10 things you shouldn’t do after your first date

Exciting more often is not the date itself, but the expectation after. The girl does not write during the day – positive emotions are replaced by excitement and anxiety (fertile ground for stupid deeds), there are worse assumptions like “She didn’t like me.”

Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes. What a man shouldn’t do after the first date.

10 examples of what not to do

  • To impose and pester a girl. The resulting sympathy pushes you to write more often, but in the case of a passive reaction, it is better to postpone the idea. Frequent one-way messages – a violation of personal space and haste.

Passivity does not mean an unequivocal absence of mutual interest. Wait a day or two and she’ll probably write first.

  • Overanalyze what happened. An awkward position, light flirting, uncertainty – just a small list of thoughts spinning in my head after the time spent together. Listen to the feelings, but don’t get hung up on the details.
  • Immediately invite on a second date. Instead of specific actions and an invitation, communicate your desire to meet in the future. Let thoughts and impressions take shape.
  • Allude to sex. No matter how well everything goes, such proposals look indecent and vulgar. Regardless of the depth of your sympathy for her, with the right set of circumstances, hints at an early stage are not required.
  • Draw clear conclusions. Relationships rarely start after the first contact.
  • Write to friends and acquaintances. If you really want to know more about a person, ask her yourself. Messages to strangers may be misunderstood.
  • Wait for the initiative from the other side. Attempts to appear “cool” by ignoring her messages lead to the opposite result: loss of interest, a negative impression.
  • Change the status in the social network to “in love” / “married”. If you have feelings, report it personally at the right moment, and the status may be misinterpreted.
  • Accept any suggestions. Prolonged absence of relationships forms an idealized idea of a person. Think about whether she really suits you as a partner.
  • Tell friends and parents about your new lover. In case of failure, you will have to explain to the environment what happened, which will cause embarrassment.

What to expect in return?

Compliance with all of these examples does not guarantee the beginning of a new relationship, but will avoid many awkward situations. Follow the main rule: do not rush things.

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