5 tricks for lazy sex

Sometimes you want sex, but you don’t have any strength left for it. How to make it so as to have fun, but without extra effort? There are 5 tricks that will help the couple quickly reach orgasm, without applying force. You can use them all together or separately.

1. Use a vibrator

Stimulation of the chest, hips, and perineum is an excellent prelude, and if you use it with a vibrator, everything will be much faster. You can massage each other using two sex toys, or one, passing it from hand to hand.

It is very simple to achieve maximum desire with vibration, and you can reach the moment when the ending is already close, and only make the last chords in some position for the lazy.

2. Buy a sex swing

Only the first time it will be unusual to climb into the structure. But then sex will take up a minimum of strength, because you can not make movements on your own, but just swing the swing.

Hanging the hanging structure is very convenient over the bed. And having the girl inside, you get a great pose for a horsewoman in which her legs will not get tired. And if the swing is postponed – this is a smart solution to try dozens of different places and poses.

3. Use pathogens

Exciting drugs enhance sensations. It is ideal not to swallow the tablets, as their action is not always predictable, sometimes it can last for hours. Use safe creams for arousal. After application to the genitals, a rush of blood to the erogenous zones occurs. The desire increases, the orgasm is approaching, and you do not need to spend a lot of energy on penetration ..
The process of applying the cream turns into a fascinating action that replaces the foreplay. And sex itself then, if you do not make efforts to slow down, can end very quickly.

4. Manual stimulation

To caress each other’s hands is very interesting. This action can be an excellent replacement for regular sexual intercourse. And in a lazy version, it will not be massage, but mutual masturbation. And it is important to bring the partner as quickly as possible, and sex toys will help in this. For example, a man will be helped by a masturbator, which the girl herself will direct during lazy sex.

For a woman, a vibrator will be useful. If you want a quick orgasm, then you should choose a vacuum stimulator of the clitoris, it will take him only 1-5 minutes before the main experience of the evening.

5. Comfortable posture

If you don’t feel like moving, you can choose a pose in which it’s not convenient. For example, “spoons” is a great solution for such an evening. Partners lie on their side, the man is behind. It is inconvenient to actively perform frictions, and to move smoothly, enjoying the close contact of the bodies, is very convenient.

If you still apply an exciting cream in this position, and give the girl a vibrator so that she caresses the clitoris, the orgasm will happen very quickly.

When there is no strength, you need to start. And sometimes “appetite comes with eating.” In the process, you may want to move more, try something new and enjoy every moment.

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