Steroids and potency: the connection

The issue of decreased libido and erectile dysfunction has become relevant after the massive distribution of steroid supplements among athletes.

In order for the use of sports chemistry not to cause harm, you need to know how steroids affect potency.

The main role in the male body is assigned to the sex hormone – testosterone. When using steroid drugs, their artificial counterparts are added to natural hormones, which results in a hormonal overabundance.

A high level of testosterone contributes to the growth of muscle mass, increased physical strength, endurance. At first, the effect of steroids on potency is quite favorable. The following happens next.

With the regular intake of synthetic supplements, the male body stops synthesizing its own hormones. During this period, sexual function is directly dependent on hormones that come together with anabolics. Excessive use of supplements can lead to dysfunction of the glands responsible for the production of testosterone.

More well-known substances are Turinabol ( Turanabol ), Winstrol ( Stanozolol ). After stopping the intake of these and similar drugs, the level of hormones in the blood decreases sharply, which leads to erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire.

What is withdrawal syndrome

The “withdrawal” syndrome is the response of the athlete’s body to the cessation of steroid “nutrition”. This is a sharp decrease in muscle mass, a drop in athletic performance.

As a result of improper cancellation of anabolic steroids, there is an increase in cortisone, a malfunction of the pancreas, androgen levels fall, and the amount of estrogens rises. This leads to gynecomastia, hair loss, decreased libido.

All these factors, hormonal shake-ups, lead to destabilization of the nervous system. Depressed mood, depression, fear of losing sports performance forever can eventually lead to a breakdown and completely uncontrolled intake of anabolics.

If the cycle lasted 1-2 months, the problem may resolve itself soon. After the level of synthetic hormones decreases, the body begins to produce its own testosterone and functions are normalized.

However, if anabolic steroids were taken for a long time, special post- cycle therapy is necessary after cancellation.

When does the rollback problem occur?

The concept of rollback is familiar to anyone who has ever used sports chemistry. This is a sharp drop in muscle mass. It happens with different intensity and speed, but it expects absolutely all the hosts.

Therefore, the main task of athletes is to slow down and minimize rollback. It is solved by special hormonal therapy. Its professional name is “bridge” between courses.

It consists in injections of testosterone in therapeutic doses, reducing the total calorie content of the diet. The purpose of the bridge is to stimulate the production of your own testosterone.

Sports as a way of recovery

Regular exercise has a positive effect on a person’s health, increases his immune system, makes him strong and resilient. Running, swimming, jumping help to train the cardiovascular system, contribute to the saturation of cells with oxygen.

Potency is directly related to the health of a man, therefore, in order to increase it, it is necessary to strive for the improvement of the whole organism.

In addition to general health, sports help to increase the level of sex hormones. Especially favorably on the synthesis of testosterone is affected by strength exercises, classes in the gym.

Potency can be harmed by sedentary sports such as chess, cycling.

What is the purpose of taking the drugs?

Previously, steroid drugs were used for medicinal purposes. They were taken by men with low blood levels of testosterone. As a result of the use, secondary sexual characteristics were more clearly expressed in patients, as well as the relief of muscle muscles.

This was the impetus for their use not only by athletes.

The increase in muscle mass is not the only reason why men take anabolics.

When using these funds, the following processes occur:

  1. Recovery after exercise is faster.
  2. The metabolic process is changing, due to which body fat becomes much less.
  3. Accelerates metabolism.
  4. A man increases his stamina and strength.
  5. The muscular skeleton is strengthened.

However, despite such an extensive list of advantages of anabolic drugs, doctors argue that steroids and potency are incompatible. By increasing physical power, muscle relief, the athlete loses “male” strength.

Widespread from the family of anabolic substances received the drug Turinabol . The first samples of this substance were produced back in 1964, and after 2 years German athletes began to use it.

Turanobol showed its effectiveness at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, when athletes from the GDR took 3rd place in terms of the number of gold and medals received.

Sports chemistry and male power

A colossal number of experiments carried out confirm the effect of steroids on potency. A regular excess of testosterone in the blood suppresses the mechanism of its natural formation.

Roughly speaking, the body relaxes, believing that there is no need to produce hormones, which are already overabundant. The result of an artificial imbalance is a decrease in the testicles, a deterioration in the production and quality of sperm.

Athletes who often take anabolic steroids have a reduced erection, lack of sexual desire.

When taking turinabol and the like is stopped, a man may have a negative effect on potency: reduced libido or erectile dysfunction.

How to take

It is impossible to start taking it before the age of 21, since violations of the hormonal sphere of a growing organism can lead to a halt in development.

Also, trainers do not recommend taking if the amount of muscle (natural) has not reached 50% or more.

Together with anabolics, you must take:

  • agents that neutralize the high androgenic effect;
  • hepatoprotectors to protect the liver;
  • high protein food supplements.
  • do not accept one name, combine different types of substances.

The combination of anabolic steroids with competent training and a balanced diet will bring minimal harm to the body, including male strength.

Before you start taking hormonal drugs, you need to be well prepared and understand that the use will have to be carried out for more than 8 months. Along with steroid drugs, you will have to take medications to regulate the changes taking place in the body.

Side effects from anabolic drugs can be faced not only by beginners, but also by experienced athletes. Such manifestations as: aggressiveness, reduction of testicles, gynecomastia, jumps in blood pressure, etc. are possible.

The connection between steroids and impotence

The main danger for male power when using anabolics is the onset of cancellation or rollback: with improperly selected therapy or lack of medical supervision, complete impotence can occur.

During these processes, a “hormonal storm” occurs in the body, both normal potency and the general condition of the athlete depend on the correct exit from these states.

Harmless anabolics are a myth that has long been refuted by medicine, however, harm can be minimized by a reasonable combination of anabolic therapy, properly designed workouts and a rational diet.

The main factors that have a negative impact on potency

Previously, it was believed that a decrease in potency occurs with the age of a man. However, this is not the case. After all, there are times when young people have problems on the love front.

The following factors can negatively affect potency:

  • The use of tobacco products.
  • Alcohol intake.
  • Narcotic substances.
  • Excessive consumption of fatty foods.
  • Insufficient physical activity.
  • The potency weakens as a result of taking drugs that suppress the synthesis of hormones.
  • In addition, overeating has an effect on potency.

What the doctors are talking about

Doctors categorically forbid men to take anabolics in the absence of special indications. In some situations, the uncontrolled use of anabolic drugs will not help achieve results in sports, but will only cause harm.

Sports achievements should be formed on the basis of hard training and manifestations of willpower and spirit, and not the use of organic chemistry.


Steroid drugs like stanozolol must be used carefully. Pre-weigh all the pros and cons, analyze the possible consequences. Despite the positive reviews about steroids, they should be treated with caution.

A competent approach and consultation of doctors will help to plan the schedule of use and its duration correctly. However, the best way to achieve a beautiful figure will be the right diet and exercise in the gym.

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