Most of the diseases that men face are often related to their lifestyle. Unfortunately, alcohol, Smoking, overeating, and lack of physical activity are so much part of their daily lives that almost no one pays attention to them. But it is this way of life, to which various infections are added, that leads to the appearance of various diseases. Knowing the reasons for their occurrence, you can choose effective ways to help your body.

In the work of improving your body, you need to find interest and inspiration. If it is a burden to you, gives you unpleasant troubles - this is not a recovery. It is necessary to understand one more truth: life in favor of your bad habits, tastes, and character traits necessarily leads to diseases. Recovery with a negative mood does not give a good result. Treatment without normalization and harmonization of the body's connections with the environment gives only a temporary effect.

Men's health

In treatment, recovery and rejuvenation, a person has no choice but natural. Nature specifies one way - normalization, harmonization of the human body's relations with the environment throughout life. And you should follow this path with joy and inspiration.

Lifestyle and health

To what extent does health depend on the individual

Statistics give us the following numbers. 20% of a person's health depends on heredity. Another 20% of health status is determined by the environmental situation. Human health depends on health care by only 8.5%. And 51.5% of a person's health is determined by their lifestyle. Let's take a closer look at this data and how we can influence it.

20% of our health depends on heredity-a good figure, and it seems that it is impossible to influence it - one is given, and the other is not. But this is only at first glance. Of course, we can't influence our heredity, but we can influence the heredity of our children and grandchildren and make it much better.

20% of our health depends on the environmental situation. But this figure is also influenced by people. Who pollutes their environment, if not the man himself with his unreasonable activities, and then reaps the fruits of " bad " ecology. We live by gravity, we do not want to monitor our health, and when we get sick, we take pills. The pharmaceutical factory produces millions of tons of various medicines, and people regularly consume them. Recently, it was discovered that underground drinking springs in the resorts of the Alps were poisoned... 30 types of the most common medications.

It turned out that the drug, after passing through the body, does not split, but retains its medicinal properties. Together with the urine, it gets into the sewage, and then mixes with underground drinking water and accumulates in them. The use of such "drinking water", even bathing in it (especially small children), leads to allergies and other ailments. Antibiotics, sedatives, heart medications, contraceptives, and other medications repeatedly "bombard" the human body. Moreover, harmful microoranisms, constantly staying in the Drug environment, adapt to it and become more resistant to the effects of drugs. So there are viruses, fungi, microbes, against which modern medicines are powerless. Other, more powerful ones are required. To stop this useless race, stop poisoning the environment, treat yourself with natural remedies.

8.5% of a person's health depends on health care. I will omit consideration of this issue, which is most relevant to restoring health in emergency cases-poisoning, injuries, and other acute situations. The fight against the epidemic is more related to economic conditions of life.

There are 51.5% that are directly related to a person's lifestyle. How a person lives - thinks, breathes, eats, moves, cleanses or unloads prophylactically - depends on their health.

To sum up, we can say that, in addition to 8.5% of cases, the health and well-being of a person depends on himself. Due to the correct organization of his life, a person can cope with any disease himself.

What is health and what is disease

A person can be viewed in different ways and the concepts of "health" and "disease"can be explained in different ways. I prefer to consider a person as a harmonious system that exists due to the fact that it constantly passes through streams of information, energy and matter. Thanks to this, a person can navigate in the surrounding space (working with information flows), act (working with energies), and manifest himself in physical form (working with matter - nutrition). When a particular failure occurs in the skipped streams, it manifests itself as some kind of disease. For example, medicine has 23 thousand diseases!

Human health is a state when there is a normal, harmonious, informational, energy and material exchange between the human body and nature (the environment), between man and society, and the body's reserve capacity is quite large.

Human disease is a condition in which the normal, harmonious, informational, energy and material exchange between the human body and nature, man and society is disrupted, and the body's reserve capacity is reduced or insufficient.

Parameters of a healthy person

Consciousness-an elated and joyful mood prevails, there are no strong negative experiences, obsessive thoughts and fatigue, and curiosity is developed.

Breath - the healthy person makes five-seven respiratory cycles (inhalation and exhalation and the pause between them is one respiratory cycle) in a minute. (The fewer cycles, the healthier the person.)

Nutrition - saturation with a small amount of natural food, a constant feeling of light hunger (this indicates that the person does not overeat), a normal stool after each meal (which means the perfect work of the digestive tract).

The skin is clean, smooth, without flaws and unpleasant smell, heat exchange is perfectly regulated.

Immunity - absence of any diseases, rapid healing of wounds, cuts, burns, etc.

Muscles - elastic, hardy, moderately strong (good flexibility of all ligaments and joints), proportionally developed.

In General, a healthy person has a good posture, proportionally complex, has a small layer of fat, almost does not get tired, is friendly to others, perceives extreme events soberly, reasonably, without unnecessary emotional coloring.

Parameters of an unhealthy person

Any change in the activity of consciousness, respiration, nutrition, skin, immunity, muscles in the direction of deterioration indicates a certain degree of ill health or illness.

Consciousness - depressed mood, frequent strong experiences, obsessive thoughts, a constant feeling of fatigue and indifference to life.

Breathing - significantly more than seven breathing cycles per minute.

Nutrition - saturation with a large amount of heat-treated or unnatural food, lack of hunger, difficult stool or lack of it during the day.

Skin-greasy or dry in cracks, with acne, pimples, with an unpleasant smell.

Immunity - the constant presence of any diseases, especially infectious ones, slow healing of wounds, cuts, burns, etc.

Muscles are weak, sluggish, stiff, and disproportionately developed.

A sick person, as a rule, has poor posture, is disproportionately complex, has an excess or lack of fat, gets tired quickly, feels dissatisfaction or irritation because of trifles, any event for him is stress with a bright emotional color.

What should self-healing be like

Health-improving work should be carried out in a complex and harmonious way with all the healing powers of the body at the same time. These are the healing powers: consciousness, breathing, nutrition, skin (mainly through hardening, cleansing), immunity (mainly through cleansing, proper nutrition, herbs, hardening), and motor activity.

With the right approach, self-treatment is very fast - from a week to two months. Remember: self-healing is not a single event, but a slow, thoughtful, regular work throughout a person's life. The way of life is built so that strengthening one's own health is not a boring activity, but becomes a joyful element that colors our everyday life.

If self-healing is far from a comprehensive approach and is conducted one-sided, with the use of one or two health-improving means (for example, urinotherapy, hunger), then the health-improving results are less stable.

A person who has embarked on the path of self-healing, in order to get a good effect quickly and for a long time, must take into account their own Constitution, their age and the climatic conditions in which they are located. This is the most basic thing. When these parameters are taken into account, self-recovery is on the rise, and the results achieved are stable.

Bad habits that destroy health

Unfortunately, many bad habits - alcohol, Smoking, gluttony, and even drug addiction in various forms-are firmly embedded in our lives. What is their harmfulness?

Alcohol dependence

History of alcohol

Wine as an exciting and fun drink has long been known, but it was made, as a rule, from bread products, in relatively small doses, it was expensive, so it was used mainly by wealthy people. Only at the beginning of the XIX century, the production of alcohol became mass, cheap, and created conditions for its wide distribution among the population.

Like any poison, alcohol taken in a certain dose can lead to death. For a person weighing 64 kg, the lethal dose will be equal to 500 g of pure alcohol. The speed of administration significantly affects the course of poisoning. Slow introduction reduces the risk. When the body receives a lethal dose, the body temperature decreases by 3-4 degrees. Death occurs in 12-40 hours. If you make a calculation for vodka 40°, it turns out that the lethal dose is equal to 1200 g.

Alcohol-related misconceptions

It is believed that alcohol is a food product. In fact, "alcohol is a drug that undermines the health of the population" (this is an extract from the decision of the world health organization (who) in 1975).

The all-Russian Congress for the fight against drunkenness and alcoholism in 1910 (at which 150 doctors and medical scientists were among the delegates) made a special decision on this issue: "a Food product can only be a substance that is absolutely harmless to the body. Alcohol, like narcotic poison, in any doses, causes a huge harm to a person. By poisoning and destroying the body, it shortens a person's life by an average of 20 years", as well as: "Alcohol-ethyl alcohol, refers to strong drugs".

The Great Soviet encyclopedia gives this definition: "Alcohol is a potent drug."

It is believed that moderate doses of alcohol are harmless. There are no harmless doses for alcohol as a drug, nor for morphine, heroin, or other drugs.

Danish scientists have found that moderate alcohol consumption in 4 years, drinkers have a shrunken brain in 85% of cases ("Science and life", 1985, no. 10).

Talking about "moderate" doses and "cultural" wine drinking is a trap for simpletons. All drinkers and alcoholics started with "moderate" doses and" culturally " drank, and ended up in psychiatric hospitals or in a cemetery 20 years ahead of schedule.

Vodka is considered the best remedy for colds. Due to the fact that alcohol has pronounced properties to increase circulation in the body, which decreases during a cold, this was taken as a therapeutic effect. However, it turned out that this effect is followed by depression, which further weakens the body. "Treatment" with alcohol only contributes to frequent diseases and severe course of any infectious diseases.

It is believed that purified alcohol is not poisonous. The toxicity of alcoholic products that are poorly purified is more pronounced, but the main poisoning force is still alcohol, not impurities, which account for 6% of the toxicity, i.e. both acute and chronic poisoning occurs mainly due to ethyl alcohol.

Experiments and observations on people who drink found that the toxicity of alcohol is stronger, the higher its concentration. This explains the adverse effect of strong alcoholic beverages on the development of alcoholism.

It is believed that small doses of alcohol, if its concentration in the blood does not exceed a certain level, are not harmful and are acceptable both in production and in transport. Research by Czechoslovak scientists has shown that a mug of beer drunk by the driver before departure increases the number of accidents by 7 times, taking 50 g of vodka-by 30 times, and taking 200 g of vodka-by 130 times.

It is believed that alcohol increases appetite, promotes digestion. When taking alcohol inside, the stomach suffers first of all. And the stronger the alcoholic drink, the harder the defeat.

Under the influence of alcoholic beverages, deep changes occur in the entire glandular apparatus of the digestive tract. Glands located in the wall of the stomach and producing gastric juice containing pepsin, hydrochloric acid and various enzymes necessary for digestion of food, under the influence of alcoholic irritation, try to protect themselves from this by releasing a large amount of mucus. If alcohol is taken regularly, the glands wear out prematurely and atrophy. There is gastritis and other problems with the stomach.

Passing through the liver barrier, alcohol negatively affects the liver cells, which under the influence of the destructive action of this poisonous product die. In their place, connective tissue is formed, or simply a scar. The liver gradually decreases in size, i.e. it shrinks, the liver vessels are compressed, the blood in them stagnates, the pressure increases by 3-4 times. These changes are called cirrhosis of the liver.

In addition to the liver, sclerotic changes occur in the pancreas. When dissecting people who consumed alcohol in large doses or for a long time, deep changes in the pancreas were revealed, which explained the frequent complaints of drinking people about poor digestion, sharp abdominal pain, etc.these patients often have diabetes due to the death of special cells located in the pancreas and producing insulin. Pancreatitis and diabetes due to alcohol are common phenomena.

It is believed that cognac and vodka dilate blood vessels, which is the best remedy for heart pain. In fact, the opposite is true. In drinkers, as a result of a violation of the regulation of vascular tone, there is a failure in the regulation of blood pressure. According to scientists, more than 40% of drinkers have hypertension and, in addition, almost 30% of the blood pressure level is in the "danger zone", i.e. approaching hypertension, with an average age of 36 years.

Alcohol damage to the heart muscle is based on the direct toxic effect of alcohol on the myocardium in combination with changes in nervous regulation and microcirculation. Gross violations of interstitial metabolism that develop in this case lead to the development of focal and diffuse myocardial dystrophy, which is manifested by a violation of the heart rhythm and heart failure.

It is considered that the production and sale of alcohol is beneficial to the state. In 1983, $ 46 billion worth of alcoholic beverages were sold in the United States. At the same time, the state suffered losses of $ 120 billion from various types of damage related to people's intoxication.

It is well known that dry wines are useful. Alcohol is a drug and protoplasmic poison, and its consumption will inevitably lead to poisoning and alcoholism. There is no difference where it is-in vodka or in dry wine. Its harm is the same.

V. M. Bekhterev wrote: "Since the absolute harm of alcohol from a scientific and hygienic point of view has been proved, there can be no question of scientific approval of "small" or "moderate" doses of alcohol. Everyone knows that the beginning is always expressed in" small " doses, which gradually pass into doses large and large according to the law of gravitation to all narcotic poisons in General, which primarily include alcohol."

It is believed that alcohol relieves stress. Yes, taking alcohol creates the illusion of relieving tension. In fact, the tension in the mind persists, it does not disappear anywhere. When the intoxication passes, the tension is even greater than before the use of alcohol.

Effects of alcohol on the brain

In the world, there are a huge number of traditions associated with the" cultural " use of alcoholic beverages. Culture, mind, and morality are functions of the mind and brain. To explain the absurdity of the sentence "drink culturally", let's look at how alcohol affects the brain. A study of the brain of a person who died from acute alcohol poisoning shows that changes have occurred in the nerve cells, as pronounced as when poisoned with other strong poisons. At the same time, the cells of the cerebral cortex were affected much more than the subcortical parts. In cases of acute alcohol poisoning, but not fatal, the same changes occur in the brain and in the nerve cells of the cortex as described above, leading to profound changes in the human psyche.

Alcohol intake increases and accelerates circulatory processes in the body. This in turn strongly activates the vital principle of "Wind". Since one of the main circulatory systems is the circulatory system, the greatest changes are observed in it. The life span of red blood balls is shortened, they are destroyed directly in the bloodstream, which leads to the formation of blood clots. The higher the alcohol concentration, the more pronounced the process of thrombosis. Due to the fact that the alcohol content in the brain is higher, and the process of thrombosis there is stronger. As a result, a huge number of brain cells die off.

If a person drinks a small dose of weak grape wine, the next time the same dose will be drunk in 2-3 months or six months, then the harm will be relatively small. If a person drinks a large dose of strong drinks, and after a week or two will repeat, then the brain will not have time to get rid of the narcotic poison and will always be in a poisoned state. In this case, the harm will be great. In the same way, if you drink dry wine in small doses, but use it more often than once every two weeks, the brain will not return to normal from drug poisoning and the harm will be undoubted.

Specially conducted experiments on people who drank one or one and a half glasses of vodka, found that in all cases, without exception, alcohol acts the same way: it slows down and hinders mental processes. In the beginning, more complex mental processes suffer. With repeated alcohol intake, the damage to the higher centers of brain activity lasts from 8 to 20 days. If alcohol is consumed for a long time, the work of these centers is not restored.

Changes in the structure of the brain occur after several years of drinking alcohol. All subjects were found to have reduced brain volume, or, as they say, "shrunken brain". Moreover, the changes are most pronounced in those parts of the cerebral cortex where thought activity occurs, memory function is performed, and so on.

"Cultural" wine drinking "culturally" will take away your mind, health, property and life itself.

Influence of alcohol intoxication on conception

When a person is intoxicated, all the cells of his body are saturated with alcohol. If the spermatozoa damaged by alcohol "meet" the alcoholic egg, then the accumulation of degenerative properties will occur, which will have a severe impact on the development of the fetus, on the health of the child. Very often, children with severe mental and physical disabilities are born from drinking parents.

In Ancient Russia, it was forbidden for the bride and groom to drink alcohol at the wedding. The laws of Ancient Rome forbade young people under 30 years of age, i.e. in the years of the most active reproduction of offspring, to drink alcoholic beverages. The laws of Ancient Greece strictly prohibited copulation with his wife in a drunken state.

In conclusion, a short story about the dangers of alcohol, I will inform you that at the beginning of the XX century, 800 doctors from England, Germany and Austria appealed to all mankind to stop considering alcohol as a food product and attribute it to drugs. Alas, no one heard them.

In our time, a similar appeal was made by 1,700 doctors: "we, doctors, professors and academicians of medicine, appeal To you to discuss and make a decision on the official recognition of alcohol and tobacco as drugs that have become widespread in our country, have caused and are causing great harm to people and society, threatening the very existence of our Fatherland as a cultural state." Alas, no one hears or takes them seriously again.


English doctors, having carefully studied the problem of tobacco Smoking, found that each cigarette smoked costs the smoker 15 minutes of life. On average, according to statistics, multi-smokers have a shorter life expectancy than non-smokers, by b-7 years.

It is known that among smokers, the death rate from all causes is twice as high as that of non-smokers.

Smokers, compared to non-smokers, are more likely to suffer from colds and allergic diseases. The recovery process for them after respiratory diseases and surgical operations lasts longer and often gives complications. Smoking increases the risk of becoming ill with severe chronic diseases or dying prematurely, i.e. not living up to the expected life span. Other diseases closely related to Smoking include peptic ulcer, coronary heart disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema of the lungs, and others where the effects of tobacco exacerbate the severity of the disease.

In order for you to better understand the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, let's examine its components and their effects on the human body.

In tobacco smoke, all substances have a harmful effect on the human body. Of these, tobacco tar and nicotine are the most harmful. 1 kg of tobacco, which the average person smokes per month, contains 70 ml of tobacco tar. For 10 years, more than 8 liters of tobacco tar passes through the respiratory tract of a Smoking person. With all the capabilities of the body to self-defense, it is impossible to resist against such an amount of carcinogenic substance that is systematically fed to the body day after day. The lungs of smokers in their 50s have the same changes that non-smokers have only in their 70s and 80s.

Using animal experiments, it was convincingly proved that tobacco tar is a carcinogenic substance and contributes to the development of cancer. For reference, I inform you that the cells of the human body, systematically exposed to harmful effects, are forced to adapt to them, change, a result, imperceptibly, gradually they are transformed into completely alien to our body cells - cancer. If you want to grow cancer cells, smoke regularly and more. Statistics confirm this "advice".

Lung cancer in smokers is 20-30 times more common than in non-smokers; 96% of lung cancer patients smoke for more than 20 years, non-smokers among lung cancer patients make up 1-2%.

The death rate from lung cancer per 100,000 people is expressed in the following figures: non-smokers - 4 people who smoke less than half a pack of cigarettes a day-52 people, from half to 1 pack-144, smokers more than 40 cigarettes-217, i.e. they have lung cancer 63 times more often.

Tobacco smoke carcinogens also affect other parts of the human body. Cancer of the mouth, tongue, stomach, esophagus, observed in smokers approximately 2 times more often than in non-smokers.

Nicotine contained in tobacco smoke is an extremely toxic substance. In its toxicity, it is not inferior to prussic acid.

Taken by mouth, 1 mg of nicotine is a lethal dose. When Smoking a pack of cigarettes, so much nicotine is absorbed that it is enough to kill a person. Only due to the fact that long-term Smoking produces some resistance that counteracts this poison, and that this absorption does not occur immediately, but during the day, poisoning does not occur. However, the harmful effects of nicotine on the body, and especially on its Central nervous system, can be judged by the effect that the very first smoked cigarette has: nausea, vomiting, cold sweat-these symptoms indicate poisoning of brain cells with nicotine, and such poisoning of brain cells occurs every time, although the body adapts to this.

Nicotine destroys the nervous system, heart, lungs, liver, digestive organs, and sex glands. Nicotine affects the activity of the senses, reduces visual acuity and hearing, dulls the sense of smell and taste. Sexual sensitivity is also reduced. In men, along with a decrease in sexual sensitivity, the duration of sexual intercourse is reduced or painfully prolonged, which also does not bring them satisfaction.

In addition to tar and nicotine, about 30 harmful substances are released from tobacco under the influence of high temperature: hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and various essential oils, among which benzidine is especially dangerous - a one-hundred-percent carcinogen. Tobacco smoke contains a significant amount of polonium-200, which emits alpha particles. When Smoking one pack of cigarettes, a person receives a radiation dose equal to 36 rad, which is 7 times higher than the dose established by the agreement on protection from radiation. Tobacco smoke is harmful to the heart, blood vessels, genitals, and offspring. People who smoke for about 10 years are 3.5 times more likely to get sick than non-smokers. Chronic bronchitis is diagnosed in smokers 2 times more often, and the entire group of respiratory diseases-4 times more often than in non-smokers. Smoking increases the negative effect of the surrounding harmful substances.

When Smoking, the walls of blood vessels are compressed, and this usually increases or causes attacks of coronary insufficiency. Statistics show that smokers suffer from angina 13 times, and myocardial infarction 12 times more often than non-smokers. 82% of patients admitted to hospitals with acute heart attacks are smokers.

When treating angina attacks in a Smoking person, prevention - Smoking cessation-is best. Often even this is enough for the heart to begin to recover.

In smokers, adverse changes occur in the blood vessels, which often cause peripheral vascular disease-obliterating endoarteritis (internal blockage). At first, it is manifested by intermittent lameness: when walking, there is a sharp pain in the calves of the legs.

(Many people think that the calves of the legs are just muscles. It turns out that these places are laid vital for the body of education, which primarily respond to intoxication from Smoking. In this case, the calves of the legs undergo a special restructuring and they react with pain to the inclusion of a special function of the body.) This is a signal to the smoker about the need to quit Smoking, otherwise it will be very bad, since no treatment for Smoking helps and will lead to the death of the toes, etc.

Smoking has a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It stimulates the development of ulcers. And this is not surprising, because the smoke activates two processes: "Wind" and "Bile", and the properties of "Mucus", which heals, - suppresses. As a result, "Wind" - smoke, increases the destructive processes in the cells of the stomach and inhibits the production of protective mucus, and "Bile" - due to the acridity of the smoke increases the acidic properties of the stomach, which corrode the mucous membrane. The observation of the ulcer patients showed that Smoking decreases the effect of the treatment.

On average, men who smoke die 15 years earlier than non - smokers from various diseases, about 18 years earlier from coronary heart disease, 14 years earlier from chronic bronchitis, and 11 years earlier from lung cancer.

Smoking causes severe diseases not only in the smokers themselves, but also in those who communicate with them, especially in children. These are "passive smokers". It is enough for a non-smoker to spend 1 hour in a smoke-filled room in order to get harmful substances in the amount contained in one smoked cigarette into his body. That is why children under 5 years of age in families of smokers get sick in 73.9% of cases. No healthy children were found in families that smoke a lot.

Smokers look much older than their years. They have dry, wrinkled skin, yellow complexion, flabby muscles.

Think about the following statistics: according to who, one in five people die from Smoking-related causes!

Diet for smokers and passive smokers

Tobacco smoke contains about 4 thousand chemical components. Absorbed into the blood, these substances enter the body's cells and overwhelmingly affect them. Then they are neutralized and partially removed from the body. To do this, they are joined by special substances of the body and are excreted in the form of paired compounds. Naturally, the body loses the biologically active substances it needs, and their deficiency is formed.

This applies not only to smokers, but also to those who inhale smoky air.

Studies have shown that smokers and those in the company of people who smoke (passive smokers) need to consume more biologically active substances. They need to eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains (especially sprouted grains), drink fresh vegetable juices, which will provide the body with enough vitamins and minerals.

Each cigarette destroys 25 mg of vitamin C, and each pack takes away 500 mg of this vitamin from the Smoking person's body.

To get beta-carotene converted in the liver to vitamin A, drink carrot juice. This vitamin strengthens the mucous membranes of the lungs and other organs.

Lung tissues are protected by vitamins E and B12, folic acid, and the mineral selenium. All this is contained in excess in sprouted wheat.

Avoid fatty foods: they impair the absorption of biologically active substances. Drink less alcohol: it has an additional burden on the body and in combination with Smoking quickly leads to the destruction of health.


Drug addiction is an undoubted evil that destroys the human mind and body. We will explain very briefly how this happens. A person would never take drugs if they did not act on certain sensory centers and did not leave a "pleasant memory" of this event in the mind. After several doses of the drug, a powerful memory center remains in a person's mind. Like any information and energy education, it requires a new sensory reinforcement for its existence, otherwise it will disintegrate. To prevent this from happening, "narcotic memory", like a computer virus, acts on everything that is possible in the human mind for the sole purpose of repeating the stimulation. So there is a drug addiction with a tendency to more and more drug use. This expansion of "narcotic memory" is due to the fact that it increasingly enslaves the mind, leaving a minimum for sober reasoning.

Let's explain the enslavement of human consciousness with "narcotic memory" by a simple example. A person is thirsty, he wants to drink water. In consciousness, the first level is involved-the satisfaction of thirst. In order to satisfy it, the mind must accept the program, how to satisfy it, that is, go to the second level. Finally, the program must begin to translate into concrete actions-to reach the third level.

Now carefully follow the course of my reasoning. There is a thirst (the desire to take a drug). For its satisfaction, the second level of consciousness is activated - how best to do it (where to get the drug). "Obsession" with these thoughts suggests that "narcotic memory" begins to enslave and capture the second level of consciousness. It is strengthened by first capturing the permitted options, "how to do it". After this is done, the "narcotic memory" is strengthened and increased in consciousness, and it requires more powerful and frequent stimulation to maintain its increased information and energy structures. As a result, the person begins to use illegal means to satisfy the increased "narcotic memory". He becomes a notorious drug addict, ready for anything. This is already being implemented on the third level. So a person degrades, becoming an appendage of his own "narcotic information", which eventually leads him to death.

As for the physical body, taking drugs leads to the fact that the body includes them in metabolic processes. In order to bring them back, you need to apply skill and patience. Our body has a variety of receptors that respond to natural drugs that are available and formed. They are necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Artificial drugs, depending on the type, act on the receptors of the corresponding type. For example, our body naturally produces its own alcohol. This means that alcohol taken artificially will affect the body through these receptors.

The same applies to morphine, opium, and so on. Once these substances come from the outside, their natural production by the body is blocked. And now, for normal health, a person must take them regularly. To cure a person, it is necessary to force the body to start reproducing these substances naturally again, and refuse to receive them from the outside. This requires a certain time, during which the person feels very bad-there is a "break".

So think about whether to start taking drugs, and then be treated for it, especially since there are many other ways to give yourself no less pleasure, but without using drugs.


Gluttony is a more "soft" type of addiction. A person who is prone to gluttony has a corresponding psychological attitude formed in his mind, which suppresses his mind and makes him do everything to randomly fill his stomach with food. This desire is especially strong in the evenings. As a result of overeating, the body quickly collapses and the person becomes ill.

How to get rid of bad habits

Things happen in life. A person lived a normal life, and then imperceptibly became an alcoholic or a drug addict. Such a person slowly but surely degrades. Let's talk about how to help a person in such cases.

Many resort to "coding" for alcohol and nicotine addiction. What is it? This method, proposed by Dr. Dovzhenko, is based on blocking the information and energy source of alcohol or nicotine dependence by other, opposite methods. In order to enter this blockage into the mind, it is necessary to cause a state of shock, disconnection, during which the necessary information is entered. It is the disabling of consciousness that allows this recording to be made, because only in the state of unconsciousness (or hypnosis) is the consciousness susceptible to such manipulation.

Fasting treatment

There is a more universal, independent remedy that helps to get rid of bad habits - alcoholism, tobacco Smoking, drug addiction and gluttony-this is fasting, by which I mean fasting.

When it is said that a person "fasts" or "imposes fasting" on himself, it means that he has voluntarily placed a barrier before his sensual pleasures in order to curb and subdue them.

So, when a person began to voluntarily starve, then special adaptive shifts occur in his body, which gently remove foreign narcotic substances and establish their own, correct metabolism. As a result, a person without withdrawal syndrome (lomoc) gets rid of drug addiction.

Specialist in fasting G. Voitovich emphasizes this fact and gives an example of how a drug addict V., 42 years old, told him that after the first course of fasting, he appeared in a society of drug addicts, sat there for a whole evening without touching the drugs, and thus led to the amazement of the "friends" around him. After that, his example was followed by a patient with the same disease C, 34 years old.

The most difficult period for starving drug users is the first day of fasting. After starvation, they should not appear in the old society, so as not to re-join the past.

Fasting for 24-36 hours once a week will help to "educate" and" pacify " gluttony. It will be good to starve once every 3 months for 7-10 days. This will help to "erase" information about gluttony in the mind, narrow the stretched stomach. But as the most effective means, I recommend that you refrain from eating after 16 hours of the day, you can only drink any drinks. So it is necessary to withstand the lunar month. During this time, the old habit dissipates, and the new one strengthens.

Folk methods of treatment of alcoholism

It is very effective to treat alcoholism with a herb called plaun-Baranets.

10 g of plaun-Baranets from the evening to put in a thermos and pour a glass of boiling water. In the morning, strain and drink an hour after Breakfast. After 20-30 minutes after taking the patient is given a drink of vodka (40-50 mg) or wine (50-60 mg). After about 10-20 minutes, nausea and vomiting occur.

During the day, the patient should drink a glass of Baranets (50 g per reception) and drink alcohol accordingly.

The course of treatment is designed for 1-2 weeks. To obtain a stable effect of the patient's aversion to alcohol, the course of treatment must be repeated several times after 6 months.

During treatment, when taking plaun-Baranets, it is necessary to refuse animal food.

Treatment with Baranets is contraindicated in cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy.

From binge try reading the following plot:

"In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy spirit! The ground you are mine, Maria, tell me, servant of God (name), from this UTO-Diya to take the good grass Serail.

To you, mother earth, for standing, and to me for slaves and female slaves for depriving them of drunkenness.

This servant of God (name) all the wine left, do not see, hear or feel, so would this servant of God (name) of the fault did not think, eyes did not look, ear has not heard, their feelings felt and ran off from the wine. As it is sick to die, so would wine be sick to the servant of God (name) from now to the age of eternity. Amen".

Common diseases in men

Pulmonary disease

According to official data from the world health organization (1996), 17 million people die annually on Earth from infections alone, and the main killer is pneumonia (4.4 million people), which is the first thing that calls for hardening are aimed at fighting.

How to clean and improve your lungs

Many people suffer from lung diseases when they are young. This is due to the fact that at this age the vital principle of "Slime"is strong. Consumption of foods with a sweet taste (bread, meat, sweets, fats) contributes to the fact that mucus accumulates in the lungs, rots and pneumonia and other lung diseases occur.

Medicinal herbs and fees for improving the lungs

Folk medicine has accumulated a lot of proven effective recipes for improving the lungs for centuries.

Here is one of these recipes. Take a glass of whole oats (preferably unwashed), pour it 0.5 liters of milk and evaporate over low heat, stirring, to half the volume. When the oats have evaporated, they are rubbed through a sieve. The result is about 1/2 Cup of liquid (the color of coffee with milk) mush. This gruel should be drunk for 1 reception before a meal. Prepare such a drug and use it 3 times a day.

The cake from the grains can be washed with milk through a sieve and this liquid is drunk (in severe cases). The remains of the cake are thrown out.

After about a week, the lungs will be cleared of mucus in the form of a strong and prolonged cough for 20-30 minutes. Those who have seriously suffered from pneumonia may leave green sputum in the form of compressed pieces.

Remember: if you suffer from constipation, then lung diseases are their consequence. Be sure to eliminate constipation.

Elecampane (root)

20 g of crushed roots for 10 minutes to cook on low heat in a glass (preferably protievoy) water, insist in a thermos for 4 hours, strain. Take 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day before meals.

Plantain (leaf)

1 tablespoon of dried plantain leaves pour a glass of boiling water in a thermos. To insist 2 hours, strain. Take 1 tablespoon 4 times a day before meals. Helps with coughing attacks.

Mix 3 tablespoons of fresh plantain leaves with 3 tablespoons of honey. In a tightly closed saucepan, place on a warm stove for several (3 to 6) hours. You will get a syrupy liquid. Take 1 teaspoon of syrup before meals.

Pine buds

1 tablespoon of kidneys pour 1 Cup of boiling water (preferably from protievoy water), insist in a thermos for about 1 hour, strain. Drink 1-2 SIPS at the urge to cough.

Black elderberry (flowers)

1 tablespoon of dried flowers pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Infuse in a thermos for about 1 hour, strain. Drink at night for 100-200 g in a warm form. You can use a little honey.

Common anise

Due to its special volatile properties, anise promotes the discharge of mucus. It is usually used in conjunction with other medicinal plants, enhancing their medicinal properties.

Anise fruit (1 part), mother-and-stepmother leaf (1 part), cowshed flowers (1 part), prosvirnyak flowers (2 parts), samoseyka flowers (2 parts), thyme grass (2 parts), marshmallow root (2 parts), licorice root (5 parts). 1 tablespoon of the collection is infused in 1 Cup of cold water (omagni-chennoy protievoy) for 2 hours, then bring to a boil and pour into a thermos, insist. Drink 50 g of warm broth from a thermos 3-4 times a day.

Oregano ordinary

Oregano contains essential oils that soften the mucus and contribute to its waste. Oregano is considered a good expectorant. Use it alone and in the form of fees.

Oregano grass (1 part), marshmallow root (2 parts), mother-and-stepmother leaf (2 parts). 1 tablespoon of the collection brew 2 cups of boiling water, insist in a thermos. Take 100 g after meals.

Viburnum vulgaris

The taste is bitter, astringent-an antagonist of mucus. An excellent expectorant. Apply a decoction of flowers and fruits.

To enhance the action, you can add honey. A decoction of viburnum fruit with honey is prepared as follows: 1 Cup of fruit pour 1 liter of hot protievoy water (you can OMAG-thread), boil for 10 minutes. Drain in a thermos, add 3 tablespoons of honey. Drink 100 g 3-4 times a day.

Radish seed

It has a bitter taste that is an antagonist of mucus. Squeeze the juice and use with honey 1-2 tablespoons before eating. The juice is prepared only for one day! Store in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container.

You can get juice in other ways.

Cut a hole in the radish and fill it with honey. Close the hole with a piece of radish, infuse for about 4 hours. Drain the resulting juice. Take 1 tablespoon before meals.

Cut the raw radish into very thin slices (6-8 pieces). Drizzle each slice with honey. The resulting sweet juice should be taken 1 tablespoon every hour.

Radish medicines are considered the most effective for coughing, curing it in a short time.

Note. These plants have healing properties due to the essential oils contained in them, which quickly evaporate, so the prepared infusions and juices should be kept tightly closed, once again do not pour, do not filter, and use during the day. The next day, prepare new ones.

Cardiovascular diseases

Hypertension (hypertension)

Many people associate the word "hypertension" with high blood pressure. In fact, it means "abnormally high muscle tone". High blood pressure is indicated by a similar word - "hypertension".

There are several types of high blood pressure. There may be a General high blood pressure. There may be abnormally high blood pressure in the lungs. There may be high venous blood pressure in the portal vein of the liver (portal hypertension). All these types of high blood pressure have different causes and cause different diseases. We will only talk about one thing - the General high blood pressure in the body.

To understand the mechanism of its occurrence, let's get acquainted with how blood circulates through the body. In General, the human circulatory system is divided into the heart, arterial system, capillary system, and venous system. In a simplified form, you can imagine this: the heart-a pump that drives the fluid; arteries and veins-pipes through which the fluid moves; capillaries - very small tubes that stand between the large tubes of arteries and veins.

Men's health

The heart pumps blood into the arterial system, creating an increased pressure in it, as a result of which the blood moves in the direction of the capillaries. Increased pressure in the arteries is necessary in order to push blood through the capillaries. But in fact, this is not enough. Capillaries are so small that blood particles-red blood cells (they are also red blood cells) can hardly squeeze through them. Red blood cells have an electric charge, when they approach each other, they repel. The capillary can be represented as a tube in which red blood cells are located at the same distance from each other. The arterial and venous ends of this tube are dilated. At the arterial end, due to cardiac shocks and pressure, red blood cells constantly approach each other and repel (due to the charge) in the direction of venous expansion, where the pressure is less. As a result, two mechanisms contribute to the promotion of blood through the capillaries - the pumping work of the heart and the electric charge of the red blood cells themselves. A third mechanism helps this movement - various muscle contractions (which squeeze out the blood) and vibrations in the body.

So, blood pressure can increase due to narrowing of the arteries themselves (spasms from emotions), a decrease in the charge of red blood cells (eating cooked food that does not have a charge; the decrease in the total charge of the organism or distortion as a result of accumulation of static electricity due to abnormal contact of the body with the ground), spasm of the muscles or organs (negative emotions, constantly repeating, lead to the fact that muscles and organs compressed and severely impede capillary blood flow), blockage of the connective tissue of toxins (metabolism, gases carried through the connective tissue, and if it is dirty, the blood difficult to pass through it).

Treatment to hypertensions

Knowing the reasons, you can choose effective ways to treat hypertension. First of all, you need to reconsider your attitude to life so that external events worry you less. You should treat them reasonably, without emotions.

It is necessary to learn to relax and, perhaps, to master autogenic training. This will help you to remove the accumulated tension during the day, fully relax, restore capillary circulation. At the same time, warm water treatments, wraps, and a steam room help well. They not only relax, improve capillary circulation, but also contribute to loosening and leveling the overall charge of the body.

Physical exercises before light perspiration in the form of walking, running, and regular gymnastics, especially athletic ones, help to improve capillary blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Useful and breathing exercises on the methods of Buteyko, Strelnikova, rhythmic breathing of yogis, breathing that cleanses the field form of life. All these types of breathing contribute to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body, which affects the opening of blood vessels and muscle relaxation.

Of the therapeutic and preventive means, nutrition and cleansing of the body are important. The diet should be dominated by salads of fresh vegetables, fruits, wheat sprouts, which increase the body's charge and do not allow blood to thicken. It is best to use periodic fasting. They help to cleanse the body at the level of connective tissue and increase the overall charge of the body. Be sure to clean the liver, large intestine.

Urinotherapy has proven itself well in reducing blood pressure. Having a mild diuretic effect, it removes excess water from the body, promotes the opening of capillaries and, as a result, reduces arterial, intracranial and intraocular pressure.

By performing these activities, you can normalize your blood pressure and get rid of numerous adverse health effects.

Treatment and prevention of hypertension by folk methods

Hypertensive patients should make changes in their diet. Regularly drink Apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons per 1 Cup of water), exclude salty foods, instead of wheat cereals and flour, use corn; reduce the content of animal proteins in the diet, remember that the use of honey for each meal reduces blood pressure.

Folk recipes for the treatment of hypertension are based on the use of vegetables and berries. So, a good effect is given by cranberry juice with sugar (in a ratio of 1:1). It should be taken 1 tablespoon 3 times a day after meals.

Useful decoction of bean pods, which is prepared as follows: 20 g of bean husk pour 1 liter of water and boil over low heat for 3 hours. Take 2 Glasses 30 minutes before meals.

A mixture of red beet juice and honey (in a ratio of 1:2) also helps. You can add lemon juice. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator. Take po ? glass 1 hour after eating.

For hypertension, it is recommended to use baked potatoes "in uniform" together with the skin, fresh onions, black currant - jam and decoction of dried fruits, garlic - for the sclerotic form of hypertension, 2-3 cloves daily.

Lettuce - infusion of leaves (1 tablespoon of crushed leaves brew 1 Cup of boiling water, insist 1-2 hours and strain, drink 1/2 Cup 2 times a day or 1 Cup at night.

Problems with blood vessels

The most common vascular diseases include atherosclerosis - an insidious enemy of any blood vessels in the human body; stroke - a severe consequence of damage to the brain vessels; varicose veins - a disease that occurs as a result of stretching the venous walls and disruption of the venous valves.

All these diseases are closely related and can have the same consequences and complications. For example, if a person has been diagnosed with atherosclerosis, they have a high chance of getting a myocardial infarction.

As already mentioned, the cardiovascular system includes the heart and blood vessels. In order for the circulatory system to work properly, it is very important to have healthy blood vessels. What are healthy blood vessels? First, healthy blood vessels have elastic walls that can expand and contract depending on the need. The elasticity of blood vessels is also important because their compression and expansion regulates the pressure in the arteries and veins. And the difference in pressure ensures the movement of blood through the vessels. When the venous walls of the veins lose their elasticity, are filled with blood, and can no longer compress, the pressure in the veins increases, and the difference in pressure between the venous and arterial capillaries decreases.

This is the reason for slowing down metabolic processes, the development of hypoxia (oxygen starvation), saturation of tissues with decay products, and therefore, violations of their function. The second important condition for the normal functioning of the circulatory system is smooth vessel walls.. If an outgrowth appears on the smooth wall of the vessel, then a vortex is formed, a whirlpool - blood cells collide with each other, many of them die. The chemical composition of the blood changes for the worse, clots of blood cells are formed-blood clots that can cause a lot of serious trouble. The third feature of healthy blood vessels is related to their ability to prevent blood clotting.

Blood inside a healthy vessel never coagulates, due to the fact that its walls are covered from the inside with a thin layer of endothelium. Endothelial cells secrete special substances that prevent blood clotting. But when the inner layer of the vessel cells is damaged, the blood clotting process begins immediately yase. Platelets are the first to respond to endothelial damage. They are glued to the damaged area and even give a "distress signal" - they release special substances that provoke a spasm of the vessel and call for help new platelets, which in turn stick to the place of damage. Then the glued platelets are reduced - and the blood clot is ready. This does not happen in a healthy vessel.

This means that the inner wall of a healthy vessel must be intact. For normal operation of the veins, it is also very important that the valve apparatus is in order. If the flaps of the valves fit tightly together and close the entire lumen of the vein, then the blood flows exactly where it is needed, i.e. to the heart. But if the valve is closed loosely, the blood rushes back, the veins overflow with blood, and venous congestion begins - the first sign of varicose disease.

So, elastic, smooth, undamaged vascular walls and normal functioning of the valvular apparatus of the veins are the main conditions for the normal operation of the cardiovascular system.

Proper nutrition for the prevention of atherosclerosis

So that you do not have problems with blood vessels, you should first pay attention to nutrition.

The human circulatory system is a primitive liquid distribution system. Depending on the composition of the liquid being pumped through this system, one or another wear is observed. For example, aggressive substances dissolved in a liquid act more on the wall of the "pipeline", while viscous substances contribute to clogging. If we go from this example to the circulatory system, it turns out that minerals that have undergone heat treatment (for example, calcium contained in food) are deposited in the connective tissue of the walls of blood vessels, making them less and less elastic. Viscous substances such as starches, proteins, and especially fats make our blood a viscous liquid that hardly passes through the capillary bed.

If such food is taken at night, when the body temperature decreases, the blood viscosity increases significantly, which leads to a violation of capillary circulation, primarily in the limbs - hands and feet.

Medicinal fruits and berries for cardiovascular diseases

Apricot-potassium is a lot contained in dried fruits (dried apricots, apricots). They are recommended as a dietary remedy for fasting days (300 g of crushed dried apricots and 0.5 l of apricot juice in 4 doses) 1 time a week to feed the heart muscle.

Orange - for atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease.

Infusion of young leaves of cherry plum - for edema due to heart diseases.

Grapes - very effective long-term use of fruit or juice to increase the tone of the heart muscle.

Garnet-indicated for atherosclerosis, as the juice dissolves calcareous deposits on blood vessels.

Grapefruit-has anti-sclerotic properties.

Strawberries ( strawberries) - a valuable tool for heart diseases; fruits, leaf infusion: 2 tablespoons of leaves pour 2 cups of boiling water, insist a day. Drink U2 glasses 4 times a day with high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, weakening of the heart muscle contraction.

Peach - for atherosclerosis.

Plum - for atherosclerosis, hypertension.

Blackcurrant-a means of toning up the cardiovascular system; juice from berries - for atherosclerosis, hypertension.

White mulberry - fruits, juice for diseases of the cardiovascular system. The use of black mulberry decreases blood pressure.

Guava - due to high iodine content, the fruits and the juice is used in atherosclerosis, diseases of the thyroid gland.

Apples-for heart disease, hypertension, liver disease, obesity, gout. Very useful fasting Apple days: 300-400 g of fresh sweet apples 5-6 times a day.

Nuts and vegetables for cardiovascular diseases

Walnut-tea: 1-2 teaspoons of dry leaves per 1 Cup of boiling water, infuse. Drink 1/2 Cup 3-4 times a day for atherosclerosis. For the treatment of hypertension, use 100 g of nuts daily with or without honey for 45 days. Eggplant-reduces cholesterol in the blood. In medical nutrition, eggplant is recommended for atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, and weakening of the heart. Melon-for atherosclerosis of the brain and heart vessels.

Zucchini - with edema of cardiovascular origin, atherosclerosis, overweight; remove excess fluid and cholesterol. Potatoes-for diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys, accompanied by edema.

Fresh cucumbers - for cardiovascular diseases; reduce blood pressure, normalize the thyroid gland.

Parsnip-strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries. Infusion: 5 tablespoons of crushed roots for 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist overnight in a thermos. Drink 1/3-1/4 Cup (with sugar and honey) 4 times a day with a General decline in strength.

Patissons - with atherosclerosis; it is better to use small ones, 5-7 cm in diameter, on the day of collection.

Tomatoes-for the prevention of atherosclerosis, middle-aged and older people.

Pumpkin is in the field of cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, and hypertension.

Dill - for hypertension, angina, neuroses, insomnia. Infusion: 1 tablespoon of fruit or herbs pour 1 Cup of boiling water, insist overnight in a thermos. Drink 1 glass.

Herbal preparations for cardiovascular diseases

  • Peppermint (leaves), motherwort (grass) - 3 parts, Valerian (root), hops (cones) - 2 parts. Drink U2 glasses of infusion 3 times a day for nervous excitement, irritability, insomnia.
  • Valerian (root), motherwort (leaves) - 3 parts, yarrow (grass), anise, fruit-2 parts. Drink as an infusion of 1/3-1/4 Cup 2-3 times a day for heart pain.

Imaginative and strong-willed attitude to the improvement of the heart

"My heart is absolutely healthy. Completely healthy is my heart. The young, energetic blood washes my heart cleanly, and nourishes my heart better and better. Eternally young energy continuously rejuvenates the heart. Eternally young, life-giving blood has a powerful rejuvenating effect on the heart. The greatest force in the Universe that gave me life makes my heart young, healthy, strong, and powerful.

All systems of the body work with great courage, with great power for the complete recovery of the heart. Every moment the heart becomes energetically young. Great and boundless is the power of the heart. The heart is throbbing with a new-born, youthful life. The work of the heart is strong and perfect. Every moment infuses the heart with a primordial young freshness, strength, and longevity. The primordial young strength and the primordial young elasticity of the heart muscles are restored. A young healthy heart is elastic and elastic. The whole heart is filled with divine light-bearing power. My heart is absolutely healthy, full of boundless energy and strength. It will be like this today, tomorrow, and always."

This mood can be read, or you can record it on a tape recorder and listen to it many times in a row, repeating it to yourself, mentally creating an image of a young, energetic, tireless heart.

Blood purification

Blood purification activities begin with a three-day juice diet. It can be extended up to 5-7 days. Use freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices of red color: cherry, cranberry, beet, grape, BlackBerry, red cabbage. You can take several types of juices a day.

The red color of juices has a special meaning. First, the red color due to its special energy and frequency enters into resonance with the same characteristics of the blood, which stimulates hematopoiesis. Secondly, the juices of vegetables and fruits are saturated with biologically active substances that raise the body of a chronically ill person to the level of normal functioning.

The abundance of natural, active water that comes with the juices allows you to quickly remove dissolved slags from the blood.

To help the body better remove toxins, it is recommended to make enemas.

Such measures to purify the blood well and clear the liquid environment, lymph. To this procedure, add a visit to the steam room every other day (if there are no contraindications). After the steam room, you should immediately drink a shock dose of juice.

Oncological disease

What is cancer?

A malignant tumor (cancer) is a serious disease that is based on uncontrolled reproduction of altered (malignant) cells.

The body loses control over the reproduction of these cells, they divide in an avalanche, replacing normal tissues, growing in them. This leads to metabolic disorders, the body is poisoned by the products of tumor decay. Malignant cells have almost no differences from the normal cells that gave birth to them, so the body's defense systems do not consider them foreign and do not reject them in a timely manner.

Modern methods of treatment of malignant tumors simultaneously with the neoplasm damage normal tissues. As a result, the body's defense systems are weakened, and often later the cancer comes with a new force.

Cancer prevention is based on improving the functions of the body's defense systems. The use of natural remedies helps to improve the condition of people suffering from cancer, even in the later stages, improve the effectiveness of treatment and even achieve a practical recovery.

Cleansing the body of toxins and parasites

People who are familiar with the problem of cancer say that first the body is slagged. In the body, there are contaminated places in which various parasites settle. A person begins to get sick "in small ways", he is treated. In response to treatment, the parasites first hide, and after the end of treatment, they multiply intensively. But now they are becoming more dangerous, as they respond to treatment with a device. They are embedded in the tissues that are least accessible to drugs, and they multiply strongly there. As a result of this process, a tumor is formed.

Chemotherapy undermines the body's immune system and makes it defenseless. Surgery can not cut everything out, but only provokes the tumor to further rapid division. Radiation, weakening the body, can stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

So, if a person has cancer, it means that his body is already sufficiently weakened, slagged and infected with parasites. Therefore, the first thing to do is to carry out an antiparasitic treatment.

Cleansing at the cellular level

For cleansing at the cellular level, I recommend drinking a decoction of pine needles. Take 5 tablespoons of young needles, pour 0.5 liters of activated water, add 2-3 tablespoons of dry rose hips and 2 tablespoons of onion husk. Boil and cook on low heat for 10 minutes. At night, put the infuse in a warm place. Although this drink is harmless, it is not recommended to use it for more than 4 months, so that the body does not get used to it.

You can use this recipe: 1 / 2 lemon peel, chop, pour a decoction of pine needles and take an hour before or an hour after a meal. You should consume up to 2 lemons a day. Lemon increases the supply of oxygen to cells, saturates them with oxidative enzymes and suspends their death.

Stimulation of the body's defenses

Simultaneously with the cleansing and antiparasitic treatment, the body's defenses are stimulated.

The tumor is isolated from the body's tissues and acts as a huge mucous parasite such as a mycelium or colony, so it is necessary to prevent it from carrying out this isolation. First of all, it is necessary to activate the field, energy impact from the body. Then increase both the General and local circulation of fluids (blood, lymph).

Next-saturate the tissues with oxygen and substances-regulators, activating the nervous control of the body.

If a person can starve and drink their own urine , this will be one of the best ways to eliminate the General intoxication of the body and stimulate its defenses.

Both for prevention and in the process of antitumor treatment, it is possible to use Pro-tiv-oncological microclysms. Their effect is based on the fact that chlorophyll actively suppresses pathogenic intestinal microflora, promotes disinfection and normalization of blood, and has a General stimulating effect on the entire body. Phytoncides also contribute to this.

Protivoallergicheskoe microclysters

Protivoallergicheskoe microclysters prepared as follows.

Collect green parts of plants" - nettle, dill, celery, parsley, celandine, beet leaves, grapes, raspberries, walnuts, field horsetail. If there are no plants, you can use what you have, but field horsetail is mandatory (if it is not, then you can use its infusion from dry raw materials: 1 tablespoon of grass per 200 g of boiling water). A walnut leaf is also highly desirable. The green parts of the plants are passed through a meat grinder or juicer and the juice is squeezed out. After that, 2 hours. spoons of green juice are diluted in 100 g of warm boiled water (you can fresh urine), typed in a rubber pear and injected into the rectum. During the week, this procedure is performed daily, preferably at night. In the next week, do the same, but every other day, breeding 4 teaspoons of green juice in 200 g of water.

The green juice of these plants should be prepared immediately before the procedure. Pre-prepared juice quickly loses its healing properties. The most effective of the recommended leaves of field horsetail, walnut and celandine. There is a lot of silicon in field horsetail, which helps to suppress microorganisms and fungi in the body. Walnut contains iodine, due to which it perfectly suppresses bactericidal and fungal infections. Celandine juice has excellent anti-tumor properties. Phytoncides of other plants are quite strong, effective and complement each other. Therefore, it is best to use the entire collection.

Onion and garlic phytoncides

In addition to cancer mikroklizma it is recommended to take onions and garlic contain powerful volatile. To do this, finely grind the onion with garlic (in equal amounts), pour vegetable oil and mix. Usually, 50 to 150 g of oil is added to 100 g of onion-garlic mush. Depending on the tolerance of onions and garlic, the body takes from 100 to 500 g per day (excluding oil). Completing the course of treatment of cancer microclimate, finish and reception onions with garlic.

The rise of immunity (especially in severe diseases, hidden infections) in some cases is accompanied by the strongest crisis phenomena. Be prepared for this in advance.

Pills of propolis

For cancer of the stomach and intestines, you can take propolis pills. Take 100 g of propolis, 100 g of fresh butter, 2 tablespoons of honey. All melt in a water bath, mix until smooth. From the resulting mass roll into balls the size of a grain of corn and roll in flour so they do not stick together among themselves.

Take 1 pill 3 times a day before meals.

Kerosene method of treatment of oncological diseases

Paula Koerner of Austria considers that the kerosene treats diseases of the blood. With the help of her proposed method of taking kerosene, she cured more than 20 thousand patients and received patents in many countries!

Paula herself was seriously ill with bowel cancer with metastases. During the illness and treatment, she lost 14 kg. during the operation, 75 cm of intestines were removed. It was too late to perform the second life-saving operation. Paralysis set in. She was discharged as a hopeless patient. Doctors predicted death in two days.

Paula, lying paralyzed at home, remembered the soldier's story about how in Yugoslavia, local people with various ailments drank kerosene and rubbed it. She decided to try treatment with distilled kerosene. First, I drank 1 tablespoon. After a few hours, my health improved and my pain subsided. After 3 days, it rose. Soon she could eat. In the sixth week, I felt hungry and had an appetite. After some time, the lost weight was restored. Since then, Paula was no longer afraid of the terrible disease, for which there was no cure.

After that, she saved patients from malignant tumors, which were no longer helped by any medications.

Reasons. Paula Kerner does not focus on the causes of cancer, believing that they arise from some changes in the blood.

Treatment. Paula Kerner advises drinking only distilled kerosene, which, in her opinion, excites the lymph vessels and heals the blood. He treats patients who are not helped by surgery or radiation. And most importantly, it does not give side effects.

Kerosene helps with cancer with metastases, treats cerebral palsy, blood poisoning, prostatitis, etc.

For patients with hidden illnesses, Paula recommends taking kerosene 15 drops per piece of sugar. For the prevention and prevention of cancer, she advises taking kerosene 1 teaspoon in the morning and evening with tea, once every 12 days, or drinking 1-2 drops of kerosene with boiled water 2-3 times with meals. The course of treatment is 6 weeks.

Patients with severe lesions are recommended to take 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of distilled kerosene once a day on an empty stomach.

From my experience and experience in the use of kerosene of my family members (wife - 41 daughter - 13, son - 18), I will say that drinking a spoonful of kerosene is not difficult. You don't even need to drink anything. No negative consequences were observed, except for belching with kerosene. If you eat something sweet, then it will not be.


A polyp is a tumor (usually benign) that protrudes above the surface of the mucous membrane. Polyps often form in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, disrupting air permeability and leading to the development of chronic infectious diseases, accompanied by constant discharge of mucus from the nose.

The causes of polyps are a big mystery for medicine. Doctors solve it simply - either cut off or cauterize the polyp. I think that a chronic infectious disease is not a consequence of a polyp, but its cause. The infection, having invaded the nasopharyngeal mucosa, causes a growth of the type of adenoma or polyp there.

The root cause is poor nutrition, which gave rise to an abundance of mucus, which, released through the nasopharynx, created favorable conditions there, a breeding ground for the settlement of this area by infection (microparasites).

To get rid of polyps, first of all it is necessary to change the diet, sharply reduce the use of mucus-forming products - dairy, sweets, fats, starches, proteins. Polyplast vegetables and dishes from them. Raw vegetables in the cold season act on the human body cooling, which is harmful.

Whole cereals with a minimum of melted butter, protein dishes with a vegetable side dish, various herbal teas with honey or compotes from dried fruits are useful. The correct sequence of food intake is also important. Liquids should be consumed before meals, not to drink much after meals - this is one of the reasons for poor digestion and the formation of an abundance of mucus from poorly digested food. Don't eat at night. The last meal should be light and no later than 18-19 hours. If you want to eat, you can drink a glass of fermented milk drink.

In addition, it is necessary to expel microparasites from the body with the help of "triplets".

Cleaning from parasites with the help of " triplets"

Dr. Hilda Clark, researching cancerous patients, has discovered in their body dirt and parasites.

After a lot of research, she concluded that 90% of chronic diseases are caused by two causes: parasites and ecotoxins (environmental toxins that have entered the body). She faced a natural question: how to effectively cleanse the body of parasites and toxins (ecotoxins)?

Experimentally, X. Clarke determined that three substances taken orally have the ability to cleanse the human body of worms, their eggs, as well as other parasites, viruses and bacteria, and this makes it possible to successfully treat cancer. These three substances are: green walnut shell, wormwood, and clove seed powder.

Use them in the following form: from the unripe rind of black walnut to make a concentrated tincture, then take wormwood grass and clove seed powder.

Simultaneous intake of three components destroys all adult parasites in the body, their larvae, eggs, as well as pathogens and fungi.

1. Black walnut tincture

  • Day 1: take 1 drop. Drop in 1/2 Cup of water (this will be about 100 ml). It is advisable to take on an empty stomach, for example before meals. This tincture Clarke advises to drink-suck for 15 minutes.
  • Day 2: 2 drops in 1/2-1 Cup of water.
  • Day 3: 3 drops in 1/2-1 Cup of water.
  • Day 4: 4 drops in 1/2-1 Cup of water.
  • Day 5: 5 drops in 1/2-1 Cup of water.
  • Day 6: 2 teaspoons at a time in 1 Cup of water.

Drink the tincture 15 minutes after cooking.

Do not pour black walnut tincture into hot water! This destroys its antiparasitic power. Do not wash down the tincture with anything - this will reduce the entire effect to zero. If your weight exceeds 70 kg, take 2 ? CH. - spoons. If more than 100 kg - 3 teaspoons.

To prevent parasites, take 2 teaspoons of tincture per 50 g of water 1 time a week. As a treatment, take the same dose, but only 2 times a day for 5 days. Then take 2 teaspoons 1 time a day for a year.

Important: family members and friends should take 2 teaspoons each week to avoid re-infecting you. They can be carriers of parasites in the gut that do not make themselves felt. This is especially true for seriously ill people.

2. Wormwood (in powder)

  • Day 1: apply 1 pinch before eating (with water).
  • Day 2: 1/4 teaspoon before meals (with water).
  • Day 3: 1/3 teaspoon before meals.
  • Day 4: 1/2 teaspoon.

Continue increasing the dose until the 14th day, when you can take po ? tablespoons. You can take a dose of 2-3 doses before a meal or all at once.

For 6 days, take 1 / 2st. spoons, then 1/2 St. spoons 1 time a week.

X. Clark recommends a weekly dose of wormwood-1/2 tablespoon per reception. But we must take into account the individual Constitution of a person. I advise you to study your body, its reaction to the "triple" and choose your individual dose.

Taking wormwood in powder is necessary in order for it to pass through the entire digestive tract. In the form of an infusion, wormwood is absorbed in the stomach and intestines, and the thick section remains unaffected. In the case of dry wormwood, it moves through the entire digestive tract, simultaneously affecting parasites.

3. Cloves (in powder)

Cloves, especially ground ones, are a very burning substance. It is thanks to these properties that its phytoncides are extremely powerful not only in destroying all kinds of parasites, but also in activating the body's calorific abilities and immunity.

Clove powder burns only in the oral cavity, in the gastrointestinal tract, only a pleasant warming of the body is felt. In the future, this passes.

  • Day 1: take 1/5-spoonful 3 times a day before meals.
  • Day 2: 1/4 teaspoon 3 times a day before meals.
  • From day 3 to day 10: 1/3 teaspoon 3 times a day before meals.
  • After the 10th day: 1 teaspoon once a week.

If necessary, the course of antiparasitic treatment can be repeated. If you are seriously ill, you can repeat it in 1-2 weeks. In other cases, act on the circumstances.

For qualitative getting rid of parasites is necessary in parallel to treat all other members of the family. In all cases, when after treatment, people allowed themselves a violation of the diet (undercooked meat, fish, canned food, semi-finished products), the symptoms of the disease and parasites reappeared.

Now learn more about how to prepare the components of the "triplet" yourself.

Tincture of walnut peel is prepared as follows: 15 pieces of walnut shells finely chopped, pour 0.5 liters of alcohol, insist on light for 30 days. Then put it in a dark place.

Nuts should be removed when they are ripe on the tree and are about to fall to the ground or have just fallen. This green shell is suitable for tincture - it has a lot of iodine.

If you do not have this component, you can replace it with a Lugol solution (this is iodine in glycerin). Apply 5-10 drops per 50-100 g of water.

Wormwood is used only when ripe. Its leaves and fruits (best fruits in the form of balls) are dried and crushed. Take it as a powder, washed down with plain water. The single dose is 200-300 mg (1/2 teaspoon).

Clove seeds - these are common seeds that are sold for cooking-are crushed and taken in this form. The single dose is 500 mg (about the size of a pea).

Dr. Clark recommends taking all 3 components of the "triplet" together - walnut tincture, wormwood and cloves. If you do not have any component, you can start treatment for parasites without it, for example, by taking wormwood and cloves.

"Triplet" helps to effectively cleanse the body of various kinds of parasites and pyogenic infection. This is a great addition to other health-improving tools - nutrition, fasting, movement, tempering, working with consciousness, urinotherapy. Practice has shown that health remedies are still not effective enough against parasites and pustular infection, and "triplet" (or wormwood with cloves) perfectly copes with this task.

X. Clarke discovered that parasites themselves can not cause cancer and a clean body is sure to kill them. But if there is dirt, then it is there that the parasite tends to get and reproduce in it. Only these two conditions contribute to the development of cancer.

Household items, food packaging, and many other substances pollute the body with toxins and weaken the immune system. Especially dangerous are plastic bottles containing propylene and benzene (as well as cosmetic bubbles, deodorants, lotions, and even toothpaste), aluminum containers, freon, and naphthalene.

Periodic fasting for 2-3, or better for 7-14 days, allows you to cleanse the body of all sorts of toxins and slags at the cellular level, deprives parasites of the conditions of existence and perfectly complements the action of "triplets".

Attention! During pregnancy, this method should be used very carefully, reducing the dosage by 3-5 times. The last 2-3 months it is better to stop it.

Russian version of "triad"

Valery A. Ivanchenko, MD, developed a variant of the Russian "triplet". In the "triad" consists of tansy (flower basket), herb wormwood and clove powder. All these components have sokogonnoe, glistogonnoe, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antipyretic effects.

A single dose of powder from tansy flowers - 1 g; daily dose-up to 3 g. for wormwood - 200-300 mg per reception and up to 1 g per day, for fresh clove powder - 0.5 g and 1.5 g.

It is advisable to take all three components at once (tansy, wormwood and cloves), putting them in capsules for medicines. They are sometimes sold in pharmacies. Otherwise, you can buy the cheapest medicine in capsules and replace their contents yourself. You can take the powder without the capsules with water.

Attention! In case of gastric ulcer and erosive gastritis, it is not recommended to take "triplet". Use with caution in hypertension, controlling blood pressure - it enhances the carnation. Do not start treatment during menstruation-these drugs cause heavy periods.

This treatment is contraindicated for pregnant women - there may be a miscarriage.

Accept Russian "triad" scheme:

  • Day 1 - 1 capsule (single dose) 30 minutes before meals.
  • Day 2 - 1 capsule before Breakfast and before lunch.
  • Day 3 and the following week - 1 capsule 3 times a day: before Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then you can take "triplet" 1 time a week for prevention.

Other treatments for polyps

And only after a course of treatment with "triplet" can you purposefully affect the colonies of microparasites that have formed polyps.

K. Buteyko suggests getting rid of polyps and adenoids in the nasopharynx by holding your breath. The body accumulates carbon dioxide, which, leveling many reactions in the body, contributes to their rejection.

In conclusion, a few examples from my practice about how people were treated for polyps.

"In the children's clinic, the otolaryngologist reported that the child did not have surgery to remove polyps in the nose (urine was buried in the nose)."

"A year ago, my daughter (born in 1988) became hard of hearing because of polyps. Two operations had already been performed, but about a year after each surgery, the polyps reappeared. I began to bury my daughter's nose in her fresh urine, how many times she had urinated. The course of treatment lasted two weeks. In addition, I buried evaporated urine in her ears. The result: a fully restored hearing."

"In January 1995, I went to the FGS to check my stomach, I used to have an ulcer. An esophageal polyp was established. They took a biopsy and made an analysis.

"Live," they say, " as long as you live." After 10 months, I went to check the condition of the polyp, and I was told that I had esophageal cancer. Well, there was no choice. They performed surgery and removed part of the esophagus and stomach. I was on sick leave for six months. Before VTEK went to the FGS, and I was told that I again formed a polyp on the seam. (The reason remains.) I came to VTEC, the conclusion was: forget about work, and retire at 50. And then I read an article in the newspaper on Oncology that even if an operation is performed, it does not mean that a person will survive, 70% of those operated on die within a year, and the rest later. Something had to be done. Friends advised me to read your books. I studied them and began to purify the physical body and the field form.

I have been doing urinotherapy for two years. Rub oneself. He performed 18 liver cleanses. In total, I brought out stones with a liter jar, the size of a pea to a walnut. Out of me came bundles of mucus up to 10 cm long, rags of 2-3 cm like cellophane.

After two years of training, arterial and intracranial pressure decreased, and I got rid of allergies.

Three months after I started using your method, I went back to the FGS, but there was no polyp. A year later, VTEK passed again. I was told. that I am healthy and can work." (The bundles that came out were polyps.)

Bowel problems


Constipation is the most harmful condition for the body, which quickly leads to severe diseases.

Constipation refers to prolonged retention of feces in the intestine or systematic weak bowel activity (violent, insufficient stool). In this case, fecal masses, accumulating in the large intestine, lead to its stretching, a significant change in shape and size. As a result, only due to this there is a displacement and compression of internal organs, which negatively affects their work. The amount of water in the bowel movements during constipation is less than normal and does not exceed 60% (instead of 80%), the bowel movements are dry.

Due to the fact that a person continues to eat, but there is no stool, fecal matter through the mucous membrane of the large intestine is absorbed into the blood and circulates in it, poisoning the entire body. The "secondary" excretory organs - the liver, skin, and lungs-work in a tense mode. A large load falls on the kidneys. Fecal waste accumulates in the connective tissue of the body, undermining the immune system. Such self-poisoning puts the body in extremely difficult conditions, quickly wears it out (ages) and causes the development of a huge number of diseases-from common colds, allergies and parasitic diseases to cancer, cardiovascular, skin diseases and hormonal disorders.

External signs of running constipation: heavy, and sometimes fetid breath, coated tongue, fatigue, poor skin and hair color, acne, rash, excess fat or dry skin.

Constipation patients sometimes complain of a number of unpleasant sensations that are not directly related to the digestive tract. This includes: dull headaches, localized mainly in the parietal and occipital regions, poor, depressed mood, memory loss, unpleasant sensations in the heart and uneven heartbeat, unpleasant taste in the mouth, bad breath, etc. sometimes there are dyspeptic phenomena - heartburn, belching, nausea, pressure in the epigastric region.

Causes of constipation

Retention of bowel movements as a result of functional disorders is called habitual constipation. The causes of functional disorders can be as follows:

  1. alimentary (food);
  2. diskinetic;
  3. endocrine origin;
  4. toxic;
  5. reflex;
  6. constipation in organic diseases of the Central nervous system;
  7. psychological;
  8. constipation as an occupational disease. Often there are mixed forms of functional constipation.

Alimentary constipation is one of the most common forms of functional disorders of bowel dynamics. Although bowel movements depend on a variety of neuro-humoral influences, the composition of food is crucial for the formation of feces and their excretion from the body. With poor quantitative food, with a monotonous diet (mainly meat or flour dishes), poor stimulants of intestinal peristalsis, with a violation of the diet, persistent constipation can develop.

Food containing little plant residues (meat, cottage cheese, egg), due to the lack of food irritants of the intestine, also leads to alimentary constipation. It is known that the protein of meat and eggs is absorbed up to 97-98% and leaves little slags. The lack of b vitamins in food leads to a violation of intestinal peristalsis. The development of constipation can contribute to insufficient water consumption, increased water loss, the use of water containing a lot of lime, as well as dry, dehydrated food.

Dyskinetic constipation is the most common form of habitual constipation. At the heart of the intestinal dyskinetic process is a violation of the coordination of various types of motility, as a result of which spasms develop simultaneously in some areas and atony in others. In this case, constipation, which arose as a result of reducing the motor activity of the intestine, is called atonic. And constipation resulting from a convulsive contraction of the intestinal wall - spastic.

Atonic constipation occurs as a result of the fact that the nerve endings of the intestine are either slightly irritated, or partially lose the ability to perceive the irritation. Insufficient stimulation of movements may occur due to the small formation of fecal masses with inappropriate nutrition, reduction of chemical pathogens (hormones).

The cause of atonic constipation may also be the depletion of nerve receptors in the intestinal wall as a result of the use of frequent and strong stimuli (for example, strong laxatives or enemas). In addition, depressive emotions and moods, and conscious suppression of the urge to empty the bowel, depress the motility of the intestine. Atonic constipation may be based on a drop in the tone of the neuromuscular apparatus of the intestine after severe diseases, especially infectious ones, after severe exhaustion, in the elderly. Insufficient physical activity (in mental workers, employees, etc.). p.) also contributes to the appearance of this type of constipation.

Spastic constipation is a violation of the normal systematic movement of fecal masses through the intestines due to increased, erratic, and therefore inappropriate peristalsis of the large intestine. Spasms most often develop in places that, even under normal conditions, are in a state of increased contraction (the transition of one intestine to another, flaps and sphincters).

The causes of spastic constipation are very diverse. In some cases, this is an increased irritability of the intestine due to inflammatory or ulcerative processes (polyps, worms, dysbacteriosis, anal fissures), in others-a reflex response from sick abdominal organs, especially the genitourinary system, in third-constipation occurs due to fear of causing pain. This form of constipation occurs as a result of prolonged painful emptying (due to cracks, hemorrhoids, ulcers or scars in the rectum), forcing the patient to refrain from the urge and suppress it, or due to false shame when abusing enemas, is Believed that at least 50% of cases of chronic constipation are caused by painful ejection of feces.

Constipation of endocrine origin. Violation of the endocrine glands, especially lack of hormonal secretion, leads to the appearance of habitual constipation. Constipation of endocrine origin is more often atonic.

Toxic constipation. These include chronic constipation in occupational poisoning, nicotine poisoning in smokers, drug users, drug abuse (opium, belladonna, codeine) or food with a high content of tannins and astringents. Toxic constipation can be atonic or spastic.

Reflex constipation is the result of the influence of a diseased abdominal organ on the intestines. This includes numerous constipations in diseases of the sexual sphere. In men, these are urethritis, prostatitis, etc.this group should include constipation in diseases such as renal pelvis, especially in kidney stone disease, cholecystitis, etc. it is Important to find out the source of the reflex that causes constipation, since this will make it possible to eliminate the root cause and achieve complete healing. Reflex constipation is more often spastic.

Diseases of the Central nervous system are often accompanied by persistent, non-treatable constipation. For example, inflammation of the meninges, both spinal and cerebral, can lead to constipation.

Psychomarine constipation is special and very important place among the constipation of functional origin. In humans, the act of emptying itself is largely subordinate to the psyche, so changing the conditions of ordinary life often leads to the appearance of delayed bowel movements. This includes, for example, constipation in the first days of traveling by rail, as well as various forms of constipation as a result of suppressing a habitual urge. However, all other psychonervic activity of a person also affects the activity of the intestine. Persistent constipation can occur with depression, nervous fatigue, as a result of mental conflicts that lie in the subconscious. Psychomarine constipation, depression and nervous exhaustion are often atonic species. As for the other types of psychonervic constipation, especially suppression of the urge to stool and mental conflicts that lie in the subconscious, these are undoubtedly spastic constipations.

Professional constipation is characteristic mainly of persons engaged in sedentary work. Constipation due to occupational poisoning occurs in factories and industries where work is associated with lead (in smelters of lead ores, workers who produce lead boxes, pipes, buckets, wire, retorts, cast typographic font, working with lead whitewash and other lead paints, in painting, in the ceramic industry). In aniline paint factories where methyl bromide or iodide is used, workers also experience professional constipation due to chronic poisoning with these substances (this is why it is so important to conduct preventive cleansing courses to maintain their health in relative order).

Professional constipation often has the form of atonic constipation.

Diagnosis of constipation

In different forms of constipation, the appearance of feces differs. With proctogenic constipation, significant amounts of formed feces are released, with atonic feces of a dark color, cylindrical shape with longitudinal prints or in the form of lumps, sometimes larger, sometimes smaller. In spastic forms, the stool has a flattened shape, sometimes in the form of a ribbon, or is allocated with small facetted lumps like sheep feces. Some spastic constipation is characterized by the appearance of mucus in the form of a thin web that envelops fecal lumps. This mucus can be released as a result of the reaction of the intestinal wall to mechanical irritation of its feces. Sometimes on the surface of the feces, you can see individual blood veins as a result of mechanical damage to the hemorrhoids or the mucous membrane of the anus itself with hard pieces of feces.

So, chronic constipation, manifested very monotonous in the main symptom of the disease - delay of feces, have very diverse causes, ranging from gross anatomical changes in the shape and patency of the intestine to thin, subtle game of the mind. Correctly identified cause of constipation is the key to its successful treatment.

Treatment of constipation

Treatment of constipation can be dietary, physiotherapy, medication, psychotherapy, balneology, surgery, but should always be a prerequisite for correct individual recognition of the form of constipation, dictating the use of medical techniques in each individual case.

Dietary therapy for alimentary constipation and constipation, developed on the basis of reduced excitability of the neuromuscular apparatus of the intestines, can increase intestinal irritation with food containing a lot of ballast substances or chemically irritating the intestinal wall.

At the same time, products that are particularly easy and well digested by the stomach and intestines are excluded from the diet. With these forms of constipation, you should not take long breaks from eating. when preparing a menu, you should limit the consumption of meat and fish soups, tender meats, fish, white bread, cookies made of fine flour, cocoa, rice, semolina, mashed potatoes, etc. Useful products with a high content of fiber: black bread, honey, honey cakes, buckwheat crumbly porridge, vegetable soups, cabbage, cucumbers, beets, salads, carrots, turnips, radishes, peas, beans, mushrooms, apples and other fruits, especially plums.

If possible, use vegetables and fruits in raw, non-ground form. Among the food substances that irritate the intestines with their chemical composition are sugar, especially fruit and milk, and honey. Two-day kefir, yogurt, koumiss and other fermented milk products are also useful. Fresh juices and mineral water saturated with carbon dioxide are recommended for drinks. This diet should be introduced gradually.

Elimination of atonic constipation helps products that have a strong laxative effect: plums, prunes, figs. Beetroot and spinach juices are excellent in this regard. Fruit when cooking is filled with very hot water and left so all night. It is useful to eat a few plums every morning, "and if possible, throughout the day. It is very important to chew food carefully, as during chewing, intestinal peristalsis is activated.

Approximate nutrition during the day for atonic constipation is as follows

Breakfast should consist of fresh ripe, juicy fruit, but if the constipation is extremely strong, then you should finely grate a relatively large Cup of fresh cabbage and apples. But in this case, nothing but a mixture of grated apples and cabbage, you can not eat.

Mix: 1 tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of raw oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of sprouted wheat grains, 2 medium-sized grated apples, 1 tablespoon of grated nuts and the juice of half a lemon. Mix everything. For the best result, you should not eat anything other than the mentioned products, but you are allowed to eat this "salad" without restrictions. Dinner should consist of several boiled non-dairy vegetables, a salad of green leafy vegetables and cottage cheese. Instead of cottage cheese, you can eat a choice of one thing: cheese, or a piece of fish, or a boiled egg, or nuts.

To strengthen the weak walls of the large intestine and restore its muscles, it is recommended to drink fresh beet and spinach juices mixed with carrot juice more often. The stronger the constipation, the greater the proportion of beet or spinach juice and less of carrot juice. If it starts to weaken strongly, you should reduce the amount of beet or spinach juice and increase the amount of carrot.

With atonic constipation, you can use folk recipes

In the morning, 2 tablespoons of bran pour a glass of boiling water and steam. When it cools down, drain the water, and eat the grounds on an empty stomach. Usually, after 5 days, digestion improves, and after 10 days, the stool normalizes. Bran intake is well combined with enemas.

As a natural laxative for atonic constipation, you can use tea from the bark of buckthorn. This is what they used to do in villages: they took 15 g of buckthorn bark and brewed it in 0.5 liters of water, drank it as tea.

A completely different diet is made for spastic forms of constipation

Here it is inappropriate to assign coarse substances that irritate the already irritated wall of the intestines. Therefore, people suffering from such constipation, vegetable food containing fiber is recommended only in a mushy form, with special importance given to fats, cream, butter and Provencal oil, which reduces intestinal spasm. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten boiled with added sugar. With spastic constipation, a mechanically and chemically sparing table is prescribed, as with diarrhea. Cold drinks, especially carbonated ones, are prohibited, and tea and coffee with cream are preferred. This diet is called a sparing anti-constipation diet.

You can use folk remedies for spastic constipation

1. In 1 liter of water, pour 1 tablespoon of flax seed, bring to a boil and boil over low heat for 20 minutes. Cool, pour into a mug of Esmarch (2-liter hot water bottle) and add 2 tablespoons of mustard oil (it warms up and softens the body, prevents spasm of the large intestine). Mustard oil substitute is prepared as follows: take 200 g of olive oil, add 1 teaspoon of mustard powder and mix well.

The prepared mixture is administered as an enema in the evening before going to bed.

On the 2nd day, do the same, but with 1.5 liters of water and 1 ? St-spoons of flax seed.

On the 3rd day-with 2 liters of water and 2 tablespoons of flax seed (do not forget to add 2 tablespoons of mustard oil).

On the 4th day, take a break.

From the 5th to the 7th day-enemas, as on the 3rd day, and on the 8th day-a break.

From the 9th to the 11th day-enemas, as on the 3rd day, and on the 12th day-a break and repeat another course.

Depending on changes in the state of health, the procedure is repeated for another 3 days, or 6, or all 12 days.

2. Take 1 tablespoon of jelly made from Mature elderberry fruit, cooked without sugar, 1-2 times a day. You can add honey.

3. Those suffering from constipation are advised to drink water in which plums or oats have been cooked for a long time. Radish juice, pickle cabbage in the form of heat, yogurt and tea from the dried cherries and dried apples should drink 4-5 times a day.

Physiotherapeutic treatment. For atonic constipation, therapeutic exercises with abdominal exercises, cold showers, cold wipes and dousing the abdomen, and pushing the abdomen with your hands are shown. It is recommended to do sports, giving preference to walking, light running, swimming, riding and other types of movements that use shaking.

When proctogram constipation (stagnation of feces in the rectal area) are recommended for the massage of the rectum and microclysters of evaporated urine.

In case of spastic constipation, all the above procedures are contraindicated. It is appropriate to assign bed rest, hot water bottles, warming vodka compresses, warm sitting aromatic baths, paraffin applications. All kinds of massage and gymnastics are completely excluded.

For dyskinetic constipation, compresses are shown on the stomach from warm evaporated up to 1/4 of the urine. As for enemas, they are made simply with warm water. Good milk-oil microclysters for the night. You can use warm enemas from fresh urine, but you need to monitor the body's reactions.

Medication for constipation should only be additional. When treating constipation, it is necessary to limit the use of laxatives, assigning only the mildest of them, mainly of plant origin. These include rhubarb preparations, Alexandria leaf, and complex licorice root powder.

It is known that sweetness and fruit acids contribute to intestinal peristalsis. Strong sweet taste has sorbitol (more than sugar). It is used as a sugar substitute. Sorbitol can be successfully used for making laxative jam. Take 1 kg of sorbitol, 1 kg of any berries or apples and cook them with ordinary jam. Use 1-2 teaspoons. If it works poorly, you can increase the dose, but carefully, because the stool can be strong and with pain in the lower abdomen.

For chronic constipation, it is not recommended to use aloe, castor oil and strong mineral laxatives, and most synthetic laxatives should not be used for a long time. The same applies to systematic washing, enemas, especially if they contain substances that irritate the intestines, such as soap, salt (evaporated to ? urine).

Both laxatives and enemas, applied day after day in increasing quantities, always lead to a decrease in the irritability of the " neuromuscular apparatus of the intestines, and therefore, with temporary symptomatic success , to a deterioration of the underlying disease. This applies to atonic and proctogenic constipation, especially to its spastic forms, where irritation of the already very sensitive intestine leads to increased spasm, accompanied by significant pain with subsequent exacerbation of the disease. In these cases, more effective are not laxatives, but anti-spasmodic agents (for example, atropine).

Vitamin therapy is of great importance for spastic constipation, especially the use of vitamin B1 (sprouted wheat in different types, juice therapy).

In some cases, you should prescribe warm oil (31-32 °C) enemas with Provencal, sunflower oil, milk-oil. Their action should not be considered as emptying, but as an anti-spastic, so that enemas are put on at night and left until the morning, preferably 2-3 times a week for 1-2 glasses of pure oil (without water), introduced into the intestine slowly with a soft long tip.

It is useful to add Flaxseed to the enema. Take 1 tablespoon of crushed Flaxseed (it can be replaced with oats, barley or mallow leaves), boil in 4 cups of water, strain and add 1 tablespoon of salt and (or) add 2 tablespoons of linseed or hemp oil. These components have a relaxing and penetrating effect, which is necessary for relaxing the spasmodic colon. An enema is made with warm water.

This same enema is well suited for those who are just beginning to cleanse the intestines and who have difficulties with the passage of water. It is recommended to initially "expand" the large intestine with these enemas, and then use the usual cleansing enemas with 2 liters of water or urine.

Although balneological and Spa therapy for constipation is indicated, patients do not need to be told that this is a necessary treatment. In the form of drinking used essentukskie water, cold Zheleznovodsk; contraindicated constant use of bitter waters (Batalinsky source). Spa treatment is important not so much due to the use of drinking water, but in connection with the General impact of changes in the situation on the patient's mental activity: the release of his usual irritations, change of impressions, diet, lifestyle.

Prevention of constipation

You need to make sure that the chair is daily. It is necessary to limit the uncontrolled use of drugs (opium, astringents), perform reasonable physical activity. You can not abuse alcohol and Smoking, as this has a harmful effect on the motor function of the intestine. The food must contain enough vitamins, water, fiber and be of a certain volume so that the motility of the large intestine works normally.

Constipation as a cause of diseases

Know that the venous blood of the lower rectum does not pass through the liver, but gets untreated directly into the heart. If the rectum is dirty (constipation, violent, insufficient stool), then the blood from it, saturated with toxins, undermines the heart, leading to common heart diseases (heart failure, heart disease, etc.). Medical treatment of these diseases is futile, because the heart (like any other organ) is restored from clean, healthy blood, and if it is constantly dirty, no medications will help. As a result, people suffering from their own ignorance, and no amount of imported medicines, foreign treatment and psychics does not help.

About the dangers of laxatives

Laxatives act on the intestinal wall like a whip, causing overactivity, after which depression occurs (this is a law of physiology). In addition, laxatives not only do not cure a person, but, by suppressing the effects of the disease, only aggravate the disease. Exposure to laxatives ultimately spoils the filter membranes and intestinal mucosa, which are irreparably destroyed.

Long-term research by German doctors led them to issue a warning about the extremely dangerous consequences of laxatives for human health.

Regular use of laxatives reduces the blood content of much-needed calcium. But even more importantly, laxatives dramatically reduce the absorption of vital vitamins A, D, E, and K, which leads to a weakening of the immune system.

A laxative is recommended for fasting, which lasts at least 3 days. During fasting, the mucosa will fully recover and renew.

Methods for the treatment of intestinal atony

This disease leads to atonic constipation.

Rhubarb. For medicinal purposes, rhubarb roots are used, which are harvested in the fall. They are washed in water, cut into pieces, dried in the sun and dried at a temperature no higher than 60 °C. This allows you to preserve the roots of natural tannins and other biologically active substances.

Immediately before use, the rhubarb roots are crushed into a powder. In small doses (0.05-0.2 g), rhubarb has an astringent effect and helps with diarrhea and gastritis with low acidity.

Medium doses (0.2 g) act as a natural choleretic and enhance digestion. Large (0.2-2 g) - as a gentle laxative for intestinal atony, spastic constipation, and for softening the stool.

Rhubarb compote. 500 g rhubarb stalks, 200 g sugar, lemon peel, a pinch of ginger or raisins.

Wash the stalks, peel them, and cut them into pieces. In 250 ml of water, add sugar, lemon peel, ginger and boil. Then put the rhubarb and cook until tender. Make sure that the rhubarb does not boil. To drink chilled.

Attention! When taking drugs containing rhubarb, urine, milk and sweat turn yellow. In an alkaline environment, the color is red. They should not be prescribed to patients with gout and patients suffering from kidney stones with oxalate stones. Due to the fact that rhubarb can cause hemorrhage from the rectal veins, it is not recommended for hemorrhoids.

Marjoram. It is used as an antispasmodic, anti-cold and carminative. Oregano increases the secretion of digestive, bronchial and sweat glands, intestinal peristalsis and has an analgesic and deodorizing effect.

Oregano herb is brewed for teas used for colds, stomach and intestinal colic and bloating.

Infusions of oregano herb, prepared at the rate of 30 g of leaves per 1 liter of boiling water, are drunk with sluggish intestinal peristalsis, violation of the motor function of the stomach.


Diarrhea is a strong overexcitation of the vital principle of "Wind". In order to stop it, use astringents. Here is one of these tools.

Take about 200 g of walnuts, split them and get not the grain itself, but the partitions that separate the parts of the kernel. Partitions are filled with 0.5 liters of alcohol and infused for 2-3 days. Take 3-4 times a day from 6 to 10 drops per 50 g of warm water. As soon as the diarrhea passes, taking drops should be stopped immediately, since this remedy is very strong and can cause constipation.

When diarrhea is necessary to exclude all fresh vegetables and fruits, strong carbonated drinks. Use well-boiled rice porridge with a small amount of sea salt and melted butter. Don't drink after meals.


Hemorrhoids (gr. haimorrhois-bleeding) is a varicose veins in the anus, which often accompanies constipation. In some cases, pain from hemorrhoids leads to spastic constipation.

Clinically, there are upper and lower hemorrhoids. With upper hemorrhoids, there is an expansion of the veins above the sphincter of the rectum, with the lower one-below it. The lower hemorrhoid is formed from the lower venous plexus located directly under the skin, the upper-from the internal hemorrhoidal plexus formed from the upper hemorrhoidal veins located in the thickness of the rectal mucosa. Hemorrhoids often are those other sites.

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins. The mucous membrane of the lower rectum covering the nodes is often dramatically changed. It is thickened, overflowing with blood (which makes it look blue) and is in a state of inflammation. These changes are based on eating disorders and permanent injury of hemorrhoids by fecal masses.

In the development of hemorrhoids, the features of the venous plexuses and the structure of their walls are of great importance. They can easily expand under the influence of a number of reasons that lead to stagnation of the blood. These causes include: chronic constipation, spasms of the sphincter under the influence of cracks (due to poor nutrition, ulcers, polyps in the rectum), prolonged stay on the legs, heart failure, liver diseases, especially portal hypertension, excessive alcohol consumption, tumors in the pelvis, squeezing the diverting veins.

It is important to understand that the expansion of the veins of the hemorrhoid ring is an indicator of changes in the venous system of the body as a whole. Therefore, it is necessary to influence the normalization of blood circulation throughout the body.

It is necessary to establish proper nutrition, so that the stool is normal (dehydrated as a result of dried meat and meat nutrition, the feces are hard-it hurts the anus when passing, leads to unnecessary straining and cracks in the rectum). It is necessary to change your eating habits, because from the blood into the lumen of the intestine, salts, alcohol and other substances can be released, which sometimes cause irritation of the mucous membrane and the development of diseases associated with it. This is the same mechanism of irritating action on the colon mucosa of salty and spicy food. As a rule, hemorrhoids are always aggravated after eating herring, smoked meats, dishes with vinegar.

Let's add modern information about hemorrhoids with ancient Eastern ones

The rectum is the " support "of the vital principle of "Wind". The "wind" in the body controls movement, in this case the normal emptying of the rectum. But if it is expressed excessively, it causes dryness and cold. "Drying out" and "cooling" the rectum area leads to the fact that the venous blood is somewhat thickened, stagnates. And the walls of the veins lose their elasticity and stretch from stagnation. This explains the fact that hemorrhoids occur more often in men (80%) because of the greater "rigidity" of their body compared to women's.

The use of means that reduce the "wind" - humidity and heat-leads to the fact that it is "subdued", and expanded hemorrhoidal veins are restored. Best of all, stiffness and dryness are eliminated with oils and warm liquids. Various General and local heating, fumigation, use of herbs and products with pronounced calorific properties are effective against cold. It is these tools that most effectively eliminate hemorrhoids.

Treatment of hemorrhoids

Treatment of hemorrhoids should be aimed at eliminating the causes of the disease, i.e. constipation, stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, to "pacify" the vital principle of "Wind". To eliminate constipation, an appropriate diet is prescribed (see nutrition for constipation), small doses of natural laxatives or microclysms with oil, milk-oil, from fresh urine are recommended. To normalize venous circulation, it is necessary to clean the liver in any way. For healing of the rectal mucosa, enhanced juice therapy is recommended, and local lubrication with sea buckthorn oil or tampons with it. After defecation, sit-down cool baths or washing the area of the anus with cold water are useful. It is very good to wash your urine.

If there are hemorrhoidal lumps, they are left outside, smeared with vaseline, covered with a thin bandage. In case of pinched hemorrhoids, the patient is prescribed bed rest with a raised pelvis, after some subsiding of acute phenomena, sit-down warm baths are used for 15-20 minutes 2-4 times a day. The stool should be mushy, which is assigned to the appropriate diet, fresh juices. Under the influence of this treatment, the blood clots resolve, the swelling disappears, and the dropped nodes are drawn into the rectum after 7-10 days.

There are several approaches to the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids:

  1. if the disease arose from worms or pinworms, then first you need to get rid of them;
  2. if portal hypertension is associated with liver damage or contamination, it is necessary to clean the liver, change the diet, drink fresh juices, fresh urine (as a blood-thinning agent);
  3. if from overexcitation of the vital principle of "Wind" (external signs of which: constipation, hemorrhoids, lower back pain, cracking of joints, dry skin, insomnia, chaotic thinking, cold in the body, etc.), it is recommended that the General and local warming of the body, relaxation of the body, saturation of the body with moisture, oils; avoid hypothermia and dehydration, excitement, dry food, prolonged stay in a standing or sitting position.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, folk methods are also used

  • 1 teaspoon of mustard powder put in your mouth and keep in your mouth until it curls into a ball and resolves. Additionally: boil sunflower oil, moisten it with cotton wool and insert it into the anus. This means well helps at hemorrhoidal sites and the cones.
  • 4 tablespoons of mustard diluted in 3 liters of boiling water, pour into a bucket and sit on it. Wrap up to the waist with a blanket and sit for 10 minutes. So repeat 2-4 times. Practice shows that the pain goes away, and the bumps are drawn in.
  • Collect your urine, released at a time, in an enamel pot, put on the fire and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat and put the pan in the place where it will warm up (for example, in a bucket). Pour 1 tablespoon of baking soda into the urine and sit down. Wrap yourself in a blanket. Promotes resorption of hemorrhoidal lumps.

In some cases, "gymnastics" of the anus helps in curing persistent hemorrhoids. To do this, do a simple exercise-compression and tightening of the anus. Exercise promotes better blood flow in the hemorrhoidal veins, and thus will eliminate the blood stagnation. In the future, it is recommended to do it for prevention.

Holistic approach to hemorrhoid treatment by V. L. Grushina

People's healer Vasily Leonidovich Yushin has long been engaged in the treatment of proctological diseases (proctology is a branch of medicine that treats diseases of the rectum) , including hemorrhoids. In his opinion, hemorrhoids, affecting various parts of the rectum, is one of the main causes of other serious diseases of the rectum, including cancer of the rectum.

Rubin recommends a comprehensive approach to the treatment of hemorrhoids: contrast water treatments, special physical exercises, yoga asanas, herbal medicine, and other methods. In this case, the therapeutic effect goes in several ways at once, which will allow to localize and destroy the root of the disease.

It offers several of the most effective recipes for the treatment of the initial and middle stages of hemorrhoids.

To reduce pain, inflammation, and bleeding. Mix in equal amounts of dry crushed flowers of common linseed and St. John's wort, oak bark, water pepper grass - hold the Herb collection for 12 hours in melted interior lard, stirring occasionally. Then heat and strain. As a result, useful substances from herbs that help relieve pain, inflammation and stop bleeding will pass into fat.

Store the prepared ointment in a dark, cool place. The resulting ointment is smeared with a small piece of gauze and carefully inserted into the anal opening for 5-6 hours. The gauze should all go inside.

In addition to the recipe, Levin recommends taking fresh juice of red mountain ash fruits 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks.

During treatment ointment, and the juice of the fruit of mountain ash he recommends that you perform a little exercises:

  1. By using the internal muscles, the anus is drawn in for 2-3 minutes 2 times a day. This exercise helps to improve blood flow in the rectum - better discharge of venous blood.
  2. Lying on your back, hands along the body, perform leg movements, as when riding a Bicycle-3 minutes 1 time a day. After this exercise, rest for 3-5 minutes without getting up. This exercise improves venous circulation in the lower extremities and pelvic area, reduces the load on the veins of the legs and pelvis, and thus helps to restore the tone of the vein walls.

An ancient method of treating hemorrhoids. It consists in warming the area of the anus with alum pairs, which, due to strong astringent properties, contribute to the retraction, compression of the entire expanded. Boil 2 liters of water in an enamel pot and dissolve 450 g of alum in boiling water. The resulting alum solution is steamed over low heat for 15-20 minutes, then removed from the heat, close the pan with a wooden lid with a hole (or wrap the edges of the vessel with a thick towel) and warm the anus over the steam for 20 - 30 minutes.

After warming up, it is recommended to lubricate the anus (inside and outside) with vaseline and be sure to take any vegetable laxative, since the astringent and compressive effect is so strong that it can cause constipation, strong compression of the rectum. The use of oil will "moisturize" and soften this powerful effect. Laxative will contribute to the stool, which after this procedure is necessarily normalized.

Warming up should be done no more than 1 time a week. Usually three warm-UPS are enough to get a pronounced therapeutic effect. During treatment, you should drink water in which clean iron shavings were boiled for 30 minutes.

For the period of treatment, this method should be excluded from the diet of fresh milk and black tea (it knits). Black tea can be replaced with green, and better herbal.

If you do not find alum, then this procedure can be done with 1.5 liters of milk, which is added to 4 large onion heads. The technology of preparation and treatment is the same.

For severe hemorrhoidal pain, you can use the following recipe. Take 5 g of yarrow inflorescence powder and 5 g of raspberry leaves, 50 g of fresh butter. The oil must first be carefully melted in a boiling water bath and poured into it crushed (preferably in the dust) herbs and stir thoroughly. Store the resulting mixture in the refrigerator. In the evening, before going to bed, lubricate the anus. Perform this procedure daily until the mixture is fully used. After a three-day break, repeat the lubrication treatment.

During this treatment, you should drink a glass of fresh whey on an empty stomach in the morning, and during the day eat 5-10 pieces of juniper berries cooked in melted butter and dried in a warm oven. Juniper berries have an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, diuretic, choleretic, analgesic effect, activate the motor function of the intestine, etc. Their medicinal properties are very well proven in the treatment of hemorrhoids.


Osteochondrosis is one of the most common diseases of the musculoskeletal system in middle and old age. This is a disease of the cartilaginous surfaces of the bones of the musculoskeletal system, mainly the spine, as well as the hip and knee joints.

In cervical and upper chest osteochondrosis, a variety of pains occur: in the heart (they are often mistaken for a manifestation of ischemic disease or angina), in the shoulder joint and throughout the arm on one or two sides, in the head, as well as dizziness with short-term loss of consciousness (due to violations of blood supply to the brain).

Osteochondrosis in the middle and lower thoracic spine can cause pain in the epigastric region and in the abdomen, which is often mistakenly associated with diseases of the stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, and intestines.

With common osteochondrosis, and sometimes with osteochondrosis in the lumbar spine, the hip and knee joints are affected. In this case, x-ray images of the hip and knee joints show degenerative changes in the cartilage surface, extensive bony growths and narrowing of the joint slits.

In lumbar osteochondrosis, there is often a loss and infringement of the discs.

Prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis

For the prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis, a number of requirements must be met.

You should sleep on your back or on your stomach on a hard bed. To do this, put a "shield" under the mattress-a centimeter thick plywood or knocked down boards. The length of the "shield" must match the length of the bed.

Very useful for osteochondrosis morning exercises lasting 10-15 minutes. The complex should include exercises for the mobility of the spine in all departments and directions, for the joints of the hands and feet (including the flight movements).

During the period of acute osteochondrosis, jumping, jumping and running are contraindicated, which create a large load on the intervertebral discs.

People who work sitting should take physical training pauses lasting 5-6 minutes every 1.5-2 hours, i.e. 3-4 times during the working day in the original standing position; those who work standing-2-3 times during the working day in the original sitting position; those who work sitting, standing and walking-1-2 times a day in the original sitting and standing positions. The classes include exercises for spine mobility in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions in all directions.

Attention! Patients with degenerative disc disease must be fully excluded from the complexes of therapeutic exercises (or at least drastically limit) the exercises for the abdominals. For the same reason, at first, physical exercises are carried out in fixing bandages or a corset.

How to relieve pain in osteochondrosis

It is necessary to take such a position that the muscles of the back, lumbar and cervical spine were as relaxed as possible, simply put, lie on your back or on your stomach. In the supine position, bend your legs at the knees and hip joints and place them on a high roller (for example, on a rolled-up blanket) so that the feet do not touch the bed (the lower legs should hang relaxed). A small soft pillow should be placed under the lower back so that the lumbar section fits snugly to it. The head end of the bed from the level of the shoulder blades should be slightly (comfortably) raised.

Relaxation of the muscles of the back, lumbar and gluteal regions, as well as the muscles of the lower extremities not only relieves pain, but also contributes to the gradual elimination of the inflammatory process, resorption of edema, creating favorable conditions for scarring of cracks and ruptures of the fibrous ring of the intervertebral discs, halving the internal disk pressure.

It is necessary to observe complete rest - after all, active movements of the limbs and trunk in the acute period significantly injure the degenerative disk and increase the irritation of the nerve root. If there is a deflection in the cervical spine, then you also need to put a roller in this place (for example, from a rolled towel).

With osteochondrosis of any localization, you should avoid cooling the body. It is recommended to wipe and RUB the body with a linen or cotton smooth towel.


The word "arthritis" in Latin means "inflammation of the joint". If inflammation affects many joints, the disease is called polyarthritis ("poly -" means "a lot"). In General, arthritis refers to a variety of various diseases of the joints of an inflammatory nature that occur both from the penetration of infection and when metabolic processes are disrupted (gout). Arthritis can also develop as a result of rheumatism, angina, or other streptococcal diseases.

Arthritis is manifested primarily by joint pain when moving, as well as redness and an increase in volume (tumor) at the site of the lesion. In the area of the joint, the temperature increases markedly. Fluid may accumulate in the joint cavity.

This disease affects the General condition of the body; there is weakness and a General increase in body temperature. Most often, arthritis affects the joint fluid, but if left untreated, it passes to cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and bones.

For the treatment of arthritis, various ointments and creams are used to relieve pain and swelling. Ointments and creams should be rubbed into the skin over the affected joint 3-4 times a day. As an internal remedy, you can use aspirin, which acts not only as an analgesic, but also as an anti-inflammatory.

Nutrition for arthritis

If you have arthritis, you should first change your diet. Scientists have long established that diet affects arthritis, and a very simple diet, especially fasting, can relieve the symptoms of this disease. For example, in a study published in the English medical journal Lancet, Norwegian scientists compared two groups of people with rheumatoid arthritis. One group of 27 people followed an experimental vegetarian diet, while the second control group of 26 people followed a regular diet.

The vegetarian diet consisted of three stages. At the first stage, which lasted from 7 to 9 days, the subjects were offered vegetable broths, vegetable juices, herbal teas, and garlic. At the second stage, which lasted 3.5 months, only vegetarian food was included in the diet. The patients did not eat meat, eggs, dairy products, citrus fruits, refined products, spices, salt, or cereals containing gluten. After 4 months, they began to include dairy products in the diet, one a day. The subjects followed this diet for a year. Members of both groups kept diaries in which they noted their taste preferences and described all the symptoms.

The results of the study were astounding. Within a month, the members of the experimental group had a noticeable decrease in the number of swollen and soft joints. Reduced periods of morning numbness and other symptoms that accompany arthritis attacks. In addition, subjects from this group generally felt healthier and stronger. Notably, these changes persisted throughout the 13 months of the study.

Members of the control group experienced less pain during the first 4 weeks, but there were no changes in the blood composition. By the end of the study, all symptoms, including pain, had increased in these patients.

What to do to dissolve salts in the joints

When salts are deposited in the joints, it is recommended to use various rubs that allow the salts to dissolve. For this purpose, the composition of the RUB is selected in such a way that it has thinning, warming and softening properties. Here is one of these recipes.

Take a bottle containing 0.5 liters of liquid, put a piece of camphor (it has thinning properties) the size of 1/4 lump sugar. Pour into a bottle 150 ml of turpentine (has warming, penetrating properties), 150 ml of olive oil (has softening properties), add 150 ml of 70% alcohol (heats, penetrates). Shake before use. RUB dry before going to bed and tie something with wool for the whole night (wool retains heat well, which activates the processes of dissolving salts).

Decoction for removing toxins

A decoction of spruce needles, onion husks and rosehip fruits removes toxins from the body well.

5 tablespoons of crushed needles (preferably young needles), 2-3 tablespoons of crushed rose hips and 2 tablespoons of onion husk pour 0.7 liters of water, bring to a boil, cook on low heat for 10 minutes. Insist night. Strain and drink 0.5 liters of water per day for 4 months instead of water. If the kidneys are not bothered, the onion husk is not necessary to add (it treats pyelonephritis).

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by a constant feeling of severe fatigue, muscle pain, fever, drowsiness, and depression that last for months and sometimes years. People's performance is reduced by half. At the same time, they do not suffer from any mental illness or infection, do not have hormonal disorders, do not abuse drugs, and there is no exposure to toxic substances on their body.

A patient with chronic fatigue syndrome has at least six of the following symptoms, constantly or recurring periodically for six months or longer.

  • Symptoms of a cold or mild fever.
  • Unpleasant sensations such as pain in the nasopharynx.
  • Sensations of soreness or swelling of the lymph nodes on the neck or under the arms.
  • General relaxation of the body.
  • Strange pain in the muscles.
  • Severe fatigue and poor ability of the body to recover within 24 hours after performing any physical work.
  • Spontaneous headaches.
  • Sensations of pain in the joints without their external changes.
  • Forgetfulness or excessive irritability, inability to concentrate.
  • The loss of sleep.
  • Rapid onset of the above symptoms within a few hours or days. Let's examine each of the symptoms in more detail.

Symptom 1. A cold means slagging the body with mucous slags (overexcitation of the vital principle of "Mucus"), on which pathogenic microorganisms began to develop and caused inflammation - typical colds. The feverish state indicates that the body's vital forces have begun to be spent on suppressing the infection. The body as a whole began to resist microbial aggression and slagging.

Symptom 2. Unpleasant sensations such as soreness in the nasopharynx just mean the typical manifestations of a cold-inflammation, which can be very weak (unpleasant sensations in the nasopharynx), weak (the appearance of soreness and redness), strong and very strong.

Symptom 3. Feelings of soreness or swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck or under the arms mean that the body mobilizes the lymphatic immune system to fight infection. The lymph nodes of the tonsils are not able to resist the aggression of the infection, and help is needed. Tonsils - the first and most powerful protection of the body from the penetration of various pathogenic microorganisms. But we weaken it by consuming slime-forming and cold foods. In the tonsils, pathogenic bacteria that destroy them multiply due to mucus. If the tonsils are removed, the body becomes defenseless against subsequent microbial aggression and over time, more serious diseases (heart, blood vessels, kidneys, joints, etc.) appear.

Symptoms 4-11. They indicate the General slagging of the body and the defeat of its pathogenic microorganisms.

General slagging and damage to the body by pathogenic microorganisms lead to General weakness - decrease in tone, the body's vitality is spent on containing bacterial infection (this is also indicated by frequent, weakly expressed feverish States), incomprehensible pain in the muscles (a consequence of the accumulation of toxic contents of toxins and the activity of pathogenic microorganisms), severe fatigue and poor ability of the body to recover within 24 hours after performing any physical work (a consequence of lowering the overall vital tone of the body, there are no forces for recovery), headaches (poisoning of the brain with bacterial toxins), the feeling of pain in the joints without their external changes (the immune response of the connective tissue of the body to the toxicity of pathogenic microorganisms and slagging). These processes of accumulation of toxins in the body, depending on the characteristics of the individual Constitution, lead to overexcitation of a particular life principle.

If the "Wind" is overexcited, it leads to forgetfulness, if the "Bile" - to irritability, if the "Mucus" - to apathy, depression. Overexcitation of vital principles, especially the "wind", leads to problems with sleep, and the rapid appearance of the above-described symptoms within a few hours or days means one thing: the slagging and bacterial aggression caused by a vicious lifestyle continues, the immune system is chronically weakened, and serious diseases may appear at any moment.

Most patients say that they began to feel tired immediately after they had an infectious disease, such as the flu. In other people, the disease begins at a time when they have experienced stress, found themselves in an unusual situation (for example, during a divorce, after the death of a family member, or a change of job). As for slagging, it occurs so imperceptibly that a person does not suspect it, and therefore can not identify it as the most important reason. This is why most people only point to the flu and stress.

If we turn to strictly scientific data, they indicate deviations from the norm when counting white blood cells (the inclusion of the body's immune defense), small violations of the liver (the presence of portal hypertension), an increased number of antibodies against various viruses (viral and bacterial aggression) and tissues (they have accumulated toxins) , or a small increase or decrease in the total number of antibodies in comparison with the usual one. Many protective factors are suppressed, while others show increased activity and, on the contrary, there is a rapid deterioration and burning of the body's vital forces.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can be contracted by any person who lives by gravity (just burning their life potential) or in the pursuit of material well-being does not want to know anything except their commercial activities (working against all biological norms, overexerting themselves).

Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome

Doctors try to use various medications that strengthen the immune system or affect certain viruses. With some success, they use a number of antidepressants that increase energy, raise mood and can improve night sleep. Prescribe antiviral medications, gamma globulin, vitamin B12 injections, and more.

To completely get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome and increase your life activity, I suggest that you reconsider your lifestyle, cleanse your body of toxins and undergo several courses of treatment for parasites.

The way of life should be adjusted and combined with the biorhythms of nature, then your life forces will act in resonance with the forces of nature and quickly recover. Life and activity without taking into account biorhythms is the second main reason that leads the human body to diseases of the chronic fatigue syndrome (the first reason is the slagging of the body).

Why do people who have achieved material well-being, creative prosperity, eventually suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome? Yes, because, relying on their strength, they work, regardless of time, snack on the go (pies, drinks, Cola, etc.), stimulate their performance with strong tea, coffee, sugar, Smoking (and some drugs), and relax and rest with alcohol and overeat.

Therefore, I recommend that you adjust your food intake in accordance with the body's biorhythms, take food in the correct sequence (liquids before eating, then salad or stewed vegetables, then whole porridge or protein dish) and in a mutual combination. This will allow the body to get everything you need in sufficient quantity and in a timely manner. Exclude from your diet all sorts of stimulants and refined products (tea, coffee, candy, sugar, cakes, butter, etc.), eat more natural, fresh food, drink freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices.

Exercise every day. Even a small physical activity in the form of a particular bed gymnastics, abdominal compression will help you. Constant overexertion causes muscle stiffness, the appearance of pain centers in the body and muscles. Physical exercises eliminate stiffness, relax the muscles, charge the body with energy, restore the normal electric charge of the micelles (around which water is held) and the entire body as a whole. They have a great effect on the psychological and physical condition.

To replenish vitality, it is very good to use various hardening procedures, take a contrast shower (a warm jet for 30 seconds, a cool one for 5-8 seconds, and this alternation 5-10 times), and visit a wet steam room once a week (it will not only relax the body, but also partially remove toxins from it).

It is very useful to fast for 36 - 42 hours every 2 weeks. This stimulates the body's immune defense (increases the activity of white blood cells), cleanses, trains the body's vital force (increases its potential), relieves stress, and improves volitional qualities.

In your daily activities, do not be scattered, choose the most important things from all the cases and solve them. Learn to give up what you can do without. Distribute energy and time between the things that must be done.

In any case, do not give in to the melancholy and do not complain. Self-pity will depress you even more, suppress your physiology. Keep on being optimistic. The one who does not give up, best copes with any disease.

Prostatitis and prostate adenoma

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, accompanied by its swelling and painful sensitivity. Often this disease is hidden and leads to a violation of sexual function and spermatogenesis. Spermatogenesis is the process of formation of male germ cells in the testicles. As a result, the potency is weakened and violated. In addition, prostatitis is often accompanied by vesiculitis-inflammation of the seminal vesicles.

In our time, according to various data, prostatitis affects from 20 to 40% of the male population of the planet. Some data is even more pessimistic. According to these sources, prostatitis affects up to 80% of men. The likelihood of this disease increases with age, and often the most productive years of a man's life are poisoned by this severe disease. However, today, very young men - 25-30 years old-are becoming increasingly ill with prostatitis. Doctors say that this disease is rapidly getting younger. Similar figures characterize the spread of adenoma. According to statistics, it occurs in 20% of men aged 40, 50% of men aged 60, and 80% of men aged 80.

There are several types of prostatitis

Bacterial prostatitis can occur in acute and chronic forms. In this case, prostate inflammation is caused by a bacterial infection. Often, this disease is the result of sexually transmitted diseases that were not treated at the right time or incorrectly. Recently, chlamydial prostatitis is increasingly common. Although bacterial prostatitis is sometimes called infectious, none of its forms are contagious.

There is also non-bacterial prostatitis. The nature of its occurrence is still a mystery to doctors. Symptoms of this disease may include pain in the joints, muscles, lower back, and the area behind the scrotum. Aches, fever, and chills are characteristic of acute prostatitis. The disease is also accompanied by such phenomena as impaired urination, including blood in the urine, painful ejaculation (ejaculation).

Treatment of prostatitis depends on the type of disease. Thus, non-bacterial prostatitis cannot be cured with antimicrobial drugs - antibiotics, and bacterial prostatitis cannot be cured without them. Therefore, if these symptoms occur, you should consult a doctor to make tests and correctly determine the form of prostatitis.

Another common disease of older men is prostate adenoma. This is a benign hyperplasia, i.e. a prostate tumor that is accompanied by inflammatory processes.

The causes of these two diseases are different, but their symptoms and the nature of the course are largely the same, because both diseases lead to inflammation of the prostate.

The main symptom of prostate adenoma is frequent and difficult urination. Then the pressure of urine weakens, there is a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, there is pain and discomfort.

Acute bacterial prostatitis

Acute bacterial prostatitis occurs against the background of an infection of the genitourinary tract. Acute prostatitis is accompanied by chills and fever that begin suddenly, pain in the lower abdomen and perineum, acute urges or difficulty urinating, which can lead to urinary retention. There may be blood in the urine. When urinating, severe pain or burning occurs.

If you notice similar symptoms, you should go to a doctor. You may need to be hospitalized. The disease is easily treated with antimicrobial drugs if therapy is started on time.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is usually manifested by repeated infections of the urinary tract, when the bacterium causing them becomes resistant to drugs intended to destroy it. Symptoms: difficult, frequent and painful urination, pain may be localized in the lower back, perineum, penis, scrotum, rectum. In some men, pain increases both after sexual intercourse and during prolonged abstinence.

Often there is increased sweating, a feeling of cold in the perineum. Sometimes, especially after a bowel movement or physical exertion, there is a discharge from the urethra. Characterized by increased irritability, short temper, lethargy, fatigue, loss of appetite, sleep disorders. However, signs of this disease do not appear immediately, but only when a significant number of bacteria accumulates.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is more common in men who have had infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. Almost all infectious diseases that were treated incorrectly can lead to chronic prostatitis. Very often this happens when the patient voluntarily stops taking medication, because he believes himself cured, or when he prescribes antibiotics himself. This treatment often leads to the fact that the microbes remain, moreover, they become resistant to certain antibiotics.

Another reason for the chronic course of the process is infection of prostate stones. They are present in 75% of middle-aged men, and in old age - almost all. These are very small and usually harmless formations, but if an infection gets into the prostate, they can become inflamed. In this case, the disease becomes particularly persistent. The symptoms come back again and again. This type of prostatitis is difficult to treat with antibiotics, so doctors often recommend removing stones surgically.

The consequence of chronic prostatitis is a violation of sexual function. With a long-term course of the disease, sexual desire decreases, problems with erection occur, and cases of premature ejaculation become more frequent. This is due to both hormonal disorders and disorders of the nervous regulation of sexual function.

The most severe outcome of prostatitis is scarring of the prostate tissue, followed by shrinking of the organ. In addition, prostatitis worsens the condition of the kidneys and ureters, and involves them in the inflammatory process. In the future, this can lead to urolithiasis. There may be other cases of infection moving from one pelvic organ to another.

In the elderly, it is often a combination of prostatitis with prostate adenoma.

Non-bacterial prostatitis

This type of prostatitis is not associated with microbial infection. This disease occurs very often. Antibiotics, of course, do not work on it. In addition, no one still knows exactly the causes of this disease. However, there is no doubt that the development of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland depends largely on the complex of predisposing factors - disorders of metabolic processes and blood circulation, the presence of congestion in the organ.

Most patients with non-bacterial prostatitis did not have urinary tract infections. When analyzing the gland secretions, white blood cells - white blood cells-are detected, which indicates an inflammatory process, but there are no traces of infection in the urine.

The symptoms of this disease are almost identical to those of chronic bacterial prostatitis.

Risk factor

It is not always possible to clearly say what was the trigger for prostate inflammation in a particular patient. But you can list factors that increase the risk of disease.

  1. Incorrectly treated infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary sphere.
  2. Infection of the kidneys or bladder. In this case, pathogenic microbes enter the prostate from the urethra.
  3. Homosexuals are a particular risk group. During anal sex, colibacteria can enter the penis from the rectum, and then enter the urinary tract and prostate.
  4. Weakened immunity.
  5. The presence of other foci of inflammation in the body: especially in the pelvic organs (cystitis, proctitis, colitis), as well as in caries teeth, tonsils.
  6. Violation of metabolic processes and blood circulation, the presence of congestion in the prostate as a result of vascular pathology in hemorrhoids, varicose veins of the spermatic cord, and lower extremities. Chronic diseases such as polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, and pathology of the cardiovascular system also contribute to stagnation in the prostate.
  7. Irregular sexual activity, which leads to stagnation of the secret in the prostate gland along with stagnation of blood in the veins of this organ.
  8. Sedentary lifestyle, constipation, and alcohol abuse also contribute to venous stasis in the prostate and the development of prostatitis.

Diagnosis of prostatitis

It is quite difficult to diagnose this disease, since the symptoms can be caused by other causes: infections of the genitourinary system, inflammation of the urethra, prostate adenoma, etc.

The easiest way to identify an acute bacterial form. The main thing in the diagnosis of prostatitis is a urine analysis performed by a special method, when certain portions of urine are collected in different dishes. By comparing urine samples, the doctor can determine the source of the infection, if there is one: it may be the urethra, bladder, or prostate. After determining the pathogen of the disease, the doctor will be able to choose the most appropriate medicine for this type of infection.

For other cases, various diagnostic tools are needed

An important test for prostatitis is a gland massage performed during a finger rectal examination (PRO), which is performed through the rectum. This is a non-painful procedure and does not last long, although it causes most patients to feel uncomfortable. But it is this survey that quickly provides important information that cannot be obtained in any other way. In acute prostatitis, a very sensitive, swollen, hot, or hard prostate is detected during PRO. During the examination, the doctor vigorously massages the gland or squeezes it so that liquid secretions come out of the urethra, which are then subjected to biochemical analysis.

The final diagnosis is made based on clinical symptoms, urine and prostate fluid tests.

Main methods of treatment

In acute prostatitis, first reduce the temperature, and it is usually high, and stabilize the patient's condition. Diuretics and laxatives are often prescribed, since the act of defecation often increases the pain. In some cases, when the patient is unable to urinate independently, a catheter is inserted.

For bacterial prostatitis, antibiotics are prescribed

In non-bacterial prostatitis, doctors try to ease the symptoms of the disease. Prescribe medications that relax the prostate muscles and facilitate urination. Sometimes anti-inflammatory drugs and hot sit-down baths are recommended. Some people are helped by diet. It has been observed that certain foods, such as spicy foods, and caffeine increase the symptoms of prostatitis. This also applies to alcoholic beverages.

Congestion in the prostate, when there is no acute inflammatory process, is often recommended to remove therapeutic gymnastics and massage.

Massage for prostatitis

Of great importance in the treatment of diseases of the pelvic organs, in particular the prostate, is the elimination of congestion in this area, improving blood circulation in the prostate itself. Therefore, self-massage, including point massage, Japanese finger shiatsu technique and therapeutic gymnastics, is becoming more common. Either an experienced specialist or your own intuition will tell you which of these effective ways to use. All these methods are described in special and popular literature. This book offers a description of the simplest procedure - self-massage, which is very effective for sexual disorders.

Self-massage is best done on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes-1 hour before eating. The total duration will be 5-7 minutes. The results will be good only if it is carried out regularly.

The most important area for the impact of massage in the treatment of prostatitis is the lumbosacral area. But before that, it is recommended to stretch the entire body. This contributes to better blood circulation, in addition, will give a wonderful tonic effect. Any light gymnastic complex is suitable for this purpose.

Massage of the lumbosacral region. Stand up straight, put your hands on the small of your back. The procedure begins with stroking. The hands move easily along the spine from the buttocks to the lower back, then to the sides, rising higher and higher.

Next, use your fingertips to start performing spiral rubbing. To do this, use the fingers of both hands to perform rotational movements, as if penetrating deeper and deeper into the tissue. Movements go first from top to bottom, then-to the sides.

Now place the pads of your fingers about the width of your palm on either side of your spine. Start to slide the skin up by pinching the fold of skin toward the spine. Knead the entire lower back area for 2-3 minutes. If you have the time and desire - as long as possible.

Then put your feet shoulder-width apart and put your hands on your belt. Tilt your torso forward at a 90-degree angle. Make several circular movements with your torso in both directions. If you suffer from sciatica, be careful. It is recommended to finish the massage by stroking the lumbosacral area.

Herbal medicine for prostatitis

Folk medicine for prostatitis serves as an additional method of therapy. However, they can significantly alleviate suffering and speed up recovery.

A good therapeutic effect is provided by microclysms with an infusion of chamomile, St. John's wort, yarrow, sage and some other medicinal plants that can relieve inflammation. Honey is often added to them, which enhances the effect. To do this, 2 tablespoons of herbs need to pour 100 ml of boiling water, insist 1 hour, strain. Within a month, put microclysms of 50 ml at night.

For enemas, you can use this recipe. Dissolve 40 g of propolis in 200 ml of alcohol, add 2 g of cocoa butter. Dial this mixture into a small enema in the amount of 10 g and put it on overnight. The course of treatment is 1 month. After 2 months, the treatment can be repeated.

These same components are included in the composition of candles (0.1 g of propolis and 2 g of cocoa butter), which are injected deep into the rectum at night. The course of treatment is 1 month. You can repeat it in 3-4 weeks.

Infusions and decoctions are also taken orally. Here are some recipes.

25 g of crushed horse chestnut peel pour 250 ml of alcohol and insist in a dark place for 10 days. The mixture should be shaken regularly. After 10 days, strain, take 30 drops 3 times a day.

15 g of grass mountaineer snake pour 200 ml of water and evaporate to half the volume. Take 30 drops 3 times a day after meals. Treatment is carried out for 2-3 weeks, then take a break for 2 weeks, the course of treatment is repeated.

Infusion of oats and birch buds mixed with rose hip infusion (1:1) and drink 1-2 times a day for half a glass. This infusion can be washed down with mummy, pollen, propolis, which are useful for prostate diseases.

1 teaspoon of nettle pour 1 Cup of cold water, bring to a boil, boil for 1 minute, infuse for 10 minutes, strain. Drink 1 glass in the morning and evening.

In addition to decoctions and infusions, use fresh juices that support the vitamin balance in the body and strengthen the strength.

Squeeze the parsley juice, mix with honey in a ratio of 1:1. Take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.

Take equal amounts of fresh cucumber, beetroot and carrot juice. Drink po ? a glass 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day.

During the entire period of treatment of prostatitis, it is recommended to use as much garlic, onions, take colanchoe, honey for 1 teaspoon several times a day. All these products strengthen the immune system and stimulate the body's defenses.

In chronic prostatitis, it is useful to take a bath with the addition of a decoction of a mixture of herbs-St. John's wort, sweet clover, Datura, thyme, linseed, BlackBerry leaves, birch, cypress, nettle, plantain, dried marsh, chamomile flowers, taken in equal parts. The bath can be sedentary. The water temperature is 38 " C. it is recommended to take a Bath before going to bed.

Along with anti-inflammatory herbal infusions, it is necessary to drink diuretics. The most effective infusions of cranberry leaf and bearberry. Bearberry also has an antiseptic property, so it is especially useful.

With urinary retention, the drug bazaton - an extract of dried nettle root-helps well. It is taken after a meal, 1 capsule 3 times a day, with a small amount of water. This drug is also effective for prostate adenoma.

Prevention of prostatitis and prostate adenoma

Let's remember who is at risk. Prostatitis most often affects older and older men who lead a sedentary lifestyle, abuse alcohol, eat irrationally and often suffer from inflammatory diseases, especially of the pelvic organs.

The development of adenoma is promoted by overweight (obesity), alcohol consumption, Smoking, cirrhosis of the liver, hypertension, atherosclerosis, violation of hormone synthesis in the body. A special role in the occurrence of this tumor is played by the nature of nutrition. For example, in Japan and China, where the diet of the population is dominated by vegetable rather than animal fats, this disease is rare. The most harmful products that cause prostate cancer are ice cream, frozen cream, sour cream, and cold fat milk.

Insufficient motor activity contributes to negative processes in the prostate gland. From a sedentary lifestyle, blood circulation in the pelvis is sharply inhibited - there is a stagnation of blood. This is another reason why men here, around the prostate gland, accumulate mucus and develop various disorders.

Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs contribute to the occurrence of prostatitis and adenoma due to anatomical and physiological features. The prostate, as already mentioned, is located in the lower part of the pelvis under the bladder, next to the rectum. This means that the inflammatory process, if it exists in these organs, can be transferred to the prostate gland.

This makes it clear what prevention measures should be.

First, it is the normalization of lifestyle: sufficient physical activity, a healthy diet, the exclusion of alcohol and a normal sex life. Serious attention should be paid to the prevention and timely treatment of inflammatory diseases, especially pelvic organs.

Secondly, it is necessary to restore the purity of the large intestine and normalize the acidity of its environment (it should be slightly acidic). The intestines are polluted from the wrong combination of food, cooked and refined food, improper intake of liquids and unnatural beverages. And how to restore normal bowel function, you have already read in the previous sections.

Third, all the restorative procedures that restore and stimulate the immune system and other body defenses are shown.

Fourth, for the prevention of prostatitis and prostate adenoma, you can use some special tools. For example, in recent years, tea and extract from cypress, or as it is otherwise called, Ivan - tea, are considered as a preventive tool.

Cypress is also used as a therapeutic agent. It contains tannins, flavonoids, various acids and phytosterols-the main active ingredients in the treatment of prostate adenoma and prostatitis. The water extract of this plant prevents the development of the inflammatory process. And for prevention, it is important that this tool can be used for a long time: it does not cause side effects.

Capsules with cypress extract and water extract can be purchased at the pharmacy. Tea is easy to prepare at home: 3 teaspoons of Ivan-tea pour 500 ml of boiling water, let it stand for 5 minutes, strain. Drink a glass in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening 30 minutes before bedtime. You can practice a different scheme-drink tea 3 times a day for 2 / z glasses. As a preventive measure, a decoction from the hazelnut shell has proven itself well. It is prepared in the following way. Take 2 kg of nuts, separate the shell from the kernels. The kernels of nuts can be eaten with pleasure, and the shell pour 3 liters of cold water, bring to a boil and boil for 3 minutes. Then keep the broth on low heat for 4 hours. After 40 minutes, strain. The finished product should be about 2 liters. the Light brown liquid has almost no smell or taste. Drink it 2 tablespoons before each meal for 2 months. After a few months, the course can be repeated.

Trichomonas diseases

Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis) is an infectious disease that occurs as a result of vaginal Trichomonas affecting various parts of the human genitourinary system. It is characterized by a variety of symptoms and various complications. For men, when infected with Trichomonas, urethritis is characteristic.

The source of infection in Trichomonas infection is a person (a patient with trichomoniasis, a "healthy" carrier of vaginal Trichomonas). Carriers and individuals who have the disease in asymptomatic forms, as a rule, do not seek medical help, so the number of patients with trichomonosis is constantly increasing.

Trichomoniasis is transmitted sexually

Carrying vaginal trichomonads by a healthy person plays a large role in the spread of infection. When examining practically healthy women, 10 to 35% of those infected with Trichomonas are found, and 2 to 16% of men are found. The causative agent of trichomoniasis, however, has little resistance to the external environment (it dies under the influence of high temperature, drying, changes in osmotic pressure). In water, vaginal Trichomonas also die quickly.

Trichomoniasis, like any other infectious disease, has a certain cycle of development. Period of its course in conducting antitrichomonal treatment on average 2-3 months.

For the occurrence of trichomoniasis, in addition to the introduction of the pathogen into the body, such factors as comorbidities, hormonal disorders are often important. For the prevention of trichomoniasis, a person's lifestyle is important: nutrition, physical activity, daily routine, the presence of bad habits and addictions, compliance with hygiene measures, and environmental ecology. A weakened and slagged organism creates favorable conditions for the development of trichomonads. In a weakened body, even a weak Trichomonas infection can cause severe illness.

Trichomoniasis in men often proceeds secretly, so they consider themselves completely healthy, but at the same time they are carriers of trichomonads. Detection of the parasite is possible only when special studies are assigned: a series of combined provocations with daily smears. However, even in this case, only 1-2 of the 15-20 glasses will reveal Trichomonas, because the pathogen is located in closed foci. From these closed foci, parasites can break into the urethra during sexual intercourse or under the influence of other factors.

The incubation period on average ranges from 5-15 days. The clinical picture is characterized by a relative uniformity of symptoms, without presenting any specific features. The most frequent complaints are discharge, itching, painful intercourse, frequent urination, poor sleep, irritability. When the urethra is affected, there may be hyperemia and edema around its outer opening; patients note frequent and painful urination.

Trichomonas urethritis in men occurs mainly in the type of gonorrhea and other bacterial urethritis

One of the main manifestations of trichomoniasis in men is urethritis. Lesions of other organs of the genitourinary system, as in gonorrhea, occur a second time. Trichomonas prostatitis can occur without any symptoms. The organs of the scrotum are involved in the process many times more often than in gonorrhea. Detection of trichomonads in the secret of the prostate, scraping from the affected appendage of the testicle is proof that the vaginal trichomonad can penetrate from the urethra to any organ of the genitourinary system.

The more severe consequences of trichomoniasis in men include narrowing of the urethra, which, as with gonorrhea, is not formed immediately, but over a period of 2-8 years or more. Preventing the development of complications in Trichomonas urethritis is part of a large and complex problem of fighting this disease. Early diagnosis and treatment effectiveness are important in preventing complications.

Treatment of trichomoniasis

Some doctors recommend a method of treating trichomoniasis using drugs that improve tissue metabolism and stimulate the body's defenses, which also improves the penetration of drugs into the lesions.

The first course of treatment begins with intramuscular administration of aloe every other day 8-10 times, alternating it with intramuscular administration of gonovaccine from 0.25 to 1.25 ml in an amount of 4-5 injections every other day, while the dose of each injection increases by 0.25 ml. at The same time, antitrichomonadal drugs - trichopol are prescribed 1 tablet 3 times a day after eating for 10 days. After the first course, a second course is held, followed by a third, and so on.

The naturopathic approach to treating Trichomonas is somewhat different. First of all, they cleanse the body, then strengthen the immune system, and then treat three types of Trichomonas.

The most effective for all three types of trichomonads is "triplet", especially vodka infusion of walnut partitions. Even better is the infusion of partitions or green walnut peel on kerosene. 1 Cup of walnut partitions crushed in a coffee grinder and pour 1 Cup of vodka. Insist in a dark place for a day. On the 1st day, take 5 drops on an empty stomach, on the 2nd-10 drops, on the 3rd-20 drops, and so on for a month.

It is known that vaginal Trichomonas die in the first minutes or even seconds when they are exposed to phytoncides of onions, mustard, horseradish, coniferous trees, birch, currant, medicinal Hemlock, lemon, cranberry.

The use of juice, decoction, infusion or oil preparation of these plants in the form of vaginal irrigation tampons will contribute to their destruction. The use of evaporated urine in this way also contributes to the cure of vaginal parasites. Usually, the course of treatment takes a week, then a break is made for 3-5 days, and the treatment is repeated until it is completely cured. The diet excludes sweet, fatty, meat, and yeast products.

In the treatment of trichomoniasis in men, it is possible to apply irrigation with a warm herbal infusion made from oak bark, buckthorn bark, wormwood, tansy inflorescences, and horsetail. These herbs take 1 tbsp. spoon, mix, pour 3 liters of boiling water and infuse for 2-3 hours. For 3-5 days, make baths using 1 liter of herbal infusion, rinsing the penis with a bare head in a jar for 25-30 minutes.

If a stronger agent is needed, then evaporate the water. First 0.5 l, then 1.5 l, then filter.

Usually use 2 liters of infusion at 35-36 °C. the Procedure is done within 3-5 days. Then you can repeat as necessary.

Getting rid of sexual parasites contributes to the saturation of tissues with silicon. To do this, take 1 tablespoon of any kaolin clay and dissolve in 1 liter of boiled, cooled to 37-38 " C water. Men make baths in this water, lowering the penis with a naked head in clay water for 10-15 minutes.

Explanation for men: when the foreskin is raised up and the head of the penis is completely exposed, tender mucous membranes open, through which substances dissolved in water can enter the body. They quickly absorb the body's missing silicon. This contributes not only to the healing of the cavernous bodies of the penis, but also strengthens the neural connection between the brain and the cavernous bodies of the penis. As soon as sexual desire occurs, the nerves quickly transmit impulses to the sexual system and an erection occurs.

It has been observed in practice that getting rid of trichomoniasis and other pathogens of venereal diseases is more successful if a complete cleansing of the body is performed simultaneously.


There is hardly a person who is not familiar with the herpes virus. Watery rashes on the lips, and even in other places, indicate that the body is affected by it, and the virus conducts hidden destructive work.

Herpes is a disease of the skin and mucous membranes caused by herpes viruses; it is characterized by the appearance of small bubbles on the affected areas. There are several types of herpes viruses. The first type is widespread and manifests itself in small bubbles on or around the lips. The second type causes genital herpes, which manifests itself as itchy rashes on the genitals. Both types of herpes can cause both genital herpes and simple herpes, depending on where the infection is introduced.

Herpes infection can be transmitted in various ways. Airborne droplets when sneezing, kissing, during intimacy, and in some other cases that provide close skin contact, such as in a bath. Herpes viruses can affect the conjunctiva of the eye. Herpes zoster is caused by the chickenpox virus, which can lead to the development of chickenpox. The appearance of herpes zoster is due to the fact that it is in the body in a hidden state, when the immune system is weakened, it gets the opportunity to manifest itself.

Diseases caused by the herpes virus have been known for a long time. They were studied and treated by ancient physicians. In the XVII century, herpes was nicknamed "the disease of the French king"in honor of Louis XIV, who suffered from fever. But the attention of scientists herpes caused after the appearance of AIDS. It turned out that all patients with immunodeficiency necessarily have herpes. It turned out that herpes indicates a defeat of the immune system.

Attention! If you have been sick with the herpes virus (previously covered your lips with blisters), then your immune system is extremely weak. This will be an indicator of your immune system strengthening.

Herpes is not as bad as HIV, but it is much more common. Studies have shown that 99% of people are affected by the herpes virus. By the age of 5, the child has time to catch herpes. The virus multiplies in the nasopharynx, where it is warm and there is a lot of mucus. Next, the herpes virus enters the blood through the lymph, spreads through the body and finds an unattainable refuge - in the nodes of the peripheral nervous system of the spinal cord, from where it begins to secretly destroy the body, slowly colonizing it. Outwardly, this destructive work may not appear for years, but by old age, herpes makes itself felt by numerous diseases.

Anything that weakens the body's defenses can activate the herpes virus. Emotional stress, experiences, depression, grief-all these internal factors dramatically reduce the energy of the body. And not restrained by anything, herpes immediately manifests itself by a rash of bubbles on the lips or other places.

Excessive nutrition, hypothermia, long-term infection, chronic disease, drug and alcohol use, antibiotic treatment, and poor external and internal environmental conditions are potential causes of herpes.

Treatment and prevention of herpes

Scientists who have seriously studied the herpes virus claim that it is impossible to completely recover from it. It is found almost everywhere: in blood, urine, semen, and saliva. The herpes virus is even in tears! This is determined by analysis.

So, doctors say that you can get rid of rashes, relieve exacerbation, increase the immune system, but you can not completely recover. At the same time, an effective drug acyclovir is recommended for the treatment of all types of herpes.

There is also a folk remedy for herpes

2 teaspoons of meadowsweet flowers and 1 teaspoon of calendula flowers put in a liter jar and pour 0.5 liters of vodka, close the plastic lid and insist in a dark place for 1 month, shaking periodically. Protsedit.

When herpes rashes on the lips, apply a cotton swab moistened with tincture to the sore spot for 15-20 minutes 2-3 times a day. If herpes is very pronounced, you should additionally take a tincture inside - 1H. spoon per 100 g of boiled water 3 times a day. Tincture helps well with the flu (in the same dose).

With herpes zoster, a cotton cloth moistened with tincture should be applied to the places of the rash and taken inside 1 tablespoon per 200 g of water 3-4 times a day.

As a preventive measure, you need to improve your morals, consciousness, and self-discipline.

Morality is expressed in the purity of intimate relationships. Disordered sexual relations are the surest way to infection with genital and common herpes.

Consciousness is expressed in the fact that parents can make their children sick. Before you can conceive and give birth to a child, you must become healthy and worthy of fulfilling this important mission.

Self-discipline consists in the fact that a person should create all the conditions in the body in order not to get infected with the herpes virus. We are constantly living in stress, worries, worries, and fears. We made a cult out of food. We eat a lot and not what we need. Mucus is constantly released from the nose and pharynx. This mucus is a breeding ground for herpes. Bad habits and inclinations further weaken the body. As a result, the body is polluted, weakened. Here the recommendation is one: to restore internal purity in the body, properly nourish it, harden it, give a muscular load and think correctly.

Those who have herpes can and should use various natural remedies that kill viruses and microbes. Particularly effective in this respect, a powerful volatile oil, tincture of nicotine, their own urine. All these tools in one way or another affect the herpes virus, which is entrenched deep inside the body.

Sexual problems in men

Men have their own sexual problems that wives need to know in order not to aggravate the situation by wrong actions. The main one is premature ejaculation.

The essence of this problem is that ejaculation occurs earlier than necessary for a full sexual act that satisfies the spouse. At the same time, you should know that this becomes a problem only if the husband constantly ejaculates quickly. The anxiety of young spouses, which often accompanies premature ejaculation, further complicates the situation and can lead to the rejection of sexual intercourse, which in turn can end in the collapse of the family. Usually, this problem is observed in men who have a pronounced "Wind" Constitution.

Let's talk about how to establish a normal duration of sexual intercourse. A common cause of premature ejaculation is lack of sexual experience. All men face this when trying to control ejaculation at the beginning of their sexual life. As you gain experience, these difficulties disappear.

Arousal and excitement during the first sexual intercourse with a woman are typical causes of premature ejaculation. As the man's sexual life continues, everything will return to normal. If a man is very excited at the thought of sexual intimacy, then he should take a hot bath before sexual intercourse - this will remove the excitement and relax.

If the sensitivity of the head of the penis is high, and the man has an individual Constitution of the "Wind", then it is recommended to use a condom. This reduces the sensitivity of the glans penis and can delay the onset of ejaculation.

After ejaculating from the first intimacy, rest and relax for 15-30 minutes. Then start repeated caresses. As a rule, repeated sexual intercourse is much longer than the first and completely satisfies the woman.

"Compression method"

Since ancient times, we have come down to the "compression method", which allows you to prolong sexual intercourse. This is one of the most widely used methods. It is best to master it in several steps.

Reception 1. Choose a position that is convenient for both of you. Many couples believe that the best position is when the wife sits with her back to the front of the bed with her legs stretched out, and the husband lies facing her between her legs, with his feet on top of her legs. The wife caresses the penis to its full erection and continues this, almost bringing the husband to orgasm. When the husband feels the approach of ejaculation, he tells her about it. The wife stops the stimulation and firmly squeezes the penis directly under its head until the erection ends. After about half a minute, she can start stimulating the penis again.

Repeat this several times. After a few such sessions, you will both be able to confidently control your ejaculation. Once this is achieved, proceed to the next step.

Reception 2. The husband lies on his back, the wife on top; the excited penis is inserted into the vagina. Try to stay in this position without moving for as long as possible. If the husband feels ready to ejaculate, he lets his wife know about it. It will lift up and apply the compression method as described above.

Repeat this several times. If the erection begins to decrease, then penis stimulation will restore it and you can continue sexual intercourse.

When you have mastered this technique, you can proceed to the next one.

Reception 3. The essence of this technique is that at the very beginning of sexual intercourse, the husband selects a position in which it is physically embarrassing and inconvenient to conduct sexual intercourse. The most appropriate position for this is the following: the wife lies on her back, with her legs spread and bent at the knees. The husband gets between her legs on his knees, putting them under the feet of his wife. As close as possible to her pelvis and inserts the penis into the vagina. This is followed by slow movements of the pelvis back and forth. The signals of discomfort overlap the sexual impulses, and sexual intercourse is delayed, and the excitement subsides. After this all happens, the husband takes a comfortable position and continues the sexual act until orgasm.

Reception 4. Spouses begin normal sexual intercourse, but the husband does not enter the penis completely. After 4-5 short penetrations, one deep one follows. As soon as the overly passionate husband feels the approach of orgasm, he takes out the penis or stops the movement until it is completely calmed, then makes them again. This is repeated several times, until the wife is completely satisfied, which she must inform and allow her husband to ejaculate.

After several such training sessions, your sex life will return to normal if there are no other abnormalities. Otherwise, the couple should contact a specialist.


Family and sexual life of a man and his health

The role of men in family life

Society, the family, intra-family relationships, and the health of each individual are largely interrelated. A healthy family is a healthy society, a healthy individual. The role of the family is important for everyone. There are almost no people who grew up outside of the family and outside of society. What people will absorb in family education - this will eventually be our society.

Recommendations for young husbands

Young husbands must go through their stage of adjustment to the conditions of married life together. Usually a man has the main responsibility for the maintenance of the family, and he is ready to work selflessly for its prosperity. However, the young husband is often faced with the fact that he is assigned such duties that he did not previously perform and which, as he believes, detract from his manhood. Now he has to do household chores: help in cleaning the house, clean up after a meal. He should take an interest in the professional interests of the working wife, maintain an atmosphere of optimism, and be the initiator of a pleasant leisure time...

For most husbands, this is difficult to understand. How can they not cross the line that begins "to be under the heel of his wife" or "to be a family tyrant"? This alone causes mental stress and unwillingness to continue family life. Here, as elsewhere, there should be a sense of proportion and tact, the ability to unobtrusively, delicately create an atmosphere in which all these changes would occur least painfully and with benefit for both spouses.

Many initiatives in family life do not always work out the first time. This can shake the confidence of young husbands. They will have shame and guilt for the fact that family life is not going as we would like. The wife needs to help her husband destroy this uncertainty, encourage, support. Such an attitude on the part of the wife will strengthen the man's belief that he made the right choice, that everything will get better in the near future, and his wife is a worthy woman, a great friend, she will do everything to ensure that the family does not break up.

Intimate relationship

Intimate relationships will not be able to develop harmoniously if only one of the spouses takes care of it. Only a mutual desire for mutual understanding brings family harmony and happiness to the home.

It should always be remembered that normal sexual activity is one of the physiological functions of a healthy body.

What is important to know about intimacy for young spouses on their honeymoon? Sexual intimacy is a complex process consisting of spiritual, energetic, and physiological communication. As a result of this process, not only new life is formed, but mutual spiritual and energy enrichment takes place.

Preliminary preparation allows the spouses to connect spiritually, and the sexual act itself produces an energy exchange between their field forms of life. Orgasm means "energy shot" into the most powerful spatial levels, where the souls of people are waiting for their incarnation. As a result of the "energy prostration", a channel is formed through which the soul enters the womb of a woman. The formation of a channel and the passage of the soul through it - the most powerful creative energy-is perceived by men as the most voluptuous experience - orgasm. This is followed by the ejection of the seed.

It is important to know that the first months of sexual life are given the main importance. It is at this time that the criteria for intimate relationships, erotic acceptability, and so on are developed.

The beginning of sexual life is associated with certain difficulties that young people who enter into marriage should be aware of. First of all, about the wedding night. Newlyweds during the first sexual act may encounter unforeseen circumstances that sometimes put them in a difficult position.

Rude behavior and unhygienic body content can lead to the extinction of sexual arousal in both men and women, which is why the first sexual act may not take place. Failure at the first sexual act is also caused by the wrong behavior of a man - his excessive fervor and forcing of events, as a result of which premature ejaculation occurs. Excitement, fear, intoxication, increased shyness can have a retarding effect on sexual excitability. Cheeky, cynical treatment of a man can suppress a woman's desire for sexual intimacy.

The main commandment of the first wedding night for a man is to avoid rough violent actions. O. Balzac in his book "the Physiology of marriage" wrote that often after" legal rape " for a long time there is an aversion of the wife to the husband. With such moments often originates female coldness (frigidity).

If one of the spouses is experiencing a lot of excitement or even fear, if there are no suitable conditions, then in this case, sexual intercourse is not necessary to perform on the wedding night. It is better to wait a few days, calm down and psychologically prepare for sexual intercourse. However, it should be borne in mind that postponing for a long period of sexual intimacy can lead to a decrease in sexual desire.

In the first months of sexual life, the husband should take care to speed up the awakening of the wife's sensuality, if it did not appear from the first days, i.e. if at the first sexual intimacy she did not have an orgasm. This should be done tactfully, carefully, taking into account the characteristics of the female body. In the first weeks of sexual life, a woman's excitability is subject to cyclical changes: a few days before menstruation and in the first days after it, a woman has an increased desire for sexual intimacy. The husband must adapt to such days.

In days of increased physiological excitability, some women themselves show sexual activity. In such situations, a man should be especially affectionate, helpful, and be able to correctly determine the right moment for sexual intimacy.

A man should take into account that many women, because of their shyness, like to be "conquered". A woman, being completely located to physical proximity, can provide light resistance, so a man in some cases has to resort to active actions. It is not about the expression of brutality and violence, and on compliance with tactful perseverance.

Harmony in the first days of marriage will be achieved if the wife does not skimp on affectionate words and gestures. It often happens that a man is more agitated than a woman, and he may feel insecure and in some cases lose the ability to have sex. At such times, a woman should show special sensitivity, in no case insist on intimacy, but on the contrary, behave as if nothing special happened. Reproaches, irony in such a situation will be inappropriate. Affectionate attitude and care are the best means of calming a man and restoring his full sexual function.

In all the variety of factors that affect sexual intimacy, the main condition for sexual harmony should be considered a mutual sense of love, trust and respect. If sexual intercourse takes place more by duty than by mutual desire, it is not accompanied by a rich range of sensations and brings little pleasure. At the same time, spouses who respect each other will always find common ground and mutual understanding in their relationships, including sexual love.

There are many opinions about what you can and can not do to spouses to be satisfied completely. The answer is one: do whatever you like, if the desire is mutual and there is no violence, coercion.

The desire to artificially increase the sexual desire and by any means increase the number of sexual intercourse, going beyond the physiological needs, becomes nothing more than a sexual excess.

Satiety and abstinence

Human health is primarily about moderation and abstinence. Excessive sexual activity has a negative effect on health, leads to sleep disturbances, increased irritability, or, conversely, to indifference, weakening of memory, appetite, and in the future to a decrease in sexual ability (weakening of an erection). Sexual satiety leads to depletion of the function of many systems, resulting in the body prematurely aging. Frequent repetition of sexual intercourse dulls the feeling of voluptuousness due to the fact that the sexual glands do not have time to produce enough of the secret that causes the normal course of sexual intercourse.

But if a man learns not to lose semen during sexual intercourse, then nothing will happen to his health. On the contrary, it will be strengthened by the regular energy supply that a woman brings when experiencing orgasms.

Criteria for normal sexual activity are good health, cheerfulness, cheerfulness.

As for forced sexual abstinence, the majority of healthy people tolerate it painlessly, and women and men with moderate sexual needs do not experience any changes in their health status.

Therapeutic sex

Sexual intercourse with a beautiful and generous woman, performed carefully and carefully, is the best medicine of all.

From the ancient Indian medical treatise

If a man performs sexual intercourse, but does not lose the seed, the vital force and energy is produced and increased. The body assimilates it, strengthens itself, which leads to an aggravation of all the senses.

From the observations of the sages

In ancient times, the norms of the relationship between men and women were different, intimate relationships were viewed more naturally and simply. It was then that people realized, through their own experience, that their sexual relationships can, in addition to procreation, strengthen and rejuvenate the body, and contribute to spiritual progress. Everything depends on the point of view of sexual relations and knowledge of the features of energy interactions between a man and a woman during sexual intercourse. Knowing these mechanisms, you can purposefully launch them and achieve the desired effect.

Healing mechanism of sexual intercourse

The therapeutic effect of sexual intercourse is based on the fact that specific postures direct energy in different ways, which allows it to concentrate in diseased organs and heal them. Sexual intercourse always causes changes in breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation, gland secretion, and emotional state (which is a strong energy surge). Since the body has the ability to create antidotes for any disease or condition, it is only a matter of activating the desired metabolic process.

Thus, a variety of sexual postures can be considered as "sex yoga", which can be treated even more effectively, since both male and female principles work in harmony and complement each other. This science requires that a man improve his ability to delay. The role of women in therapeutic sex is to be the initiator, awakening the healing forces of nature. Her energy, which increases as a result of four orgasms, is a powerful bioenergetic agent, which is difficult to compare with any psychic who treats with energy exposure, because he is in the usual state.

Sexual secretions, saliva, sweat, "irradiated" by these special and powerful energies, acquire special qualities that harmonize the body and psyche of a man.

Using sex for medicinal purposes, you should know this feature: when a man is active, he gives healing energy. To get it, the woman lies still, calming her mind, and concentrates her attention on the sore spot. This allows the received energy to flow to the place where it is needed for healing. When a man lies still and a woman is active, he gets energy and she gives it away.

Nutrition that stimulates sexuality

Nutrition plays a huge role in maintaining the normal health of each person. If your health is all right, then your sexual function will be fine. It is important to understand the following: the sexual function as it "lies" on the body and "feeds" after all its needs are completely satisfied. If there are not enough food resources, the body first turns off the sexual function for its own preservation.

Let's illustrate this with a few examples. Sexual function is in an inactive state as long as man will not grow. This is also true in animals. If you restrict a person's diet, then body weight increases more slowly, and with it, puberty is delayed. As the body ages, sexual function first disappears, although the body is otherwise healthy. It simply requires an excess of energy to maintain it, which is no longer there. The most obvious example of fading sexual function is starvation. During this period, the body saves all its resources and directs them only to maintain the body's vital functions. As a result, there is no desire to perform sexual intercourse. Conversely, an abundance of food and free energy leads to increased potency and a desire to quickly empty the seminal vesicles from excess sperm.

By the way a man eats, you can judge what kind of lover he is. A glutton is a hasty lover who does everything in a hurry and does not attach much importance to the content and quality of intimate relationships.

Cheerful eater-pleasant for life, with a predisposition to endless preludes. A gourmet, for whom food is a holiday, tries to do the same in love, but it can lose its naturalness. Leading a healthy lifestyle, not eating meat and generally neglecting food for the sake of their own health, tries to subordinate the partner to all their desires.

In order for nutrition to support or increase your sexual abilities, you need to know that nutrition should contribute to the overall health of the body and maintain health at the proper level. This will create a favorable basis on which your sexuality will develop. And only after that you can use a special power to stimulate sexual function. Otherwise, it will be of little use.

General health improvement through nutrition

So, let's talk about how to create favorable conditions in the body for General health improvement with the help of nutrition.

It is necessary to consume food in accordance with the biorhythmological activity of the digestive organs. Breakfast from 7 to 9 o'clock, lunch from 13 to 15. For dinner, you can drink a glass of fresh juice or sour milk, eat some fruit, drink herbal tea with honey or just water. After 15-16 hours, food is poorly digested and slags the body, disrupting the normal functioning of the body.

For reference: the digestion process lasts from 5 to 7 hours. At night, the body temperature decreases, and with it the activity of digestive enzymes. As a result, food is long and poorly digested in the body, which leads to the formation of toxins and a decrease in the overall viability of the human body.

It is necessary to consume food correctly during one meal. First, drink the liquid (if there is a need), then eat salad or semi-dried vegetables and fruits. The second dish can be starchy or protein, but it is impossible to combine protein and starchy foods (potatoes with meat cutlet).

For reference: if the liquid to drink after a meal, water will dilute and wash away part of the gastrointestinal juice; fresh vegetables (or Protosenya), fruits contribute to the elimination of food leukocytosis, normalize peristalsis, contribute to the development of the correct microflora in the digestive tract, correctly adjust the hormonal system of an organism; proteins (meat, eggs, cheese, etc.) or starches (potatoes, cereals, bread, etc.), taken separately, by themselves, is better digested and assimilated (this is proved by the experiments of Pavlov).

In order for food products to be fully digested, it is useful to clean the liver several times. This normalizes all types of metabolism in the body and contributes to the quality of food assimilation.

For reference: in an adult, about 30-40% of liver cells are fully functioning, the rest are in an inactive state, filled with old, untreated bile. Because of this, the metabolism that occurs in the liver (protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral, hormonal, etc.) suffers. Because of the "oppression" of the liver with toxins in her blood circulation. There is portal hypertension (the degree of its manifestation varies from small to clearly definable), which distorts the normal circulation of energy and blood in the body. Part of the food substances, bypassing the liver due to portal hypertension, circulates through the body in an untreated form, which causes allergies and slagging, reduces the immune system.

You can't eat too much at one meal. The entire volume of food eaten during a meal should not exceed 0.7-1 l. Before sexual intercourse, you should not eat at all - this can prevent the normal rise of sexual energy in the chakras.

It is desirable to learn how to prepare food so that it retains as much biologically active substances and vital energy as possible. According to research, the mountaineers, who amaze us with their ability to reproduce at ninety years of age, mostly ate natural food all their life, consuming a lot of greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lactic acid products.

Here are some simple cooking rules

  • Do not use meat, especially bone, broths! Meat broth is rich in extractive substances that contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases. It is better to cut the meat into small pieces and cook it with the vegetables when preparing the soup.
  • Cook food over a low heat, under a lid, in your own juice, or with a small amount of water. Even pancakes and pancakes are better to bake under a lid, on low heat. Cook food on a vegetable "pillow". At the bottom of the dish put a layer of all kinds of vegetables, cut into strips or slices. On it put the main product-fish, meat or cereals, and on top again a layer of vegetables. All pour boiling water with excess and put on a high fire. As soon as the water begins to boil, the fire should be reduced, not allowing boiling, and turn off when the dish is "almost ready", ie. given the fact that it is still infused.
  • The maximum value of the product is preserved when cooking by heating and infusing. At the same time, proteins are not destroyed, and fats are not emulsified. Bring the food to a boil and remove the pan from the heat. After 30-40 minutes, the pan should be put back on the fire, bring to a boil, cook for 5-6 minutes and again remove for 20 minutes. After that, the dish is ready.
  • Prepare meals with love! Your energy affects the prepared foods, "recording" your emotional state on them. Want to be liked? Then knead the dough, chop the vegetables, cook the soup in a kind, affectionate mood, wanting to bring joy to your beloved.

Having learned these rules, you can use special food and products aimed at increasing sexual potency with much greater benefit.

On the basis of ancient and modern knowledge, it is proved that the sexual function is stimulated by similar energy. This energy in food can be in an active and bound state. From here, all food products can be divided into two large categories.

Former category. This category includes all those products in which the life force is in a state of activity. First of all, these are various types of sprouts - sprouted grain (a seedling up to 2-5 mm) and the like, growing root crops, developing embryos such as eggs, caviar and animals (but their value is lost due to the fact that heat treatment separates active energy from the substance, and in raw form we do not eat them), products in which there are active enzymatic reactions involving favorable microorganisms (brewer's yeast and the like).

For example, bread from sprouted grain and soup from it contain a large potential of vital energy, very important b vitamins, vitamins E, D, and many other substances that are essential for the full functioning of sexual function.

The most useful products are diet bread made from sprouted grain, soup and cutlets made from sprouted wheat.

Loaves of sprouted grain

Take 200-300 g of wheat, wash, pour into a deep dish and fill with water so that it does not cover the grain, a third of their height. Cover the plate with a lid and leave at room temperature, occasionally stirring the grains so that the top layer does not dry out. Add water if necessary. After about 2-3 days, 1-2 mm sprouts will appear in the wheat - the wheat is ready. Drain the excess water, wrap the plate in cellophane and put it in the refrigerator (but not in the freezer); it will stop growing in the refrigerator.

If necessary, take the grain, grind it in a meat grinder, make small tortillas and lightly fry them in butter or vegetable oil. It is necessary to eat in a warm form. This is one of the best products in the winter.

Soup of sprouted wheat

Take about 400 g of water, 2 medium onion heads, 2 carrots, a few potatoes. Chop the potatoes, chop the onions and carrots, and cook until tender. Then remove from the heat and add 2-3 tablespoons of sprouted wheat, Bay leaf and other spices to taste (salt is undesirable). After 10-15 minutes, the soup is ready for use.

This soup contributes to a sharp increase in potency and increase immunity. It is especially recommended in cold and dry time of the year for the people of the Constitution "Wind".

Cutlets from a sprouted wheat

Cutlets from sprouted wheat are prepared in the same way as bread. The difference is that when grinding wheat in a meat grinder, you need to add garlic. The taste of the resulting product strongly resembles the taste of meat cutlets. Some people don't know the difference.

The most effective for improving sexual abilities have always been considered the eggs of sparrows, partridges, pigeons, and then chickens.

Some types of milk, such as camel milk, have a strong effect on sexual potency. Suitable and: cow, but only paired.

In our conditions, fried eggs with fried onions in vegetable oil are good.

Fish ROE is well suited for this purpose, but preferably as fresh as possible, because salting destroys vital energy.

In freshly prepared meat of young animals (especially in underdone), part of the vital energy remains, which increases sexual activity. Especially a lot of sexual energy is contained in the genitals of animals, for example in the testes of young bulls. Therefore, if they are fried and eaten, the potency will increase. Cooking works worse - it destroys vital energy. To increase potency, use dishes from the testes with garlic and sunflower oil.

Here is a complex Turkish dish for increasing potency, which, if desired, can be prepared for a family celebration.

Turkish dish

4 small flounders, 4 tablespoons of cream, 4 yolks, 1 Cup of flour, 300 g of butter, 2 carrots, a bunch of parsley, 2 onions, a little celery leaves, thyme to taste.

Fish meat separated from the bones, the bones with vegetables boiled in 5 cups of water, fry the flour with 200 g of butter in a small pan, broth from bones and vegetables carefully poured into the roasted flour. Then remove the pan from the heat. Yolks with cream are beaten down and added to the sauce. Pieces of flounder fillet are fried in the remaining oil until Golden brown. Before serving, they are filled with sauce and decorated with black caviar on top.

Second category. This category includes all products in which there was "aaconservation" of vital energy in the structures of matter. The largest amount of potentially compressed life energy is found in seeds, in the material structures of the genitals, in the seed of animals and some other structures of the body such as horns, in various herbs and root crops that have a burning, warming effect.

First of all, the "connected" sexual energy is contained in those parts of the animal's body that are directly involved in sexual intercourse - the penis and testicles.

The dried penis of a bull has a "magic" property (it must be dried, because in the process of heat treatment, the structures that "hold" sexual energy are destroyed) - they are sprinkled with a soft-boiled egg.

Buy 4 pieces of any type of testicles: bovine, pork, lamb, etc. Cut them into thin slices and dry them in the oven at a temperature of no more than 40 °C. Eat one piece a day. Or grind dried pieces in a meat grinder, mix them with melted butter, make balls with a diameter of about 2 cm. Take one ball 3-4 times a week.

Peas, beans, soy, and all kinds of nuts stimulate potency as well as meat dishes. Avicenna in the" Canon of medical science " gives many useful recommendations regarding the use of turnip seeds, nettles, carrots, celery, flax and fenugreek to increase sexual potency. Accumulate vitality and roots of growth in a favorable time of year. Substances that contribute to the activity of female sex hormones are found in apples and pomegranates. Enhances feelings of love fresh grapes. Carrot increases potency.

Plants and products that have a burning, warming taste contain energy akin to sexual energy. These are mainly spices-cardamom, anise, Basil, mustard, cloves, saffron, ginger, cinnamon. We also have the most common onions and garlic.

Honey has the ability to enhance sexual potency, so it is recommended to drink honey water with saffron. Useful thick decoctions of onion juice and honey, they are taken before going to bed with hot water for 1-2 tablespoons.

Wine is often a companion of sex. A little natural wine in an intimate setting will not hurt and spouses with experience. Here are some recipes for light alcoholic beverages. However, remember that alcohol abuse is unacceptable.

Flaming drink

2 cups of strong tea, 1/2 Cup of rum or cognac, lemon zest, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1/2 lemon.

Pour the strong chilled tea into the cups, add the zest, squeeze the juice from the lemon. Fill the cups to 3/4 height, and then pour a spoonful of rum or brandy into each. Light and serve the flaming drink in a ceramic dish.

After we have described in General terms the food and products that are suitable for raising sexual potency, we will proceed to the description of drinks and recipes.

Hot beer

2 bottles of good fresh beer, a pinch of cinnamon, 3-4 cloves, lemon peel, 3 yolks, 2-5 tablespoons of sugar.

Boil beer with cloves, cinnamon and lemon peel. RUB the yolks with sugar into a white foam, pour in the hot beer, stirring constantly. Heat everything until slightly thickened, but do not boil.

Infusion from the leaves of roses

Collect the rose petals in bloom, fill a quarter of the container with the petals (3 l), pour the purified, good vodka, let it stand until the infusion becomes dark amber, drain without squeezing out the grounds, sweeten by adding 100-300 g of sugar.

Grog " Fairy Tale"

1 glass of mineral water, 1/2 Cup of rum or cognac, 1 tablespoon of fruit syrup, 2 pieces of ice.

In high thin-walled glasses, put pieces of ice, pour chilled mineral water, then fruit syrup mixed with cognac or rum, and immediately serve.

Grog " Dream"

1/2 Cup of rum or cognac, 1 Cup of dry red wine, 1 dry sprig of juniper, 1 piece of sugar.

Dry wine is mixed with a crushed sprig of juniper and warmed up to 70-80 °C, this is infused in a water bath for 10-15 minutes, so that the aromatic substances of juniper pass into the wine. The solution is filtered and mixed with rum or cognac. Add sugar, stir, heat and pour into high thin-walled glasses. Drink hot.

Love the meal

If you have an intimate meeting and you are going to have a little dinner before it, you can recommend a little alcohol. Prepare tortillas from sprouted grain with honey. Let there be more greens, vegetables, herbs, roots. It is undesirable to eat meat: it takes a lot of energy to digest it. If you still get hungry after rough sex, then prepare a light salad of raw vegetables and scrambled eggs. Eating before going to bed is harmful, and this salad with scrambled eggs will dull the feeling of hunger. Culinary erotica can also be a kind of help in caresses. For example, a fruit eaten in bed together or a love drink drunk in half from the same glass. Put a table near the bed with drinks and fruit - they give a pleasant aroma.

By the way, the most loving, by universal recognition, nation-the French believe that sexual potency is greatly increased from the use of a large amount of Camembert cheese, which should be washed down with mineral water. The secret of this diet is simple-a combination of high-grade protein contained in cheese, with mineral elements available in water.

American nutritionists have developed their diet to increase sexual potency. They recommend eating sauerkraut 3 times a day. 90% of men who took part in the experiment noted the positive impact of this diet on their sexual capabilities. The secret of this diet is easily explained: sour taste stimulates the energy of warming up the body, which is based on sexual energy, vitamin C (20 mg for every 100 g of cabbage) increases sexual activity, and lactic acid improves metabolism and adds vigor.


Health can be restored, significantly strengthened by your own efforts.

Self-healing is the best way. The absence of bad habits, a healthy diet, a proper daily routine, sufficient physical activity, normal sexual relations, intermittent cleansing procedures-these are the main components of a healthy lifestyle.

By: Dr. Sheldon Pike


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