The rules of polyamorous relations

Relations between three or more people are more common. And building such a union, it is important to determine the boundaries in advance and follow simple rules. They will help maintain relationships, avoid unnecessary conflicts. Their implementation is mandatory for all participants.

1. Voluntary consent

To agree to an open relationship is only if it is really interesting. Do not do this under the pressure of a partner, do not agree if the other presses or blackmails. To let a third person into a couple is an emotionally difficult step, and for everything to go smoothly, everyone should want this.

Trying to keep a partner through such an alliance is doomed to failure. It can take place only with mutual desire. It is important to always remember.

2. Honest conversation

It is important to learn to discuss what is happening, to find words to express your position. Inappropriate accusation, claims, you need to convey information correctly and without unnecessary emotions. And if something does not suit you, pronounce it right away, and not accumulate in yourself.

Polyamorous relationships can be very complex, and it is important to resolve conflicts, rather than withhold them. Talking with all or with one partner at once is not a simple question, but it is precisely its solution that will help to build a harmonious alliance.

3. Clear boundaries

It is important to understand what is permitted in a relationship and what is not. Whether people live under one roof or meet somewhere on the side, the rules must be defined. They stipulate: on what conditions meetings are possible, what relations are formed with new partners, what is not permissible to tell each other, and what needs to be said immediately.

Sometimes it’s difficult to draw borders immediately, it takes some time to understand what is important and what is not. But one should not be silent, but speak it with partners in order to find the best solution for everyone.

4. Total time

If there is a main partner, it is important for him to take time. New alliances do not have to absorb all the time completely. You need to plan your life correctly so that there is no shortage of attention in anyone’s relationship.

To allow joint communication is also an important issue. Someone wants to communicate with all members of the union, while someone, on the contrary, is not ready to meet in person. It is important to discuss in advance and adhere to the rule.

5. Respect for choice

The partner can choose someone who will not like the members of the union at all. If you do not live together, if only he communicates with this person, there is no need to condemn him. Personal choice is everyone’s right; it should be respected and accepted.

But if a common life is envisaged, then the participants in the union should like each other, have common interests and mutual sympathy. It will be possible to build a family of several people if there is no negative between the participants.

6. The correct parting

Polyamorous relationships, like any others, do not last forever. And there are partings in them. But it’s important to always discuss the reasons and not part with the enemies. There can be any reason for the gap, but it does not need to be hidden. You must learn to diverge without conflict.

Of course, it is not necessary to become friends, but it is better not to allow situations when one avoids the other.

7. Protection

When there are many partners, it is very important to protect yourself. Protection is required from illness and an unplanned pregnancy. Everyone decides what means to use, but one must not forget about them. If sexual contact without protection happened, you need to tell all partners about it.

Polyamorous relationships are built on honest communication. Compliance with simple rules makes the union strong.

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