Libido – what does it mean?

For the first time it is mentioned by the theologian Augustine in his work "On the City of God", implying shameful lust of the flesh. Freud believed that libido is the energy of sexual desire. Initially, the concept affected the attitude of a person not only to persons of the opposite sex, but also to parents, children, himself, everything that can be covered by the word love. In the future, Freud appealed to the libido, explaining the essence and causes of mental disorders and neuroses.

Sexual attraction affects the mental development of a person, his scientific and artistic activities, sublimation, etc. the Process of its formation begins from birth and undergoes different stages. Any violations lead to mental disorders. As a result, it determines all human behavior that aims to get pleasure.

Sexual desire depends on the functioning of all organs and systems of the body, but the main role is played by hormones. Female libido is determined by the level of the hormone estradiol. It defines fervor and attraction. During the month, the latter undergoes changes and reaches a peak during ovulation, when the chances of conceiving a child are as high as possible.


In the body of the stronger sex, sexual desire is also determined by the level of hormones. Prevalent of which is testosterone. The lower its concentration, the less a man wants sex. Male libido reaches a peak at the age of 25 and lasts for another 5 years, after which it goes down. And if women dream of tenderness and affection, then their partners are dominated by sexual aggression and all their actions are aimed only at eliminating the tension that has arisen, that is, an erection.


Libido is a sexual desire and desire to engage in sexual intercourse with another person.

The concept refers to the psychological aspect of a person and is formed under the influence of various factors: genetic inheritance, the level of testosterone production, the conditions for the formation of a person as a person.

This term differs from potency. This is so, because potency denotes the physical possibility of intercourse, the efficiency of the sexual organ in particular.

Why does the libido disappear?

Attraction has a huge number of superficial social layers and brakes. When love disappears, there is a reduced libido. After all, a person in addition to sexual desire, feels other emotions for the partner – treats as a friend, father or mother of their children, etc. Not being able to satisfy any of their needs - the instinct of motherhood, overcoming loneliness, satisfaction from the ability to take care of someone who is nearby, the partner feels the extinction of sexual desire.

  • Hormonal changes. It depends on the menstrual cycle and other biochemical processes in the body. A decrease in libido in women shows symptoms during the menopause.
  • Lack of confidence in yourself, your attractiveness. Too strict upbringing in childhood can cause a lot of complexes that do not allow you to open up. Over the years, a woman may avoid intimacy due to age-related changes.
  • Stress, overexertion.
  • Loss of emotional connection with a partner. In the fair sex, sex and emotions are very closely related and the lack of libido in women is quite natural if she does not feel a spiritual kinship.
  • Diseases, taking certain medications.
  • Poor nutrition, bad habits.
  • Improper, poor nutrition, alcohol abuse and tobacco Smoking. The latter reduce the level of testosterone in the body, which leads to a violation of the function of the sex glands. All this provokes a violation of the sensitivity of the center of the spinal cord and as a result, there is a decrease in libido in men, whose symptoms are manifested in an unwillingness to have sex.
  • Obesity. Fat in the body suppresses the production of male hormones and stimulates the production of female ones. In addition, a man who is overweight is simply too lazy to move, it is difficult for him, and the load on the heart and blood vessels increases.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Stress, fatigue, depression. Problems and conflicts at work and family affect sexual desire negatively.
  • Psychological disorders, self-doubt, fear of being ridiculed by a woman. Those who want to know what libido is, should pay attention to one fact: for a man, the size of the penis and the ability to continue the act for a long time is of great importance. If he is not sure of one or the other, he will avoid intercourse.
  • Diseases and medication.
  • Age.

Causes of low libido

The strength of sexual desire depends on the individual characteristics of each man, his character and temperament. At the physiological level, the amount of testosterone entering the blood is responsible for the sexual instinct. Therefore, the sexual desire of the stronger sex weakens with age. With insufficient hormone production, there is a decrease in interest in a woman, and erectile disorders appear.

If the problem does not bother the man and depends only on changes in the hormonal background, folk methods help to restore the desire for intimacy. But since the male libido is an attraction to a woman on a psychological level, the emotional state is of great importance. In this case, sexual intercourse is prevented by conflicts, misunderstandings, and stressful situations. The impact of external factors leads to the fact that sex for a man becomes an obsession, or sexual desire disappears completely.

A more common situation is when a man notices a decrease or absence of sexual desire. When this condition brings psychological discomfort and dissatisfaction with sexual life, you should look for the cause of weak libido. Provoking circumstances that reduce the desire for physical intimacy with a woman include:

  • Psychological factor. Overwork, stress, lack of sleep, and lack of understanding in the family negatively affect the libido of most men. Often, emotional experiences are the main reason for not wanting sex. If at a young age mood swings slightly affect men's health, after 40 years, the problem is more pronounced;
  • Violation of the functioning of the body due to endocrine diseases, pathologies of the cardiovascular system, failure of the Central nervous system, brain injuries, colds. Since internal organs and systems are interconnected, during the exacerbation of diseases, there is a decrease in the sexual instinct of men;
  • Hormonal failures, which are expressed in a gradual decrease in testosterone production after 30 years;
  • Inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system. In some cases, sexual desire persists, but for physiological reasons, a man is not capable of intimacy;
  • Injuries to the genitals prevent the full production of testosterone in the testicles and the release of the hormone into the blood. Spermatogenesis is disrupted, sexual desire is suppressed, and as a result, erectile dysfunction may develop;
  • Pernicious habits. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs have a destructive effect on the cells and tissues of the body, inhibit the transmission of impulses from the cerebral cortex to the nerve endings and impair blood circulation. Sexual desire and healthy sexual desire can disappear completely;
  • Taking medications. Steroids, antidepressants, and anti-allergic medications can negatively affect a man's libido. After a course of therapy and recovery, the intensity of sexual activity returns to normal;
  • Long abstinence or promiscuous relationships reduce a man's desire for intimacy.

For the manifestation of libido in men (what it is, described above), the hormonal system is responsible, which directly depends on the work of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pituitary gland and hypothalamus. That is, a direct link between hormonal and neurobiological processes occurring in the male body is monitored. Namely, the brain and endocrine system work in a tight bundle.

First of all, understanding the libido in men and what it is in General, it is worth considering that sexual and sexual desire depends on androgens — sex hormones in men. The most important and primordial male hormone produced by the male sex glands is testosterone. It is responsible for the excitability of all psychosexual centers of the Central nervous system in men.

Testosterone significantly increases the sensitivity of important nerve centers of the limbic system and hypothalamus and accelerates metabolism. Due to a sufficient level of testosterone, a man increases the sensitivity of all erogenous zones. However, testosterone primarily lays secondary sexual characteristics in men — a rough voice, hair on the body, growth of muscle mass, strength, etc.

A hormone called prolactin also plays an important role in the strength of sexual desire. Its high concentration significantly reduces sexual cravings in men. At the same time, it is important to know that increased prolactin levels occur in women during the gestation period or during lactation. In all other cases, an increase in prolactin indicates pathological processes in the body of a man or woman.

As for the work of the brain in the formation and manifestation of libido, there are directly involved neurons (cells) of the brain and neurotransmitters that send impulses from one part of the brain to another. To do this, they use two types of conductors:

  1. Chemical neurotransmitters. Serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, GABA, etc.
  2. Electric ions. Chlorine, potassium, calcium.
Thus, when certain hormones are produced in the human brain, processes akin to impulses occur, which form a certain line of behavior. For example, when you develop enough of the happiness hormone dopamine, the human brain receives a signal for a process called "love". And already the brain receptors send a signal to the spinal cord as a result of which potency happens.

According to Freud's theory, libido is a manifestation of an exclusively unconscious sexual attraction to the opposite sex. At the same time, Sigmund Freud showed the features of normal pathological human behavior through the direction of sexual energy in a certain direction. For example, in creativity or, on the contrary, in regression.

According to Freud's theory there are several stages of sexual desire relative to the age of a person:

  • The oral stage. Accounts for the age from birth to 1.5-2 years. Here, according to the theory of the great psychoanalyst, a person gets sexual pleasure from the process of sucking the mother's breast.
  • Anal stage. Accounts for the age of about 1.5-3 years. According to Sigmund Freud, during this period, a small person can experience a kind of pleasure from the motility of the intestine and bladder.
  • The phallic stage. It is noted at the age of 3 to 6 years. Based on the study of their own genitals. According to the famous scientist, it is at this age that children form the Electra complex and the Oedipus complex.
  • The stage is latent. It occurs at the age of 6-12 years, when there is a hidden puberty. Expressed in erotic dreams, Masturbation at night.
  • The genital stage. Falls on the age of 12 years. Here we are talking about direct satisfaction through sexual contact.

According to Carl Jung, libido (what it means, given above) is a certain unified energy that manifests itself literally in any of life's situations. At the same time, Jung says that the power of such energy can change throughout a person's life and go into various fields of activity, such as art, creativity, etc.

Since the male and female libido depends on a number of factors, there are many reasons that can reduce the desire for intimacy. For women of reproductive age, this problem, unfortunately, is very common, and often becomes the cause of family troubles. About 40% of women at one time or another begin to feel that the attraction to the man with whom they are in a relationship is reduced or absent at all.

Erections in women can be negatively affected by pregnancy, lactation or menopause, that is, any periods associated with the restructuring of the hormonal background. Some somatic diseases, such as thrush, infections of the genitourinary system, diabetes, heart and vascular diseases, etc. may also reduce libido in women. the effects of long-term use of contraceptives and antidepressants may also be Similar.

However, in the vast majority of cases, erections in women still suffer for reasons that lie in the field of psychology. This means that the attraction to men decreases under the influence of long-term stress, depression (including postpartum), difficulties in relationships with your partner, etc.

Similarly, a large number of negative factors can affect libido in men. The main ones are:

  1. natural decrease in the rate of testosterone production with age;
  2. taking certain medications (antihistamines, anti-cold, etc.) that depress male libido;
  3. high blood sugar;
  4. disorders of the thyroid gland;
  5. long-term stress or emotional stress;
  6. excessive physical or mental stress in the absence of proper rest and sleep;
  7. low iron levels in the body;
  8. nutritional deficiencies (overeating, unbalanced diet);
  9. lack of understanding with the partner.

Problems with sexual desire in the future can also occur if a man is currently showing excessive sexual activity.

It leaves its mark on a person's libido and upbringing. A lot depends on the atmosphere in which the child spent his childhood, and what moral values were instilled in him. For example, intimate relationships can be presented in the family as something shameful, which is why in the future a person has a problem of weak sexual activity.

Thus, to eliminate the problem of low libido in men and women, first of all, it is necessary, relying on the help of qualified specialists, to find out what exactly caused such violations, and then choose the appropriate methods for their elimination.

How to increase libido with foods and vitamins

The release of testosterone also originates from your eyes. The presence of beautiful women nearby contributes to the release of male hormones.

Even ordinary communication with beauties without a focus on results, Dating them affect the secretion of testosterone.

Therefore, stay more often in the company of beautiful women.

The peak of natural sexual activity in men is observed at the age of 16-30 years, when the reproductive system works without deviations. If the intensity of sexual activity of an adult man does not affect the work and environment, does not interfere with self-realization, then his increased libido is not considered as a pathology.

  • Violations of hormonal background;
  • Head injuries or tumors in the brain;
  • Consequences of encephalitis.

You can reduce excessive sex drive at home until you find out the reasons. To do this, avoid stressful situations, allocate more time to sleep, and choose breathing exercises. Active sports, herbal teas with a calming effect will help.

Important! In some cases, surgery or medication is necessary to treat increased libido.

It is necessary to exclude factors that contribute to its reduction. If there are any diseases, do their treatment, strive to lead a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits. Those who ask how to raise their libido are encouraged to solve their psychological problems. Often without the help of a sex therapist in this case, you can not do.

In the beautiful half of humanity, it is inextricably linked to the psychological mood, because it is not for nothing that they say that sex begins long before the bedroom. Spiritual unity is of great importance, and it cannot be achieved without emotional intimacy with a partner. Therefore, it makes sense to spend more time together, arrange romantic evenings, go to movies and restaurants, do pleasant things for each other and then women's libido will increase.


In the turmoil of days, do not forget about your favorite and pamper yourself with trips to the hairdresser, make-up artist, cosmetologist. Allow you to spend money on pleasant things for women-cosmetics, perfume, clothing. In the Arsenal of sexually liberated women, there must be beautiful erotic underwear, and by agreement with a partner, you can buy something from sex toys.

Sexual desire in the stronger sex wakes up when you look at a beautiful, well-groomed woman. This is how they are arranged and if the craving for a wife can disappear, then a man will be ready to enter into a relationship with a new partner immediately. Therefore, if the spouse begins to notice that a completely healthy husband does not want to have sex, then you will have to take measures. You can provoke an increase in libido in men if you try to become more attractive.

To care for the skin and body – to do some kind of sport, which is also useful for the sexual desire of the woman herself. Often a man refuses to have sex because he is tired of being the initiator of it. He is waiting for a woman to show it, to offer something new, and this does not happen. It is necessary to satisfy the partner's desire to change impressions.

Today, the problem of low libido in men is very common, but in practice there are also cases when a man, on the contrary, is hypersexual.

In this case, we need to talk about increased libido, this is a completely different problem.

The causes can be tumors, brain injuries, hormonal disorders, and the consequences of encephalitis.

It is best to find out the cause and choose the right treatment method at a specialist's appointment.

If the task is to completely restore the lost sex drive, you must consult with a specialist.

Increased libido in men naturally occurs at the age of 16-30 years, when the human body is at the peak of its capabilities, the reproductive system usually works without any violations. At this age, men are usually the most sexually active, and at a later age, more attention should be paid to their health so that potency and sexual desire remain at the proper level.

It is believed that the main hormone responsible for high libido in men is testosterone. With its normal balance in the body, the level of sexual desire will always remain stable.

However, it is worth noting that even if a young man's constant sexual desire is not very high, it is not necessary to perceive this as a significant problem. The main criterion is the presence of discomfort, if it is present, reduced libido or its complete absence delivers psychological discomfort, this problem should be addressed and look for the reason for the lack of sexual desire.

It is worth remembering that since libido depends on the psychological state, it often requires long-term psychotherapeutic work on yourself, sometimes you need additional help from a psychotherapist.

Reduced sexual desire or its complete absence is a fairly common problem, often accompanied by impotence. Moreover, sometimes both States can affect each other and strengthen.

Other causes of decreased libido include the following: in most cases, they affect long periods of decreased sexual desire:

  • Constant stress, depressed state, various psychological problems. The mental state of a person directly affects the libido, it decreases sharply due to frequent stress, fatigue, and experiences. For most men, this is the leading reason.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system, various hormonal disorders. Diseases can indirectly affect the reduction of sexual desire, in some cases, libido still remains at the same level, although due to violations, a man is not able to perform sexual intercourse.
  • Older age. Libido can begin to decrease naturally in men after 50 years, especially if various chronic diseases, disorders of the function of the genitourinary system develop against the background.
The main and only symptom of reduced libido is an unwillingness to engage in sexual activity, even if the possibility of sexual intercourse persists. Whether this condition is considered a disease can only be decided by the man himself, depending on whether he is experiencing discomfort due to the lack of sexual attraction.
  1. stress and nervous tension at work;
  2. family quarrels and scandals;
  3. constant lack of sleep;
  4. irregular schedule and lack of proper rest;
  5. financial problem;
  6. poor diet;
  7. frequent use of alcohol or drugs.

Despite the seriousness of these reasons, they are rarely paid attention to, perceived as the norm. And the only solution to the problem many see only in the use of medicines. But before you go to the doctor and find out how to increase libido in men with medication, you can try to change your lifestyle.

With age, the level of testosterone in the male body gradually falls, followed by a decrease in libido. This is a normal process that can't be stopped, but you can slow down and prolong your own sexual activity.

Many products contain vitamins and trace elements that help increase a man's sex drive and support his sexual health. They should be added to your daily diet. Vitamins for increasing libido are found in such products:

  • ginger-a root that contains zinc, which increases the level of testosterone in the body of a man;
  • oysters and other seafood are also rich in zinc;
  • nuts and legumes are a source of b vitamins;
  • berries, especially gooseberries and currants, give the body vitamin C;
  • beef and fish-contain phosphorus, useful for male energy;
  • parsley, celery and other greens should be in the diet of a man every day.

The diet of modern men can rarely be called balanced and healthy, so sexual desire is increasingly reduced. Changing your diet is not as difficult as it seems, and in the future it will give a good result in the form of a high libido. Getting the necessary amount of vitamins and trace elements will not only increase sexual energy, but also have a positive effect on the overall health of a man.

Sexual attraction is based on the physiological activity of a man. It depends on the hormonal background. Each person has a different hormone content.

Therefore, the libido is also different. The term male libido was coined by Sigmund Freud. The psychoanalyst proved that it is the sexual drive that determines human behavior.

Male hormones are androgens. They are produced by the adrenal glands and ovaries. The most famous hormone that is responsible for libido in men is testosterone. Its deficiency increases the level of female estrogen and progesterone, reduces sexual desire.

Male libido is a rather fragile phenomenon that can easily change under the influence of psychological and physical causes. Therefore, you need to know what leads to a decrease in male strength and avoid these factors.

General principles of increasing sexual desire

If vitamins and exercises to increase libido did not give the desired effect, and the man continues to experience difficulties with sexual life, you should contact a specialist. It happens that a decrease in sexual desire is associated with disorders of the endocrine system or age-related changes in the body. In this case, good sleep and proper nutrition will not provide the desired result.

But you should not rush to buy Viagra or its analogues in a pharmacy. This drug gives only a short-term effect and often has negative consequences. Consultation with a doctor, passing an examination will help to understand the reasons why the libido in men has disappeared, and the prescribed competent medical therapy will be safe and effective.

Often, medications are used to make up for the lack of testosterone in the body. For this purpose, the doctor prescribes steroids and dietary supplements. But such drugs are considered "heavy artillery" and are used as a last resort when other methods have failed. More gentle means are aphrodisiacs based on natural ingredients. They activate the metabolism and increase blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Male libido. Why lost libido: causes and treatment

At a young age, a simple lifestyle change and an attentive attitude to yourself will provide a good result and allow you to regain sexual strength and energy. But in older years, this may not be enough, so you will need to consult a doctor and medical intervention.

These include hormone therapy. If you want to know how to increase libido in men, you should pay attention to such drugs as andriol TK, methyltestosterone, etc.Women are shown tablets sildenafil, tadalafil, etc. only a doctor should Prescribe them. From folk remedies, you can select teas, decoctions and infusions from blueberries, rosemary, Linden, sage, aloe, nettle, etc. thyme and ginseng root, bee Royal jelly have Great effectiveness.

Vitamins for libido

What is libido in men and women??

For both sexes, tocopherol and retinol are of particular importance. The first is not for nothing called the vitamin of youth, because it is responsible for the normal reproduction of the sexual system, slows down the aging process and oxidative reactions, restores the hormonal background in the body. Under its action, during intimacy, blood rushes to the genitals, moistening the vaginal mucosa and providing a normal erection.

Vitamin A is a libido enhancer that is responsible for a woman's appearance – the beauty of hair, nails, and skin. It also takes part in the formation of the hormonal background and plays a key role in the production of male sex hormones, penetrating the testicles and increasing the production of testosterone and at the same time suppressing the synthesis of estrogens.

Increase sexual arousal can be so-called aphrodisiacs-seafood, honey, spices and spices-ginger, coriander, onion, garlic, hot pepper, cumin, anise, vegetables-broccoli, artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke, eggplant. Products for libido are chocolate, nuts, seeds, dried fruits.

Libido is the force that underlies the sexual drive and its practical expression, that is, sexual intercourse. It depends on the libido, how often a person has a need for intimacy. The desire for coitus with a member of the opposite sex is extremely important for the continuation of the human race, because, despite all the achievements of modern science, natural conception of a child remains impossible without sexual contact.

It is for this reason that the question of what libido is and what it depends on is extremely important and requires detailed consideration.

In women

With a certain frequency, caused by natural causes, women's libido may increase for some time. This is manifested, for example, in girls during puberty, in the second trimester of pregnancy, a few days before the beginning of menstruation, as well as in women at the initial stage of menopause.

However, in the vast majority of cases, solving problems with female libido requires more active actions. And since most often the fairer sex suffer from a decrease in sexual desire, in medicine, much attention is paid to the restoration of female erections.

For this purpose, first of all, it is recommended to organize the normal operation of the nervous system and improve the body as a whole. This means that a woman's erection is restored with a full rest, a variety of relaxing procedures (massage, baths with aromatic oils, etc.) and, most importantly, the resolution of all problems and conflicts with her second half. For women and their libido, the psychological climate in a couple, due to their greater emotionality, is much more important than for men.

A significant role for women's libido is also played by sports (fitness, running, swimming), dancing, frequent walks, and the use of special products-aphrodisiacs (spices and seasonings, seafood, dark chocolate, etc.). A woman begins to want sex more when she feels attractive, so special attention should be paid to her appearance. And, of course, women's libido will increase significantly if there is a skillful and patient partner nearby.

In men

Of great importance for the preservation of libido in men is the psychological state of a person, a sense of peace and security. It is important to learn to abstract from existing problems and focus on the positive aspects. It is not superfluous to change the situation or take a short vacation. You should also resolve possible problems in your relationship with your partner. This can be achieved independently, through confidential conversations, or by resorting to the help of a psychologist.

The role of maintaining physical health is also important. Hiking in the fresh air, a full healthy diet, rejection of bad habits, sports within reasonable limits can work wonders with the state of a man. It is also useful to use special products: nuts, oysters, low-fat meats, fresh vegetables and fruits. It is obvious that the combined use of these methods will bring faster and more stable results.

Thus, the question of libido and the solution of all related problems is extremely important for many aspects of human life. A normal sexual life is necessary for both physical health and psychological comfort of men and women. And in this regard, the most important thing is not to run away from the problem, but to try to make an intimate relationship with your partner more passionate, diverse and exciting. After all, the appetite, as they say, comes during a meal.

What is libido in men? Libido-implies sexual attraction to the opposite sex and has a psychological beginning. Do not confuse this concept with potency — physiological capabilities.

In other words, in the first case, it is appropriate to say "I want", and in the second — " I can»

With age, men often have problems: the stronger sex at the sight of a beautiful woman ceases to feel desire.

This mostly depends on the level of testosterone, but there are other reasons.

Let's see why this happens and how to get rid of the problem.

Very popular are physiotherapy methods to increase libido. This can be attributed to the sedative method. The reception of light sedatives will allow you to restore the psycho-emotional state of the patient. Drugs are used to change processes in the cerebral cortex. Also, sedatives limit the flow of impulses to the brain's stem centers. There are other effective methods.


In this case, doctors use micropolarization to normalize the man's mental state. The spinal cord and brain are affected by low-density currents. All this provokes a directed functional change in the links of the Central nervous system.


This method includes several principles of influence. It could be a vitamin, the effect of electric current, electrophoresis of psychostimulants. Sometimes chromotherapy is used. an interesting and quite effective method can be called a dry-air bath. Hot dry steam and thermal radiation from the stones gives a positive result.


In this case, there may be vibro-massage relaxation. The male body is affected by low-frequency vibration with different amplitudes and frequencies combined with roller mechanical action. This method is recommended for fatigue, sleep disorders, neuroses, asthenia, and after certain diseases. Increased libido and sexual activity is guaranteed.

Selective chromotherapy is an interesting method. The man is shown pictures with colors of different degrees of intensity and degree of radiation.Different colors affect the subcortical and cortical centers of the nerve centers. The color scheme excites individual nerve centers, which modulates the emotional processes in the male body. Colors have different effects:

  • Red-stimulates mental activity, invigorates, relieves depression.
  • Yellow-eliminates excitement and tension, relieves men from depression.
  • Blue-relieves pain and inflammation.
  • Green-eliminates emotional stress, calms.
Normalization of the work and rest regime;
  • The discontinuation of medications that reduce sexual desire;
  • The intake of stimulants;
  • Treatment of chronic diseases;
  • Physiotherapy.

It is very important to adjust the diet. A large number of food products contribute to increasing libido, activating the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone. The body of a young person should receive a sufficient amount of potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, and vitamins every day. Therefore, the daily menu includes herbs, garlic, green onions, sour cream, seafood, nuts, liver, and honey.

There are a large number of herbs that have healing properties for men. Alcohol tincture of ginseng root can stimulate male libido. Thyme, nettle, lemongrass, and hawthorn have a positive effect on sexual desire. Regular exercise is also important to restore the normal functioning of the Central nervous system.

Young people should choose the most active sports to increase their libido: swimming, basketball, football, and running. As you can see, a decrease in libido can occur even for the most innocuous reasons. Restore the same sex drive can be quickly and easily. The main thing is to seek help from a specialist in a timely manner.


Medical preparation

Which of them stand out:

  • "Burning Mukuna" is a plant-based powder that helps: improve potency and maintain a long-term combat state of the sexual organ, activates sexual desire and desire for intimacy with a girl, stimulates the secretion of testosterone, normalizes vascular tone, and improves the quality of semen. It also affects the restoration of healthy sleep and well-being, returns confidence in their abilities. Contains useful biologically active substances.
  • Cialis-affects the tone of smooth muscles and promotes better blood circulation in the instrument for enjoyment. This has a positive effect on the normalization of potency and resistance of the organ. It does not affect the improvement of testosterone production. Safe for the cardiovascular system. "Cialis" as a means of increasing desire, acts only in the presence of an external pathogen. In General, it is a good drug for men to increase libido and raise the desire, but still inferior to the "Burning mukuna".
  • Impaza improves erectile function of the penis. Promotes vasodilatation and better blood filling of the causal site. Awakens sexual desire and the degree of pleasure from intercourse. Suitable for gentlemen who have a reduced desire to engage in sexual relations for various reasons. Removes manifestations of vegetative-vascular menopause in a person over 40, which has a positive effect on intimate life.
  • Vuka Vuka is a phytopreparation with biologically active additives. It is composed of aphrodisiacs. Causes a tonic effect. Stimulates the nervous system if problems with combat readiness occur at a psychogenic level. Improves blood circulation in the pelvis and blood flow to the instrument of pleasure. Stimulates sexual desire. It can be used before sexual intercourse to maintain a fighting state, or on a preventive basis to normalize potency.
  • Tribestan is a drug based on medicinal herbs. It also has an active component-the steroid saponin. Stimulates the production of testosterone in humans, keeps the fighting state of the body for a longer time, awakens sexual desire. Positively affects the quality of the seed. Normalizes the tone of the vascular walls, due to which the sexual organ is better filled with blood and its elevated state is kept. Consider the following product that answers the question of how to increase male libido and testosterone. How does it work?
  • Tectogene – stimulates the production of testosterone to normal values. Affects the improvement of potency, even if a person has suffered acute infectious or viral diseases of the genitals. Helps to soften the experience of menopause and maintain sexual desire in older men. Affects the quality of the seed, corrects their number. Improves the immune system, eliminates the depressed state.
  • Parity – has in its composition nicotinamide, zinc, vitamin E. another component is ginger root – a well-known aphrodisiac. Promotes the activation of testosterone production, if it is not enough in the body. Normalizes human potency and sexual activity.
Medical devices use different mechanisms to awaken sexual instincts and attraction.

What is included in the concept of libido?

There are two components of libido: physiological and psychological.

The first is determined by the number of human sex hormones. For normal functioning and ability to procreate in the body of men and women must maintain a balance of sex hormones. So, the male hormone testosterone almost completely determines the sexual desire in men, and the female libido depends largely on the amount of estrogen and progesterone in the body.

The psychological or emotional component of libido in men and women affects the choice of a sexual partner.

Thus, the strength of attraction to the opposite sex is largely determined by the temperament of a person, however, a significant influence on it is also a variety of external factors. Problems at work, difficulties in relationships with your other half, depression, poor physical health, and even the inevitable age-related changes in the body can significantly reduce sexual desire.

Normalizes the level of testosterone

Very often, a decrease in attraction to a woman and oppressed sexual instincts originate from a lack of the main male hormone.

Here are the main effective ways to normalize testosterone and its greater release in the body.

Foods that affect the improvement of testosterone levels:

  1. Meat: red, poultry.
  2. Fruits: everything, since any kind has a lot of fiber, vitamins and trace elements.
  3. Vegetables: tomatoes, celery.
  4. Seafood: salmon, trout, shellfish, oysters.
  5. Greens: arugula, coriander, dill, parsley, spinach.
  6. Herbs: Eleutherococcus, ginseng.
  7. Porridge: pearl barley, buckwheat, wheat.
  8. Spices: red pepper, dried garlic, turmeric.
  9. Nuts: cashews, walnuts, almonds.
  10. Berries: blueberries, cranberries, currants, cherries.

This list is also useful for those who asked about how to increase the potency of men with folk remedies in 60 years or 25.

It is useful to periodically pour cold water.

This gives vigor to the stronger sex, and also leads to the release of the desired dose of sex hormones.

Train the LC muscle

  • Find it first. The pubic-coccygeal muscle allows you to abruptly restrain the flow of urination in the toilet. You also encourage your combat companion to jump when he has, as they say, "solstice", precisely by straining this same muscle.
  • The essence of training is alternate compressions. You should do daily compressions and relaxation of the LC muscle. Do long compressions for a few seconds, and then rest for the same time (and several such repetitions in a row). Some do a lot of short pendulum compressions in a row, but long ones are considered more effective than short ones.
  • Gradual loads. In order to worry less after 50 years about how to increase men's libido and potency, you need to add the number of contractions by 10-20 percent every day compared to the previous one. You can keep a diary with calculations. It is better for a beginner to reach the desired daily compression level slowly, making breaks of several hours in between. Don't try to do too much at once in one sitting.

Pros of practice

  1. Such secret muscle workouts make more testosterone levels tested.
  2. These compressions create a lot of sexual energy in the body. During practice, you will even get a little bit of a pleasant shiver if you do everything correctly.
  3. Improves blood filling of the organ. This helps to develop control over the premature finish, which was already mentioned in another article.

Perform special physical exercises

In addition to the above list of products that increase libido in men and increase potency, worthy attention is taken by physical exercise.

They are also useful for raising sexual desire in relation to a partner.

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your feet parallel to the floor. Put a pancake, dumbbell, or other heavy object on your stomach. It can be performed without weights. Perform alternately lifting the pelvis and returning to the original lying position.
  • Feet shoulder width apart. Sit down deeply. Throw your legs back and stand in a push-up position. Pull your legs back to you, post-squat posture. Straighten up. Jump up and slam over your head.
  • Put your feet shoulder-width apart. Rotate the pelvis clockwise and then counterclockwise. Don't bend your knees.
  • Sit straight on a chair, hold the ball between your legs. Squeeze the ball, Contracting the muscles of the pelvis and perineum.
  • Lie on your back, lift your feet off the floor at 45 degrees. Move your legs clockwise, as if on a Bicycle. You can change the angle, speed, and direction.
Excessive loads, overtraining provoke the production of cortisol, which also brings stress to a person, stops the growth of muscles and destroys their fibers. This is the most unenviable hormone for an athlete.

It is advisable to do no more than 50 minutes a day, preferably in the morning. Start your next workout after you have fully recovered and rested.

Male libido — what is it

So, what is libido in men?

It is responsible for the masculine force-the energy that underlies the sexual drive; the expression of it both during sexual intercourse and before it.

Libido shows how much a person wants intimacy with the opposite sex and how often this desire can occur.

Procreation and reproductive function are directly dependent on it.

Understanding what libido is, we can distinguish several constituent factors: psychology and physiology.

First, let's deal with the physiological. It is determined by the hormonal background and the amount of hormones produced by the body.

The hormone testosterone is responsible for sexual attraction to women.

If there is a lack of it, there is a disproportion of female and male hormones, which negatively affects both libido and potency.

As for the psychological factor, it is not so simple.

It depends entirely on the mood of the man and his emotional state.

For example, temperament is very important. It will play an important role in the attraction to a woman and the desire for intimacy with her.

Everything can disrupt harmony: conflict situations in different areas, at work, in the family, stress, anxiety, insomnia.

All this leads to a decrease in libido, and as a result, any interest in a woman. A man risks facing such a problem as erectile dysfunction.

By: Dr. John Provet


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