How To Cope With Failure?

The most dangerous thing is to get stuck in failure. Our brain is designed so that when we allow the wrong action, we experience negative feelings – this is how the psyche helps us learn from mistakes. Therefore, in order to “let go”, it is important to draw conclusions.

If a person does not get out of this state for a long time, this can have serious consequences for his body. Stress negatively affects our health.

It is important to understand that if a person does not “bury” himself after a failure, he will be able, thanks to this story, to become many times more capable, and therefore succeed.

How to Respond to Failure Properly?

  1. Exercise stress. In a stressful situation, you need to maintain the old physical activity and even introduce a new one. Sports help release hormones of happiness.
  2. Stories of other successful people. It will help to read how people who are successful now experienced failures before, how they got back on their feet – and how everything worked out for them in the end. This will give us motivation.
  3. You cannot influence everything. There are many things in life for which you cannot be held responsible, it is important to accept this. Also, don’t blame other people. While you are scolding them, you are only wasting your strength, because you are fixated and cannot develop further.
  4. Draw your own conclusions. For many, this is the hardest part. Nevertheless, you need to try – simply and without drama, admit to yourself your mistakes and omissions, accept failure and let go of the situation.
  5. Contact a specialist. If a person is already stuck in feelings of defeat, a good option is to go to a coach or therapist. There you will develop a plan to return to yourself – to your strength, talent, luck.
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