Tell me, show what the g-spot is

Guys, this is the 21st century, we are exploring space, experimenting with genes and still embarrassed to study our own body. I am righteously indignant. In 2015, Ann Summers, a company selling sex toys and erotic lingerie, conducted a series of opinion polls. Imagine, 55% of men have never tried to find the G-spot of their partners, and 36% of respondents do not know what it is at all!

I don’t understand why such an important erogenous zone is overlooked. In the course of countless experiments, it has been proven that the orgasm provoked by the stimulation of the Grafenberg region lasts much longer than the clitoral climax, and pleasant vibrations are echoed throughout the lower body. Vaginal tremors are felt literally in the knees. Today I will try to dispel the darkness of ignorance and educate a wide audience into the secrets of the inner trigger.

Was ist das?

The Holy Grail of sexologists all over the world has several names, some of them I used in the preface, and from the unvoiced ones it should be noted: “area of ​​12 o’clock”, “female prostate” and “spongy zone”. The terminology is not so essential, but for general development it is worth knowing the most common names.

The G-spot is an elliptical patch on the inside of the anterior vaginal wall. The specific location depends on the individual structure of the body. Doctors identify the presumptive area of ​​dislocation at the level of 3-5 cm up from the entrance to the vagina. The main landmarks for the search are the pubic bone and the urethra. In this area, when probing, peculiar folds with a porous structure resembling a kitchen sponge should be found, it is in them that the cherished place is hidden.


Why is the game worth the candle?

Most readers may have a reasonable question – why bother trying to find a semi-mythical point, if there are many other ways to achieve orgasm? The fact is that the Grefenberg zone is formed from erectile tissue, similar to the cavernous bodies of the male member. In simple terms, when a woman is aroused, an internal erection can be observed. The small centimeter area significantly increases in volume and affects the entire area of ​​the vagina.

To activate the internal trigger, direct action is required. During normal intercourse, the penis bypasses the G-spot, so women cannot appreciate the benefits of spongy zone stimulation. However, once you taste the sweet fruit, you will not have enough strength to refuse it.

Facts everyone should know

The first acquaintance with the G-spot does not lead to orgasm;

vaginal balls are used to activate the female prostate;

some women may ejaculate from stimulation (this is called squirting);

the development of the Grefenberg zone contributes to the achievement of multiple orgasms;

before hand play with the 12 o’clock area, you need to trim your nails short;

in some cases, stimulation leads to involuntary urination (so be sure to go to the toilet);

the maximum effectiveness of the impact is observed when combining cunnilingus and working with the G-point;

circular massaging movements are most pleasant;

sex shops have special toys for the spongy zone.


I honestly admit that stimulating the G-spot during self-manual masturbation is a losing option. First, you will spend a lot of time searching. Secondly, you will not be able to focus on sensations and, as a result, achieve orgasm. Thirdly, you will have to lie almost motionless in order to scratch your fingers deep in the vagina.

If you nevertheless decide to experiment in splendid isolation without additional equipment, I can give you some tips. Insert the index and middle fingers and make a “beckoning” movement, pressing the phalanges against the front wall. After about five minutes, a swollen bean should appear. Then run in a circle several times and feel for a spongy formation. Focus on it all your manipulations, by trial and error, find the optimal pace and strength of impact. For relaxation, turn on quality porn.

Non-childish games

It is much more productive to work with special devices. Sex product manufacturers have developed a ton of toys that target the Grefenberg zone. A distinctive feature of G-spot vibrators is their peculiar shape. There are models of the following types:


with a straight barrel and a curved head;


with a ball-shaped head on a flexible base;

with a wide knob covered with rubber tendrils.

The following materials are used as surface materials: plastic, latex, metal, silicone. They conduct vibrations in different ways, so be sure to ask to turn on the device and evaluate the intensity on your own skin (just slide the toy over your hand).

The minimum length should be 10 cm, otherwise you risk not reaching the right place. Pay attention to the number of modes and the smoothness of the setting. The complex business of G-spot stimulation requires precise calibration to individual preference.


Pair work

The ideal solution is to ask your boyfriend for help. You will add new techniques to your couple’s arsenal and get to know each other better. First of all, the guy should help the girl to relax. Erotic massage will set your partner up for sexual experiments. Squeeze some oil into the palm of your hand and rub it vigorously over your collar, back, and buttocks.

Attention! It is very important that the room is kept at an acceptable temperature and that your partner’s hands remain warm.

There are two starting positions for manual G-spot stimulation – lying on your back in the missionary position and in the so-called baby position with the stomach on bent knees. I am more impressed by the second option, since it is much more comfortable and allows deeper penetration into the vagina.

Have the guy generously lubricate the middle and index fingers with lubricant, submerge them in the vagina and gently begin to massage the front wall at the level of the pubic bone. Don’t forget about the clitoris, your boyfriend can use his thumb, second hand, his own tongue, or a vibrator.

If a partner doubts his actions, then there is no need to be shy, the main thing is to interact. There is nothing reprehensible in the request to indicate the most pleasant movements and a particularly sensitive area. At the same time, the constant questions “are you so pleased?”, “Is it so good?” – unrealistically annoying, so be careful. As arousal increases, the G-spot will begin to pulsate, and the partner’s body will respond to every touch.

I sincerely hope that I was able to tell in detail about the secret place of the female womb. Explore your own body, use all the tools for pleasure, because life is given to us for pleasure and it is pointless to waste priceless moments on excessive constraint and adherence to the framework of decency.

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