10 passionate sex positions for a summer vacation

Getting ready for your summer vacation with your significant other? While you are making lists of everything to pack in your suitcases, we advise you not only to think over your excursion plans, but also to choose sex positions that will make any summer vacation unforgettable.

1. Sex position on the stomach
After a long trip to a new city, the strength will not remain. First you need to recuperate. We offer this version of gentle and slow sex. A gorgeous and sensual position is suitable for girls who do not strive for active domination in bed. It is good to combine this position with an erotic massage. For more comfortable penetration of the penis, you can place a pillow under the pelvis. This position allows the man to create sweet friction – the genitals of the partners are closely pressed against each other, stimulation of the labia, clitoris and male testicles appears. 

2. Sex position on all fours An
amazing and multifaceted position. She gives the opportunity for hot sex for extreme lovers. A wonderful option for visuals who like to have sex in front of a mirror. It also helps shy partners (who are ashamed of their body or facial expressions during sex). This position allows you to engage in both active and slow sex, it is equally good for both vaginal and anal sex. Any of the partners can dominate. Doggy style pose options are also suitable for experimenting with BDSM practices, spanking, pumping, fingering, or for using orgasmic sex toys.     

3. Sex position on the edge of the bed
In this position, the partner usually dominates, controlling the angle of penetration, depth of entry and speed of movement. However, especially active men manage to show themselves as leaders even in such a position, which can be very pleasant. If the partner is fragile, and the man has strong arms, then he can easily move the girl’s body, setting the pace.

4. Sex position perpendicular
This option is worth considering in cases where the man’s penis is sharply turned to the side, giving the woman discomfort when penetrating. By varying the angle of penetration in this position, you can even adapt to stimulate the G-spot! The pose is often compared to a lady’s saddle, because the girl sits like a rider in the old days – with both legs turned to one side. 

5. Sex position with legs on the shoulders The
advantage of the position is that it opens up access to the clitoris, which can be stimulated by both the partner and the partner. In addition, you can always additionally use vibrators (for example, petal or vacuum), which accelerate the achievement of clitoral orgasm.  

6. Standing sex position with raised leg
One of the most piquant variations for those who like to have sex while standing. If a man is much taller than a friend, then the girl can stand on a stable elevation, for example, on a strong ottoman. The only disadvantage of the pose is that not all girls are flexible enough to make such tricks. But if yoga is not new to you, then you will succeed.  

7. Face-to-Face Sitting Sex Position
There are many subspecies of the “Riding” pose, each of which is good in its own way. Of course, all women are unique, just like men, so there is no point in recommending this pose to every couple in the world. However, polls show that many women experience orgasm in the Riding Girl more often than in the classic missionary position. What is the reason? There are several of them: 

  • stimulation of the clitoris on the man’s body;
  • eye contact, which is important for many women;
  • a feeling of fullness in the vagina (due to deep and close penetration);
  • room for hugs and stimulation of the female breast.

Missionary -style sex position The missionary position, although it seems boring, is in fact the basic position for the active use of sexual techniques: from cunyaz, to pompur and the so-called “soaking” in the Mormon style. 

9. Sex position sitting with your back to your partner. The
advantages here are the same as in the “Spoons”: stimulation of the G-spot, clitoral caresses, impact on the erogenous zones. However, there are also a number of additional advantages. In this position (under the influence of the mother’s gravity), the woman’s body is pressed closer to her partner, due to which the penis penetrates much deeper. Another difference from “Spoons” is that in a sitting position the partner can actively move, taking on a dominant role. If you want to relax, just tilt the back of the chair back. In such variants of sex with your back to your partner there is room for stimulation of breasts and nipples – both the girl (hands are free) and her partner can caress them.      

10. Sex position standing behind the partner’s back
Decided to take a shower together in the morning or before going to bed? We recommend choosing sex positions for the bathroom, in which both partners will not slip on wet and soapy surfaces. You can, of course, ask a man to pick up his girlfriend in his arms, then why risk it? It is better for both to stand firmly on their feet, leaning against the wall if necessary. Remember that your orgasm depends primarily on yourself: your mood, your knowledge of your own body. Study tips for the development of sexual sensuality, use sex toys in poses , talk with your partner heart to heart and then passionate nights with your loved one will always give you enchanting pleasure. 

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