearance of women. Estimates of intoxicated people have always been higher than those who did not drink alcohol. 

3. The make of the car affects the consent of the woman

Girls are much more willing to get acquainted with men in expensive cars. Attracts the financial situation of a man, his status. And in an attempt to win his heart, ladies more often agree to sex. The owner of any Maserati model has a better chance of sex than the driver of Reno Logan.

The rule is valid not only in Russia, but also in other countries. Applies to cars worth more than 300 thousand dollars 

4. Men want to sleep after sex

For a man, an orgasm is a more energy-intensive process than for women. It is physiologically constructed in such a way that it exhausts a man, after which a recovery period is needed. This is due to hormones. During orgasm, prolactin is produced, and it is often formed in the body during sleep. The production of melatonin is also increasing, it is also associated with sleep. That is why after orgasm for 10-30 minutes, the man feels the need to take a nap . Surprisingly, after masturbation, on the contrary, vigor can come. If there is no interaction with a partner, a hormone cocktail is different. For example, prolactin is released 4 times less, and the state of alertness does not disappear. 

5. Women love men who know how to dance.

Watching men in dance, a woman will give preference to someone who knows how to move beautifully. This is due to the subconscious desire to find the perfect man for conception. And there are certain requirements for it: good health, interesting external data. In dance, one can understand a lot about a man, for example, does he have shortness of breath, is he hardy, and can he adapt to his partner.

All these qualities are important for sex . It is believed that if a man knows how to move beautifully, if he easily leads a partner, then in bed he will show himself perfectly. A lazy man who cannot actively dance even for 4-5 minutes due to excess weight or heavy breathing will cause much less sympathy. Myths about sex are many, some of them are based on real facts. And it’s worth checking them if you don’t want to make a mistake. Learn more about sex and sex toys with us. Choose sex products that make your life brighter. 

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