Who Pays on a Date?

We have already touched on this issue in one of the previous posts. However, they did not go into details. So who pays on a date?

I adhere to the concept: the one who invited, that is, the man, pays.

Usually on a date, a girl orders the same as a man (for example, a drink and dessert) or less (only a drink). Therefore, I recommend to my students on initial dates in a cafe to order first. If, during the calculation, the girl very actively insists that she pays for herself, you can offer her a compromise: you close the account, and she leaves a tip to the waiter.

Who pays on a date?

Exceptions to the rule – if you ordered tea and dessert, and she ordered main courses and a bottle of wine. And also a dessert to go (in this case, we ask for a separate bill at the moment when she just orders this whole set). Or, if you sat down at the table of a girl who herself came to this institution – here she ordered herself and she will also pay for it herself.

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