Psychologist in bed: what his favorite sex position will tell about him

Hello girls, today we will try on the role of the genius of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and will find a connection between sexual preferences and the individual characteristics of the character of our chosen ones.

Scientists have proven that every weakness, be it a love for sweets or a passion for collecting stamps, can provide insight into the secrets of the human soul. What can we say about such an important component of life as sex …

Let’s admit at least to ourselves, despite all the variety of existing intimate variations, in practice we use a maximum of a dozen. I will say even more, do not feed the boyfriends bread, but just let them spend the entire sexual intercourse in one position. Oh, these lazy rascals! In not too harmonious long-term relationships, women are often faced with a situation where the partner insists on a certain position, and categorically rejects others. Keep in mind that this behavior does not always present a loved one in a favorable light.

15 poses – 15 characters

1. Lover of foreplay

Yes, this is not quite a position, but almost every sexual act begins with at least a little foreplay. If your man focuses increased attention not on the process itself, but on the props that preceded him, then he is a born romantic and a little insecure. Why else, before each intercourse, would a guy sprinkle rose petals on the bed, whip up the foam in the bathroom and buy expensive champagne? That’s right, he wants to relax you as much as possible and bring you 100% to orgasm. The guy is acutely worried that at the most crucial moment he will not be able to resist ejaculation and the needs of his beloved will remain unsatisfied.

2. Classic

Missionaries, or men who prefer the standard position “he is on top, she is on the back,” subconsciously gravitate towards tradition. In this case, you may be faced with two subspecies. The first one moves sharply and intensively, trying to reach the climax as soon as possible. Is your boyfriend like that? Well, then my condolences. Fate has pushed you against an owner, a curmudgeon and a disgusting lover. He counts every penny of the family budget and will never spend on unnecessary things. With age, the nimble missionary will complain about his health and foaming at the mouth discuss the political situation in the country. For such, sex is nothing more than a routine duty – shot and free.

The second subspecies, on the contrary, is slow, like a turtle. He sniffs noisily, sweats profusely and moves with difficulty, and in the meantime you count the minutes until the end of slowing. The verdict is extremely disappointing – in front of you is an insecure individual with a lack of sense of humor. Such a person will not dare to experiment for any price, he will weigh his every step for a long time and wait for approval from the outside.

3. Circus performer

The guy who loves standing positions and acrobatic sketches that require him to display remarkable physical strength has all the features of classic narcissism. Usually such men are ardent sports fans and visit the gym at least three times a week. He is not interested in your comfort, the main thing is to play with muscles and amuse his own pride. For circus performers, sex turns into just another workout.

4. Dominant

He prefers to be on top, transferring all his weight to the partner’s body. He gets aroused by the fact of suppressing his mistress. A man wants to keep everything in tight-knit gloves, control is above all for him. It is likely to meet two extreme cases – a born leader and a complete failure. The first achieved everything on his own, he is not inclined to rely on others, is categorical in his judgments and manages all the processes alone. Living with a leader is easy enough if you agree to accept custody from him and overshadow feminist “knock-outs”. However, keep in mind that gradually the craving for patronage can develop into dictatorial habits. Losers try to compensate for their own worthlessness at the expense of, albeit not explicit, but unequivocal humiliation of their partner. You need to be extremely careful with them, because they often resort to violence.

5. Jack of all trades

With lovers of the entire spectrum of poses from the Kamasutra, the situation is far from straightforward, the final diagnosis depends on the manner of behavior during intercourse. When a guy gives a choice of position to his mistress and gladly fulfills her wishes, then consider her lucky. For such a man, the priority is to satisfy the woman, but how is the tenth thing. In everyday communication, he is attentive, gallant and courteous. The only negative is that jack of all trades are prone to treason, because so many girls need to be made happy. The opposite situation arises when a guy has already changed 20 positions in 15 minutes. In this case, in front of you is either an inexperienced partner, or a fan of porn, or a narcissistic type who literally yells: “Look how I can, evaluate how much I know, how awesome I am!”

6. Flash

Positions that allow you to quickly bring a man to discharge, in combination with violent frictions, speak of the lover’s selfishness. He absolutely pisses on the partner’s orgasm, the main thing is that he got what was owed. Three-minute sex with Flash, the fastest man on Earth, will seem like a holiday to you compared to the minute hookups on ordinary evenings. Superfast guys are everywhere and always looking for light, momentary pleasures. They never make an effort to achieve their goals. If the case turns out to be too difficult, then Flash will leave it unfinished.

7. Spectator

Does the guy choose positions in which the lovers look into each other’s eyes? This means that he is really interested in a partner, and not only in bed. A male spectator will listen to complaints about an overly demanding boss, patiently wipe away the tears caused by an unsuccessful haircut and agree to help his mother-in-law dig up a vegetable garden. In addition to increased attentiveness to everyday situations, he has an amazing quality, namely, the tendency to take the maximum from life. To fall in love is like a queen, to lose is like a million!

8. Experimenter

Standard positions in ordinary places are definitely not for him. The experimenter loves to have sex everywhere, if only not in bed, and loves to tie ladies in bizarre knots that experienced sailors would envy. The more intricate the position of the bodies, the better. Congratulations, you’ve got an unrecognized genius, street poet, sophisticated artist, and so on and so forth. He has no idea of ​​real life and most of the time he hides deep in his inner world. Vanity and excessive ambition ooze from the experimenter from all the time. To get along with such a man, it is necessary to make him the center of the Universe and indulge his whims in every possible way.

9. Sexy animal

We got to the connoisseurs of doggy style. He decisively bends you in the most inappropriate places, okay still in the bedroom or at least on the territory of the apartment, but a sexy animal may be impatient to do this in a nightclub toilet or in a dark alley behind the house. It is important for a guy to fully feel the victory over his partner, to show who is the Boss here. If he silently moves back and forth and occasionally makes sonorous slaps on the buttocks, then be careful, perhaps he has dark secrets from you.

10. Spooner

The position on the side reveals the soft character traits of the lover. A man gravitates towards the comfort and warmth of the family hearth. The guy is a little boring and predictable, but that makes him the perfect spouse. Of course, at the beginning of your life together, you will complain about the lack of pepper, but long-term relationships are not glued together by sex. Spookers hug their wives tightly at night, whisper tenderness in their ear and bring to orgasm with sensual frictions, but only a few times a week and strictly according to the allotted hours.

11. Lying stone

He loves to contemplate on himself a galloping woman, a strong and courageous Amazon of our time. A man willingly transfers the reins of government into the hands of his second half and becomes in family life nothing more than henpecked. On the one hand, it is good to control the degree of stimulation yourself during intimacy, but on the other hand, you want to go hand in hand with a reliable ally, and not a soft slug.

12. Observer

The choice of position is not fundamental, it is important that the position of the bodies does not interfere with the view. Men who like to watch the penis sink into the vagina often refrain from active actions, preferring to remain neutral in real life, as well as some kind of detachment. You won’t get violent passions and outbursts of emotions from them, in a word, “crackers”.

13. Don’t look me in the eye!

A woman should always have her back to her partner and never look into the eyes. The choice of such positions characterizes the lover as a person who avoids close relationships and serious attachments. He loves sex, but does not accept the framework. Girls for him are only means to satisfy basic instincts. He can be damn good in bed and disgusting outside the bedroom walls. The game of lure and repulsion is his strong point.

14. May I sit here?

Sitting positions are not particularly comfortable for each partner. Legs are constantly numb, hands have to hold on so as not to lose balance. That is why they are not often used in practice. Men who love to have sex while sitting are not looking for easy ways. They have sophisticated views that do not coincide with traditional ones. The problem faced by such lovers is the inconsistency of their desires with cruel reality.

15. Boston Strangler

Preference on the verge of mental disorder. A man cannot resist grabbing the fragile neck of his beloved with his palms. Squeezing until you lose consciousness is not at all necessary, but touching – yes! Meeting a sadistic partner can be both the best and the worst experience. He is open to sexual experimentation, but it is difficult for him to remain sane and not overdo it. The Boston Strangler goes from one extreme to another and is never satisfied with half-measures.

After reading the article, chances are high that you will get the impression that normal men do not exist in nature. In order to justify a strong half of humanity, I will say that types with peremptory requirements for their partners were presented here. The inability to find a compromise makes a lover sick in the head. Your boyfriend has the right to have intimate addictions, but he cannot impose them on you.

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