The most effective candles for the treatment of prostatitis

It is difficult to treat prostatitis due to the anatomically inaccessible location of the prostate gland, its small size. Rectal suppositories for prostatitis come to the aid of doctors and patients.

Thanks to them, the medicine is quickly delivered to the diseased organ, inflammation is significantly relieved, blood flow improves, which is important for metabolic processes and recovery.

What explains the effectiveness of suppositories from prostatitis

The prostate gland is the most important organ, it is not for nothing that it is called the second heart of a man. The prostate is responsible for the production of prostatic secretion, which has an auxiliary effect on the seminal fluid during fertilization. The secret contains vitamins and minerals that allow sperm to enter the uterus.

Prostate health is responsible for:

  • general condition of the body, high testosterone levels
  • quality erection, the number of sexual acts
  • potency, fertility
  • healthy urination.

In the case of problems with the prostate, the blow falls on all of the above directions at once. It is necessary to treat prostatitis, the disease will not go away on its own!

Her direct work is in the production of testosterone, and after 30 years this body takes over the formation of the main male hormone completely. With age, the testicles reduce this function, the prostate has to work for two.

to get to it physically without abdominal or endoscopic surgery. Treatment with antibiotics alone is ineffective due to poor permeability, a long journey through the digestive tract or tissues. It is dangerous to take antibiotics by drip without medical supervision.

Only rectal suppositories will be able to convey the active substance to the source of inflammation.

Candles for the treatment of prostatitis according to the active substance

Depending on the active substance are divided:

Anti-inflammatory Reduce swelling, body temperature Ketonal , Diclofenac, Indomethacin
Antibacterial Destroy microbes, infectious agents Vitaprost +, Rifampicin , Chlorgixedine , partially Propolis and Ichthyol
Painkillers Relieve pain syndrome Relief , Nigepan , Analgin
Antispasmodic Relax muscles and relieve spasms Papaverine, Buscopan
Antifungal Destroy fungal microorganisms Nystatin , Acilact
Regenerating Restore normal tissue function, remove fibrosis Longidase , Methyluracil , Uroprost , Prostatilen
Immunostimulating Increase the number of immune cells in tissues Genferon , Viferon, Polyoxidonium
Antitumor Prevention of malignant neoplasms Tumorocide , Hemlock

Effective suppositories for prostatitis

Pharmacologists offer many drugs and brand names, the most effective of them are below.


  1. These candles from prostatitis are highly effective, they combine anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and most importantly, anti- fibrotic action. With prolonged infection, the prostate gland is seriously damaged, stones form at the sites of inflammation (shows a magnetic diagnostic method) and areas of fibrosis that look like scars. Healthy tissue degenerates into connective tissue, ceases to be supplied with blood normally. An infection lives in stones and “scars” under a bacterial film.
  2. Long-term use of the drug in chronic prostatitis (from 3 months to a year), dissolves areas of connective tissue, replacing it with a healthy one. Microbes have nowhere to accumulate, the disease goes away.
  3. The experience of American urologists has shown that in combination with the EDTA drug (tablet), Longidase can dissolve stones (only calcifications ).
  4. Analogues: methyluracil suppositories (partially) and lidase injections
  5. Estimated price: from 1200 to 1900 rubles.


  1. A distinctive feature of this drug is zinc in the composition. In combination with prostate extract, it has a positive effect on the prostate gland and general immunity.
  2. Candle prostatilen improves erection, the amount of seminal fluid, activity, sperm quality. The production of the drug is Russian-Finnish.
  3. Plus, medicines are cheap. It has a preventive effect, it should be applied in courses 2-3 times a year.
  4. Analogues: vitaprost , vitaprost forte, uroprost
  5. Estimated price: from 350 to 820 rubles.


  1. Candles, the main active ingredient of which is bovine prostate extract.
  2. Effectively relieve swelling, improve blood circulation, normalize the functioning of the organ.
  3. They reduce the volume, are effective not only in prostatitis and its prevention, but also in the treatment of prostate adenoma.
  4. The country of origin is Russia, the concern that owns the trademark is German.
  5. The price is higher than the analogue. These are the most popular suppositories for the prevention of prostatitis.
  6. Analogues: vitaprost forte, uroprost , prostatilen
  7. Estimated price: from 750 to 1050 rubles.

It is necessary to use suppositories from chronic prostatitis correctly in order to achieve the expected effect, follow the instructions:

  • Suppositories should be stored in the refrigerator so that they retain their shape and properties.
  • Before use, you need to completely empty the intestines naturally or with an enema.
  • After opening, moisten the sharp end of the candle with water or grease with petroleum jelly, put it at a depth slightly more than the index finger.
  • Candles for prostatitis – an auxiliary tool, are used only in combination with other medicines.

Prostacor trademark . Has mixed patient reviews.

Vitaprost Forte

  1. The difference from the previous drug of the line is the dosage of the active substance. If a regular Vitaprost suppository contains prostate extract in an amount of 50 mg, then in this version it is 100 mg. More efficiency, more expensive price.
  2. Analogues: vitaprost , uroprost , prostatilen .
  3. Estimated price: from 920 to 1430 rubles.

Vitaprost plus

Prostatitis conditionally qualify for:

  • Abacterial – there is no obvious infection, there are congestion: poor blood flow, lack of movement, sexual activity. Doctors call this condition prostatodonia or chronic pelvic pain syndrome. This category includes prostate adenoma.
  • Bacterial – the cause of inflammation is anaerobic microorganisms that have multiplied as a result of a drop in immunity, hypothermia, excessive work of the organ, etc. This also includes sexually transmitted diseases, which can be the cause or result of untreated prostatitis.

In this case, Vitaprost Plus is useful as an adjunct in the main treatment with antimicrobial drugs.

  1. Candles contain an effective antibiotic lomefloxacin , thanks to the dosage form, it penetrates well into the prostate tissue.
  2. A common side effect is indigestion and this is not a complete list of problems.
  3. Analogs: Rifampicin , Chlorgiksedin (suppositories).
  4. Estimated price: from 1100 to 1600 rubles.


  1. As an aid, an ichthyol suppository should be in every patient with this disease. The active ingredient, ammonium bituminosulfonate , has an antiseptic and analgesic effect, allows you to quickly relieve swelling, pain and reduce bacterial activity.
  2. As a medicine, it has been used since 1880, introduced into medical practice by the German physician Paul Unna .
  3. Suppositories are inexpensive and are recommended for any diseases of the prostate gland. Irreplaceable suppositories for prostatitis.
  4. Analogues: preparations with propolis and calendula (partially).
  5. Estimated price: from 90 to 120 rubles

In the treatment of prostatitis, the correct diagnosis of the disease plays a huge role. No medicine will help a patient with a misdiagnosis. You do not need to prescribe treatment yourself, come to an appointment with a urologist and undergo an examination.


  1. The medicine was used against hemorrhoids, but the drug manages to treat prostatitis.
  2. German candles, as an active ingredient – shark liver oil or Hydrocortisone acetate (hormone of the adrenal cortex). It depends on the form of the drug. In both cases, they effectively relieve inflammation, pain, and normalize blood flow.
  3. According to patients, the hormonal version of suppositories improves the quality of ejaculation. Patients suffering from arterial hypertension or kidney disease should be used with caution.

Pros: Relief the next day

Cons: a wide range of contraindications for the hormonal version, you can not use more than 10 days in a row

  1. Analogues: anesthesol , nigepan , methyluracil , sea buckthorn suppositories.
  2. Approximate price: from 390 to 720 rubles


  1. Improve microcirculation, spermatogenesis, reduce inflammation. Recommended for chronic and acute prostatitis, benign hyperplasia. Helps normalize urination.
  2. The active substance, as in analogues Vitaprost and Prostatilen , is an extract of the prostate gland of cattle. Comes in a dosage of 50 mg per candle. Produced in Russia.
  3. Analogues: vitaprost , vitaprost forte, prostatilen
  4. Estimated price: from 550 to 850 rubles

Warning: Improper or late treatment of prostatitis can lead to serious complications:

  • colliculitis (inflammation of the seminal tubercle);
  • urethritis;
  • orchitis (inflammation of the testicles);
  • temporary erectile dysfunction and complete impotence.

Do not delay treatment and seek help from competent specialists!


  1. First aid medicine for prostatitis. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used in most treatment regimens for prostatitis and other conditions.
  2. Most effectively relieves inflammation, swelling, pain.
  3. Normalizes the size of the prostate gland, relieves fever, which is accompanied by chronic and acute prostatitis. Does not cure the disease, but helps to heal.
  4. for monotherapy , uncontrolled use is not recommended.
  5. It has both inexpensive versions with the same name and branded ones, for example, the French Voltaren . There is an older drug Indomethacin with a similar mechanism of action. Cheaper and more toxic to the liver.
  6. Analogues: indomethacin, ketonal , diclovit
  7. Estimated price: from 60 to 240 rubles

Apis plus

  1. Therapeutic preparation, dietary supplement (biologically active additive), contains extract of calendula, Tui tree, cimefugi racemoses .
  2. It is used in the complex therapy of prostatitis, the active substances are bacteriophages of pathogenic microorganisms of the Klebsiella genus , in other words, destroy them. Extremely effective suppositories if the causative agent of the disease is the Klebsiella bacterium.
  3. Like suppositories with propolis, they belong to homeopathic remedies.
  4. Analogs: panmen (sea buckthorn, propolis, herbs), tykveol , prostopin
  5. Estimated price: from 150 to 300 rubles

What do urologists advise?

Acute and chronic prostatitis, adenoma – serious, difficult to treat, requiring an individual approach to the disease.

The treatment regimen, in addition to antibacterial drugs, physiotherapy, diuretics, always includes rectal suppositories.

Patients are advised to put suppositories 1-2 times a year. They are suitable as a prophylaxis of inflammation and adenoma of the gland, retention of remission in chronic prostatitis and relief of exacerbation.

Example . The patient did not follow the doctor’s recommendations, abused alcohol, froze and feels the relapse is close. Candles, a hot shower, a uroseptic will help prevent exacerbation . If you exclude some component from this formula, new problems will not keep you waiting.

Combinations of different types of candles

Well proven:

  • Immunostimulating + Antibacterial at the first stage of treatment.

Increase the immune response and accelerate the destruction of the infection. In the presence of autoimmune diseases, use with caution.

  • Spasmolytic + Anti-inflammatory on the second.

Reduce swelling and relieve spasms, improve blood circulation. The combination is recommended before sexual intercourse.

For the prevention of chronic prostatitis, not only preparations with prostate extract are suitable, but also a propolis remedy – panmen .

The urologist, writing out a prescription, will definitely prescribe suppositories for prostatitis to the patient.


It is impossible to rank the best suppositories for prostatitis. Each drug is good in its own way. Buying a universal one is impossible. The patient’s recovery depends on the correct and time-sufficient treatment regimen, increased immunity, lifestyle changes, and nutrition. The rejection of bad habits is important, an increase in daily activity and regular exercise in strength sports are shown.

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