No penetration: 9 sex positions for special occasions

There are times when you don’t want any penetrations at all or you want to, but for some reason, you can’t. Whatever the reason, there are 9 positions you can try that will allow you to enjoy yourself without vaginal sex directly .   

1. Take on the chest

Whoever says anything, you can satisfy your man with breasts of almost any size. The secret is to be on top: you sit on top of the man, add a little lubricant to your breasts and place your cock in the hollow. Hold whatever you have with your hands and fill in the missing with your palms. You can put yourself a toy, such as a vibrator for the clitoris or special panties. When your lover finishes, evaluate the expression on his face – he is guaranteed to experience inexplicable male joy from what is happening.   

2. Frontal caresses

Sit on top of a naked and horny man. Leave some clothing on you, such as panties. Kiss his neck while your breasts are at eye level. Let the man caress the nipples and play with the breasts. At this time, you gently and slowly rub your crotch against his hard penis, sometimes increasing the intensity with your hands.

3. Approach from the back side

Lie on your stomach and let your man sit on top. Ask him to lubricate his penis and place it between your buttocks. For a more exciting look and a new angle of exposure, let him try to sit on both legs and back. While he rubs between his buttocks, helping himself with his hands, you can fondle yourself exactly the way you like. 

4. Standing behind

Stand up and bend your body slightly forward, holding on to something strong for support – a table or windowsill. The man stands behind and slides his generously lubricated penis between your thighs. If you lean more forward, then his penis will slide along your lips and gently stimulate the clitoris. You can also easily reach out to your private parts or him if you feel generous enough.

5. Unexpected joys

Ask your partner to lubricate his penis with lubricant, and then take a modified pose 69: he is on top, and his penis is directed into the armpit, not into the mouth. Yes, you read that right. You can use your other hand to fondle his testicles or his anus if you have such pleasures. The man caresses you with his tongue or fingers at this time. It takes some maneuvering to master this pose, but once things start to work out, you’re guaranteed fun. 

6. Crossed legs

This position is very similar to the one where you and your lover are standing at the support. Everything is almost the same here, only you lie down on a sufficiently high surface, for example, a table. You cross your legs and direct the man to the shoulders. Let him lubricate his penis with lubricant and guide it between his thighs, pressing tightly against the lips of the vagina and caressing the clitoris. You can help your lover with handles.

7. Magic friction

The man lies on his back and bends one leg. You climb on top of him and sit down to straddle his thigh. Lubricate yourself generously and don’t forget to lubricate his cock. Slowly begin to move up and down along his leg, strongly stimulating yourself. During this time, your partner can fondle himself or you can help him with your hand.

8. Foot fetish 

Try to play passionate foot sex fetishists. Ask the man to lie on his back with a pillow under his head so that he can clearly see what is happening. Sit between his legs with your legs on his thighs. Lubricate your feet with lubricant, then press them firmly with your hands around the penis, for a tighter contact. And start moving up and down. You can put control in the hands of a man: let him squeeze your feet with his hands and make the rhythmic movements he needs.

9. Mutual affection

Finally, the best way to have sex without penetration is through mutual masturbation. Sit as you like: face to face, next to, above or behind. Use lubricant, toys, or limit yourself only with your own hands and – caress yourself and your lover, one by one, at the same time or alone.
All positions suggested here assume that you and your partner trust each other completely and completely. If this is not yet available, then you should not despair, because there is always a way to achieve sexual compatibility Love and be loved! 

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