What is better to take from prostatitis Afala or Prostamol

The modern pharmaceutical market is represented by tens of thousands of medicines, vitamin and mineral complexes, dietary supplements. They are designed for each medical industry, often have the same indications and contraindications for use, similar composition, Russian and foreign production, so it is very difficult to choose the most optimal of them.

This also applies to “male” drugs designed to improve the genitourinary and reproductive systems. So, one of the most frequent questions in the urologist’s office: ” Afala ” and ” Prostamol “, which is better?”

To find the answer, you should understand the features of drugs.

General description of pharmaceutical products

To figure out which is better – ” Afala ” or ” Prostamol Uno”, you should compare their main parameters:

  • compound;
  • indications for use;
  • side effects and contraindications;
  • reception features.

Both drugs are intended for use in inflammation of the prostate gland – prostatitis, as well as the initial stage of the development of the disease, accompanied by impaired urination. Both have a complex but different effect.

” Prostamol ” has anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects, while ” Afala ” has a wider effect on the body: it restores blood microcirculation, reduces spasm of blood vessels, helps normalize the synthesis of sexual androgens, strengthens sexual power and prevents a decrease in potency, promotes the regeneration of prostate cells after surgery . Such a complex effect of a positive effect on the health of the whole organism, and not just the genitourinary system, which is a big “plus” in favor of ” Afala “.

If the use of prostamol can only reduce swelling of the prostate and inhibit the growth of pathogens, then its newer analogue prevents further growth of prostate tissues, tones the urinary system, which has a positive effect on urine outflow, and also improves the intimate life of the patient.

A stable therapeutic effect from taking drugs is possible only if treated with original pharmaceutical products. The use of dietary supplements with similar names – ” Afal “, ” Prostamot “, ” Prostamol Unoy “, ” Vitaprost ” will not have the desired effect on the body.

Composition of medicines

The main active ingredient of ” Prostamol ” is an extract of the fruits of the creeping palm tree, which is an inhibitor of the synthesis of prostaglandins – substances that cause the development of inflammatory processes. By slowing down their production, the drug blocks the further spread of inflammation, which slows down the growth of prostate tissue, and also increases the permeability of blood vessels, resulting in a decongestant effect.

In ” Afal “, the main active ingredient is antibodies to PSA, obtained during the processing of the gland of cattle. In addition to the main therapeutic effect, antibodies thin the seminal fluid and control the growth of malignant cells. Another advantage of the drug is a mild analgesic effect and improved absorption of antibiotics.

IMPORTANT! Another topical question of patients: ” Afala ” – is it a dietary supplement or a medicine? This product is a certified pharmaceutical product.

The composition of both products has been supplemented with auxiliary components that help create the dosage form of the drug: capsules for Prostamol and tablets for Afala .

Indications for use

According to the instructions for ” Prostamol “, the capsules are intended for the treatment of patients suffering from prostatic hyperplasia of the first and second degree, as well as difficulty urinating caused by other pathologies of the prostate.

Afal has wider indications: in addition to prostate adenoma and prostatitis (both acute and chronic), the drug is prescribed for any inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system, accompanied by urination disorders, as well as for:

  • increased nighttime urge to visit the restroom;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • pain in the groin area;
  • discomfort in the perineal area.

Both drugs are equally ineffective in treating grade 3 prostatic hyperplasia.

Experts recommend supplementing therapy with these medicines with vitamin and mineral complexes, herbal remedies, special physiotherapy procedures, and proven folk recipes.

Duration of admission

Both drugs require long-term use: the course usually lasts several months. ” Prostamol ” should be taken for at least a month, then a break and, if necessary, repeated therapy. Capsules are not recommended to be taken in the evening, before going to bed. They are washed down with a large amount of liquid, preferably plain water.

The minimum course of taking ” Afala ” is at least two months – this is the time required to adapt the active ingredient, and it will take at least six months to achieve the full therapeutic effect.

Such a long-term use is not due to the weak effect of the tablets, but to a characteristic feature of prostatitis: the disease tends to go into a latent, asymptomatic stage, and return with relapses. The time of day does not affect the absorption of the medicine – it can be taken both in the morning and in the evening. Tablets are not washed down, but slowly dissolved under the tongue.

For the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia ” Afala ” is prescribed twice a day for 2 tablets, the duration of therapy is 4 months. To prevent the development of pathologies of the genitourinary system, a monthly intake of 2 tablets in the morning and evening is sufficient.

Application features

When using both drugs, the patient should follow a special diet. Much attention should be paid to meat dishes: dietary varieties cooked correctly (boiled or baked) are allowed for consumption. Semi-finished meat products, sausages, smoked meats and other foods high in unhealthy fats are completely excluded from the menu.

You also need to eat as many fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs as possible. When preparing salads from the gifts of nature, season them with oil, lemon juice, yogurt, low-fat sour cream. Mayonnaise is strictly prohibited! Alcohol, sugary carbonated drinks, food from fast food restaurants are banned.

Taking medications is prohibited in case of individual intolerance to the components of the drug, including lactose, which contains ” Afala “. With its overdose, patients may experience disorders of the gastrointestinal tract: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, heartburn. Cases of overdose with Prostamol have not been registered.

Having considered the main features of medicines, we can conclude that Prostamol and Afala are analogues in terms of therapeutic effect. Another similar analogue is Vitaprost , which is also very often prescribed for pathologies of the prostate gland.

It is impossible to determine which is better – ” Prostamol “, ” Afala ” or ” Vitaprost “, since all means are recognized as effective and safe. They differ in composition, duration of the course of application, the complexity of the therapeutic effect, but the result that they have on the body is almost the same. Therefore, each patient chooses the best drug for himself.

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