I caught the strongest crash ! What is crash when you are hopelessly in love

Anglicisms have firmly entered our lives, and some are already firmly perceived as “their own”. On social media, the word ” crash ” gained popularity in the early 2010s. Initially it was used among a small number of users, but over the past 2-3 years it has become common among teenagers and is rapidly spreading to other age groups.

Who is crush or crush , where did it come from?

Crush is a person who is the object of adoration, otherwise – unrequited or secret love. Gender does not matter: both a girl and a guy can have a crash .

The Russian-English dictionary gives more than 15 translations of the term “ crush ”: crush, crush, suppress, crash, crash, etc. Among this list of meanings are “passion” and “passionate love” – the most appropriate definitions that fit into the framework of the topic. In Russian, “secret love”, “beloved” are used, but they not only partially convey the meaning of unrequited love for a person.

Despite the negative connotation of the original meaning, teenagers use the word in the opposite sense, which has nothing to do with it. The interpretation may vary depending on the case.

Appearance in youth slang, why do they dry on the crash?

Initially, the expression explaining the transition from one extreme value to another sounded like this in English: “ to have a crush on somebody “. Translation – “to be in love with someone.”

Sometimes commentators on the Internet use the term in relation to the actions, messages of users. For example, someone leaves a tweet admiring a celebrity. The commentator notes: “it is clear that the author of the post has a crush on Miley Cyrus.”

” Crush ” can be either a verb or a noun. Full list of values:

  • Feeling of love, sympathy for a person (not necessarily a friend).
  • A person who is the subject of falling in love (regardless of gender or gender).
  • Hidden or hidden, most often unrequited feelings for a person.

This word in rare cases is synonymous with a partner in a relationship. A more suitable option is an object of adoration in the friend zone . ” Friend zone ” expresses a relationship in which one side perceives the partner as a friend, and the other as an object of love. Psychologists often refer guys to the side in love than girls. The friend zone is formed both by accident and due to incorrect interpretation of signs of attention.

Examples of expressions with the word crash

  • I seem to have crashed , this is a problem that leaves no doubt.
  • After talking with her for a little over five minutes, I caught the strongest crash .
  • Crash , when will you answer at least a drop of reciprocity?
  • We talked with crash for 3 years, until I realized that it would be better to forget him and try to distract himself.
  • We so often communicate and walk together with crash that people perceive us as a couple. It’s so cute!
  • I couldn’t sleep last night: I couldn’t get the image of my crush in an erotic red dress out of my head.

What does it mean to crash on someone, to catch a crash

” Catch a crash ” – identical to the meaning of “fall in love”. If a girl began to become indifferent to her ex-boyfriend, suspecting herself of awakening old feelings, the situation will be described in slang as “she caught a crash on her ex.”

Falling in love is accompanied by a subjective perception of reality, in which the subject does not notice flaws, weaknesses of character, incompatibility with the object of feelings. The use of this expression, despite the positive coloring of sensations, speaks of strong feelings, unjustified expectations, fear of being left without reciprocity. In English-speaking countries, the term “ limerence ”, which is similar in meaning, is sometimes used , which answers the question “ who is crash ” – obsession, mania, crazy love.

At the behavioral level, people who have caught a crash are dominated by awkwardness, stuttering, shyness, and confusion. Lovers complain of loneliness, despair and devilishly humiliating disappointment. A sense of ambiguity prevails in the situation, caused by a change in high expectations and disappointment.

Crash on Tiktok and other social networks

is a new video platform that does not claim to replace YouTube : users of the social network record short videos in the format of memes. Tiktoker can both post posts and view the posts of other members. A common attribute is video effects, stickers and captions, masks, processing.

Originating in China, Tik Tok has spread beyond the Asian giant: the USA, European countries, CIS countries, South America. Captions used in videos, streams or live broadcasts use youth slang. The term itself, despite the opinion of TikTokers , came to the platform from Twitter .

Particularly popular tik tokers who have earned subscribers thanks to their charisma and appearance become crashes for their audience. Bloggers themselves also express sympathy for other bloggers with this term.

What does the word crash mean for gamers

The younger generation has a great passion for games. Streaming services Twitch , Bigo Live , which has a multi-million audience, has absorbed youth slang no less pronounced than Tik current . Gamers use the word “ crush ” in game chats and during streams to mean:

  • Error, glitch. A crash is considered to be a game freezing at an unfortunate moment, including the climax, mission completion, plot denouement.
  • Breakdown of a computer, set-top box. When a gamer breaks down equipment, he will definitely write about it to his friends in the game, subscribers that there was a crash . In this case, the term is close to the original translation.
  • Power off, reset. If the gamer is ” kicked ” or thrown out of the game, the situation can be described as a crash . The reason for the reset is network problems, server problems, system overload.

All 3 situations fall under the description of a situation where something went wrong during the gameplay: for some players this is not a problem, but a tragedy.

Other meanings

  • Among drug addicts , crush means the moment of transition from a state of drug intoxication to sobriety. The mental state caused by this feeling occurs in experienced drug addicts and is accompanied by depression, irritability, anxiety.
  • An unexpected collapse of any social, technological, economic system.

The interpretation of the term varies from sphere to sphere, but the essence remains within the limits of two meanings – a sudden incident in any sphere or unrequited love.

Are there any alternatives to crush ?

Each of the meanings of the word has a number of synonyms, but it can be fully described only by phrases or sentences. Long and uncomfortable constructions in the correspondence format are inconvenient. Some examples:

  • Object of strong feelings;
  • secret love;
  • Beloved, etc.

There is no unambiguous definition of the scope of the concept – the state understood by the word crush is not limited by physiology. The main differences from love: a shorter duration of affection, falling in love; greater intensity of emotion. Often the state is accompanied by inspiration, alternating with melancholy. The exact meaning may vary depending on the situation.

As a conclusion

Do not be afraid to seem stupid, calling someone crash : the meaning of the word leaves no doubt about its indispensability, appropriateness of use.

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