15 sex positions with your back to your partner

Why are the back-to-partner poses so popular? The fact is that they have a number of positive nuances that allow both partners to experience voluptuous pleasure. We will talk about these features by examining the options for various positions.

1. Doggy style

We will start the selection with the classic knee-elbow pose, popularly known as the “all fours pose” or “doggy style” . By changing the position of the legs, you can experiment with the depth and tightness of the penetration. The position is just created for spicy experiments in the bedroom. If you’re craving for some really vibrant orgasms, explore orgasmic sex toys.   

2. Trailer

The sensual position at certain frictions can guarantee the stimulation of the G-spot. A huge plus is that a man can caress his girlfriend’s neck, covering her with passionate kisses and blowing hot breath.

3. Iron

The difference from the previous paragraph is in closer contact of bodies. Just look at this position! In it, a man strokes his girlfriend’s body with his own body. A woman can completely relax and surrender into the hands of a man, receiving incomparable pleasure.

4. Jockey

I have repeatedly read the opinion of experts that the positions in which a man takes a woman from behind are humiliating. Say, they have an acute lack of love and in general they can be compared to rape. It looks like these “specialists” have big problems in their intimate life. This passionate position guarantees your partner a vivid sensation!

5. Standing with your back to the man

Not a bad option for shower sex. However, keep in mind that playing with love in the bathroom can be a little uncomfortable. You also need to take into account the difference in the growth of partners. If the woman is noticeably shorter than the man, you can stand on a stable step or on a sturdy ottoman. 

6. Reverse cowgirl

Love top girl positions? Then pay their attention to this variation poses “Rider” . She is completely dominated by a woman, and a man just needs to relax, enjoying the process.  

7. Sleeping Angel

The “spoon” position option will allow you to have leisurely sex before bedtime or in the morning. This is a good position for couples with height differences as penetration is comfortable and comfortable for both partners.   

8. Massage

The variant resembles the “Jockey” pose , but in this case the man is actually sitting on his friend’s buttocks (ask him not to lean too heavily with all his weight). The position is ideal for partners who love massage foreplay. Massage can be done even during intercourse itself. This is an unusually pleasant option. 

9. Missionary vice versa

An interesting position for sex on a narrow bed. Be careful and only use this position if the woman in your pair is light and the man is physically strong. Since this option restricts the movement of both partners, it will be appropriate for smooth, slow and quiet sex.  

10. Jumping girl

Hot, active position for energetic girls who prefer to independently set the pace and speed during intercourse. The advantage of the posture is that a woman can caress herself, pressing her body against her partner’s hips.

11. Lying on a pillow

An excellent and comfortable position avoids tension in the partner’s joints in classic kneeling options. In addition, the pillow has another function: lifting the woman’s pelvis, it helps to achieve deeper penetration.

12. Lap dance

A delightful position for sensual couples. If a man loves “with his eyes”, and a girl knows how to move well and is engaged in dancing, then such a pose will cause a storm of emotions in both partners. It can also be used to apply the pompour technique. 

13. Jailer Pose

One of the best positions for standing sex. The partner stands with her back to the man and tilts the body down. A man can hold her hands, stroke her back, or spank her buttocks. 

14. Corkscrew

There are many positions with this name. We will consider the option in which the partner lies on his side, and the man enters from behind. This is an interesting position for those looking for variety in sex, but it has certain drawbacks. You will have to smash your head, looking for a surface in which the penis of a standing man is located at the level of the woman’s genitals.

15. Wheelbarrow

This position is suitable for couples who passionately love unusual positions in sex, actively experimenting with different angles of penetration of the penis. In an inverted state, the partner experiences blood flow to the head, which can cause a sweet languor.

The myth of sex with your back to your partner

There is a stupid opinion that poses with their backs to a partner characterize people as unromantic. They say that since there is no eye-to-eye eye contact in a position, it means there is no love, feelings and respect. Nonsense, gentlemen. It’s just that in such positions there is a certain angle of penetration, which can be much more pleasant than the classic entrance in the usual missionary position. Among other things, poses with your back to your partner allow both women and men to get rid of complexes. There is no need to think about all sorts of unpleasant little things: about a beer belly, a cesarean scar, sluggish abs, an asymmetrical chest or a face that is twisted during orgasm. And we already know that orgasm looks beautiful only in staged erotic films, but not in real life.

And there are also times when, due to a quarrel, partners, in principle, do not want to look at each other. Do not give up because of this from sex? There is one more beauty in such positions: while a man is enjoying a delightful sight, a woman can dream up. In this case, fantasies can be about the partner himself, yes, yes!

Considering all of the above, the back-to-partner pose options deserve our attention. They allow you to experiment, add spice to sex and expand the boundaries of sensuality.

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