How to Survive a Divorce: 10 Tips

Divorce is a big stress for any person. In this article, we will talk about how to survive this period and return to a fulfilling life.

1. Acceptance

Accept the fact of the breakup. If the partner has clearly said that the relationship is over, it is important to accept this truth. If you don’t accept it, you won’t be able to move on. If you maintain hope for a continuation, you will not be able to help yourself, because why do something if everything will soon return to its place again.

2. Manage Pain

At the very beginning, loved ones will help you cope with the pain. Call friends, family, someone who will support you. Do not seek solace in bad habits. They only exacerbate depressive and anxiety disorders.

3. Cry

Another way to deal with pain is to vent it out!

4. Do What Makes You Happy

Of the universal tips – this is sports, walking in sunny weather, favorite hobbies. These are all natural sources of joy hormones.

5. Cut off all contact with your ex.

Delete his contacts from the phone, from social networks, do not go to the pages. Realize that the more time and energy you spend on an ending relationship, the longer you will be stuck in it.

6. Chat More With Different People

Go to the gym, to concerts, exhibitions, courses. When you are among people (even strangers and silently), the feeling of loneliness goes away. Do not be afraid to make new acquaintances (so far for the purpose of communication, not relationships).

7. Don’t Self-flagellate

It’s one thing to engage in constructive criticism of what you’ve done in a relationship, and quite another to berate yourself for it. Track the moments when you begin to mentally torture yourself, and stop there, go to the previous items on the list.

8. Build Your World

Shape your world separately from your partner: it has a place for your personal hobbies, your friends, new personal goals and plans. Of course, this is a long process. But in any business, the most important thing is to start.

9. Don’t hesitate to see a specialist

An expert’s view will help determine the severity of your condition and what practices you can apply to quickly cope with the pain of separation.

10. Seek Meaning

Having successfully passed through the listed stages, you will be ready for a dialogue with yourself. Analyze all your experience: ask yourself the question “what can I take away from this?”. When you put the question in this way, you may find that, thanks to what happened, you became closer to family and friends, found new interests, acquired a dream figure and became, on the whole, a completely different person.

To everyone who is going through a breakup, I wish strength and speedy happiness.

event_note August 4, 2022

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