Orgasm with a guarantee! at any time, for any woman

A new generation of vacuum vibrators for women has been conquering the world for two years now. Wave or non-contact stimulators guarantee enchanting sexual pleasure. 92% of women using the device experienced their first orgasm within 3 minutes. And you can use the stimulant for masturbation and for sex with a man. What are these magical things that completely change a woman’s life?

With a vacuum stimulator, you no longer need to tune in to sex or masturbation and spend a lot of time preparing for a bright ending. The peak of sexual pleasure comes almost instantly, and in any place and under any circumstances. And these sex toys also help ladies who did not know before what sexual pleasure is.

What is special about the new generation clitoral stimulators?

Every woman can now experience pleasure. Now orgasm can happen in 100% of cases of sex. And you only need one sex toy to do this! The wave stimulator was created especially for ladies who are ready to reveal their sensitivity and enjoy 100% intimacy. You can also use such a sex toy anywhere. It takes up a minimum of space, easily fits in your purse, and you can get it even at work! Quiet work will not attract attention, and relaxation will not keep you waiting. And clitoral vibrator does not attract attention during the inspection at the airport. This item is ideal for travel. The pleasure is now always near, and its source is a small silicone thing, the size of a palm or less.  


How does the non-contact clitoris stimulator work?

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of the female body. It is he who is responsible for most orgasms. But this is a rather large organ, which is located outside, most of it is hidden inside the body. And if you act on it correctly, an orgasm will surely happen!

The vacuum stimulator is installed with a head on the clitoris. They don’t need to be moved, just lean against them. And he seems to stick to the desired area. And then the magic begins – the waves of air vibrate the nerve endings, and orgasm comes almost instantly.

The delicate silicone tip touches the body very gently. There can be no pain or irritation. But the girl can change the intensity of the waves herself. Almost all models of non-contact stimulators have a minimum of 5 speeds. And this cannot be compared to a shower or even a tongue. The impact is more intense, but not addictive. And it is absolutely safe even with frequent use!

It is worth using such a sex toy during masturbation. And you can get pleasure in a short time. And also such a thing should be taken to bed with a man. And during classic sex, add clitoral stimulation as well. The simultaneous impact on several areas will cause maximum emotions, and you will experience many orgasms at once .

Who needs a vacuum or wave clitoris stimulator?

Every woman needs a non-contact stimulator. She will help you always reach the peak of pleasure. With such a thing, pleasure is guaranteed. And these are not just words – thousands of women have already tested the effect of such vibrators on themselves. Reviews of wave stimulants tell about the complete transformation of sexual life.

But who needs a wave stimulator in particular?

1. Women who have never had an orgasm

It is the vacuum stimulator that will help solve this problem in the shortest possible time. The very first application will cause very pleasant experiences, and after a week of application, orgasms will start to happen!

2. Girls who want to experience more pleasure with a man

If you can’t always reach orgasm with your beloved, it’s time to buy a sex toy. And the application will make every sex magical and orgasms frequent.

3. Women who dream of multiple orgasms

If you want to cum several times in a row, a non-contact stimulator will help. After the first final, it is recommended to reduce the speed, and then gradually start increasing it. And this is guaranteed to cause a second wave of pleasure.

4. Women who live in stress

Sexual release can release tension. And a few orgasms a week help you see the world in a new way. With the help of an intimate toy, you can relax, which will help both physical and psychological health.

6 best non-contact clitoral vibrators

We have selected the 5 most popular wave stimulants. These are models that have already won the trust of our customers. These are the 5 best non-contact vibrators, featuring excellent quality, low price and long life.

1. Satisfyer Pro 2

The best-selling vibrator of 2017 is the Satisfyer Pro 2. Hundreds of thousands of models have been purchased in dozens of countries around the world. What is its peculiarity? Low price, 11 speeds, fully waterproof case and rechargeable battery inside. You can even take such a wave stimulator with you to the bathroom, and using it under water will give you no less sensations than experimenting in the air. A practical copper-colored body, comfortable replaceable silicone tips and a stylish box make the Satisfyer Pro 2 the best intimate gift item. You can buy a clitoris stimulator for yourself or a loved one. And its application really guarantees orgasms. 2. Womanizer Pro

The Wave Stimulator Womanizer Pro is the second generation of non-contact sex toys. It was created taking into account the wishes of users. Outwardly, it does not look like an intimate thing, rather like some kind of cosmetic device. Power button in the form of a Swarovski crystal, 2 colors in the design of the case. At the same time, it has 2 different silicone tips: small and large. Suitable for girls even with a large clitoris. Works at 8 different speeds and is almost silent. The powerful motor allows you to enjoy the pulsating waves for 4 hours after a full charge. The packaging is very similar to a box from a smartphone, it looks expensive and presentable.

3. Personal Vibrator HIKY

The Hiky sex toy is a vibrator and vacuum stimulator in one device. One part of the device creates wave stimulation for the clitoris, giving incredible orgasms, the other simply vibrates, and it can be immersed in the most sensual holes on a woman’s body. 10 vibration modes and 5 wave stimulation are enough to enjoy the application for a very long time. Combining two functions in one sex toy is a great way to save money. Now you do not need to buy different things to compare the contactless massage of the clitoris and vibration, one Hiky is enough . Pros of the device: affordable cost, high-quality material (silicone), quiet operation and complete waterproofness. Rechargeable device, charging cord included.

4. Womanizer 2Go

The new Vacuum Stimulator from Womanizer is the Womanizer 2Go. The sex toy looks like a regular lipstick, fits easily in your purse and does not attract attention. And weighs less than a regular smartphone! But inside there is a powerful motor that causes the strongest clitoral orgasms. It is easy to take such a thing with you on a trip, just hide it in a house where there are children, and it is convenient to use it so that others would not guess. 6 modes of operation allow you to gradually increase the pace. The waterproof case is easy to clean after use. And the device is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. This lipstick is a godsend for those who do not want to be limited to sex in the bedroom and are capable of experimenting in the most unexpected places.

5. Gone with the Wind of Pleasure

There are women who prefer the simultaneous stimulation of two points at once during sex. It was for them that Gone with the Wind of Pleasure was created . It works on the clitoris and the G-spot inside the vagina. It gives a sense of fullness, which makes the experience brighter. This wave stimulator is perfect for masturbation. It is made of delicate silicone, which is very pleasant to the touch. There are 12 modes of wave action and 12 modes of vibration in it, and the motor is built into the submersible part. You can take the sex toy with you to the bathroom, just recharge. Recommended for use with a water-based lubricant for smooth glide and perfect surface for years.  

6. Lelo Sona

New from Lelo is the Sona Wave Stimulator . It is so powerful that an orgasm happens in the first 3 minutes. This baby is easy to lay down in the palm of your hand, takes up very little space. But with its waves it brings any woman to orgasms. The model is presented in three different colors. It works in 8 different modes, and the speeds are easily switched by buttons on the body. Lelo Sona is a premium sex toy at a very affordable price. It works continuously for up to 1 hour after 1 hour of charging. Suitable for water procedures, not afraid of immersion under water. And you can also buy a model from the Cruise series , it differs in design, the case is decorated with a stylish metal insert. It is the unusual design and proven European quality that makes Sona an ideal gift for any occasion. What kind of wave stimulant to buy for pleasure? Any of the presented models is suitable for experiments. These sex toys are manufactured by reputable companies that guarantee the safety of their models. 

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