Pair pleasure or 8 rules of how to cum at the same time

In beautiful films with bed scenes, the main characters always finish at the same time. Such an outcome is, as it were, a symbol of passionate love, full understanding and attention to each other. In reality, the partner will ask you ten times in 5 minutes: “You’re done, but now everything?” In order to finish victoriously at the most inopportune moment. Yes, he can try to please, but the moment is somehow lost. The good news is that a joint finish is a well-coordinated work of two. And in this article we will learn how to do this work. 

1. Pull yourself together, daughter of a samurai (literally)

I mean, yes, the fact that you want everything to be like in the movies is your problem. You can’t get into a man’s head, but if it were possible, there would hardly be clippings from Nine and a Half Weeks. Everything there is strict, on the shelves, football starts at eight, which means that orgasm in three, two, one … And, how are you? Thank all gods you have a clitoris. Apparently, nature thought in advance that it would be difficult for women in life, and therefore endowed us with this saving button. Therefore, if you want to adjust to the rhythm of your partner and finish with him at the same time, but have not yet received a sex instructor’s diploma and are just learning to comprehend your body – caress your clitoris with your hands, even when the lover is in you. Next, there are two scenarios. You finish beautifully together – this is the first. The second – the partner is outraged by this state of affairs, because he considers himself a sex instructor, and if a lady caresses herself at the same time, then it means that she is not enough. You’ll have to explain that it’s easier, better, more pleasant for you, that this is a double pleasure and stuff like that.

2. Ban on alcohol

Some people will tell you that drinking alcohol before sex is a good idea, especially if you and your partner don’t know much. This way you can relieve stress, feel more relaxed and confident. Indeed, a number of studies show that a bottle of wine for two miraculously enhances libido. But life is a pretty mean thing. Desire increases, but abilities decrease. Alcohol promotes blood flow, including to the genitals. From this it is simply difficult for a partner to enter you, and for you – to experience an orgasm faster. 

3. Lubrication as a lifeline

Even if you do not complain about dryness and difficulties in the formation of natural lubrication, we still advise you not to disdain synthetic products. They are absolutely harmless, many of them have a pleasant taste and smell (which is important for a partner if he prefers oral sex). Now there is such a variety of products, to the point that you can choose generally hypoallergenic formulations. It’s just that the lubricant also enhances your sensations at times, and this has an extremely beneficial effect on the overall finish.

4. Double pleasure

You’re lucky if your partner doesn’t ignore petting. Why, you hit the jackpot. And if you can still say without hesitation what you want, what you like, where you need to work better, this is generally wonderful. As a prelude or ending, or just a break, when he fondles you with his tongue, ask him to come in with his fingers. Double pleasure and double stimulation – simple math to understand that orgasm is achieved 2 times faster.

5. Kisses on the lips

When princesses grow up, they dream of kissing. But not in the lips that are commonly believed. The labia is a very sensitive and delicate part of the body. They contain so many nerve endings that your brain nervously smokes on the sidelines. But they are unjustly often forgotten, paying attention only to the clitoris (at best, at worst, there is no attention at all). In general, during oral sex, ask your partner to kiss, lick and generally respect your labia in every possible way. Then, during intercourse, your sensations will be sharp and vivid. Ideal even for sex on vacation.  

6. Morning pleasure

It is generally accepted that it is best to have sex in the evening. But what kind of sex will it be, but after a hearty dinner, a day full of worries, stress and impressions? Perhaps lethargic, perhaps quick, to finish faster and stay awake in the process. Therefore, sexologists strongly recommend engaging in love pleasures in the morning, when both of you are rested, full of strength and inspiration for new exploits. Plus, men have such a strong excitement in the morning that it would be a sin not to take advantage of it. So instead of morning yoga, try morning sex: the same eggs, only in profile. In the sense that you burn extra calories, and a lot of pleasure. You can use various improvised means to quickly achieve orgasm. 

7. Female phases

You don’t need to have a medical degree to understand how women’s cycles affect your sex life. The closer the period is, the sadder it becomes. Libido practically drops to zero, and here, no matter how hard you try, you should not expect enchanting sensations and a general ending. But there is good news as well. At about 12-13 days of the cycle (the beginning of ovulation), your energy is in full swing. Feels like you can move mountains, do everything at work, do a hard workout. It is important at such a moment to stop and agree on a romantic date in bed at night. The level of testosterone in the female body reaches a peak – it is a sin not to take advantage of this. Your sexual energy is enough for two and it is very easy for you to finish with your partner.

8. Proximity

Not so long ago, Cosmopolitan magazine conducted a poll and connected scientific minds to prove one simple thing: in 75% of cases, girls experience orgasm with men they are attracted to and with whom they are close. This is not to say that this news is from the category of sensational and, in principle, lends itself to logical explanation, but when this is confirmed by scientists, you need to listen especially carefully. What’s the conclusion? Look for the very one, no matter how trite it may sound. This is the only way for general orgasms to become normal in your relationship. In general, as you can see, there are no difficulties in these tips. We insist that the main rule is closeness and general attitude. If both people are interested in reaching orgasm, they will achieve it. Learn to feel and respect your partner in bed, and he will answer you in kind. 

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