4 reasons to visit a sex shop

If you are one of those people who still consider visiting sex shops something shameful and seditious, it will be useful for you to learn about unexpected reasons to go to a sex shop. It is not necessary to make purchases there, as we will tell you about more significant reasons to visit a spicy establishment.

1. Find out the truth about your sexuality 

In such stores, it becomes obvious that you still do not know a lot about sex, ways to deliver or receive intimate pleasure. Here you are immersed in a world of pleasures that you were afraid to even think about or did not even suspect at all. A visit to a sex shop is a kind of revelation, a session of psychoanalysis of your erotic I. There is also some cognitive moment in this: you can learn a lot of interesting and new information for you about sex toys, gadgets, costumes, inventory, etc.

2. Learn to talk about sex 

Yes, for many, talking about sex is taboo, because people are even embarrassed to pronounce the names of the genitals and erogenous zones aloud. It’s time to get rid of this bigotry and ignorance. Everything has a name, and in a sex shop from the seller you will hear how euphonious common nouns sound: clitoris, penis, scrotum, etc. Learn to use these words without hesitation. This can help with conversations with your partner about intimate topics.

3. Learn about new products in the sex industry 

Visiting a sex shop is like going to a technology know-how exhibition. It is incredibly interesting and exciting to find out how much progress has been made in matters of intimate pleasures. You will discover tons of new ways to enjoy yourself that you never knew existed. Even the usual objects of the sex industry are constantly being improved in design and functionality, which expands the range of opportunities to get satisfaction in various ways.

4. Overcome shyness 

If you are already serious about the diversity of your sex life, then you need to overcome all complexes and constraints in yourself. Do not be afraid to view products in the windows of sex shops, seek advice from sellers, hold sex toys in your hands and then test them in bed. In such stores, no one will look askance at you, and you will not have to blush for your curiosity and secret desires.
Remember that a sex shop is not a brothel, and you should not be ashamed of your desire to bring something new into your sex life. Visiting adult stores will give you not only cognitive information, ideas for erotic fantasies and sexual games, but also self-confidence and a unique experience that will certainly reflect on the quality of your intimate pleasure in bed.

event_note February 11, 2021

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