What are the signs of impotence in young people

The loss of male sexual ability has always been considered the lot of the elderly. A couple of decades ago, this pathology became much “younger”, men aged 35-40 began to experience erectile dysfunction.

Today, impotence is diagnosed even earlier – its signs are found in young men who have barely crossed the twenty-five-year milestone. What are the reasons for this phenomenon and is it possible to avoid the most terrible disease for guys?

General characteristics

Poor potency at a young age significantly affects the psyche of a man. If representatives of the older generation are morally ready for sexual dysfunction, young people perceive them as a tragedy, a sign of the end of a full life. Feeling ashamed of such a delicate problem and not wanting to admit it, young men are in no hurry to see a doctor, which aggravates the situation. The first step to overcoming difficulties is awareness, followed by the advice of a professional who can help in dealing with them.

The second category of patients are men who do not pay attention to the manifestations of disorders, considering them to be the consequences of fatigue or stress. By such behavior, they also allow the pathology to develop, and then they are forced to treat its already neglected forms. How does the disease manifest itself, and is impotence treated at a young and older age?

According to medical statistics, every fourth guy under the age of 35 experiences sexual dysfunction. Signs of impotence (erectile dysfunction) in young men differ little from the manifestations of the disease diagnosed in older people. But the symptoms differ depending on the type.

The disease is divided into:

  • organic – caused by physiological health problems;
  • psychological – due to fears, moral traumas, complexes;
  • mixed – including both of the previous factors.

It is possible to determine the exact causes only after passing a complete medical examination. The clinical picture of the ongoing changes will make it possible to establish a preliminary diagnosis, and the results of the analyzes will confirm it and select the correct treatment. As a rule, 95% of young guys with similar disorders quickly cope with it if they consult a doctor in a timely manner and strictly adhere to the rules of therapy.

Reasons for development

The first appearance of problems with potency can occur at any age. In this case, the phenomena are usually temporary, rare in nature, easily subject to correction if you start treating them immediately. Provoke sexual failure can:

  • hormonal failure: malfunctions in the endocrine system cause metabolic disorders, a decrease in the level of necessary androgens, psycho-emotional changes, inhibition of the main reproductive processes;
  • diabetes mellitus: if the disease is congenital, very young people experience a decrease in sexual desire, loss of sensitivity of erogenous zones resulting from improper blood supply to the pelvic organs;
  • neurological disorders: pathologies of nerve endings do not allow impulses to reach the brain or genital organs, as a result, potency weakens or completely disappears;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system: another factor that changes the correctness of blood flow and the functioning of all internal organs;
  • taking medications: the side effects of many medications cause dysfunction of vital organs, as a result, sexual weakness;
  • depression and stress: depressed morale does not allow you to get excited, tune in to sex and get the most out of it.

Psychological impotence at an early age is the most severe form of the disease. The fear that failure will happen again grows inside the young man and provokes subsequent fiascos, which further exacerbate the existing problems. Not the last place in the development of problems with erectile function already up to 20 years old is played by bad habits – even in adolescence, boys begin to smoke, drink alcohol, try light drugs, which over the years leads to serious health problems, not only “below the belt”.

Types of impotence

Impotence at a young age has several classifications. A very young person, 14-16 years old, may encounter the primary one, in which it is expressed in a complete erection. The main causes of pathology are anomalies in the structure of the organs of the reproductive system, congenital diseases (including genetic ones) of the reproductive and urinary systems. It is most often necessary to deal with these manifestations surgically or with long, difficult therapeutic methods.

Important! If the pathology is hereditary, affecting the patient’s genetics, it is impossible to completely cure it, a correction of the condition or lifelong medication is required.

All problems with masculinity that occur in guys who previously had a full erection and potency are considered secondary impotence.

Psychogenic factor

The most difficult pathology to treat, since its causes are hidden deep in the patient’s soul, is a state when fears and speculation turn into real health problems, not only in the genital area, but also in the nervous, cardiovascular systems, endocrine glands. The provoking factors include:

  • psychological trauma received in childhood;
  • features of sexual education;
  • negative first intimate contact;
  • prolonged abstinence from sex;
  • prolonged severe stress;
  • physical fatigue, depression.

Also here can be attributed some little things that aggravate the patient’s condition – lack of feelings for the partner, fear that someone will enter, uncomfortable posture, etc.

Another concept in medicine is selective impotent. This is a state of inability to have sexual intercourse with a particular girl, while there are no problems with other partners.

The cause of psychogenic impotence lies in the violation of the nerve communication between the brain and the organs of the reproductive system. Failures in bed occur rarely, no more than 1-3 times a year, which is why the guys do not rush for professional help, write them off as physical or mental fatigue. These are the first signs of problems in the future, so you should not ignore them. With timely treatment, you can get rid of violations easily and quickly.

organic impotence

Its causes usually lie in the dysfunction of internal organs and systems, which patients know or guess about, since they are diagnosed in childhood or adolescence. These are pathologies:

  • endocrine system: overweight, inhibition of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal cortex , diabetes mellitus. These diseases affect the production of androgens and glucose levels: the main regulators of potency and erection;
  • neurology: Parkinson’s disease, tumors, bone or brain injuries;
  • hearts, blood vessels: they cause impaired blood flow, fragility of veins and arteries, due to which blood is poorly supplied to the small pelvis, which impairs reproductive abilities;
  • genitourinary system: prostatitis, prostate adenoma, orchitis, infectious, inflammatory processes in organs, which are often chronic and impair sexual health;
  • liver – hepatitis, especially chronic forms, lead to dysfunction of the main filter of the body, the accumulation of toxins and toxic substances, and, consequently, all components of the body.

It is possible to single out such causes of organic disorders as bad habits, a sedentary lifestyle, professional factors, and injuries. All this affects the mechanism of erection, gradually leading to a decrease in sexual abilities.

mixed type

The most common form of erectile dysfunction in young men. It can combine any factors of psychogenic and organic disorders, therefore it is difficult to accurately diagnose. It manifests itself in too early ejaculation or its absence, weak or short-term erection, uncontrolled ejaculation in the mornings and evenings. Requires mandatory medical consultation and long-term, complex treatment.

Treatment Methods

Therapy depends on the type of developing impotence and its specific provoking factors. It can be :

  • classes with a psychotherapist;
  • physiotherapy;
  • surgical interventions;
  • taking medications;
  • injections and droppers;
  • lifestyle change. This is especially true for young people early, before the age of 20, who began to abuse alcohol, nicotine and other harmful substances.

In most cases, treatment is carried out at home, less often in an outpatient clinic.

Doctors supplement therapy with effective folk methods that enhance the effect of pharmacological products, increase the patient’s immunity, and normalize the functioning of important organs.

An important condition for recovery is following the recommendations of a specialist and refusing to self-medicate. Any methods and medicines must be agreed with the attending physician and used under his supervision.

In order not to become impotent ahead of schedule, the guy must carefully monitor his own health. The essence of the problem of sexual impotence is not that it occurs early, but that, due to youth and inexperience, young men ignore its first manifestations, are afraid to realize them, and sometimes are simply embarrassed to talk about it. They begin to practice the methods and means shown to adult men.

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