Erectile dysfunction

The topic of sexual life for the male population of our planet is open only if we are talking about "victories". And what to do when you need to solve the problems of "defeats"? Unfortunately, one of the many shortcomings of our upbringing is the indicative male callousness, avarice of emotions. And in 70% of cases, men are looking for a solution to intimate problems on their own and without success. In this article, we will look at one of the most frequently overlooked male problems – erectile dysfunction.

First, let's define what is erectile dysfunction? When will this term be appropriate?

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder of the sexual sphere of a man of physiological (age 45+), pathophysiological or psychological nature, characterized by insufficient filling of the cavernous bodies with blood, lethargy of the penis, and inability to perform sexual intercourse.

As you can see, male erectile dysfunction is a sensitive topic and not every man will share this problem with a friend, and even more so will not immediately trust a stranger-a doctor. But sexual disorders affect, one way or another, every man over the age of 22.

Below we will look at what symptoms are observed in erectile dysfunction in men of different ages.

In men

Not being able to engage in sexual relations deprives a man not only of the joy of sex, but also devalues him in the eyes of his partner. Therefore, erectile dysfunction therapy plays an important role in the life of a man who is faced with such a problem.

Potency in erectile dysfunction in men: frequency of occurrence of the problem.

Urologists, andrologists and sex therapists are concerned that erectile dysfunction is "getting younger" and young men from 20 years old are increasingly seeking help. The opinion about this "rejuvenation" is the same-lack of exercise (sedentary work and lack of habit to play sports) and chronic stress as a result of urbanization. But the opinion about self-treatment is different.

The most frequent query on the Internet on the topic of sexual disorders is "what is erectile dysfunction in men". Photos, videos and forums, discussions and online consultations are all that a man's soul can desire to find an answer to your question and give you the opportunity to solve the problem yourself. Happy are those who can say, " Erectile dysfunction? What is it? Does it happen to men?".

There are only 10% of them.

Erectile dysfunction

Let's be honest, potency and erectile dysfunction in men are forbidden topics and hidden behind seven locks. Everyone experiences the first episode of sexual disorders with fear, self-examination, and despair that everything is no longer the same as before. Often men write off "misfires" on their own fatigue, dissonance in relations with their partner, sometimes they start taking questionable drugs or "one-time" folk remedies. The result is a complete lack of sexual activity, self-doubt and depression.

Unfortunately, many women, due to their partner's young age, their own inexperience and the same gaps in sex education, do not immediately understand what the main problem is for men – erectile dysfunction. How to help a man in this situation, only a few partners know. It is worth noting that one-time erectile dysfunction is not a cause for anxiety, but the result of stress, lack of sleep, use of large doses of alcohol or drugs.

The harsh realities of society are such that the only acceptable version of the "norm" is erectile dysfunction in older men. And yet, even in this case, not every spouse will say to a friend: "my husband has erectile dysfunction...", although discussing STDs with a friend is the norm.

Signs of erectile dysfunction in men: what to look for?

The first" bell " for a man should be considered the inability to perform 25% of sexual acts. Let's talk about disorders of sexual function in men in more detail.

Erectile dysfunction is a broad concept that covers insufficient blood filling of the penis during erection, its lethargy, rapid ejaculation, almost immediately after the beginning of sexual intercourse, a decrease or absence of libido (attraction to the opposite sex).

Causes of erectile dysfunction in men

What can be the causes of erectile dysfunction?

Organic causes:

  • Some endocrine diseases can significantly change the level of the sex hormone testosterone in the blood and thus reduce libido or lead to a decrease in erection. Therefore, it is very important for patients with erectile dysfunction to exclude organic pathology of the endocrine system and pass a hormone test.
  • Neurological causes also have a place in this list. This includes both congenital CNS pathologies, as well as head and spinal injuries, and epilepsy.
  • Congenital malformations and penile injuries (fractures, bruises, bruises, burns). So the soft head in erectile dysfunction in men can be evidence of a long-forgotten injury and current problem.
  • Urologists single out circumcision for religious or social reasons as a separate item. The problem is that the absence of the foreskin leads to constant irritation of the glans penis with underwear, increasing the risk of infection.
  • Cardiovascular factors. This includes all variants of hemodynamic changes, injuries of large vessels, varicose veins, and atherosclerosis. That is, those situations in which an erection does not occur in the case of a violation of blood flow to the penis.
  • Sexually transmitted infections. Even if a man is not concerned about anything, except directly weakening the potency, it is not superfluous to check for hidden infections. To do this, a visit to a urologist will be enough.
  • Radiation exposure, working under harmful working conditions.

Psychogenic causes:

  • Psychological causes are most common in the pathology of erection. In addition to stress, these include mental changes in consciousness, manic syndromes, and suicidal tendencies.
  • In erectile dysfunction in adult men, we often hear about the disappearance of interest in sex. Often the reason for this decrease in libido is banal fatigue. In this case, a full rest, both physical and emotional, will bring the man back "in line".
  • Taking medications. These include sedatives, psychotropic, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and steroid medications. The annotation indicates a possible depressing effect on the cerebral cortex or directly on potency, a possible change in the hormonal background of a man.
Factors such as the intimacy of the problem, low awareness of the patients themselves and doctors of therapeutic profile, General practice, to whom they most often seek medical help, in matters of modern diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction, lead to the fact that patients are not treated at all, self-medicate and/or receive inadequate assistance in the treatment of ED, which further reduces their quality of life.

How to help a man with erectile dysfunction will be discussed further.

Classification of erectile dysfunction: ICD CODE

The international classification of diseases 10 revision (ICD-10), which was finally formed in January 2007, has 21 sections, each of which defines a special group of nosologies. If you carefully study this classification, you can find out that there is no separate pathology called "erectile dysfunction". ICD-10 contains several ciphers, which are set depending on the type of dysfunction and/or the cause of its occurrence.

It also has the ICD code 10 erectile dysfunction.

Let's consider 2 large sections, which are divided into erectile dysfunction according to ICD-10:

  1. Erectile (sexual) dysfunction that is not associated with organic causes. This complex of pathologies will be encrypted as F. 52. It has 10 subsections.
  2. Erectile dysfunction (impotence), which has an organic origin. This cipher will look like N. 48. It has 9 subsections.

Let's look at each of these sections in more detail.

The first proposed section dealing with such a pathology as "Erectile dysfunction" in ICD-10 is divided into several clarifying diagnoses

  • F. 51. 0 can be used in the absence of sexual desire in a person.
  • F. 51. 1 is used for aversion to sexual relations.
  • F. 51. 2. - ICD code, erectile dysfunction due to insufficient erectile response.
  • F. 51. 3-violation of orgasmic natural function.
  • F. 51. 4-the problem of premature ejaculatory dysfunction.
  • F. 51. 5. - such a problem as vaginismus, which is not associated with organic pathology.
  • F. 51. 6. - under this code, dyspareunia is broken, again, of inorganic origin.
  • F. 51. 7. - this code is suitable for encrypting problems with increased sexual desire.
  • F. 51. 8. - this code can encrypt any other pathology that is not caused by any organic problem and is not related to the above.
  • F. 51. 9. - erectile dysfunction in ICD-10, which is not caused by organic dysfunction, unspecified.
In this section, the main codes will be set by the doctor-F. 51. 2., as well as F. 51. 8., F. 51. 9.

Consider the second section related to the problem of "erectile dysfunction". The ICD code is 10 N. 48. can include nine clarifying statements:

  • N. 48. 0-this code hides penile leukoplakia.
  • N. 48. 1-balanoposthitis of the penis.
  • N. 48. 2-this code encrypts other inflammatory diseases of the penis.
  • N. 48. 3 - under this cipher, you need to encrypt priapism.
  • N. 48. 4-organic impotence, erectile dysfunction proper, ICD-10 code, which in most cases will be exposed by the doctor.
  • N. 48. 5 — this code is suitable for encrypting penile ulcers
  • N. 48. 6 - it is possible to encrypt the balance under this code
  • N. 48. 8-this code encrypts specific diseases of the penis of an organic nature that are not related to the above reasons.
  • N. 48. 9-unspecified penile disease.

Why do we need these ciphers, for whom they are particularly important?

They are needed for registration of certificates and extracts from medical records of inpatient and outpatient patients. After all, not everyone wants to openly disclose their problem, and this is difficult to do when it is entirely written on a certain certificate or statement. Then it is possible to use the codes suggested above. This makes life much easier for both the patient and the doctor (in terms of maintaining medical secrecy).

These codes have been in existence for several years and there are several versions of the ICD (revisions from different years). A revision of this classification is planned for 2018. It will be referred to as "international classification of diseases 11 revision" or abbreviated ICD-11. I would like to say the following: pathologies related to the problem of "Erectile dysfunction"-the ICD-10 code and the ICD-11 code (when revised) may differ. Because of this, you need to carefully monitor the current classification updates, additions, as well as the year and month in which this cipher is displayed.

Also, ICD codes are necessary for maintaining statistics that help to display the level of morbidity, detection of this problem, and in the future, to draw the attention of health authorities to the severity of the problem in a certain territorial area.


For a long time, the concept of "erectile dysfunction" did not exist. The term "impotence"was applied to all men who had weak erections. Now we know that impotence is a complete lack of erection and it only accounts for 10 to 15 percent of erection problems among the male population.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

Signs of erectile dysfunction in men can be divided into two basic "camps" depending on the origin of the causes of dysfunction.

How is erectile dysfunction manifested?

Erectile dysfunction for organic reasons is manifested by the following signs:

  • The development of erection problems occurs gradually and incrementally;
  • Night erections gradually disappear;
  • Libido is maintained in full;
  • Ejaculation does not change;
  • Erectile dysfunction is transient in nature.

The second "branch" of erection disorders are psychogenic disorders:

  • Problems with an erection occur abruptly;
  • Nocturnal erections are episodic and spontaneous;
  • The presence of disharmony in the relationship with the partner;
  • Disharmony in personal terms, decreased libido;
  • Pain in erectile dysfunction;
  • Gradual disappearance of symptoms against the background of improved relationships.

As you can see, the causes can be different and affect different areas of a man's life, and the consequence is one-erectile dysfunction. Its signs vary, but everyone can recognize them after reading this article.

Erectile dysfunction, causes

Erectile dysfunction, or as it is also called impotence – is a big blow to a man's self-esteem. When a man suffers from sexual impotence, he feels inferior. However, we must remember that nothing happens by itself. If a man has a violation such as erectile dysfunction, its causes may be different. A thorough examination of all organs and systems is necessary in order to eliminate the violation and restore potency. Statistics show that not all men go to the doctor in case of problems. However, this is completely in vain, since modern medicine allows 90% of cases to restore a man's ability to erect.The most pressing issue is how to treat erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction, causes and treatment

As already noted, for any violations of potency, you should contact a specialist. He will assign a series of studies that will help to understand the problem. If a man has erectile dysfunction, the causes and treatment prescribed by a doctor will give a positive result in nine cases out of ten.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction: treatment directions

Treatment of erectile dysfunction depends on the failure in which organ or system of the body occurred. In order to treat impotence, you need to know what the main reasons may affect the development of this disorder. These include:

  1. Problems of a psychological nature. Chronic stress, depression, and neurosis can serve as a trigger for the development of erectile dysfunction.
  2. Such a disease as diabetes mellitus is often the cause of a violation of potency.Drug addiction, alcoholism, and all kinds of intoxication can lead to a violation of the transmission of impulses through the fibers, and as a result-to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction due to alcohol occurs due to exposure to the toxic effects of alcohol, erectile dysfunction from alcohol can negatively affect sperm cells, causing their structural and functional disorders, erectile dysfunction due to Smoking - under the influence of nicotine.
  3. Injuries to the spinal cord and brain, including the pelvic area, can also cause sexual impotence. Men often suffer from such pathology as erectile dysfunction, from sports, engaging in its traumatic types.
  4. A common cause of disorders in the sexual sphere is hormonal disorders. Erectile dysfunction from low testosterone or an overabundance of female hormones significantly reduces libido.
  5. Erectile dysfunction in atherosclerosis. Vascular problems and atherosclerosis are another cause of dysfunction.
  6. Inflammation of the prostate and other organs of the sexual sphere is also not the best way to affect male strength.
  7. Erectile dysfunction from coffee

Who to contact and how to help a man with erectile dysfunction?

Due to such a large list of possible causes of potency disorders, you may need to visit more than one specialist. Urologist, andrologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, psychotherapist, sex therapist-the cause of erectile dysfunction may lie in the area of specialization of any of these specialists. You will probably also need to conduct a number of studies such as computed tomography, echoencephalography, ultrasound, etc.


When signs of erectile dysfunction appear in young men, the most important action was and remains to consult a specialist doctor for qualified help. . Is erectile dysfunction treated? Of course, however, long-term ignoring of the incoming problem and self-treatment can only make the situation worse. In order not to miss the moment, you should remember - erectile dysfunction is a symptom. Treatment should be prescribed by a doctor.

When should I see a doctor immediately?

At the initial stage, symptoms of erectile dysfunction (treatment will be prescribed by a doctor!) gives the following:

  • Spontaneous sharp, but reversible, weakening of the erection during sexual intercourse;
  • The need to maintain the state of erection during sexual intercourse by volitional effort;
  • Erect penis does not reach its former hardness. Sex with erectile dysfunction does not bring the former pleasure;
  • The time of onset of erection is increased;
  • Premature ejaculation;
  • "Erased" or painful orgasm;
  • Morning erection does not have sufficient hardness of the penis.
  • There is a need for additional stimulants to maintain an erection.

It should be noted that depending on the causes of occurrence, the symptoms also have a dependence. Erectile dysfunction in men, whose symptoms appear gradually and incrementally, is organic in nature. If signs of sexual disorders appear sharply-the reason is psychological. More often, disorders of the sexual sphere are observed against the background of nervous overstrain, stress, frequent alcohol consumption and are manifested by a decrease in libido. Such symptoms disappear (not erectile dysfunction) in men after a change of situation and rest, potency is restored to its former volume, provided that the stress factor is excluded.

Another important symptom is a violation of the endocrine system in violation of potency. It occurs in the case of the psychogenic nature of erectile disorders that last for a long time. That is, there is an external factor-stress at work, discord with the partner, social pressure, etc., and for a long time suppresses the man's consciousness and for a long time creates problems with potency.

Тестостерон при эректильной дисфункции: колебания

Во время такого полового затишья в организме мужчины значительно снижается выработка тестостерона. Низкий уровень тестостерона в свою очередь приводит к повышению выработки женского гормона эстрогена, высокий уровень которого в мужском организме проявляется набором массы тела «по женскому типу», облысением, повышением тональности голоса и еще более глубоким проблемам с потенцией. Может возникать такое состояние, как эректильная дисфункция и бесплодие.


The classification of erectile dysfunction is quite extensive. It summarizes the etiological and pathogenetic factors.
  • Vasculogenic factors (vascular)
  • Neurogenic factors (Central and peripheral)
  • Anatomical or structural factors
  • Endocrine factors (hypogonadism, hyperprolactinemia, Hyper - and hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus,Itsenko-Cushing's disease, obesity or metabolic syndrome)
  • Medical factors (taking hypotensive, antihistamine drugs, narcotic substances)
  • Psychogenic factors (generalized and situational type)

The etiopathogenetic classification of erectile dysfunction is the most complete.


Types of erectile dysfunction are divided into:

  1. psychogenic
  2. organic

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction can be of the following types:

  • Generalized (General). This is immunity to excitatory stimuli at all levels; General suppression of all processes of neuro-reflex excitability in the cerebral cortex; age-related decrease in potency; sexual behavior disorder.
  • Situational erectile dysfunction:
    • Associated with a partner-lack of sexual attraction due to disharmony between partners.
    • Associated with uncertainty about their own sexual capabilities.
    • Associated with a man's depressive state.

Organic erectile dysfunction:

  • vascular origin;
  • neurogenic-injuries (brain or spinal cord), diabetic polyneuropathy, organic brain damage;
  • anatomical – Peyronie's disease, fractures, bruises, hematomas of the penis;
  • endocrine – diseases of the testicles, adrenal glands, pituitary; diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome;
  • drugs that cause erectile dysfunction. Medication – uncontrolled and unsystematic use of drugs that directly or indirectly reduce potency.

Mixed erectile dysfunction-types of both organic and psychogenic origin are summed up and give a more extensive clinical picture.

  • In some cases of combined pathology, infertility occurs with erectile dysfunction.

In children

Let's examine such an important topic as sexual dysfunction in adolescents.

The totality of events that occur with boys 12-15 years old, such as a state of psycho-emotional instability, isolation, insomnia, apathy or anxiety so occupy the thoughts of parents that almost no one asks the question: is this the cause of erectile dysfunction in their children.

With the onset of puberty, boys activate certain centers of the brain and release the hormone gonadoliberin, which in turn is responsible for the restructuring of the boy's body into the man's body. During this period, boys begin active growth of muscle mass and bone skeleton, hair growth on the face and body, growth and development of the genitals. In adolescence, the first attempt at personal development and self-determination occurs. Therefore, it is important that the self-esteem of a teenager is supported by something more than knowledge and experience of sexual life.

Interest in everything new often leads teenagers to their first sexual experiences and first sexual failures. "At what age does erectile dysfunction begin in boys?" You may ask. "From the moment of the first sexual failure" I will answer You. The reason for this may be fear, self-doubt, the presence of anxiety States from an earlier age and a tendency to them. Psychologists call it the syndrome of anxious expectation of failure. This fear is reinforced by the expectation that this situation will happen again. The problem should be identified as early as possible and addressed to a psychologist. To do this, you can use the helpline for minors.

I hope you have learned from this article that there is no specific age at which erectile dysfunction begins in boys, there is a specific event. In order to avoid such situations, parents should have a trusting relationship with their children, conduct conversations on the topic of sexual education in families.

Diagnosis: erectile dysfunction

The main task of diagnosis is to clarify the cause of the disease and determine further treatment tactics. Even when it comes to such a disorder as erectile dysfunction. Diagnosis (treatment is prescribed only by a doctor!) in the case of erectile disorders, it begins with the establishment of a comfortable trusting relationship between the doctor and the patient.

Examinations for erectile dysfunction in men:

  • The first point of diagnosis is to collect anamnesis. The doctor should ask you a number of intimate questions about your sexual life and activity. It is very important to answer them honestly. Also, the doctor should ask You about your General health and do not hide the presence of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, traumatic brain injuries and spinal column injuries in the past.
  • This will be followed by a physical examination. The doctor should exclude such conditions as Peyronie's disease, venous pathologies – phlebitis and varicose disease, sluggish endocrinological diseases that affect the hormonal background of a man.
  • The next point of diagnosis is clinical and biochemical blood tests. The doctor will prescribe these tests to find out the level of sugar, lipoproteins, cholesterol, and free testosterone in the body. If the results change, additional tests should be assigned to determine prostate-specific antigen, prolactin, FSH, and LH.
  • Also, do not forget about the General analysis of urine. A properly collected morning portion of urine can even indirectly indicate the presence of hidden infections.
In some cases, the initial diagnosis does not produce results. Erectile dysfunction requires treatment according to the etiological origin. In such situations, additional specific tests are used.

Additional diagnostic recommendations for erectile dysfunction:

  • Tracking nocturnal erections and determination of the rigidity of the penis;
  • Ultrasonic dopplerography;
  • Cavernosography;
  • Consultations and examinations with a neurologist, psychiatrist;
  • Angiography of blood vessels of the penis and perineum.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction can not be one-sided. This is a multi-faceted and multi-level process. It is necessary to touch on all aspects of a man's health and life to find out where erectile dysfunction "came from." Diagnosis of diseases that indirectly affect the sexual sphere disorders can initially be carried out by a urologist with subsequent consultations of related specialists.


Every man asks about high-quality and anonymous examination and further treatment, for the first time putting himself a diagnosis of "erectile dysfunction". Examination, the price of which can reach an impressive amount, can be held in a public clinic, or you can also in a private one that specializes in urology and sex pathology.

Examinations for erectile dysfunction in men do not necessarily have to consist of a full range of possible examinations in urology. Depending on the results of the patient's survey and the collection of anamnestic data, the doctor may conduct a survey in one of the most likely directions. If the results of these examinations are doubtful or within the normal range, the doctor will have to continue the examination in a different direction.


The desire to be examined led You to a urologist-andrologist and after many awkward questions and unpleasant procedures, it came to laboratory tests. So, let's figure out what kind of laboratory tests for erectile dysfunction will be prescribed?

Currently, the basics of all medical diagnostics are considered to be a detailed clinical blood test. And for good reason. A detailed blood test will provide indirect information about the presence of a chronic infection that can "sit" in the urinary tract or prostate. In this case, to confirm or exclude the presence of infection, you will have to pass the morning portion of urine for a bacteriological examination.

The next step is to determine the fasting blood glucose level and lipid spectrum. These are very important, though non-specific, analyses. Erectile dysfunction in men can be a consequence of the destructive effect of diabetes on the vessels of the penis and perineum. For any specialist to work productively with a patient, it is important to exclude or detect diabetes at the early stages, since this disease affects all organs and systems of the human body.

What exactly caused the dysfunction depends on how erectile dysfunction is treated

Determining the level of free testosterone is a specific analysis for potency disorders. It is mandatory in the morning from 8.00 to 11.00 hours. The indicator of testosterone in a man's body will indicate androgen saturation and its compliance with age. With a significant decrease in testosterone levels, according to age indicators, it will be mandatory to determine the level of prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone FSH and luteinizing hormone LH.

The older men would be relevant to the purpose of the determination of the prostate specific antigen - PSA. Its presence and level will determine the risk or presence of cancer in the prostate.

This is the main list of laboratory diagnostics, which is necessary for all patients without exception who have turned to a specialist with a diagnosis of "erectile dysfunction". Your doctor will decide which tests to take and which ones not to take. Everything will depend on your medical history and physical examination. In addition to laboratory tests, instrumental ones can be recommended (ultrasound with color dopplerography, pelvic floor arteriography, dynamic infusion cavernosometry).

I hope You understand what tests are given for erectile dysfunction. Next, consider the options for its treatment.

How to cure erectile dysfunction in men: how to FIGHT IMPOTENCE?

The word "impotence" is currently not used by medical professionals, so you need to use the term "erectile dysfunction". The term was adopted in 1992, it implies both the impossibility of an erection, as well as problems with orgasm and a decrease in sexual desire. Who provides data showing that 10% of men over the age of 21 complain of erectile dysfunction, and by the age of 50 this figure increases to 50%.

Erectile dysfunction

This figure is increasing every decade. this process is responsible for the spread of cardiovascular diseases, stress factors, and eating disorders. More often, the root of problems is the lack of proper rest, stress at work, failures in personal life. Before describing erectile dysfunction, we note that it is of two types-primary and secondary. The first suggests that the man has never had an erection. Secondary erectile dysfunction appears with age or under the influence of some factors. You have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction what to do?

What is an erection?

Before we talk about the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction, let's find out what an erection is? There are two stimuli for its occurrence – mental and reflex. The first stimulus – the images and thoughts in the human mind, it is in violation of this enabling process is connected most of the problems with potency. Reflex stimulation of erection occurs when touching the penis.

Directly for the erection itself, the blood circulation is responsible, the penis is in fact a sponge. With an erection, this sponge is filled with blood to the point of failure due to the expansion of the arteries and narrowing of the veins. Interestingly, during sexual intercourse, new portions of blood do not enter the penis, there is a state of ischemia. Because long-term sex creates the ground for problems with an erection.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has a variety of causes, before talking about treatment, you need to understand this issue. Because of the two types of erection stimulus and its very essence, all causes are divided into two large groups – organic and mental. Organic problems include vascular, neuralgic, hormonal, and other problems. Psychological ones include stress (fear, constraint) during sexual intercourse and fatigue of the body.

Organic causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • endocrine disorders may be due to dysfunction of the gonads or pituitary tumors;
  • medications appear due to the appointment of hormonal drugs, excessive use of alcohol or drugs;
  • anatomical means changing the tissue of the penis as a result of its injury, that is, when the elastic tissue changes to connective (inelastic) tissue;
  • neuralgic diseases include epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and damage to the Central nervous system or nerves that run from the pelvis to the perineum;
  • vascular diseases occur when there is a violation of blood flow or when there is a violation of its outflow, despite the common name "vascular", the roots can be completely different diseases;
  • chronic prostatitis, when the prostate gland becomes inflamed, the pressure on the vessels and nerves passing next to it increases, the result is erectile dysfunction.

The psychological cause of erectile dysfunction may be fatigue due to insufficient rest or workload at work. When a man is tired, he just "doesn't want to". An irritating factor can also interfere: noise outside the window, an uncomfortable condom, and a cold room. Also, the psychological roots of the problem include stress, fear, and constraint during sexual intercourse. This may be an inappropriate situation, a moral ban on certain sex, a fear of "not coping" or an inflated desire to show yourself in all its glory. With any type of violation, erectile dysfunction can be cured. the main thing is to contact a specialist.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, it is necessary to contact specialists. A specialist in erectile dysfunction is called a urologist or urologist-andrologist.

Ways to treat erectile dysfunction: THERAPY

The main directions in the treatment of erectile dysfunction are 2-medication and physiotherapy.

Complex medical treatment of erectile dysfunction

Drug therapy for erectile dysfunction is divided into three main lines.

  • Remedies for erectile dysfunction. The first line of therapy involves the use of drugs that inhibit phosphodiesterase-5. The effect of these drugs is based on the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the vessels of the penis and pelvic floor, which leads to the expansion of the latter and abundant blood filling of the penis.
  • Medication for erectile dysfunction: second line. The second line of therapy includes intra-cavernous and intraurethral administration of drugs. It is based on the introduction of vasodilating drugs into the cavernous bodies of the penis or into the opening of the urethra.
  • Effective methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction. The third line of therapy involves surgical restoration of the integrity of the arteries of the penis and / or pelvis, or penile prosthesis. Penile vascular reconstruction gives good results at a younger age in patients with the consequences of congenital penile abnormalities or injuries. Complex therapy is appropriate for older men.

Physical therapy for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction and physical therapy includes the following areas:

  1. phytotherapy,
  2. psychotherapy,
  3. homeopathy,
  4. osteopathy,
  5. dietetics.

The direction of treatment and the components of complex therapy will be selected By Your doctor.


Erectile dysfunction in the male population is becoming more and more common. Many men, identifying this problem in themselves after several unsuccessful sexual acts, begin to panic, fall into depression. Still, after a while, they try to find a way out, most often on their own. In most cases, it all boils down to searching the Internet for articles about how this problem is solved, drugs or means that improve potency are purchased. At the same time, this further aggravates the problem, since the very cause of impotence remains unclear and untreated. This is the worst way out. After all, pathology tends to progress, while causing complications and leading to more advanced forms of erectile dysfunction.

If you find yourself having problems with potency, you should immediately contact a specialist who can help you determine the very reason that led you to erectile dysfunction, as well as prescribe the correct and adequate treatment for your problem.

How to restore erectile dysfunction: when to sound the alarm?

How to determine that it's time to see a doctor. That this is not just a series of unsuccessful misfires in the sexual sphere or banal fatigue at work, but really a pathology. Doctor for erectile dysfunction is required if you most often define yourself a morning erection, if you have a reduction in the elasticity of the penis (weak erection) and more often during sexual acts, the cases of premature ejaculation (ejaculation) is decreasing sexual desire to the partner (loss of libido). Even a couple of the above symptoms should make you think about going to the doctor.

Which doctor should I contact with erectile dysfunction? And this depends on the pathology that you may have. In the staff of many city clinics, there may be two specialties that are required to deal with problems of erectile dysfunction in the population: urologist and andrologist. Let's look at how these two specialties may differ and yet which doctor to contact for erectile dysfunction in the end.

When the problem of "erectile dysfunction" record to the doctor-andrologist need to assume if you have a suspicion of an STI (a sexually transmitted infection); long-term if the spouses are unable to have a child (woman can not get pregnant, while all the test she has no health problems or physiology); reducing the banal sexual attraction to the partner during intercourse; any anatomic pathology of the penis (congenital or acquired).

When is the doctor treating erectile dysfunction a urologist? And this is in cases where there are various impurities or secretions of any nature during the act of ejaculation (ejaculation), as well as during daily urination, if there is pain, discomfort, burning, itching and other similar symptoms in the genital area in a calm state, if during sexual contact with a partner you feel painful or other unpleasant sensations, changes in the skin on the penis.

And yet, in many clinics that do not have a large staff, an andrologist is not provided. In this case, all the problems that this specialist deals with are "dumped" on the shoulders of the same urologist, since he is a "related" specialty, so it is necessary to address the problems to him.

It is the doctor for erectile dysfunction who will prescribe you a wide (correct and informative) range of various examinations. At the initial stages, diagnosis is reduced to General clinical examinations (for example, a clinical blood test and a General urine test). Also, the attending doctor can request the advice of related specialists in the pathology of "erectile dysfunction": a surgeon, and in particular an angiosurgeon, can determine the vascular component of the impotence problem, an endocrinologist can identify the dependence of the quality of erection on hormonal pathologies if there are any.

When you appear with such a pathology as "erectile dysfunction" to the doctor, you need to think in advance about the complaints that you can present, go through the stages of the occurrence of this problem in your head, remember the pathologies that are present in you. This will not only reduce the time when the correct diagnosis will be made and adequate treatment will be started, but also help the doctor to involve the right specialists.

How to treat erectile dysfunction at home?

And what to do if the urologist is not in the nearest clinic? Self-treatment is contraindicated in this diagnosis. If the problem is "erectile dysfunction", which doctor treats instead of a urologist? This may be a family doctor who also has the necessary knowledge to help with the pathology of erectile dysfunction. He will conduct a consultation, prescribe medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, and if the case is not in his competence, then send it to narrow specialists.

What doctor should I contact if there is a pathology that is not related to the genitourinary system, but affects the quality of erection:

  • A cardiologist may be needed if there are vascular changes of an atherosclerotic nature (cholesterol deposits on the vessel wall);
  • The above-mentioned endocrinologist can help with the problem of diabetes, which in turn also affects the blood vessels of the body, including the penis.
  • If there were injuries, they can refer you to a trauma specialist or a surgeon.
  • Psychological assistance (in the presence of depressive States that lead to impotence, neuroses and other pathologies) can be provided by a psychotherapist.

Thus, we can see that sometimes more than one specialist is needed to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. Each specialist can assign their own range of examinations, which is clearly necessary. In this case, and pathologies that lead to secondary erectile dysfunction can be identified several, it entails the appointment of an extensive treatment regimen, often very long. This is the correct approach to the treatment of impotence, and everything else is just a disguise of this problem (concerning the issues of self-treatment with drugs from the Internet or from the series "advised in the pharmacy").


Erectile dysfunction is a fairly intimate disease. Most men, having this problem, simply do not know how and with whom you can consult, which doctor to trust. It is quite difficult to find a doctor on the recommendation, as I do not want to talk about it with friends. But always, in every city there is a good specialist who will deal with the problem called "erectile dysfunction". A doctor, the price of a private appointment that will suit a lot of men, is available in every city. You can always turn to the Internet for reviews to find the right doctor for you, or just go to the clinic at your place of residence, where they will help you.


The era of phones is now approaching the peak of its existence. No young person can imagine themselves without modern gadgets. And, let's face it, for a reason. A phone or tablet really makes life easier. Now you can call a taxi without communicating with the dispatcher, but only by going to the app that will determine your location, click the button.

It is recommended that after you find a doctor who will deal with the problem, always keep in touch with him. It also makes life easier. First, you can not stand in queues, but make an appointment for a certain time.Secondly, you can find out about the tests and adjust the treatment only by making a few clicks on the phone screen. Now it's all convenient to do, even if the problem is as intimate as erectile dysfunction. After some time, the phone will become a convenient assistant in solving such problems.

You can easily find the phone number in the directory of your city, or on the same Internet. Write it down as clearly as possible so that you can recognize it in your phone book if necessary.

Do not be afraid to rely on innovations that simplify life and soon problems will be completely solved, even such as erectile dysfunction. A phone that is worth its weight in gold can be a reliable assistant for you.


How to start treatment of impotence, when you still decided to contact the right specialist? And everything is quite simple: you need to make an appointment in one of the clinics in your city. In our time, the digital age, if you have a personal mobile phone that simplifies many aspects of your life - it is quite simple to do it. If you have access to the Internet, you can do this online.

In the pathology of "Erectile dysfunction", the appointment is confidential, since many men just want to hide the presence of their problem. You can be sure that your problem will remain only between you and the medical center that you trust.

To diagnose the problem of "erectile dysfunction" online recording is also possible. You only need to have a personal computer that has access to the world wide web. Enter the desired query on the search page, for example, such as "erectile dysfunction recording via the Internet", then the name of your city and click the enter button. After that, you will be offered a variety of options for clinics in your city, as well as going to their official sites. When you enter the query "erectile dysfunction make an appointment phone" and the name of a particular clinic in your city, you can find phone numbers to contact the medical center, if you can not make an appointment online on the site.

In most cities, when you drive along the highway, you can see a lot of billboards that give quite extensive information about the location of the medical institution, as well as offer contact information for communication on the problem of "erectile dysfunction". A consultation that can be recorded in a matter of minutes can only be organized with a few keystrokes if there is a problem.

is it easier to sign up online for the "Erectile dysfunction" problem?

This is only because the man does not experience the same discomfort as with verbal contact when recording through the phone. After all, many causes of impotence are not organic, but are associated only with psycho-emotional aspects. When there is an erectile dysfunction, it is easier to sign up online morally. There is no need to tell a girl with a beautiful voice about a "male problem". On the Internet, it is enough to leave a minimum amount of your data, as well as a contact phone number, choose the time to appear for the initial examination to a specialist and, in fact, come to the reception.

Time, often, you also choose yourself. Many clinics are open in the evening, so you can make an appointment to appear after work or school.

To pass diagnostic measures, you can also find out the information you are interested in by phone or on the clinic's website. For example, examinations such as ultrasound require special training, which can be found out by making a phone call to the medical center. This is convenient, since you do not need to go to the other end of the city every time to get a simple informative reference. You can find out such information by requesting it in the search engine.

It is better to record in advance, rather than "day-to-day". This may exclude cases when there is no free time to receive the right specialist, or the absence of the necessary examination on this day. It is best to contact us 3-4 days before the expected date of appearance. This will help the medical center to sign you up for a better time and plan your most productive turnout in terms of consultations and examinations.

If For some reason you can't show up for the set time, or you can't visit the clinic at all on this day due to new circumstances, contact us and cancel your appearance. It is also advisable to do this in advance, if this is possible. This will help to avoid the clinic's workload with "empty" consultations. After all, the specialist can spend this time on another patient, and for you to free up his appointed time of appearance on another day.

When making a phone call, always try to leave your contact details, because circumstances tend to change. For example, the right specialist may get sick or the right device for examination may fail. If necessary, the clinic will contact you.

Effective remedies for erectile dysfunction in men

The search for reliable means of maintaining and restoring potency has been exciting men's minds for hundreds of years. Advertising banners on popular Internet resources are full of headlines "the best means for erectile dysfunction in men. The price is cheap", "the most effective remedy for erectile dysfunction", " a simple folk method treats erectile dysfunction at a time!"and so on. unfortunately, such advertising tricks are only able to pull money for viewing the answer to this question and reduce faith in doctors. But not all doctors take an exclusively scientific approach. Means for erectile dysfunction to apply in isolation is equivalent to building a house with one hand. Therefore, it is necessary to combine medicinal methods of treatment with physiotherapy and General restorative ones. Many people want to buy the best pills for men for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, however, there is no universal remedy, since there are many reasons for this pathology.

The best remedy for erectile dysfunction of a psychogenic nature is, oddly enough, a General restorative regime. Yes, the same activities that parents tried to instill in us since childhood:

  • get up and go to bed at the same time,
  • do morning exercises or morning cross-country,
  • contrast shower,
  • proper and high-quality nutrition,
  • restriction of working at the computer just before bedtime,
  • regular ventilation of the home regardless of the season and weather outside the window,
  • regular sexual life,
  • sleep at least 8 hours in a row.

The daily routine and rationalization of your own schedule are very good anti-stress measures. As for the contrast shower-there are features.

Taking contrast baths is an excellent General tonic, known for a long time. The effect is based on a kind of training of the muscular layer of the vascular wall with sharp temperature changes. Alternate cool and hot water every one and a half to two minutes. You should start with a small temperature difference, gradually reducing the temperature of cold water and increasing the temperature of hot water by 2-3 degrees. The total time of contrast baths is no more than 15 minutes.

Nutrition for erectile dysfunction in men

Proper nutrition is important in our lives. Deficiency of micro-and macroelements, saturated fatty acids, and vitamins negatively affects the functioning of the entire body and potency in particular. There is a certain list of products that are necessary for a man:

  1. nuts, pumpkin seeds;
  2. greenery;
  3. seafood;
  4. fermented milk product;
  5. low-fat meats;
  6. honey;
  7. garlic.

It is worth adhering to these tips and with preserved potency to prevent its violations and remember that the most effective means for erectile dysfunction are PDE – 5 inhibitors.

Medications for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a very unpleasant, but, unfortunately, quite common problem of modern men. How to deal with it, what to do to regain the joy of a full life?

The problem can be caused by various reasons, but it is always accompanied by discomfort. A man becomes unsure of himself, closed, bad goes to contact with representatives of the opposite sex. Impotence can be caused by psychological factors, genital injuries, or chronic diseases.

The main cause of the pathology is a violation of the blood supply to the cavernous bodies of the penis and congestion in the prostate. Drugs for erectile dysfunction act in such a way as to ensure sufficient blood flow to the sexual organ. The pharmaceutical market offers a wide range of tablets. To choose the most appropriate medicine for yourself, you should consult your doctor.

Medications for erectile dysfunction: POPULAR PILLS

On the shelves of pharmacies there are several drugs that have long been recognized as the best means to solve men's problems. They have passed many tests and clinical trials, tested by many men. Here are the most popular drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Best drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction:

  • Viagra-pills that restore the sexual function of men and allow them to enjoy a full life. They begin to take effect 30 minutes after the reception. The active component – sildenafil-not only increases blood flow to the penis, but also increases the sensitivity of the organ. The effect persists for 6 hours.
  • Cialis is an improved analogue of Viagra. The active substance of the tablets is tadalafil. After taking the drug, the walls of the vessels of the sexual organ relax, and blood flow increases. The drug allows you to enjoy sexual intimacy for 36 hours after taking the pill.
  • Levitra is a popular synthetic drug based on vardenafil. It acts like the previous ones, increases blood flow in the pelvic organs. Natural stimulation is necessary for an erection to occur. It can be used for men who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Pills for erectile dysfunction of synthetic origin have a number of contraindications. For example, Viagra and Cialis should not be taken by men with heart and vascular problems. It is not necessary to combine medication with the use of alcoholic beverages, as side effects may occur.

Herbal preparation

Drugs for erectile dysfunction, made on the basis of extracts of medicinal plants, are less effective, but safer. Among the most popular tablets is Yohimbe. The drug helps restore sexual function, relieves stress and nervous tension, relaxes and calms.

Maca is an absolutely safe treatment for sexual impotence caused by psychological factors. The tablets have no contraindications and do not cause side effects. They increase sexual desire, craving for a partner, stimulating the proper functioning of the brain. If impotence is caused by a violation of the physical mechanisms, Maca will not help.

Preparations for the treatment of erectile dysfunction based on Goryanka and Rhodiola rosea improve metabolic processes in the body, vascular patency, and blood flow. You can get a positive result if you take them for a long period. Eleutherococcus is also widely used for erectile dysfunction.

Homeopathic remedy

The choice of medications for erectile dysfunction should be approached carefully. Some drugs have a number of contraindications that can harm the patient's health. Before you go to the pharmacy, you should consult with a specialist. If you can not take strong synthetic drugs, try to solve the problem with homeopathic remedies. Their action is aimed at enhancing libido and treating erectile dysfunction. The most popular homeopathic medicines include the following:

  1. Impaza;
  2. Nux Vomica;
  3. Lycopodium;
  4. Arnica;
  5. Argentum Nitricum.

Impaza is often prescribed to patients instead of Viagra in cases where a man suffers from diseases of the cardiovascular system. The effect of this drug is aimed at strengthening the sexual desire, prolonging sexual intercourse. It is prescribed for weak erection or lack of it, increased fatigue, frequent stresses that lead to sexual impotence. The drug contains lactose, so Impaza is not prescribed for lactose deficiency.

Erectile dysfunction pills will help a man maintain his sexual health, feel confident, enjoy sexual intimacy with a loved one and live a full life.


The most popular and most effective means for erectile dysfunction for a long time are phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. The most popular representatives of this group of medicines are "Viagra", "Cialis", "Levitra". All of them are pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, reviews of which can be found in abundance on the web. How to understand the use and effectiveness of these drugs, we will now find out.

IFDE-5 drugs have different characteristics according to the conditions of administration, side effects, but the meaning is the same-these are pills for erectile dysfunction. Reviews and recommendations for two decades allow them to be rightfully called first-line therapy in the treatment of potency disorders in men of any age.

They are divided into groups according to the active substance.

  • Sildenafil is historically the first representative of PDE-5 inhibitors. First synthesized in 1996, approved in 1998. The experience of application is estimated in millions. There is a small gap between taking the pill for erectile dysfunction and the onset of a quality erection. The duration of the action is also small-5-7 hours. It has the greatest number of side effects and contraindications.
  • Tadalafil is a more powerful drug. Approved for use in 2003. The experience of application is estimated in millions. Its distinctive feature is a fairly long-lasting effect – up to one and a half days. But it has difficulties with the selection of the dose for systematic administration.
  • Vardenafil-just like sildenafil, has a fairly short action (about 12 hours), but the effect comes quickly, creating the appearance of a natural intimate process. Approved for use in 2003. The experience of application is estimated in millions.
  • Udenafil is the newest drug from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors, developed by a Korean pharmaceutical company. It is characterized by a rapid onset of effect, long-term action. It has the least number of contraindications and side effects.
  • Avanafil-approved for use in 2012. It is characterized by a rapid onset of effect, a short action of 6 hours, but the drug is fully compatible with alcohol intake.
Before taking IFDE-5 to restore a normal spontaneous erection, a man should get detailed recommendations from his doctor about the permissible dosage, since an overdose can lead to serious consequences.

What are the best pills for erectile dysfunction? Name (price depends on the active substance, brand and dosage) of the drug depending on the active substance:

  • Sildenafil – "Sildenafil", "Adamax", "VEKTA", "Viagra", "Viasil", "Vigrande", "Kamagra", "Lavex", "Novagra", "Penigra", "Revazio".
  • Tadalafil – "Tadalafil", "Cialis", "Tedallis", "Cupid 36".
  • Vardenafil – " Levitra»
  • Udenafil – " Zidena»
  • Avanafil – The "Sendra Avana", "Spender".

These drugs have certain conditions of use, failure to comply with which will lead to no effect from taking the pill. (Erectile dysfunction will remain):

  • Fully preserved sexual desire in men (libido);
  • Sufficient level of the sex hormone testosterone in the body;
  • The presence of sexual stimulation after taking the pill.

The medical opinion is that independent uncontrolled use of IFDE-5 drugs is unacceptable. The pills just mask the symptoms without affecting the source of the problem. Most often, the masking of problems is directed at the partner, since the man himself feels depressed against the background of taking IFDE-5, because erectile dysfunction has not gone away. Tablets (prices are not the most affordable) are not the safest for men. Pills that treat erectile dysfunction in men have a fairly impressive number of contraindications:

  • Unspecified and uncontrolled changes in systemic blood pressure;
  • Glaucoma and diseases of the eyeball accompanied by degenerative changes in the retina;
  • Previous myocardial infarction, stroke, aorto-coronary bypass surgery;
  • Heart failure;
  • Liver and kidney failure;
  • Youth age ( up to 18 years);
  • Individual intolerance of the drug components;
  • Parallel administration of other NO2 donators.

When the doctor prescribes the use of PDE-5 inhibitors, he has taken into account all the risks of side effects and is confident that the patient needs these funds at this stage of treatment. You should not stop taking pills for men with erectile dysfunction. You should find out the cause of the dysfunction and treat it. Only this approach will make it possible to fully restore the normal spontaneous functioning of the male reproductive system.


The doctor's prescription of medication for erectile dysfunction, capsules for erectile dysfunction in men should be based on anamnestic data, examination data, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics and should be directed to the treatment of the immediate cause of the potency disorder.

Very often, the organic cause of erectile dysfunction is joined by a psychogenic one: against the background of an incipient disorder of sexual function, a man falls into a state of depression and chronic stress, which only exacerbates the violations. Unfortunately, there is no universal medicine for erectile dysfunction. But there are options for combining medicines with homeopathic medicines, physical therapy, normalization of physical activity and psychological state.

Do not forget that in addition to PDE-5 inhibitors, there are other combined medications. Erectile dysfunction in men in mild form can be treated with one drug. If independent treatment does not bring results, we recommend that you consult a doctor to avoid aggravating the situation.

Consider such a drug for erectile dysfunction in men as "Impaza".

The drug is homeopathic, but its biological effect is very similar to that of taking IFDE-5. But it has some features:

  • It has a positive effect on the Central and peripheral centers of sexual arousal, providing a natural character of sensations during and after sexual intercourse;
  • When taken regularly, it increases the level of testosterone in the blood, so it is perfectly used in men with initially reduced levels.

Drugs from China have a number of common positive effects:

  1. Provide high-quality full-fledged erection;
  2. Lengthen the duration of sexual intercourse and prevent early ejaculation;
  3. Lengthen the orgasm and make it more intense;
  4. Increase libido;
  5. Improve the quality properties of sperm;
  6. They have an anti inflammatory effect on the entire urogenital system;
  7. Prevent erectile dysfunction in the future;
  8. They have a restorative effect.

As a cure for erectile dysfunction after 50 years, any of the Chinese remedies on the market is also effective.

Consider medications for erectile dysfunction, reviews of which have already given them well-deserved fame among the male population.

  • "Gift of the Himalayas" is a herbal preparation that has all of the above properties. Its features are: improvement of blood circulation in the pelvic organs, elimination of stagnation in the latter, normalization of the hormonal background of a man, improvement of the quality of the spermogram.
  • "Chuntao" a combination drug, the capsules contains herbal extracts and the extract of the penis of a deer. Its effects include: increasing libido, improving the quality of potency, a more intense orgasm, increasing the duration of sexual intercourse, increasing sexual endurance, and anti-inflammatory effects on the urinary system. Suitable for men of any age.
  • "Hui Jun Dan" tablet herbal medicine. Its effects include: treatment of erectile dysfunction, increased sensitivity of the penis, treatment and prevention of prostatitis.According to the annotation, with long-term course admission, it helps to increase the penis in size. A distinctive feature is the absence of contraindications other than individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
  • "Power of the Emperor" is a combined preparation that contains both plant components and deer antlers. Improves blood flow in the pelvic organs, normalizes kidney function. It is used for both therapeutic and preventive purposes.
  • "Golden deer" pills for the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction. The effects include a persistent increase in libido, restoration of spontaneous erection, increased sexual stamina, and normalization of testosterone levels in the blood with long-term use.
  • "Black dragon" combined tablets from plant and animal components. The effects include: a long-lasting stable erection, prevention of early ejaculation, and rapid recovery after sexual intercourse. 1 tablet is taken once every three days, which makes it possible to use the drug as a course, or once if necessary.

All products are made from natural ingredients and passed environmental control.

As you can see, there are many options for medical treatment of such a disease as erectile dysfunction. Your doctor will help you decide which medications to choose. Do not neglect to consult before taking any medication.

According to reviews of the use of Chinese drugs, erectile dysfunction when taking medications in combination with General restorative measures took place in one course./div>

Dietary SUPPLEMENTS for erectile dysfunction

The question of whether dietary Supplements are applicable for erectile dysfunction can be discussed for a long time. We will try to Express the essence of their application and the General opinion of doctors about dietary Supplements as drugs in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Dietary supplements ARE a Biologically Active food Supplement. It is an additive, not the basis of treatment. Therefore, in matters of treatment, it is incorrect to put an additive as the main and even more so as the only drug. But no one will forbid you to add it to the treatment complex.

Quite a significant plus of dietary Supplements is the almost complete absence of contraindications and side reactions, which may seem like a panacea effect to gullible people, but this is not quite true. The noticeable effect of taking dietary Supplements may occur almost immediately after the start of the reception, may not appear after the course of reception. Recommendations for taking supplements are strictly individual, especially if it is a question of such a question as erectile dysfunction. Dietary SUPPLEMENTS that are recommended for men with sexual problems:

  • Viardo Forte (aka Vuka-Vuka);
  • Yohimba (Golden Horse);
  • Ali Caps;
  • Prostaival;
  • Magic Staff;
  • Laveron;
  • Testagen;
  • Testelin, etc.

The market of dietary Supplements is full of a choice of drugs used for violations of potency. Check out the range and choose a drug in addition to the main treatment to your taste and budget.



Supplementation of vitamins will not harm any person. If we are talking about urology, we can safely say that vitamins are necessary for erectile dysfunction. And it's not just about synthetic vitamin complexes. After all, the complex treatment of ED includes rationalization of nutrition with a greater emphasis on fresh vegetables and fruits.

The pharmaceutical market is full of various vitamin complexes for men. But not all of them are the same in composition. How to understand and select the necessary composition? First you need to find out exactly what trace elements and vitamins for erectile dysfunction play a role.

  • Folic acid or vitamin B9. When it is deficient in the body, peripheral blood circulation deteriorates.
  • Retinol or vitamin A. Plays an important role in the synthesis of male sex hormones.
  • Vitamin E is involved in maintaining vascular tone, in the formation of normal sperm composition.
  • Ascorbic acid or vitamin C. is Important for maintaining immunity, stress resistance, and sperm motility and endurance.
  • Levocarnitine or L-carnitine. Prevents energy deficit in cells, prevents early death of cells in the body.
These are the main vitamins necessary for the male body. Look for them in multi-component preparations.


Hormones for erectile dysfunction are prescribed in case of detected testosterone deficiency (the level of free testosterone in the blood is 180-250 pmol/l). The appointment of hormone therapy, as well as the detection of testosterone deficiency, is exclusively done by a doctor. We will also give a brief description of the most prescribed drug for such a diagnosis as erectile dysfunction. Hormones are divided into the following groups:

1. Injectable medicines:

  • Depo-testosterone cypionate-is administered intramuscularly 1 time per month.
  • Have disasteri – is an intramuscular injection of 1-2 times per month.
  • Sustanon 250-administered intramuscularly 2 times a month.
  • Nebido-administered intramuscularly 1 time every 3 months.

2. Oral medications:

  • Halotestin
  • Metandren
  • Andriol
  • Mestinon
  • Striant

3. Subcutaneous medicines:

  • Testosterone implants-are administered once every six months.

4. Transdermal medicines:

  • Androderm of the patch is 2.5 – 7.5 mg every day.
  • Testoderm patch-10-15 mg every day.
  • Androgel – 20-50 mg every day.
  • Andromen cream – 20-30 mg every day.
  • Andraktim gel – 25 mg every day.
It is also necessary to remember the importance of biochemical control of liver samples (ALT, AST and cholesterol) every six months to avoid the development of side effects from hormone therapy.

Spray, etc.

Among the abundance of tools to enhance libido, improve erectile function and restore potency it is necessary to allocate some unusual dosage forms.

  • M-16 erectile dysfunction spray. The drug form itself is unusual, as well as its versatility for both men and women.

Spray M-16 is a natural absolutely safe drug with a lot of positive effects:

  • the activity of the drug is manifested in a few minutes;
  • no chemical effects on the body - applied topically;
  • it lengthens the sexual act, strengthens the erection, increases libido and makes the orgasm brighter.
  • It is not addictive.

The biological effect of m-16 spray is based on the relaxation of the muscle walls of the penis vessels and increased blood filling of the cavernous bodies.the Effect is achieved thanks to such components as L-carnitine, guarana, magnesium, glycine. It is also worth noting that it is suitable for daily use by both partners.

  • Detralex for erectile dysfunction. The next non – specific drug that can be treated for erectile dysfunction is Detralex. It is used in men whose vascular factor is the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Detralex is an angioprotector, literally "vascular protector". It has a venotonizing and angioprotective effect, which has a positive effect on blood filling of the penis with preserved libido. It is used in complex therapy for 1 t 1 time per day. The duration of the treatment can be up to 12 months. Monitoring of treatment is carried out by a specialized specialist.

  • Next, consider the drug Piracetam. The use of this drug in erectile dysfunction in men is justified by the biological effect of the latter. Piracetam belongs to the group of nootropics-drugs that positively affect the metabolic processes and blood circulation of the brain. Piracetam is used for erectile dysfunction of the Central (psychogenic) action – in violation of the centers of excitation in the cerebral cortex.

Piracetam is prescribed as part of complex therapy in the form of tablets from 30 to 160 mg per day. The course of treatment lasts one and a half to two months. The appointment and control of treatment is carried out by a psychotherapist.

  • It is also impossible to ignore the most popular drug for intra-cavernous administration, Trimix. This is a combined drug that contains an antispasmodic, prostaglandin class E and a vasodilator.

The advantages of using the drug Trimix for erectile dysfunction (the price is certainly not a plus – about $ 800 per bottle) include:

  1. Local action;
  2. Positive effect regardless of the primary cause of dysfunction and the age of the man;
  3. Rapid effect after administration of the drug;
  4. Positive effect on libido.

The disadvantages of using the drug include the way it is administered-intacavernous injection is not always the method of choice for men.

In addition to tablets, injections for erectile dysfunction and candles for erectile dysfunction can be prescribed. They can be represented by injections and candles in the form of no-shpa for erectile dysfunction, papaverine for erectile dysfunction.

Surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction

With the development of the pharmaceutical market of drugs against erectile dysfunction a need for surgical methods of treatment has decreased significantly.

Surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction: indication

Surgical intervention for erectile dysfunction is used in the case of diagnosed vascular pathology and in the case of ineffective conservative treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction. It is necessary to pass all diagnostic tests and pass the first two lines of therapy before talking about such a step as surgery. Erectile dysfunction of vascular origin is often just one of the many symptoms of a systemic disease. In this regard, reconstructive angioplasty of the vessels of the penis and pelvic floor is only part of the complex pathogenetic therapy of the underlying disease.

Surgery for erectile dysfunction: prosthetics

As for indianapolisindiana, then this option is suitable for younger patients in whom there is a profound psychogenic erectile dysfunction. There are two types of operation:

  • Introduction of inflatable prostheses;
  • Introduction of plastic prostheses.

The effectiveness of endofalloprosthesis has a coefficient of 92%. In the case of prosthetics, the penis is brought to the state of erection manually, which makes it possible to perform sexual intercourse at any time.

These are the main areas of surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction. We will look at each of the methods in more detail below.


A lot has been said and written about the influence and harm of alcoholic beverages. Today we will focus on the disastrous tandem of alcohol and erectile dysfunction.

There is a deceptive opinion that in small doses, alcohol has a positive effect on potency. The effect is based on the fact that alcohol really dulls the sensitivity of the nerve endings and slightly expands the vessels, which allows you to prolong sexual intercourse, but negatively affects the sensations and can "discolor" the orgasm.

Systematic use of alcohol leads to a gradual decrease in libido, which in turn provokes a decrease in the ability to erect and depressive States. The latter, in turn, encourage a man to take alcohol. Such a vicious circle destroys a man's personality and confidence in his abilities.

A big problem among the male population is the use of beer. Many do not even consider it an alcoholic drink because of the low percentage of alcohol in the composition. But you should know that beer contains a large amount of phytoestrogens – plant analogues of female sex hormones, directly opposite in action to testosterone. When phytoestrogens accumulate in the body, the endogenous production of testosterone decreases, which provokes a condition such as erectile dysfunction due to alcohol in small doses.

If a man who regularly uses alcoholic beverages has noticed signs of erectile dysfunction, then you should not postpone a visit to a urologist.

What signs will give erectile dysfunction from alcohol:

  • After taking a dose of alcohol, the desire for sexual intimacy completely disappears, the erection is weak or does not occur at all.
  • If there is sexual contact, then there is no ejaculation, the orgasm is "erased" and painful.
  • You have a problem with conception. Alcohol changes the qualitative composition of spermatozoa, deforming them and distorting the genetic material they carry. This often leads to the birth of children with physical or mental disabilities, and the normal course of pregnancies with such children.
  • A man does not see a problem in drinking alcohol and blames all his problems on stress, fatigue, work, family, and erectile dysfunction is aggravated up to impotence.

If you already have erectile dysfunction, alcohol should be excluded altogether and undergo a comprehensive examination by specialized specialists – urologist, therapist, narcologist, psychiatrist.


Of course, the loss of the ability to perform sexual intercourse is a serious disease, but in any case – not the final verdict. Many men who are faced with the first symptoms of impotence, make a very serious mistake – for various reasons, do not want to go to a doctor for help. Some are embarrassed by their illness, others believe that male strength will recover by itself. But, as a rule, time passes, and problems with potency only get worse.

To avoid undesirable consequences and get rid of erectile dysfunction in the shortest possible time, you must immediately, without delay, seek help from a specialist. Timely treatment will help restore potency, as well as avoid unwanted complications.

Another mistake of the stronger sex, suffering from impotence, is self-treatment. By purchasing widely advertised medications and supplements at the nearest pharmacy, you can cause irreparable harm to your health. That is why even harmless treatment using folk methods should be performed only after receiving the advice of a qualified specialist.

Currently, there are many drugs that can restore potency, massage and psychotherapy are widely used. In the most difficult situations, surgical intervention (vascular operations) is recommended, and if it does not give the desired results, a treatment method such as prosthetics can be used.

As you know, any disease is easier to prevent than to treat, so a significant role is played by preventive measures, which include:

  • A healthy lifestyle is a balanced diet. Moderate physical activity, alternating work and rest will help you stay in good shape for a long time, this applies directly to male strength.
  • Giving up bad habits – you can talk about the dangers of alcohol and nicotine indefinitely, but this does not make any sense if a person is irresponsible about their own health. As long as a man smokes and drinks, he is at risk and at any time can become a victim of erectile dysfunction.
  • Having a permanent partner-regular sex is the key to men's health, so you should not give up this kind of pleasure, neglecting natural desires.
  • Physical examination – it often happens that men are very serious about their health and go to the doctor only when it is really bad. To avoid problems with potency, it is necessary to undergo a survey at least once during the year, and if there are changes in the state of health, contact a specialist immediately.
  • Treatment only under the supervision of a doctor-this means that regardless of what disease you need to be treated for, in any case, you can not independently prescribe medications. The consequences of this can be very unpredictable. Therefore, it is better not to be lazy, going once again to the doctor's appointment.

By following these simple rules, you can maintain men's health for a long time and fully enjoy life without knowing what erectile dysfunction is.


Many factors can lead to violations of potency in men. But most of the factors that affect potency depend on the man himself and he is able to influence them.

By the beginning of the 21st century, prevention of erectile dysfunction in men still includes:

  • HLS.
  • A lot has been said and written on this topic, but (!) as long as there is no desire to be a healthy and full-fledged member of society, as long as there is no goal to protect yourself from illnesses, you can write and talk endlessly. The daily routine, 8-hour sleep, regular sports and proper nutrition in the complex will provide cheerfulness, energy boost and stress resistance.
  • Timely access to a specialized specialist is important for the health of the entire body as a whole, not just for potency. As soon as you notice something wrong in the functioning of any system of your body-contact your doctor. Chronic untreated syndromes and diseases lead to apathy and stress, which leads to a negative impact on other organs and systems of the body.
  • Giving up bad habits is necessary not only when the price of the issue is erectile dysfunction. Prevention of all processes that depress the functioning of the human body begins with the refusal of Smoking, alcohol and narcotic substances.
  • The sexual revolution has borne fruit in the form of an abundance of STIs, often in mixed forms. Because of the peculiarities of the male anatomy, most of these diseases in men occur covertly, without any obvious signs, causing a second violation of potency. This is another powerful argument in favor of barrier contraceptives and avoiding casual sex.
As you can see, prevention of erectile dysfunction in men is generally strengthening the body and spirit of the event, but do not be lazy to perform them and in a few weeks You will feel more cheerful.


The topic of erectile dysfunction for men is so important that a man is ready to seek salvation anywhere and in anything. In the age of advanced technology and aggressive society, Internet forums have become a popular source of responses. Unfortunately, there are very few competent specialists on such forums, and often the answers are written by ordinary users who are not related to medicine.

If the only way to get an answer to your question and get a good doctor's recommendation for you is through a forum, then read some of the search rules.

  • It is better to find answers on forums where specialists and their patients who have already got rid of erectile dysfunction respond. The forum on the website of the specialized clinic will give the most comprehensive answer.
  • Correctly form the question, always indicate the presence of comorbidities, so that you can immediately sign up for consultations with related specialists and additional examinations.
  • Do not use forums for self-treatment. For example, your diagnosis is psychological erectile dysfunction, the forum will give recommendations for taking PDE-5 inhibitors. Will drugs help you achieve an erection? Yes. Will it help in the treatment of the causes of ED? No.

Use the forums to find recommendations for doctors in Your city and to write to these specialists. Leave the diagnosis and treatment process to specially trained people with experience.

By: Dr. Sheldon Pike


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