Is it possible to crap one’s pants during anal sex?

Many are afraid to fuck up, “crap”, get dirty during anal sex. And this fear is justified, such embarrassment can happen. Why does this happen and how to avoid it? There are simple steps to prevent uncomfortable circumstances.

Anal is not hygienic . In the process, the probability of contact with human secretions is very high. The rest of the life activity will definitely be on the penis and on the fingers. You need to be prepared for this. There may still be a smell after removal, and sometimes the release of gases with a loud sound.  

Does excrement occur during anal?

Crap one’s pants “fully” is also possible. Stimulation of the anus can cause stool movements, and then with the removal of the penis, bowel movement will occur. The likelihood of such an outcome is not great, this happens if there are digestive problems . It often happens that only a small part of the feces is outside. Just a member is “smeared.” Or pieces of feces fall out, not significant, but they are. That is why you should not practice anal if there is bloating, constipation or diarrhea. Any unusual sensation in the digestive tract is an occasion to undergo sexual experiences. And even if during the day there was no bowel movement, then practicing anal is not worth it. 

In the rectum there is no large accumulation of feces, it is often empty. But its walls are not sterile, and residues can get dirty. Possessed can be, if the intestine is full, then the tremors only approximate the moment the contents exit.

Anal gas production

When a member is introduced into the body, air enters. And then he can come out with a characteristic sound. Such moments confuse people, but this is a natural process. It is difficult to get rid of sounds, there are no ways to avoid it . You can only learn to relate to this with humor. It is not recommended to drink medications for gas formation. Sound problems are related to action, not digestion. That is why tablets will not save. 


Prevention of excrement in feces

What to do if you do not want to get dirty? There are some tips that will reduce the likelihood of fecal discharge:

  • Bowel movement. Before anal, you need to go to the toilet “for the most part.” The procedure must be carried out 1-4 hours before sex. 
  • Enema. Rinsing removes everything from the rectum. To do this, you need 200-300 ml of water. Repeat several times. You do not need to use more liquid if you start to rinse the deeper parts of the intestine, on the contrary, you can provoke the movement of processed food. 
  • Prashalana. Eastern practice of cleansing the digestive tract. It is carried out using salt water. They drink it, do exercises, and after 10-15 minutes it leaves. Everything is removed not only from the intestine, but from the stomach. It takes several hours to complete, but it guarantees no discharge. 
  • Medical bowel cleansing. It is performed before surgery, but can be done before anal. A special composition is diluted in water and drunk, which provokes the removal of all masses from the intestines. Preparations are purchased at the pharmacy, before using it is worth consulting with your doctor. 

To enjoy anal sex, all these manipulations are not required. They only give more confidence to the host partner. But they do not guarantee that no one will get dirty.

How to engage in anal games to be comfortable?

There are some simple tips that save thousands of couples. Following them, the process will be convenient, and the selection does not cause disgust:

  • It is recommended that you use a condom during anal sex , and you can immediately remove it and throw it away. 
  • It’s worth having wet wipes on hand . 
  • And after the process, you can immediately take a shower 

These simple steps will eliminate all emissions and grease residues.

In order not to stain bedding, you can use disposable diapers. Or do anal in the bathroom or shower.

You can crap one’s pants on anal sex, but this does not happen to everyone. If you monitor your well-being, such problems will not happen.

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